Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Amber Rose Spotted Wearing Neon Green Contact Lenses at the Date with Kelly

Amber rocks green contacts

The blonde celebrity known for signature short hair and ample curves; flaunts bright neon green contact lenses at date night with her new boy friend Machine Gun Kelly. Amber, 31 has naturally brown colored eyes to which she added drama by wearing bright green contact lenses. She was pictured as she left Hollywood’s Macau restaurant with her new beau, Machine Gun Kelly.

Amber has a vivid personality. Going crazy with bright colors is what keeps her in the limelight. Bright neon eyes created a stunning contrast against her characteristic bleached blonde hair and slim-fitting purple curve-hugging dress. The model; further highlighted her plumped limps sporting neon pink lipsticks that were matched with her pink peep-toe strap heels.

Geo SF35 Neon Green

Phantasee Rouge Neon Green

To achieve funky and vivacious personality like Amber; you too can get yourself a pair of crazy green contacts. GEO Crazy SF35 are radiating green lenses that effectively help you achieve glowing green eyes. These lenses follow the same pattern and hue that Amber endorsed at her date night recently. If you want to go add your own style to the inspiration drawn from Amber, we recommend you picking Phantasee Crazy Green Rouge lenses. These lenses are flashy green with the splatters of yellow that add to your erratic personality.

Amber already has a two year old son with her estranged husband Wiz Khalifa. Apparently; she seems to have found a better soul-mate; Kelly who was busy attending her, as the couple exited the Hollywood eatery. 

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Stay Alert & Aware from Counterfeit Contact Lenses

It comes as no shock that beauty accessories are replicated around the world widely for mass distribution. What hold our nerves, are the counterfeited contact lenses. Since contact lenses are more than just beauty accessory, sub-standard contacts may lead to painful eye conditions & to even permanent blindness. Colored contacts are attributed to personality enhancement; they are actually medical devices that should be purchased only after enough contemplation.

It was reported that last year, Law Enforcement services seized 74 locations for allegedly selling counterfeit contact lenses in U.S. Majority of the seizures were either novelty shops, local optical shops or over the corner beauty-supply stores. People need to understand that contact lenses are not worth risking your vision. Substandard tinted lenses available at flea-shops might be cheaper, very cheaper than branded and FDA approved lenses but they run risks of great damage i.e. vision loss.

Fake contact lens fading the dye: Source

When purchasing contact lenses; always make a thorough research. Check the credibility of the supplier from various sources. The safest mode is to make your purchase online. Not only; it provides you a pleasing shopping experience right in the comfort of your couch but also help you discover countless options. The open market let you compare price & quality whereas you can also get to know about the authenticity of your product by checking third party reviews.

Counterfeit contact lenses cannot be detected at the bat of an eye. They almost look like the real deal with holograms & registered logos printed on the packaging. The solution, they are stored in carry the risks of dangerous bacterial accumulation that makes them threatening for safe wear.

Contact lenses let you play with your looks but your vision must not be compromised. Always, check from where your supplier has sourced the batch. Make sure what you are paying for is what deserve to go in your eyes!

Touka Chan Tokyo Ghoul Contacts: Phantasee Gremlin Sclera Lenses

Courtesy: peachyiro

Tokyo Ghoul contacts need no introduction. They are theatrical sclera lenses; this is why are 100% opaque. These sclera lenses are capable of masking your original eye color completely. Tokyo Ghoul Gremlin Sclera lenses feature red iris with black sclera. The eerie contrast is freaking enough to send cold chills down to one's spine. These sclera lenses are 22mm large. Sclera lenses should not be worn for more than 4 hours.

Courtesy: Peachyiro

Tokyo Ghoul sclera lenses are available with FREE shipping for limited duration at Uniqso.

Natural Looking Green Lenses: GEO CM723 Luna Green

For natural looking soft eyes, wear GEO CM723 Luna green lenses. GEO around the world is the only brand that is known for being USFDA approved. This being said; the brand is conscious enough to ensure the maximum comfort. The enlargement effect is truly natural that is provided by its 14.2mm diameter. The color is heavenly. It will fuse with your eyes subtly. 

