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To keep up to the pace with the challenging market, we now have very own personalized domain; where we will continue creating content to serve our customers. Our focus is to create awareness about the healthy & safe use of contact lenses, wigs & other accessories. We have always taken pride in providing unparalleled customer services & will continue to do so.

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Can Wearing Contact Lenses Cause Cataracts? How to Delay Cataracts with Contact Lenses?

Cataracts is an age-related vision disorder. It is the clouding of the lens that affects nearly every one after the age of 80. Wearing contact lenses has got nothing to do with cataracts since it is a natural occurrence.

As we begin to age; our muscles degenerate, bones get weaker and so does the eye sight. To be specific; cataracts is the clouding of the lens that helps transmission of light to retina where the image is formed. Since, in old age the lens gets cloudy; the image you see is blurred causing hazy vision. It also causes light sensitivity & difficulty in discriminating colors.

Cataracts cannot be avoided in older ages but can be delayed. In severe cases; cataracts is removed via cataracts surgery. After surgery, you can continue wearing contact lenses as usual once your eye has completely healed. According to the medical experts; it naturally takes a period of 3-5 weeks for the vision to stabilize in the operated eye. Once the coordination of both the eyes develop and vision is stabilized; you can meet your doctor to analyze the new prescription needs.

How to Delay Cataracts?

Wearing UV lenses & Wider Brim Hat Helps Delaying Cataracts

It is important to protect your eyes from sunlight to prevent the damage. Wearing UV interception contact lenses along with a hat having a wider brim may help. Sunlight exposure is known to increase the risk of cataracts.

If you have already lost vision due to cataracts; talk to your eye doctor about different low vision services & devices that can help you make the most of the remaining vision.

Contact lenses do not impede your vision provided they are FDA approved nor do they cause cataracts. In fact they help maintaining your vision after cataracts surgery.

Dr. Wayne Bizer , Ophthalmology, states on behalf of American Academy of Ophthalmology's EyeSmart
“First, let me put your mind to rest that the wearing of contact lenses has nothing to do with the development of cataracts.

There are many different types of cataracts, and some of them have specific causes while others develop without ophthalmologists ever having any evidence as to why they occurred. Everyone who lives long enough will develop cataracts; some babies are born with cataracts, and others can develop them at almost any age. Fortunately, cataracts can be corrected with a painless and safe operation like cataract surgery"

Monday, 9 May 2016

Can I wear Contact Lenses when I Catch Cold?

Contact lenses help you maintain an improved vision. Unfortunately they come with certain restrictions. To help prevent infections, it is necessary you follow your doctor’s advice about continuing to wear your lenses when you are sick or under weather. Contact lenses should feel fine when your body temperature rises slightly. However, you should cease wearing contact lenses if fever is accompanied by strong flu, runny nose & itchy/inflamed eyes. Since fever and cold along with medicines can affect tear-chemistry; contact lenses may be irritable for your eyes until you fully heal.

Avoiding contact lenses can be an obstacle in your day to day life if you rely on them for vision correction. Unless, you are suffering from a severe ocular infection, you can still wear your colored contacts safely; provided they are daily disposable. Strong weather changes such as storms, windy weather and spring where there are innumerable pollen particles suspended in the air; call for a wise contact lens management. Switching to daily disposables from annual replacement should work fine when you are under strong influenza virus attack or are battling through air borne irritants.

During cold, every time you rub your eyes you are unknowingly transferring germs to them. This may lead to contact lens contamination and re-wearing the same pair of contacts when you recover will have an increased risk of infection. Moreover, due to the reduced and compromised tear film; your eyes may feel drier which makes it uncomfortable to wear contacts during an illness. Fortunately, influenza virus is not always very severely strong. If you think your eyes are unaffected, please feel free to wear soft lenses when unavoidable.

In short; you are your own home doctor. Before you could run to a professional you must have enough knowledge to deal with your troubles. Remember a stitch in time, saves nine! Ask yourself if your eyes look good enough with circle contacts. Whenever in doubt, remove them – your eyes are not worth the risks. 

How to Choose Soft Contact Lenses by Tint or Color?

Soft contact lenses are available in various options. Rare is the case that you find yourself stuck in a blind alley when it is about getting the best pair of contact lenses. Today, soft contact lenses are being made into every color possible where the advanced technology and quality of the material has enabled the penetration of the trend even deeper. Contact lenses, as per your life style and special requirements (if any) can be chosen by replacement schedule, wearing duration or by tint & color.

