Thursday, 28 February 2013

Natural Big Eyes with Geo Three Tone Big Circle Contacts

Three Tones Lenses - GEO - CM903 Berry Cessy Green is a natural shade of green, absolutely beautiful for very fair to pale skin tones. These are natural big circle contacts; means they do not possess a huge diameter. Therefore if you want naturally big eyes, you must purchase a pair of this for your eyes. 

These big circle contacts are recommended for those having hazel eyes.

GEO - CM903 Berry Cessy Green,

Ash Green Eyes with Barbie Big Eye Circle Lenses

Fancy getting a look of big dolly eyes? Get your hands of Barbie Ash Green big eye circle lenses. These big eye lenses have a very subtle pattern and contributes highly to the enlargement effect. These lenses come in a diameter of 16.55 mm and are sure to transform your eyes into big eyes.

See what our customer; Princess rin is revealing about this pair of circle lenses.

Big Dolly Eyes with Geo Xtra Big Eye Color Contacts

WBS205 is a family member of Geo Xtra big eye color contacts. Since these belong to the range of grey contact lenses; this is the most purchased pair at our store. According to one of our customer's review; these grey contact lenses give you big dolly eyes. 

"really like these lenses. I like the simple, more natural design. I was afraid that they were going to be uncomfortable and I wouldn’t be able to wear them at all but they were just fine. I researched like crazy before getting them and I think they were great lenses for me to start out with~"

This pair of big eye color contacts is very natural and simple in design; best for those who want to stay natural!

Get Green Circle Lenses at 5% Discount

Green eyes are the most sought color in circle lenses because it is the rarest color of eyes found in human race. It is also assumed that green circle lenses have a tendency to look naturally adorable on almost every eye color. Rather than standing out from your natural eye shade, it blends quite well and enhances the beauty of your eyes.

Green circle lenses are available in different shades of green from nudes to the darkest shade of it. Green circle lenses in three tones and with the dark outer ring beautify your natural eyes and add an enlargement effect. With green circle lenses you definitely have the qualities to attract dozen of gazes!

We have hundreds of green circle lenses available. We also have good news! This is the month of Pisces; therefore to celebrate the month with all fish we have made all green circle lenses available for sale at 5% discount.

You can find natural big eye green circle lenses at uniqso; some of the hot-selling natural big eye green lenses are Dolly Eye Pop C and Dolly Eye Fairy. Whereas if you are looking for extra huge diameter in green circle lenses then Cici Eye Green with 17.2 mm diameter will grab your attention.

We invite you to try our green lenses on a special 5% discount. This is a limited time offer and lasts till 18th of the March, 2013. Why not avail this mouth-watering and tempting discount offer and get some of the famous green lenses like GEO, Barbie, Dolly Eye, and Three Tones?

Btw, how about making your friend’s day by gifting her discount voucher on her birthday? Your Pisces friend will love to have some of the best green circle lenses!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Vibrant Green Eyes via Cara Green I. Fairy Big Eye Lenses

Getting vibrant green eyes with a touch of shine and elegance is in your access with Cara Green I Fairy big eye lenses. The speciality of these big eye colored lenses is this that they seem to change its colour from light green to dark towards the ring. These big eye lenses certainly enlarge your eyes by giving an impact of wide eyes.

You may click at this site for product pictures and review.

How to get Big Eyes using Geo Crystal Aqua Blue Circle Lenses

Geo Crystal Aqua Blue as mentioned by the name is a marine blue shade. When you have these big eye circle lenses on; you will not only get a big eye look, but also your eyes will look like shining crystals. These big eye lenses are recommended specially for very pale to fair skins. If you have red hairs, we met you are going to look magical!

See in pictures how it look on eyes.


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Big Eye Look :Big Eyes Makeup and Big Eye Circle Lenses

Have you decided what look you will be wearing on Valentine day? It must be something very special, that could impress your second half. It is all about making good memories and then to keep them cherishing for all the year long. 

We have a very easy-to-do yet very beautiful big eyes makeup tutorial for which you definitely need big eye circle lenses,  false eyelashes  and other big eyes makeup accessories. Create a fab big eye look this valentine <3

Makeup with Circle Lenses

Monday, 25 February 2013

Chocolate Brown Eyes Using GEO Grang Grang Big Eye Colored Lenses

" I have my ups and downs, sometimes it’s very comfortable and I even forget that I’m wearing them but sometimes my eyes itches and gets irritated when I put it on(probably because it had dust or something inside), but for the most part, it’s super comfy!  

