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Drinks you should Avoid Consuming if you are a Contact Lens Wearer

Everything that you take in habitually affect your entire body system. Your status of health can be predicted for after five years based on the food you consume now. Eating healthy- leafy green vegetables, beans, citrus fruits & staying hydrated is the key to staying young forever. Did you read about “caffeine, tobacco and alcohol” in the healthy food list? Of course no. Since these products leave deleterious effects on human health, they should be avoided when possible. Smoking, high intake of caffeine & taking rounds of alcohol are some of the major causes of dehydration that make contact lenses irritable and leave your eyes dry.

Keeping your eyes moist and hydrated is essential if you wear contact lenses daily for vision correction. Tears facilitate contact lens adoption by helping them float smoothly over cornea. When there is no enough tear production, eyes become dry and tolerance of contact lenses is significantly reduced.

Smoking, Pills & Alcoholic Drinks

It is an established fact that smoking is injurious to health. From destroying your lungs, to kidneys & other vital organs, it also attacks your eyes. Smoking makes your eyes dry, promotes corneal infiltrates & introduce corneal damages. Alcoholic & Caffeine drinks further take you towards remorse. Besides making your eyes dry, high intake of caffeine makes you feel restless, heavy and cause headaches. On the other hand, alcohol rushes a sudden desire to doze off. Alcoholic drinks make you dizzy that alone is a threat if you wear contact lenses- sleeping or napping in contact lenses is strictly prohibited by experts.

Some medications such as birth control pills may also make it uncomfortable to wear contact lenses. Talk to your doctor if this happens.

Though temporary dryness is relieved by using eye drops compatible with contact lenses, it is ingenious to develop healthy food habits. As per doctors, for every cup of caffeine and alcohol; you should consume an additional cup of water to keep yourself hydrated. Take 2 liters of water every day to keep your eyes functioning properly. It detoxifies, promotes swift blood circulation & above all keep your tear chemistry balanced so that you continue to enjoy wearing your favorite colored contact lenses. 

Spreading the Love that is in the Air: 15% OFF of Everything that Hues Pink

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Barbie Love Pink Circle Lenses

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Barbie Sugar Candy Pink

Be a princess with these sweet Sugar Candy pink lenses. These lenses accentuate your eyes for good. Wear light make up and draw attention towards your peepers that are over-loaded with love, affection and compassion for your beloved.

Super Sonico Pink Wig

The pastel pink light weight wig is an immediate source of attention. Draw him closer once and make him rub his fingers through your hair. The soft and silky smooth tresses of the wig will keep you two hugged the entire day. The wig is ready to wear, except that the bangs may need a little trimming.

Vocaloid Luka D Pink Wig

This smoldering wig with sexy volume can turn everyone on! Be the babe of the ball with Vocaloid D wig. It has a delicious smoothie pink tone that is typically described as creamy pink with a dusty rose hue. The wig boast a lot of bounce and matte finish that is often absent in synthetic wigs.

Lolita Pink Stockings with Lace Finishing
Let these pink Lolita stockings take your delicacy a level ahead. These cotton leg hugging thigh high socks accentuate your blooming adolescence without putting your cuteness at stake. Lolita lace socks do the right job of highlighting the right features!

Browse through our online store to explore an opportunity of huge choices in Pink. Valentine is just few days away. Shop wisely or keep in mind that you got no second chances than hopelessly waiting for the next Valentine. Shop more to save more. Also, stand a chance to win a cute teddy bear this season of love!

How to Store/Organize Thigh High Socks: Prevent your Socks from Losing the Stretch

Thigh high socks are women’s prized possessions. They are an essential need of every winter outfit and are luxurious to compliment your summer/spring ensemble. Thigh high socks that bunch up or fall down reflect a disastrous wardrobe malfunction that should be addressed right away. You can put the responsibility of this unflattering sight partially on the low quality thigh high socks and partially on your storage habits. If your socks keep falling down, here are the two steps you should immediately take.