Contact Lenses by Tint & Color
Categorically speaking contact lenses are available in three major types; i.e. translucent colored lenses, opaque & clear or tinted contacts.

Translucent Colored Contacts

These contact lenses are mostly sought by the teen age girls and women aiming to bring a sophisticated color change effect. They are made to blend with your original eye color flawlessly, plus they also happen to match the design of your iris. Translucent contact lenses basically help to accentuate your own eye color whilst adding a subtle enrichment of color & design to the iris.

Opaque Colored Contacts

Opaque circle lenses are strongly pigmented. They happen to mask your original eye color and no matter how darker are your peepers; these lenses will completely conceal. Such contacts are usually used for theatrical purposes where your goal is more than just changing the eye color.

Clear or Tinted Contacts

These contact lenses are transparent. They are tinted pale blue or green only for handling and visibility purposes. Tinted colored lenses do not change the color nor do they alter the pattern of human iris. They are not visible in the eyes and create totally natural looks. Tinted contacts are usually worn when all you need is prescription and freedom from glasses.

Tints and colors depending on the intensity can help accentuate your eye color or eventually change it altogether. Choose your colored lenses wisely to get the best of them.

Friday, 6 May 2016

What are Faux Thigh High Tights: Tights that Look Like Socks

Thigh high socks are a great hosiery essential but can be intimidating for some. They help giving your legs a slender shape whilst skimping the unpleasant plump-y bumps. However, unfortunately they always carry the risks of wardrobe malfunctions. If you love wearing your thigh high socks but fear fall offs then try faux thigh high socks instead.

Faux thigh high socks are actually tights that provide sheer panty-support. Of course alike regular thigh high socks; faux tights too are worn underneath other garments but the plus point is the absence of garter belts or hold-ups you would need otherwise. Thigh high socks look chic as they strike the hem of your skirt and let you reveal the rest of your sexy legs without actually revealing them. Faux thigh high tights are printed in such a way that they seem to have the actual socks like stitching where they reach the mid of your thigh. The rest half of faux tights is made transparent sandy that blends in naturally with your own skin color. Faux thigh highs are available in several different qualities. Good quality faux tights lack shine so that they stay true at the transparent area up above your knees.

Faux thigh highs prevent spilling of your flesh just over the edge of the socks that may look unpleasant. Moreover, not everyone is bold enough to flash their skin. In such circumstances where covering your legs is a compulsion due to dress code or may be a need due to rough, patchy skin you are not so confident about; faux thigh high socks come to rescue.

Thigh high stockings are a chic hosiery style that never go out of style. Faux thigh high stockings have added benefits of freedom from risks of wardrobe malfunctions that are common with them. They are fairly popular and create illusion of thigh high style. Pair them up with your swishy skirt and rock off!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

“Capture Images & Store them in your Contact Lenses”- A New Patent by Sony Discloses about the Near Future Technology

Courtesy: Techstory

Looks like the war has begun. Earlier nations would take pride on armory, weapons and ammunition. Today, artillery is too mainstream. It is time to take over the world by technology that has only existed in science fiction. Brace yourself, compact & highly personal technology is soon to invade the world for good! We assume that the coming era will be known as “Contact Lens Era” since Sony has now joined the tech-league, led by Google.

Two years back Google hoisted its flag in the field of bio-engineering by unveiling its contact lenses that could detect sugar level in one’s blood; thus world observed an achievement of the landmark. It was just three weeks back when Samsung received the patent for smart contact lenses that couldn’t only capture the images but will transfer them to a mobile device using a wireless connection. We weren’t yet out of this trance when out of a sudden Samsung blew the bomb of another surprising & uber cool technology. The proud tech giant has just unveiled how it was secretly working on a cool gadget i.e. “Smart contact lenses with built-in storage”.

It will not be too early to state that Sony’s contact lenses will take the world by storm as soon as they are available commercially. These contact lenses will be taking pictures, storing them and playing videos for you- all with just a blink of an eye; cool, isn’t it?

Let’s wait together until all jaws are dropped in bewilderment. We don’t know what is coming next tomorrow!