Uniqso also has discounts from time to time and some lenses are really cheap! They were really kind to me too ^^. So if you ever wondered where to buy lenses, I recommend you to go check out UNIQSO.COM"
Our customer enjoyed wearing Geo Grang Grang Choco Brown Contact Lenses. How about you? Do not forget to know more about these  big eye lenses before you make your mind to purchase it. Know more by clicking the link

Fairy Gaze: Dolly Eye Fairy Big Eye Circle Lenses

Fairies are not only an imaginative creature. You can be like a fairy with Dolly Eye Fairy Circle Lenses. These big eye lenses have a dark limbal ring that will help making your eyes appear big. The color is a grade darker than the emerald green. Follow a Review on this lens here

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Big Eye Lenses: Barbie Sasha Three Tones Brown

Three Tones Lenses add a sparkle in your eyes. They are available in many colors. The great thing about them is how they show a change  in same shade from light to dark. Barbie Sasha Three Tones big eye lenses in brown has shades of brown in it, where the last one seems more like a bright golden shade. 

Make your way to this beautiful site for a complete review on these big eye lenses.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Review I Dolly Eye : Ariale Blue Big Eye Colored Lenses

A customer opines about this pair of big eye lenses like this; "The design is gorgeous. The diamond pattern shows through the white of your eye and looks really unique. The color is subtle enough to be worn for a less dramatic look and the pattern looks very wearable from far away. You don't really notice the diamond pattern unless you are up close." More of her review can be accessed by clicking at this link

Friday, 22 February 2013

BIG CIRCLE LENS! Uniqso review + small update!

Review of Uniqso's Customer Service

We are feeling honored and happy to receive a great testimonial from a satisfied Uniqso Customer. Nothing could make us happy than seeing our customers satisfied. We feel excited to realise that our efforts are not going lost, and we are in turn earning your love, care and satisfaction.

Read what a blogger writes about our customer service, "I never ever give a rating of 10 out of 10. I guess I am just cynical, I tend not to believe reviewers that constantly give 10 out 10. But, this company deserves it by going above and beyond with helping a customer. Lee Lee could have easily ignored my email but she didn't and that REALLY impressed me. Not only did place my order and send me an invoice, she also sent me another message that my order had shipped and gave me a tracking number. I can't ask for anything more."

Read more from her review at her site "Dreadfully divine"

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Barbie Puffy Three Tones Big Eye Colored Lenses in Brown

Brown is always a candy color, loved and admired by all. It suits on majority. Either boy or a girl, it sure will suit on every personality. Barbie big eye lenses have earned customer's love and fame due to its super comfort-ability. 

Barbie puffy three tones in brown is one of the best seller pair of big eye circle lenses. 

To find more about this brand, pricing details, pattern and design follow this blog for the review.  

An excerpt of this review says, "
All in all I had a great experience with Uniqso!
Great packaging, great communication between me and the staff, very easy to use their site, plus very gorgeous pairs of lenses in different styles & colors readily available for shipping! Now what else could I look for?"

Barbie - Puffy 3 Tones Brown,

UNIQSO: Making Online Purchase an Interesting Experience

Are you afraid of booking an order from an online store? Then, come and join us. We at Uniqso has made this experience wonderful for our customers and are still working on it. With lots of free gifts, giveaways and free shipping, we hope we will make a place in your heart.

Ready to discover more on it? Click to find out!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Natural Big Eye Lenses in Brown

It is a myth that all circle lenses are big eye lenses. If you desire to look natural, yet want to try different looks, you should pick circle lenses that are standard in size, neither big nor small. Plus pick shades that are closer to your own eye shade.  For naturally brown eyes we have an awesome pair of colored circle lenses that is GEO BC102 

review reads, "They would be 5/5 if they were more comfy so I could wear them for longer without having to use eye drops. But I love the natural brown design, the enlargement and it's available in prescription so I can finally experience what it's like being able to see without glasses :O
I really do love these lenses! :D"

Store your Big Eye Lenses in These Best Lens Cases

If you are a regular user of big circle lenses, you must take good care of them. Use a multi-purpose disinfectant to clean, wash disinfect your big eye lenses. Worried which type of disinfectant should you choose? Read this article that will answer all your questions about a perfect lens care solution. It also sheds some light on the topic that why should you avoid Saline solutions to clean your lenses.

