Saturday, 2 January 2016

Removing Stains from Kigurumi

Kigurumi are also known as “Disguise Pajamas” that were originated first in Japan. They are unisex comfortable onesies that are suitable for both children and adults. Our kiguurmi are made of soft fleece fabric that keeps you warm & cozy. Kigurumi PJs are perfect for casual wear, sleepwear, lounging and even for office if you are adventurous.

Washing Kigurumi

  1. Kigurumi PJs are easy to wash. One gentle machine cycle is enough to remove the dirt from your kigurumi. To remove the stains from the kigurumi spot cleaning before washing your kigurumi is essential. The best way is to take a mild detergent and rub the stain diligently so that the complete stain receives enough detergent. Put it in the machine in cold water and wash it as usual.
  2. In case of stubborn stains, soak it for an hour in the detergent and machine wash afterwards. Don’t forget to invert it inside out before putting in the machine.
  3. Kigurumi should never be washed in warm water as it may shrink the kigurumi. Kigurumi is supposed to be baggy with cuffs and ankles elasticized. A shrunk kigurumi will be uncomfortable to wear.
  4. Fabric softener helps to keep the garment soft & static free but it is not necessary to every time treat your PJs with the softener.
  5. After the cycle completes, take your kigurumi out of the washer and hang it to air dry. Do not iron fleece kigurumi as it can destroy some of the decoration such as fur.

Kigurumi onesies come with a hood, side pockets and sometimes with built-in feet. They are available in uncountable varieties from character PJs to animal designs. The hood represents the character/animal. These outfits in United States are considered fun to wear. Proper care is necessary to help your Kigurumi outfits last you the longest. 

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