"I was really surprised how comfortable those lenses are. Usually I have huge problems to get lenses in my eyes but those were so easy to put it and I can't feel them at all!."- Read more about Geo CM723 Luna green

ICK Petal Brown: Golden Hazel Circle Lenses

These eye-popping golden-hazel circle lenses help brightening up dark eyes. ICK Petal brown circle lenses add a zesty energy to your eyes whilst making them appear larger. Under bright eyes they may appear orange than brown. Despite being 15mm in size; ICK Petal brown adds enlargement to your eyes and make them look wide and awakened. 

ICK Petal brown circle lenses are vibrant and perfect for cosplays where you need sparkling brown cum orange eyes. Check out ICK Petal brown review here

Friday, 26 June 2015

Halloween Monster Makeup using Phantasee Black Sclera Sabretooth Lenses

Phantasee Black Sclera Sabretooth lenses are available with FREE SHIPPING for limited time period.

"What you see is what you get - a solid black lens that blots out most of your eye, no matter what your iris color.  There is really nothing that comes close to it.  When posing, try to remember to face forward more than you otherwise might - I have a tendency to turn my head and look back at the camera, and I found that you can sometimes see more of the whites of your eyes than you otherwise might want when doing this.  It’s also a shame that these do not come in prescription, but hey, anything for cosplay™.

Totally, totally worth it for the effect, but they take some getting used to.  I wasn’t completely sold on trying Phantasee’s lenses again since I had some trouble at first, but after being able to wear them properly now, they’re pretty great."-

Read Questions/Answers here about Sabretooth Sclera black lenses

Brown & Grey Natural Looking Dolly Colors: Eyevelyn Choco & Dizon Eye Grey Lenses

Wearing Geolica Eyevelyn

Brown and grey are the two colors that can be relied and trusted upon blindly. These two colors of circle lenses blend nicely against all of the eye colors without being overwhelming. Brown circle lenses tend to enhance the beauty one may already have; whereas grey circle lenses ensures a sweet color-change effect. Grey also help you cast steely & mysterious gazes. Dolly Eye Dizon Eye grey has a beautiful natural pattern. It fades into nothing as the pattern spreads towards the pupil. They are kind of plain grey circle lenses. Similarly, Geolica Eyevelyn brown circle lenses follow the same lines. They also tend to create softer looking natural dolly eyes since the color fuses nicely with a soft transition. 

Eyevelyn Choco

Dizon Grey

Both the circle lenses have just the moderate enlargement effect that keep your eyes look natural. They are perfect for day to day life and can be worn with minimal makeup. Read the detailed review of Geolica Eyevelyn Choco & Dolly Eye Dizon Eye grey

Sick of Crazy Lenses that Spin? Try Phantasee Crazy Dragon Lenses Instead

You might have heard about how some reptile contact lenses spin absurdly. You do not need to flare-up any more, as we have got just the right crazy lenses for you. Phantasee Crazy Dragon lenses neither spin nor create blinding eye. They do not interfere with your vision at all and stay comfortable. The 3 loud hues red, yellow and black create outstanding illusion of fire-spitting dragon eyes whereas the vertical pupil slit makes them look horrifically gruesome.

"They are 14mm, so they don't enlarge your eyes much. The size is perfect for me, since I will use them for Son Goku (Saiyuki) in his demon form and I needed the smallest lenses I could find. " Read more of the detailed review and clear statement about the lenses here

Strong Pigmentation, Bold Eyes: Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Blue

Hands down. Puffy 3 tones series is one of the HOT-Selling series of circle lenses. Barbie Puffy 3 tones circle lenses are enticing blue lenses with strong and lavish pigmentation. They make your eyes look true blue and add depth to them beautifully. Barbie Puffy 3 tones blue circle lenses are brilliant blue that make your eyes sparkle. 

Barbie Puffy 3 tones circle lenses are full of energy. The 3 tones helps the lenses blend nicely with whatever eye color you own. The absence of limbal ring from around the lenses does not take away even a bit from the enlargement effect they produce. The 16.2 mm diameter creates perfect dolly eyes with out being overly dramatic or heavy. 