After you clean your lenses, you should have a proper lens case to store your big eye lenses. Lens cases are available in designs and colours. They come with variety of accessories like mirrors, solution bottles, forceps etc. We recommend these 5 best lens cases for the safety of your precious eyes. Also, find out in this article about circle lens cleaner machines! they are uber cute ^_^

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Contact Lenses

Princess Mimi are super comfortable and does not itch in your eyes. These grey contact lenses can be your next love if you read this review from a happy customer of Uniqso.

"I love the princess design with the dark limbal ring reaching inwards through the gray. I love how it transitions into a yellowish gold in the middle. I think it's absolutely beautiful."

She says about us, "I love the site and the owner is super quick with replies to your questions. So here is the information provided by the site on the lenses:"

Monday, 18 February 2013

Afraid of placing orders online as you might end up wasting your money in something wont suit you? UNIQSO is here to rescue.  Participate in monthly "I love big eyes" giveaway and win some pairs of big eye circle lenses for FREE!! Not only this, you may be lucky enough to get some other surprises. 

Click here for more detail!

Grey Contact Lenses: Dolly Eye Georgiae Grey

Grey contact lenses are always admirable because they bring a change in your eyes, yet keep them very natural and light. Dolly eye Georgiae grey have a very beautiful pattern with a thick black rim, in which shades of grey blend softly with your natural color. Read a review on grey contact lenses from Dolly eye here

Dolly Eye Georgiae Grey

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Enchanting Big Eye Look: Dolly Eye Puffy Three Tones

We bet if you start enchanting others with your mesmerizing eyes, you will love the feeling and would feel like repeating the act again and again. Get enchantment in your eyes with this beautiful Dolly Eye Puffy three tones. Review here

Barbie - Puffy 3 Tones Blue

Barbie Big Eye Circle Lenses

Increase your size of iris with Barbie big eye circle lenses and see the magic as shown in here

Big Eye Contact Lenses & Best Fake Eyelashes: Kawai+I. Fairy Luna

I. Fairy Luna Green is such a cute sea green color and sure to make you look stunning. These big eye circle lenses have three green shades in it and are very detailed. The three tones of green blend together. As usual, like other I Fairy Circle Lenses, this is also a very comfortable pair.

Also Kawaii eyelashes are so natural and make a perfect combination with I fairy big eye circle lenses.

I.Fairy Luna Green

Win Big Eye Lenses in Monthly Giveaways

Afraid of placing orders online as you might end up wasting your money in something wont suit you? UNIQSO is here to rescue.  Participate in monthly "I love big eyes" giveaway and win some pairs of big eye circle lenses for FREE!! Not only this, you may be lucky enough to get some other surprises. 

Click here for more detail!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Create an Illusion of Big Eye with Big Eyes Makeup

"Do you want big  beautiful eyes? Are you a makeup lover or a newbie to makeup? If yes, then you must read this article that will give you a deeper insight about making your eyes big with big eyes makeup. Not only this, this article also sheds some light on different types of eyes. It is a must read for all those having hooded or mon lid eyes.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Dueba Barbie Diamond Three Tones Big Eye Circle Lenses

Do you want to outshine others with your bright diamond eyes? If yes, then get this super pair of big eye circle lenses and look pretty.

"These lenses really give a nice, sparkling effect to my eyes, like a diamond. ^^ They are comfortable and enlarges a lot. The only minus is that the color doesn’t show up well unless you stand close."

Barbie - Diamond 3 Tones Violet

Big Eye Contact Lenses & Big Eye Circle Lenses: Awesome Package at Uniqso

"Would I order again? Yes, definitely! Their communication, shipping, packaging, and prices were all wonderful! I had a perfect experience ordering from them. ^^" Continue reading more in this review

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How to Look Cute with Big Eye Circle Lenses

No doubt big eye circle lenses make you look cute and adorable. Earlier makeup professionals would spend hours in the makeovers, but now with the help of easily available cheap big eye circle lenses you too can look cute in minute. Read a review on Barbie Forest Brown & Forest Green Circle Lenses

Monday, 4 February 2013

Blue Big Eye Circle Lenses

Create an illusion of big eyes with big eye circle lensesSee here how this lovely customer has made her eyes magnificent.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Red Contact Lenses: Dolly Eye Twilight Red

Red contact lenses are best for cos-players, as they need almost all colors of lenses. Dolly Eye Twilight Red are not pure in red and have tiny dots of red. They have a diameter of 14.22 mm and are comfortable in wear except first few minutes.

Read the review here.

Dolly Eye Twilight Red