A) Buy Top Quality Cotton Thigh High Socks

Thigh high socks are available in variety. Some thigh high socks are equipped with a silicone band whereas others are elastic. This does not necessarily indicate that silicone is better than elastic or vice versa. There are various qualities depending on the denier of thigh high socks that matter. Invest in high quality over-the-knee socks than wasting money on cheap-ers.

B) Organize Thigh High Socks like a Pro
Organizing thigh high socks appropriately is essential to keep your socks in nice shape. Throwing them poorly, rolling them like a ball or tossing them off in your washer can make your socks lose their elasticity. Organize your thigh high socks in a neat way, so that your best pair is at hand even when you are running short of time. Storing thigh high socks the way they demand keep them in mint condition.

1. Store them in Draw Organizers

These draw organizers are easily available. They are partitioned spaciously. Draw organizers keep delicate clothing accessories and lingerie in safe condition. Roll, fold or stack up your luxurious thigh highs in specific compartments until you need them again.

2. Hanging Closet Pockets

There are various pockets closets available online and in your local market. When choosing hanging pockets for keeping thigh highs, it is important that your hanging closet pockets are large enough to contain your long socks. They save space in your closet and prevent tangling of socks with other clothing accessories. Hanging closet pockets make your socks readily approachable and prevent your socks going orphan.

3. Draw String Bags

This option is for women with a high sense of luxury and beauty. Draw string bags may be simple or embroidered- you may choose as per your own liking. From delicate sequin embellishment to simple hand-work; drawstring bags are available to serve both customers with low budget and heavy. Draw string bags keep thigh high socks perfectly stored and keep them new forever.

Thigh high socks need care and attention at every stage. Even when they are soiled and you cue them up for a session of laundry, it is wise to keep them in a mesh bag than just tossing them carelessly in the basket. 

Be Casual yet Look your Best: Blonde Brown Wig against Dolly Eye Blytheye Violet & Pink Pig Kigurumi

Kigurumi is perfect for chilled winter nights. The soft comfortable fleece fabric keeps you warm and protected from unfavorable weather conditions. This pink pig kigurmi outfit is a one-piece complete dress that allows freedom of mobility & introduces cuteness to your wardrobe. It is very soft & warm - such a fun costume for a holiday. Create a soft contrast using Dolly Eye Blytheye violet lenses. These lenses are adorably opaque yet translucent enough to ensure a visually appealing gradation of colors. On the other hand, Koizumi Hanayo cosplay wig further adds more to your casual touch. The short bob blonde-ish brown wig captures the heart of millions as it is cute & natural looking with soft fibers that lay no weight on your head. 

Complete product reviews and pictures here

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Never Lose Socks in Laundry Again

This is an unflattering truth that even the best organizers of us lose their socks during a laundry cycle. Having a bunch of mismatched socks is totally a waste which of course no one would fancy. Even the thigh high socks are subjected to get orphaned as soon as you put them off and throw in the laundry basket. Thigh high socks are more than just socks- they help you building an outfit. It is always fun to mix and match the various layers of your outfit with thigh high socks. Unfortunately, as you miss a sock; you do not only end up wasting a kawaii pair of thigh highs but also the entire outfit you would usually wear with these. To prevent losing socks during a machine wash, follow the steps below

Get Clips for your Thigh High Socks

Sock-clips are easily available in the stores or you may purchase some online. Sock-clips are easy to use. They are available in various funky colors and work just like paper clasps. Clip a pair of thigh high socks before putting it into a washer. Keep the cycle mild. Dry your socks whilst they are still clasped and arrange them neatly in your drawer afterwards.

Use a Mesh Bag to Keep Thigh High Socks Contained

If you don’t have sock clips at the hand, take your mesh lingerie bag out and utilize. Put all your thigh high socks in the mesh bag and throw it in the machine for a gentle wash. Since the bag is made of mesh-net; it will allow enough of the soap water into the bag. The bag does not only facilitate washing, prevent socks losing their elasticity but also keep your socks contained in the washing machine.

