Saturday, 1 December 2012

~I LOVE Big Violet Eyes Giveaway~

Get yourself Big Eyes Circle Lenses for FREE!

How to participate?
1) Follow us & Share this campaign.
2) Share what is your most favourite VIOLET lenses and the reason in the comment. 

3) Share it with your friend! Put one of your best friends' name & email in the comment. She will get the free store credit too if you won in this giveaway.

How we select the winners?
* Winners will be selected randomly.

How many winners will be selected?
*2 winners will be selected. Will you be one of them?

What are the prizes?
1st - $30 store credit each for winner and friend.
2nd - $20 store credit each for winner and friend.

*EXTRA $5 store credit will be given if you are our existing customer.
*EXTRA $5 store credit will be given if you own a blog/tumblr/pinterest.
*Store credit cannot be used to offset shipping fee.

*And $5 store credit will be given to all participants.

What is the contest period?
*1st - 25th December.

When will be the announcement?
*31st December.


  1. I was looking at your collection of lenses and I find the i.Fairy - Keizen Violet really pretty. It's not just plain violet but a gradient of 3 colors. Pretty neat. :)

    Friend's name: Trisha Isabel

  2. My favorite pair of violet lenses are the Ice Melon Violet. They have such a unique design, the color of the lens of bright, and they are sure to turn heads.

    Friend's information:
    Bria Beall

    1. Hi dear, you won in this giveaway, can you please write to us to

      Thanks {^__^}

  3. My favourite violet lenses from Uniqso would be the Dolly Eye Natural 3 Tones Violet. The 14mm size is good for every day use. Even though the colour is violet, it'll probably blend well with dark brown eyes which would be perfect for a bold natural look ^^

    Friend's name: Kiki
    Email: kaweeta(a)gmail(dot)com

    1. Hi dear, you won in this giveaway, can you please write to us to

  4. I've never tried them before, but will soon. I'm about to place an order! I'm super excited! Can't wait to try them. My favorite Violet contacts are Big Eyes Lenses - I.Fairy - Luna Violet. The colors are vivid its amazing! If they were in stock I would totally get them!
    My Friend's name is Andrea Castro

  5. I love geo berry holic violet...will definitely buy it's a natural looking dark violet (maybe cause my natural eyes are dark...???)...but it's not so you can wear it daily to work (I work in healthcare)...beautiful and comfortable

    Friend: Marcin
    Friend's email:

  6. Hmm That's a difficult question, but if i have to choose i decide for GEO - CH621 Nudy Violet.
    I think is one of my favourite lenses in violet, because it looks more natural than others, but it looks different and original at the same time too. The diameter is perfect for a dolly look (14.2mm), because there are not too big or too small.
    To be honest i think violet color circle lenses are difficult to use at daily life , so i prefer use more discrete size.
    Here's the link page of the lenses:

    And here a picture of how it looks :)

    1. Ups... sorry! >.<
      And my friend's name and email is:
      Elena or/ Sumi

  7. I have to agree that this was a horribly hard choice to make since you do carry some really gorgeous vibrant violet lenses. I think that my choice will have to be Big Eyes Lenses - I.Fairy - Casper Violet due to how vibrant the color is and the hint of yellow around the pupil area seems to make the contact glow. I love bright and striking lenses and these fit the bill.

    friend's name Kat

  8. My favourite purple/violet lense would be the GEO TRI COLOUR CM-905 lense. It is comfortable, does not move around when I blink and it shows clearly in person. This lense shows in photo's and person unlike all the other lenses that I have tried. I have had people come up to me saying that the lenses look pretty and nice. It has some yellow in the middle, which makes the lens more visible, it might look slightly unnatural but in my opinion, these lenses are really good looking and it brightens up your eyes.

    Picture of lenses:

    With flash:

    Without flash:

    Friend's name: Doris

    Thank you. (:

  9. One of my favourite purple contact lenses is GEO Tri-Colour Purple. I wore these contact lenses for a long period time and it did not give me uncomfortable or dry moments. My eyes are usually sensitive but these pair of contacts didn't give me any allergies unlike the other contacts. Since I like dolly eye looks, it also makes my eyes look slightly bigger.

    Friend's name: Karen

    Thankyou :)

  10. i look on your website and i like Natural Big Eyes Lenses - Dolly Eye - Ariale Violet ^^
    my friend: liana

  11. Choosing one from the entire collection of uniqso is impossible for me am a big fan of big eye lences and uniqso is the best for my lences choice i am madly kn love with entire collection but if i hav to chose 1 violet i ll choose Big Eyes Lenses - Beuberry - Ice Violet
    It is in my wishlist next soon because it really make ur eyes look adorable diamond shine wow i m so pleased to found uniqso xx
    My friend : asifa farooq
    My email :

  12. My favourite pair of Violet Big Eye Lenses would have to be the GEO Super Angel Violet. They're such a vibrant violet and I think they'd look lovely and striking on me!

    I shared the giveaway on my Facebook page!

    Friend: Blake Anderson

  13. I have never try violet lenses from Uniqso but if i could choose one would be the Dolly Eye Natural 3 Tones Violet. Seem to be good for every day use, and very very special.

    Friend's name: Janire

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  15. My favorite would be the Geo Angel Violet!
    I love how it's not too bright, but not so dull so it looks like nothing has changed. It makes people with dark eyes seem almost as if they have a nice, subtle blue colored eye! I really like it. :3
    GFC: Awkwardnoodles
    Friend: Kirsten

  16. Oh, so sorry to all participants, for the late announcement! I guess all must have real fun towards the end of the year. We are pleased to announce that "Brianna" is the winner of the month! Please email us to

    Thanks to all other participants. Please email us to to claim your participation points too.

    Stay tuned! This month giveaway is coming!

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