Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Honey Brown Circle Lenses with I.Fairy Siberian Brown

"When I looked at the display photo at the UNIQSO website, I thought this lens might be too bright for my liking. However, when I actually tried them on, since its transparency allows the lens color to blend in with my natural eye color, it kind of neutralize the intensity of the color. So I was satisfied with the color it gave to my eyes. It's not to the point where it doesn't show up at all or being too unrealistic

Design, I absolutely love the design of it. I feel like i.Fairy Siberian series would be perfect fit for those people who are into Gyaru make-up or for Beauty gurus, cause it will give nice color and hazy smoky effect to your eyes which allows any harsh make-up to be perfect fit for it"-- Complete product review

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