Before, putting your socks in the washer, please double check that they are color fast. Wash dark colors separately. Do not iron your thigh high socks. Lay them flat & let them air dry, preferably.

Use lingerie bags whilst travelling to keep your thigh high socks confined than floating in your suitcase. These mesh bags work like a charm everywhere. Hopefully, you are never going to lose your thigh high socks again.

Conjunctivitis Alert: Disinfect Contact Lenses Properly

Pink eye or conjunctivitis spreads viral-y and bacterial-y both. It is highly contagious and contact lenses can act as a possible transmitter of the disease. If you wear contact lenses, pay attention to keep them disinfected. Also disinfect your contact lens accessories including plunger, forceps & contact lens case.

For contact lens wearers, conjunctivitis may be your eyes’ way to protest against the extender wear of contact lenses. Colored lenses should not be worn more than 6-8 hours daily. You are probably over-wearing them if you find mild inflammation, discharge or crust at sleeping that keeps eyes from opening in the morning. Pink eye disease that is spread by over-wearing contact lenses must go by itself in a day or two as you rest your eyes.

Conjunctivitis is highly contagious. Therefore be very cautious when dealing with an affected eye. Don’t touch the same cloth or finger you use to wipe the infected eye to the unaffected eye.

Tips for Contact Lens Wearers
  • Sometimes conjunctivitis can be caused by improper contact lens solutions. Over-dated solution, contact lenses or failing to properly rinse & disinfect the lenses spread the disease from one person to another.
  • Throw your contact lenses that might have accumulated the bacteria during infection. Replace them immediately
  • Use only pharma-formulated contact lens drops and solution.
  • Do not share contact lenses with friends or swap for something else.

Be very careful about disinfecting them thoroughly after each wear. Giving your eyes rest from lenses is recommended for quick recovery. Furthermore, switching to monthly disposable contact lenses also help during the seasonal out-break. 

De-Bunking Myths: Contact Lenses aren’t Suitable for Everyone

Courtesy: Crim's Review

Ditch your glasses today and swap them from contact lenses. People are usually reluctant to switch to contact lenses because of the myths prevalent against them at mass level. People are apprehensive about including circle contacts in their daily life -from price to comfort, prescription and age.Today, contacts are far more comfortable, cheaper & are available for almost all prescriptions.

Contact Lenses aren’t Comfortable
Back few decades, contact lenses weren’t as advanced as they are today. They are now available in various types. From silicone hydrogel to UV interception contact lenses, you are most possibly to find a pair of lenses that suit your needs by just a little browsing online. The industry has been prolifically producing lenses to meet the several & complicated requirements of patients coming from different walks of life.

Contact Lenses are not For Old People
You might have heard that contact lenses don’t suit old people. Keep in mind, that age is always just a number. Contact lenses rely on your mental age than on calendar age. Physically, unless you are suffering from an eye infection, contact lenses must not bother you even when you age. If you are eight years old and can take care of them, feel free to pick your favorite pair. Same goes for older people.

Contact Lenses are Expensive
Contact lenses are cheaper than frames. They cost you less than $1 daily. The other counterpart can exceed to US$800 annually. Try the various types, if annual lenses aren’t convenient. Furthermore, online sellers have made wearing contacts more affordable for you with continuous promotions, availability of discount codes, giveaways & rebates.

Circle contacts cover all prescriptions. You are most likely to find even the complex of the prescriptions in contact lenses online. Depending on your life style you may choose lenses with different replacement schedules. Other than lenses for near-sightedness, you can easily find multi-focal and bi-focal contact lenses to treat your various vision problems.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