Monday, 11 April 2016

Smart Phones are Boring- Now is the Time for Smart Contact Lenses

The day has already arrived where technology seems to invade everything for good. Impossibilities themselves open the infinite doors towards possibilities. A decade back we knew nothing of smart phones and surprisingly today technology has evolved drastically. Smart phones are now boring since it is the time for yet another innovative smart technology that let users take photos with a blink of an eye. Samsung just recently received patent for smart contact lenses that seem to take the concept a level ahead; first conceived by Google back in 2014.

Samsung smart contact lenses are equipped with antenna that transmit the images on to the companion device such as a smart phone. Though Samsung has not revealed its interest in commercializing the product yet, it is an established fact that the introduction of this latest technology will open up new doors of advanced wearables.

Samsung is not the only tech firm to develop smart contact lenses for an improved augmented reality experience. Google already enjoys two patents of smart contact lenses that check the glucose level in your blood and ensure n enhanced health experience.

According to the Samsung-centric blog SamMobile, the tech giant Samsung has just patented ‘smart contact lenses’ with an inbuilt camera in South Korea. The contact lenses will be able to project images straight into a user’s eye using a display.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Vocaloid Wig: Luka B

This Vocaloid Luka B is long beyond limits and boasts a beautiful pastel pink hue. Vocaloid Luka B is a three piece wig with a base and two pony tails. The wig is lusciously soft and fanciful! Alike all other wigs, this wig is heat resistant and accepts styling without being damaged.

Wylona Hayashi Makeup Inspired with so Gorgeous EOS New Adult Grey lenses

Create heart piercing looks with these steely EOS New Adult grey lenses. These two tones grey lenses with over-emphasized limbal ring product edgy looks that steal the show. These lenses are extremely lucid and impression making. Read what our customers are saying about EOS New Adult grey lenses

Make your Eyes Noticeable with Dream Color Nobluk Grey & Solone Eye Brow Pencil

Make your eyes noticeable by creating an illusion of bigger eyes. Accentuate your facial features by framing your eye brows decently. The brow line when sharp, ensures an edgy appearance. Wear Dream Color Nobluk grey for a natural effect & shape your brows using "Solone Alice Fantasy Adventure Triangular Eyebrow Pencil

These grey circle lenses are exemplary. They are opaque beyond your expectations yet sophisticated enough to blend softly against your dark brown eyes. " When looking at them in the case, it looks as if there's nothing inside because the color is so light.  I thought it would be like every other grey lens that gives a dark grey color but nope!  It completely covers my dark brown eyes and shows up as a striking light grey.  The size of these lens are 14.5mm which is the diameter I prefer for my little eyes but because of the color and design it does not give an enlarging effect.  I don't feel any discomfort when wearing these lens for over 8 hours a day." 

"I've been using this pencil non-stop ever since I've gotten it in the mail.  I like using brow pencils with a triangular tip because I feel that they're much easier to work with than a regular pencil tip.  I like that I can use the pencil without using a lot of pressure.  Lastly, it comes with a decent spoolie to help brush the hairs of the brows and to create a gradient brow effect. "-- Reviews 

Be a Piercing Slytherin Girl with Lolita Wig H Grey

When was the last time you felt your are Harry-fied? JK Rowling gave us memories to cherish and we the fan girls don't miss a moment to own it! If you are also a fan girl; show it with your makeup and outfit. Luka has created a piercing Slytherin look with our Lolita Wig H. This wig is soft & light weight which boasts exuberant loose lolita curls as it progresses down from roots to tips. The wig is a mixture of dark grey, rust-red and teal colored fibers. Lolita wig H has a fine matte look with angular bangs that ensure a classic look. Find out the detailed review of Lolita wig H for more product pictures.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Black Butler MADAME ROUGE Costume

"The fabric is matte satin, and it's a very comfortable dress. It's a tiny bit heavy since it's so big, and a little hard to move in narrow spaces in, but I thought it was easy to wear, except for some issues with the top sliding down due to me being a little too thin. I could correct that though. Otherwise it fit nicely around my hips and waist. It had a zipper on the back, which I had to close while wearing the dress' back on my stomach, and then turn it around, so if you have help with this dress when you put it on, that's a good thing! "

The costume comes with all of its complimentary accessories including big bow, sleeves, cancan under skirt, choker & a hat. For more pictures and detailed review go here

Cotton Striped Tights: Dual Hue Cotton Striped Tights

Can't decide what to wear today? Go for tights! Cotton tights are perfect for every season. They are soft and comfortable and help you mix and match your outfits. These cotton striped tights hug your legs closely, and make them look sexy. Wear them at work with a mini skirt or get cosy at home wearing these tights with a classy tunic.