5 Hygiene Related Risk Habits, 99% of Contact Lens Wearers are Engaged In

Contact lenses are the most preferred vision correction devices. 41 million people wear contact lenses in U.S alone. Though contact lens related injuries are rare; almost 1/3rd of the participants of a CDC survey, conducted online recently, reported being engaged in risk-related attitude that resulted in red and painful eye requiring immediate medical attention. 99% of the participants confessed that they do not take health warnings concerning contact lenses seriously and are involved in one or more of the following improper hygienic habits that may result in fungus or bacterial contamination of colored contacts.
  1. Sleeping or taking a nap in contact lenses. According to CDC even extended wear circle lenses that are approved for overnight wear by FDA should be avoided as they increase the risk of infection.
  2. Rinsing or storing colored lenses by tap water. Tap water contains a corneal devouring microorganism “acanthamoeba” that may lead to permanent vision loss. Contact lenses must never be exposed to water.
  3. Showering or swimming with contact lenses. These activities should also be avoided as exposure of contacts with water is never safe.
  4. Topping off disinfecting solution. The solution in which contact lenses are stored, must be discarded every time. Most of the people rely on adding fresh solution to the old solution that reduces the efficacy of the disinfecting solution.
  5. Failing to replace contact lenses and cases on time. Contact lens cases must be replaced every 3 months whereas contact lenses follow an expiry date depending on their type.

Avoiding above mentioned unhealthy attitudes prevent contact lens related infections. Contact lenses mean no burden- except being a bit more concerned about personal hygiene. 

Can’t I Wear Colored Lenses because of Dirty Tear Film?

Contact lenses are controlled by the tear film. Tear film is a thin layer that helps contact lenses float over the cornea. When the tear-film’s production or quality is compromised due to infections or sensitivities; it becomes painful to continue wearing contact lenses. It consists of mucous, water and oil (lipids). Dirty-tear film is an eye-lid infection which produces more oil than needed. Due to the excessive oil in your tears, you may be told by your doctor to avoid certain kind of contact lenses – if not all.

How to Wear Contact Lenses with Dirty Tear Film?

There is no one off-cure for blepharitis, sadly. It can be improved using medications but it reoccurs as the conditions go unfavorable & rough. People with dirty-tear film are barred from using certain type of contacts. Since colored lenses add to dryness & accumulate bacteria from eyes, it is recommended to switch to daily disposable contact lenses or monthly if the infection is not chronic.

People with dirty or oily film may also find their eyes dry. Oil limits lubrication in eyes due to which stinging or burning is felt. Wearing contact lenses may further aggravate the infection since contact lenses restrict the smooth flow of oxygen.

Which Contact Lenses should be avoided with Dirty Tear Film?
Colored contacts with high water percentage and contact lenses with extended wear should be avoided. Circle contacts with annual replacement schedule are not a good choice either. The best type to begin with is lenses that come with short expiry date.

Dirty tear film may buildup deposits on contacts this is why daily disposable lenses are considered the best choice. A checkup is necessary, as an eye doctor is the only person to recommend you contact lenses depending on the severity of your case along with some other medications.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Why are My Eyes Sensitive & Why do they Over-React with Contact Lenses?

Sensitive eye is a condition where eyes over-react to certain happenings that are obviously normal for others. A gust of wind, smoke, pollen suspended in the air, colored lenses, minerals from cosmetics, or chemical fumes etc turn sensitive eyes blood shot, inflamed and uncomfortable. Having sensitive eyes do not necessarily indicate an infection or a disease- they just react abnormally to some irritants that are totally fine for others.

Sensitive Eyes & Contact Lens Tolerance
Contact lens tolerance is significantly reduced when you have sensitive eyes. All eyes are sensitive to contact lenses to some extent as they are a foreign agent, but sensitive eyes feel burning, scratchy or stubborn dryness with contact lenses.

Sensitive eyes need greater care as the major cause behind is the unbalanced tear film. Tears keep eyes moist and lubricated where blinking further helps to maintain the smooth surface. When the tear-chemistry is disturbed, blinking fails to flush out the irritants. Sometimes, a diseased called seborrheic blepharitis produces excessively oily tear film (dirty-tear film). Due to the oiliness, the surface of the eyes does not wet properly that creates true dry eye sensation. Frequency of blinking with seborrheic blepharitis is also affected due to which additional dryness is noticed.