Wig Tutorials : Dip Dying a Wig & Putting it On

Wig after being dip dyed

Synthetic wigs are friendly to maintain. You can be versatile with them- concoct your own hair style, combine two different wigs to look unique or go even a step further by dying them a different color. When dying a wig, make sure you choose a lighter colored wig as it can be dyed darker but not in a lighter tone. These days dip dying technique is quite famous which highlights your tips just so elegantly that leaves others jaw-dropped! Check out the dip dying tutorial below for which the artist has employed Final Fantasy Silver White Kadaj wig 

Click here for a tutorial on how to put on a wig like a pro.

ICK Elegant Violet against Blonde Wig

Brown eye-d people find it bothersome to hunt for the lenses that show up bright in their eyes especially when it is about pink or violet colored lenses. ICK Elegant violet are extremely vivid. They make brown eyes appear shiny and big. They seem to make an unforgettable impact when worn with Miyazono Kaori cosplay wig. Since the wig is natural blonde, these violet lenses look totally dramatic because of the strong pigments. The wig is soft and has a shredded short layered style that give the wig its sexy flattering bounce!

Pastel Rainbow Eye Makeup Tutorial using Dolly Eye Bubble Grey

If you are into pastel colors, this sweet Easter inspired makeup tutorial is for you! Transform yourself into a kawaii cupcake employing pastel colors onto your eye lids for a brighter impact. Use light colored contact lenses such as Dolly Eye Bubble grey, so that the makeup stands out. Dolly Eye Bubble grey are perfect to enhance your original eye color since they lack the outer ring and are mono tone. Dolly Eye Bubble grey lack drama and are chosen for this makeup look as the attention is to be drawn on the pastel eye makeup than the iris.

These lenses are comfortable to wear and blend well against light colored eyes. May hint blue sometimes on strong blue eyes. Check out the makeup tutorial below:

Wig Tutorials: Thinning & Styling Wigs to fit Character Specific Needs for Cosplay

Finished wig

Even though synthetic wigs come pre-styled, you would still want to retouch them as per your own facial features. Sometimes you would wish to trim the bangs a bit smaller and the other times you may feel like thinning out a heavy wig. Handling wigs may need a bit of the assistance from your friend and of course the right tools! Please check this mini tutorial if you want to thin out a wig. 

You can also concoct a new hair style to fit your cosplay needs ingeniously as our super talented blogger Martina does. Using Nyaruani cosplay wig she has styled Modern Geisha wig as shown below in the tutorial. 

Black & Purple Cosplay Wigs

Cosplay wigs are complementary to every costume without which you fail to make an impression. Cosplay wigs should be soft and light weight to wear, so that it does not bother you in the convention. This medium black wig & Athena wig are medium length wigs with soft synthetic heat resistant fibers. Both the wigs boast silky smooth tresses that look totally adorable. 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

How to Prevent Scalp Problems when Wearing Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are an excellent alternate to your natural hair. When you are having a bad hair day, slip a wig on and walk confidently. However, caution should be observed when wearing synthetic wigs in a routine. Wearing your synthetic wigs improperly can cause scalp problems and health issues. To prevent expected hair issues & scalp problems, strictly ensure the following.

Preventing Headaches: Light & Breathable Synthetic wigs
  • Go for high quality wigs with lace-y adjustable wig caps. A wig should be snug but not too tight to cause redness at your forehead or a dull ache at your nape. Good quality synthetic wigs are made up of soft synthetic fibers that are lightweight and air-y. These wigs allow air-flow and keep your scalp breathing to prevent clogged hair follicles that reduce the damage in the roots.

Preventing Dandruff & Hair Breakage: Breathable Wigs
  • Once again buying quality synthetic wigs is the only solution. Dandruff and hair breakage is caused by hypoxia- a condition which suffocates your hair follicles due to lack of oxygen supply. Wearing breathable light weight synthetic wigs let your scalp breathe that in turns prevent flaky dandruff.