Other than infections, seasonal allergies such as hay fever or use of cosmetics may trigger negative response against contact lenses among people with sensitive eyes. Everything affect sensitive eyes from improper hygienic habits to use of cosmetics that are improperly stored or are very old.

Sensitive Eyes & Best Type of Contact Lenses
Fortunately, people with sensitive eyes can still bear with contact lenses. However, after a thorough analysis eye doctor would often suggest avoiding certain kind of contact lenses. For instance, contact lenses with high water content are not a good choice for people with dry eyes. Similarly, extended wear circle lenses are never recommended for people having sensitive eyes. Daily disposable or monthly wear contact lenses are two main options depending on the level of sensitivity. Daily disposable may be a bit expensive though.

Some people can tolerate contact lenses fairly well than others who can’t wear contact lenses daily or consecutively for hours. Using re-wetting drops, keeping contact lenses cleansed and using hypo-allergenic cosmetics help improving the condition. FDA contact lenses minimize the risk & don’t pose potential hazards; yet the key to healthy eyes is “take out, when in doubt”.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Transform yourself with Wigs, Lenses & Eyeliner

Makeup plays a huge role in changing someone's look. However to complete a transformation, there is no denial to the importance of wigs & lenses. It is said to over fashion disaster, one must pick wigs that compliment your style & natural hair. Fortunately, it does not restrict you from playing around with eccentric styles. If you usually wear your hair in bangs, try wig with pigtails for an abrupt change. Batman/ Harley Quin & Kagerou Project wigs come with clip on tails that will drop down several jaws; but it is always exciting to surprise others whilst you enjoy the reactions. The wigs are incredibly thick, yet light weight to carry. They are soft and easy to maintain. The wigs boast lots of hair that give you the freedom of a thresh-cut. 

The wigs look great against Dream Color Nubluk green lenses. They are highly lucid that help them blend against light colored eyes. They definitely add a pop to your peepers without any noticeable enlargement effect. They are hence your everyday circle lenses. Compliment your eyes further creating a sexy outline hugging your natural lash-line using Euforia liquid eye liner. The smoldering black application against light colored Nubluk lenses make a shrill and unforgettable impact!

Find out more pictures and detailed review here

Perfect Brown Circle Lenses for Greenish Blue Eyes

ICK Garnet brown circle lenses blend adorably with light colored eyes. Whilst adding a subtle pop, these brown lenses make light colored eyes exciting enough to stand out. The color gradation is soft that help the lenses stay subdued & natural. 

"What I like about the design is that ICK Garnet Brown are not unnatural, but at the same time not boring at all. The colour gets a little darker on the outside and the outer ring is barely noticeable. This makes them perfect for a daily usage. The black inner dots lets the brown blend nicely into the natural eye colour. They don't appear too alien-large on the eyes when you wear them, even though they're pretty decent with a diameter of 15mm. You know what? Straight 10/10 ♥."-- Reads the ICK Garnet Brown review by Sugar Mew

Enhance your Blue Eyes with Barbie Nudy Blue

These lenses follow a natural shade of blue, an intricate design and a huge diameter of 16.2mm. Barbie Nudy blue adorn your naturally blue eyes with a sophisticated tint that accentuates them for an extra oomph. The enlargement effect is quite notable where the lace-y design helps to dramatize the over-all effect without being overwhelming. The graduation from your eye color to the lens is subtle except in the flash. Check out the review of Barbie Nudy blue 

Choosing the Color of Thigh High Socks

Wearing thigh high socks depicts your taste for sassy fashion. Thigh high stockings are always provocative, so they make best outfit when paired with structured clothing. Building an outfit with thigh high socks as per the nature of the occasion may be a bit tricky. It is essential to stay moderate with over-the-knee socks because an overwhelming outfit will end up making you look like a pole dancer. Contrary to this, a completely muted outfit will make you look more like a cosplayer or a school girl. Once you learn the art of choosing high socks and complimenting your outfit; you will never run low on wardrobe choices.

Some Considerations when Choosing Thigh High Socks
  • Thigh high socks don’t go well at a formal event or at work. Therefore avoid wearing socks unless you are at a very close-bonded family event that is casual in nature.
  • These stockings look best for the weekend day time look.
  • Stay balanced when wearing over the knee socks for a night look. It is suggested to wear casual outfit if incorporating socks for a night out.

Choosing the Colors of Thigh High Socks

  • If you have never tried long socks before, try to stick with dark neutrals. Some of the best shades to begin with are brown, dark black, dark grey or dark (navy) blue. Darker shades help tone down the entire look and make it acceptable for most of the social circles.
  • Selection of colors vary with the changing weather. As the spring sprouts, you may lean towards fun colors for a striking appearance. If you are adventurous try plum or rust orange. These playful colors will give you an edgy look. To avoid being trashy; keep a good balance between color & style. If your other clothing items are too colorful; keep your thigh high socks plain & neutral.
  • In case you fancy patterned thigh highs; go for the outfit that is comparatively muted. Incorporating patterned thigh high socks with an overly printed outfit will clash the look. The key is to add a sophisticated color to your wardrobe, without being over-powering.
Thigh high socks are a perfect choice for winter. They don’t only keep your legs warm but are also considered essential for an extra oomph. Thigh high socks also create optical illusion of leaner and longer legs by flattening the fat at calves. Long stockings are not a need of modern fashionistas only. By avoiding loud patterns, incorporating subdued colors and complimenting these with a muted outfit adds class to even those with conservative or reserved style statements.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

4 Interior Habits that Trigger Allergic Response among Contact Lens Wearers

Contact lens wearers with sensitivities are prone to pick allergies. Either it is suspended pollen during spring or heat waves produced by the blazing sun; people with sensitive eyes find it difficult to manage with their symptoms and contact lenses. With few life style improvements, you can almost get over every obstacle affecting contact lens tolerance.

1. Wrong Type of Contact Lenses

First things first. There are many variants of contact lenses available, including over-the-counter fake colored contact lenses. Please remember, that Korea is the tycoon of contact lens manufacturing. The Korean origin lenses are FDA approved that minimize the risk of infections. Wrong type of contact lenses may fade, cause abrasions & pick environmentally suspended external agents that may trigger allergic response. Even pharmaceutical disinfecting solution & anti-allergic eye drops seem ineffective with wrong type of contact lenses. Make a wise decision when purchasing colored contacts.

2. Wrong Type of Interior Décor

Furry rugs, soft fleecy throws & velvet curtains may concoct a picture worthy of being featured in an interior-design magazine. Unfortunately, these all are the factors behind severe & abrupt allergic attack. Without you knowing, these home-décor furnishings pick dust and encourage the growth of mites. Avoid sleeping at carpets & only use machine-washable mats/rugs. If you wear contact lenses, you need to make all measurements to keep your surroundings clean.

3. Hot & Humid Showers

Mould grows exponentially in warm & humid places. If you love steamy showers, check the lines for fungus at grouting. Whilst taking shower, make sure there is enough ventilation for the steam to get out. Otherwise, handling your contact lenses – wearing & removing them at washroom sink will only be adding more to your troubles.

4. Change Upholstery Frequently

Changing upholstery frequently is recommended especially if you wear contact lenses. Your pillow cases, comforters, bed-sheets and other upholstered furnishings breed germs & bacteria. From dandruff to pet dander & makeup remains, your pillow cases keep on depositing the allergens until you wash them at high temperature in a washing machine.

As a contact lens wearer, you need to stay aware of your surroundings. Contact lenses aren’t only fashion accessory but are also medical devices. Good personal hygiene is the first thing that you should improve once you switch to contact lenses- Then comes your home & furnishings that must be paid attention in order to prevent allergies among contact lens wearers.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Can Contact Lens Solution Freeze in Transit?

Contact lenses come seal-packed in the sterile saline solution. Saline solution is basically salt water which has a freezing point much lower than water. Usually, it is rare for the contact lens solution to get frozen, but if it does it will also turn your contact lenses solid. Contact lenses however, can be allowed to thaw. Inspection is mandatory before using them again.