Preventing Hair Loss: Conditioning your Hair Regularly
  • It is very important to keep your natural hair fresh and conditioned no matter even if you are going to conceal them wearing a synthetic hair wig. Even the healthiest hair have shown the signs of hair loss and damage when certain steps weren’t followed.
  • Wearing synthetic wigs in routine for 24/7 prevent exposure to day light that is necessary for healthy hair growth. Front hair line may also suffer from thinning because of fidgeting. Furthermore, production of natural scalp oil is significantly compromised when you keep wearing wigs all the time. It is recommended to let your scalp breathe and allow exposure to daylight (Vitamin D) as much as possible. Limit wearings wigs to formal events & photo-shoots. This keep your natural hair healthy & shining.
  • When wearing wigs carefully tuck in your natural hair under it to avoid snagging hair. Snagging hair is the major cause of hair loss with synthetic wigs.

Studies have already proved that if the directions are not followed, both natural & synthetic hair wigs can cause the same problems. Today, with innovation in designs, feather light synthetic wigs, quality fabric for wig cap’s constructions (allowing greater air circulation) and adjustable sizes ensure your natural hair are never at stake. Synthetic wigs are meant to improve your style and not to damage it. Wearing them properly and keeping pre-requisites in mind can prevent hair loss & other health issues.

What is Uniform Cloth and Why the Costumes made with Uniform Cloth are Better?

Uniform cloth is a blend of polyester. It is comfortable & durable than other fabrics used in manufacturing cosplay costumes. Usually, if you are a commissioner or prefer to stitch costumes yourself, you may have an overwhelming exposure to the variety of fabrics & grains. Cosplayers find it appalling to choose between the various types of the fabrics. Cosplay stores on the other hand prefer 100% uniform cloth as it is resilient, wrinkle-free & dries quickly.

Benefits of Uniform Cloth
Cosplay costumes should be comfortable & soft. If you feel warm/cold or tight & rough in your costume; your appearance at conventions, medieval, renaissances and Halloween parties will lose the charm. Nothing exciting can be expected from the photo-session either, in case you have employed cheap or wrong type of fabric for your cosplay costume.

Uniform Cloth Cosplay Costumes Don’t Shine Ridiculously
You must choose your cosplay store after thoughtful decision. Cheap cosplay stores that mass produce focus on making profits than serving the customers genuinely. They use low quality satin or silk that frays, bunch up at seams & shine ridiculously under certain lighting. Uniform cloth cosplay costumes on the other hand stay all the same no matter whatever the light source is. It is appealingly soft, durable & comfortable to wear during all seasons.

Uniform fabric is known for holding the colors & form. It stretches with the body and gracefully resume the original shape. It is wrinkle-free, thus always look crisp, sharp & freshly ironed.

Cosplay costumes manufactured with uniform cloth are durable. They can stand up to several washes without fading the colors and losing the quality of the fabric. They also dry quickly & stain less so ensure desirable savings!

Choker- complimentary costume pieces.

Sewing your costume can be stressful, so why waste time and energy when you can buy good quality cosplay costume online? Our cosplay costumes are made with 100% uniform cloth & come with all the required complimentary pieces such as belts, bowknots, bells, barrettes etc almost in the same prices otherwise. 

This is How you Get Free Circle Lenses Safely: Only for Uniqso Customers

Hands down! We all love circle lenses especially when we get them for free. Internet is full of tempting deals, cost-effective packages and freebies. However all that glitters is not gold. Your eyes are too important to take a risk. If you are not sure on what your seller is baiting you with; hold on! You may possibly get trapped into a cunning game and end up developing ocular injuries. Remember, the typical price range of an FDA approved pair of circle lenses ranges from US$ 19 to US$22.00. Anything lower than that could be a counterfeit version, probably imported from China. Winning free circle lenses is though not completely impossible, provided you judge the various options carefully.

Most of the reliable names offer free circle lenses to the fashion gurus in exchange of the promotion. If unfortunately; you don’t find yourself among fashion icons, don’t forlorn for we have an amazing deal aimed directly at our customers.

Buy 2 pairs of circle lenses and get 1 for FREE. Our circle lenses are all Korean origin that are 100% safe to wear. We proudly showcase our safety certificates from KFDA, FDA & CE that guarantees the safe consumption for customers. They are manufactured through sandwich printing technology that encloses the dye & design in between two soft plastic layers. This helps prevent fading of the pigment in your eyes & keep them safe from allergic responses.

You can also win free circle lenses by participating in giveaway contests however it may be tedious if you cannot wait long or have an event approaching where you wish to wear them. Furthermore, winning requires you to put your energy for which you may not have enough leisure time always. If you are a busy bee, yet wish to multiply the asset of your circle lenses; here is what you need to do. Buy any two pairs of circle lenses and get an extra pair for FREE! Hurry up the offer valid whilst the stock lasts! ETE – 18th April,2016. 

Thigh High Socks: DIY Anti-Sweat- Smell Foot Spray & Bombs

If you are terrified by the approaching summer season due to the funky smell your sweaty feet produce, you need not to. Wearing nylon thigh high socks and tights all the daylong in flats may activate pongy compounds. The sweaty feet further ensure ideal environment for bacteria to grow that leave both your feet & flats smell stinky. Always consider the material when buying thigh high socks for spring/summer & prepare this DIY foot spray to deodorize your feet.

DIY Foot Deodorant: Wear Thigh High Socks & Flats without Intimidation

This is as simple as a cup of tea. All you need is a spray bottle, vodka and tea tree oil.

Fill in more than half of the bottle with vodka and the remaining with tea tree oil. The vodka will kill the bacteria whereas tea-tree oil is both anti-bacterial & antifungal. Shake the bottle vigorously before spraying on to your feet. Additionally, when your shoes are totally dry, spray this magical mist into your shoes, concentrating more on the areas that collect sweat from your feet such as in-toes. This spray works wonders and combat odors very successfully.

Feel free to get into your favorite pair of tights or thigh high socks. Both your feet and flats are now ready to combat against the summer scene!

DIY Baking Soda Bombs using an Old Pair of Thigh High Socks

Baking soda helps eradicating all kinds of smells. It is often kept in refrigerator to fight against the mix of the food odors. So how can we miss the mighty powder when it is about fighting the stinky smell rising from the feet and flats? DIY baking soda bombs are very handy, just slip them in the toes of your flat and let them do the magic.

Cut off the thigh part of an old pair of thigh high socks using a sharp scissor. Pour in some baking soda into the toe part of your socks and tie it with a string. Slip these tiny baking soda+ thigh high socks bombs into your shoes for a day. This helps reviving your shoes & keep you comfortable.

Thigh high socks are essential for summer. They are capable of resurrecting any dead outfit by adding the variety of colors and textures to it. With thigh high socks you have endless fashion opportunities. Layer your outfit for a Kawaii school girl or compliment your structured dress for work using sheer thigh high socks. As long as you have these two DIY anti-smell remedies, you are good to go in your favorite pair of thigh high socks

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Sweaty Feet? Try these when Wearing Tights with Flats the Next Time to Keep your Feet Fresh all the Day

Temperature is rising that is actually a call to being bare feet. However, women who have to respect the dress codes of their work place or are too shy to flash the skin; prefer to wear thigh high socks and or tights. Unfortunately, in summer most of us sweat which often creates a stinky body odor, affecting our feet the most. Wearing nylon thigh high socks and flats leave your feet smelling funky as the pongy compounds work all day with sweat for bacteria growth. Choosing your thigh high socks wisely can solve half the problem whereas half of the issue is resolved following the solutions below:

Thigh High Socks: Anti-Perspiration Tips for Feet

  1. The key to keep your feet smell fresh all the day is to keep them dry. Avoiding to wear nylon and other synthetic fiber thigh high socks keep your feet breathing. This keep things in order and prevent excessive perspiration.
  2. Exfoliate your heels regularly using a pumice stone. The hard skin at heels need to be removed, since it is a debris of dead skin cells that gets soggy when damp. This provides an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria.
  3. Make sure you don’t wear the same flats two days in a row. Do same for thigh high socks. Let them air dry completely before you choose to wear them again. Alternatively, drop black tea bags in your flats to help absorb the pungent smell.
  4. In case your feet stink badly, bathe them in the water with tea-tree oil. The anti-bacterial properties of tea-tree oil kill the bacteria and keep your feet smooth and fresh.
  5. Wiping your feet with surgical spirit also help eradicating the smell that arises from wearing thigh high socks on a hot day.

Flats and thigh high socks, both are a summer- must have! However, it comes as no surprise that none of these are breathable option for your feet. Of course, you don’t have to say good bye to your favorite summer wardrobe essentials. All you need is a little modification in your lifestyle & an improved hygiene.