Contact Lenses during Shipment

If you order contact lenses online, your package moves from warmer regions to colder regions. Though the shipper secure the vials, pocketed in warm bubble-wrap envelops to prevent freezing, sometimes the fiercely low temperatures set everything out of control. In case, you find your contact lenses shriveled and your solution frozen upon receiving a package, allow it to thaw on room temperature. Please remember that room should be well-heated. If you mistakenly abandon your package in a room or building that is not currently in use, and has a temperature lower than -20 degrees; your contact lenses are subjected to get completely frozen.

What to do when camping?

Courtesy: Scout Backpacking Community

Camping is a genuine concern. We can control indoor temperatures, but outside it may be way too cold. Outdoor weather can be unpredictable sometimes. If it suddenly turns harsh and you are being concerned about your contact lenses then let us tell guide you. Insert these contact lenses in eyes if you are not already wearing a pair. Body temperature will keep contact lenses from freezing. On the other hand, if it is your spare pair of contact lenses; then try rubbing them in your palms. It might be tedious if you have already broken the seals of the vials and transferred the lenses in the cases. However, friction will eventually help thawing your contacts. At sleeping, ensure you keep your cases close to your body such as in your sleeping case to keep them warm.

It is advised to use re-wetting drops as in colder climate your eyes may turn dry quickly. Low rate of oxygen at higher altitudes can be held accountable for the dryness. Though thawing should help your contactlenses get back to their shape, it is necessary that you inspect your lenses closely. Do not try to touch your crumpled lenses or else they will not remain usable.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Are Monthly Contact Lenses Right for Me?

Soft contact lenses have come a long way. Previously, contact lenses were not advanced enough to suit everyone’s life style & vision requirements. Daily, monthly, tri-monthly, annual and extended wear contact lenses are now available for vision correction. Basically, the replacement schedule of soft contact lenses is significantly patterned by one’s life style & activities. Additionally, infections and seasonal allergies play a role. Dailies & monthlies are considered one of the best choices for people with sensitivities.

Why Monthly Contact Lenses?

  • Monthly contact lenses require less maintenance than annual contacts. You wear these for 27/30 days and toss them off after the expiry date has approached. Definitely, you need to disinfect monthlies just like any of your regular contacts and soak them in the solution to be used the next morning. Monthly contact lenses are aimed at people with sensitivities. If your eyes trigger allergic response with pollen suspended in the air or if your eyes simply cannot tolerate the protein build-up, these monthly contact lenses are for you.
  • Monthly contact lenses are cheaper than dailies. You purchase fewer pairs when you toss a pair after a month than disposing it every day
  • Monthlies are more comfortable. Usually monthly and daily soft contacts are made from silicone hydrogel material that let your eyes breathe. They keep your eyes hydrated whilst staying moist in your eyes. More oxygen permeability means more hydrated eyes.
  • Other types of contact lenses obstruct oxygen to some extent. Since eyes do not get their oxygen supply from the body they have to rely on the open environment to fulfil the need.
    Standard contact lenses however act as a barrier and oxygen supply is compromised. Monthly contact lenses, on the other hand allow five times of more oxygen supply.

Okay, but How to decide if I should Get Monthly Disposable Lenses?

Always talk to your doctor before switching to a different schedule in case you have special vision needs. Contact lenses aim to make your life convenient. Choosing between the various options is typically a matter of preference. If you are indecisive on it, let your doctor guides you to develop a better understanding. 

Are you a Traveler? Fix your Eye Sight with Contact Lenses

Let not the poor-vision keep you from exploring the treasures of the world. Travelling is more fun when you actually live in the moment & breathe in the spot. It is much more than capturing life-less stills in the lens of your DSLR. If your vision is not right, you are going to miss half of the fun. All the globe-trotting travelers are well-aware of how poor eye sight can destroy your journey. Before packing your backpack, pack your contact lens’ travel-kit. Contact lenses will ensure crustal clear vision with enhanced peripheral vision. Without being fogged-up or smudged, unlike glasses, contact lenses will continue to surprise you throughout your journey.

Contact Lenses are good for adventurous out-stationed activities. Either you have passion for snorkeling or are boisterous to enjoy tandem-jumps; contact lenses are the best prosthetic devices. They don’t get affected by the weather change. They don’t carry the risk of falling off whilst you enjoy a bungee jump nor do they threat injuries in case of accidents. Contact lenses do need diligent care & meticulous handling that your glasses might not require. Unfortunately, glasses block the peripheral vision that kills the joy when you are enjoying exploring the scenic beauty or are picking the best of shells from under the sea.

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Under certain conditions; you might need to wear protective eye wear with contact lenses, such as when you are under-water for snorkeling or when you are about to throw yourself for a free-fall. Contact lenses can easily bear the temperature differences as they are regulated by the temperature of your body. Therefore, when you decide to go on a vacation; simply don’t forget to check on contact lens supplies. Get a travel-kit ready that holds a mirror & carries a mini solution bottle, a set of tweezers and a plunger to help you wear and remove contact lenses. Prescription contact lenses help you get your contact lenses on the exact prescription provided by your eye care professional.

What will you be preferring for vision correction while you go hiking or lay-flat for wander-lust? Glasses can be a cheaper option but they risk injuries and obstruct vision. Contact lenses on the other hand are safer & the choice of world’s known globe-trotters. 

Monday, 18 January 2016

How to Care for Thigh-High Socks: Handling, Wearing & Washing Thigh High Socks

Thigh-High socks are the latest vogue. Stockings are delicate and need diligent care & handling. All thigh high socks from sheer stockings that deliver “Barely there” ‘look & feel’ to warmer & more comfortable cotton stockings; need to be properly stored, washed & handled. This prevent fall-offs, development of fuzz-balls, & holes.

Handling Thigh High Socks

  • Thigh high socks are available in numerous varieties. The care instructions may vary from fabric to fabric. There are grand ma’s panty-hose stockings and or lace-y/ ruffled thigh high socks. All thigh high stockings have one thing in common – that they stay held-up at the thighs firmly. Since thigh high socks make use of silicon bands as an adhesive; improper care and mishandling with your knee-high socks can cost you a lot. If the silicon band loses the effectiveness, the socks will fall off causing you embarrassment in public.
  • Avoid using body lotion when wearing thigh high socks. This reduces the friction which disturbs the chemistry of silicon band. Some cheap socks instead use elastic bands that stay put longer but turns everyone off because of the muffin-top effect they create.
  • Thigh high socks especially sheer socks should be handled with great care. Keep your nails properly trimmed and be very careful about the jewelry and accessories. They get snagged easily which may lead to tears & ripping.

Wearing High Stockings

  • Don’t pull your hosiery way too up. You will cause holes in your socks’ toes doing so. Once again; toe nails should be neatly foiled to avoid holes. In case socks leave an unflattering cupcake effect; swap your stockings with a size or two bigger. Sometimes it happens when you pull your thigh high stockings unnecessarily high. Lowering them a bit down should help.
  • Hosiery socks are not one size fit all. Depending on the girth & height of your thighs, you can select from different size ranges i.e. 155cm to 170 cm. Know your size before messing with your stockings.

Washing High Socks
Lay your Thigh high socks flat to dry. Do not wring or hang
  • Depending on the denier of your hosiery thigh high socks you can machine-wash them by securing them in a garment bag. In absence of a garment bag, a pillow case will do fine. However, ideally thigh high socks should be hand-washed. Don’t put them in a dryer. Don’t hang them to dry. Lay them flat so that they retain their shape.

Thigh high socks are though an inexpensive clothing item; proper care & handling will help them last you 4-5 months. With thigh high stockings you have infinite options to customize your outfit. Wear these socks with mini-skirts to look a sassy chic or pick a conservative style to wear them under your pants. Thigh high socks do not flatten your silhouette like grandma’s pantyhose & they are good to keep your significant other hooked to you!