"I LOVE LOVE how blue they look on my eyes! I feel like I was naturally born with blue eyes. The color is vibrant as the advertisement, they are very-very true to the way it has been shown on their own company model. You can see it in the dark/outdoor lighting. Also the fact that it has more than one color in the lenses, it looks very natural and blends in very well with my natural eye color.I absolutely LOVE it. "- Taken from Tayuya's review

Wear Beuberry Cherry Grey against Blue Eyes for a Beautiful Transition

These impression making grey circle lenses stand dominantly against light colored eyes. Beuberry Cherry grey circle lenses have strong pigmentation that let them stay true in both light and dark eyes. The pattern is interesting that ensures a soft puffy transition. Beuberry Cherry grey circle lenses create an illusion of dolly eyes with its 16mm enlargement effect.

Unlike most of the circle lenses, these circle lenses are good at covering the entire iris. The pupil hole is large enough to let you see but do not allow your natural color to show through. Beuberry Cherry grey circle lenses make you look young and innocent due to the presence of strong outer bold ring. 

"These lenses are really comfortable to wear! Like, really comfortable. I have a lot of different lenses and this line is among the most comfortable to wear, despite it's larger diameter! I can't even notice I'm wearing them they feel so natural, even after longer periods of time~"; writes cosmicprince in her review

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Why does My Synthetic Wig Keep Sliding?

A perfect synthetic wig is adjustable and should fit almost all average heads without being too loose or too tight. Fidgeting of a wig is clear enough to evaluate that the wig is not your size. If it causes headache, your wig probably is too tight. If on the other hand synthetic wig keeps sliding up; there may be two reasons:
  1. The wig is too loose
  2. Your natural hair is unbelievably thick to provide a firm base

  • In case your synthetic wig keeps sliding up, the first thing you should do is to take note of the wig cap’s circumference. If it seems to be okay; it is your thick hair causing a lumpy base that makes your synthetic wig slides up.
  • Try wearing two wig caps instead of just one. Pin curl all hair using bobby pins. Try to keep your pin curls as flat as possible.
  • Secure your pin curls wearing open-end mesh wig liner followed by a regular wig cap. Both the wig liner and wig cap will hold your thick hair firmly.
  • Secure wig caps by using bobby pins. In absence of open-end mesh wig liner; you can back-comb your hair along the hair-line to create a texture. This helps bobby pins hold your hair firmly.
  • Now put your synthetic wig the way you do. Feel the difference!

How do you tackle wig sliding? What tips would you want to add in for a better experience of veteran wig wearers?

Beaute69 Skin Lightening Mask with Witch Hazel: Why should you Use Skin Care Products with Witch Hazel?

Courtesy: Martina

Are you sick of trying and swapping skin regimes from Asian to Western and to even home based skin care but fail to notice any benefits? The problem does not lie in the skin care regime but in the products that you have been using. Probably, you need to get the products with the right ingredients. Witch Hazel has long been regarded as an organic product carrying innumerable medicinal as well as skin care benefits. Beaute69 Skin Lightening mask does not only ensure flawless glowing complexion but also offer various other skin care benefits.

Have you ever scanned beauty products before making a purchase, for the ingredients your skin concerns are in dire need of? Acquiring enough knowledge about what you are slathering onto your face may significantly help you treating your issues. Korean skin care regards Witch Hazel as yet another miracle product that help treating sun burns, inflammation & irritation caused by environmental pollutants.

Benefits of Witch Hazel in Beaute69 Skin Lightening Mask

Witch Hazel is a natural cleaner & toner. It is known as an effective remedy for shrinking pores. Using face masks containing “witch-hazel” such as Beaute69 Skin Lightening facial mask provide following benefits:

Treats Acne & Reduces Marks

Witch hazel helps fading acne marks. Beaute69 Skin Lightening mask reduces bruises, speeds up the healing process & helps to fade discoloration

Reduces Puffiness

Beaute69 Skin Lightening mask containing witch hazel when applied on face, helps reducing the puffiness around eyes. It also reduces dark circle lenses and ensures soothing sensation.

Cools Down Sun Burn

Witch Hazel is an excelling cooling agent. Mixing Beaute69 Skin Lightening mask with aloe vera gel provides immediate relief from itching and burning sensation caused by heat strokes.

Natural Astringent

Witch Hazel is globally known as a natural astringent. Beaute69 Skin Lightening face mask with witch hazel helps removing excess oil from the skin. Since astringents reduce sebum production and thoroughly cleanse the pores, the mask helps calming down the acne-prone stressed skin by preventing the formation of black heads. It quickly dries the pimples and ensure clearer & better complexion.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Why do My Contact Lenses Keep Splitting?

Contact lenses are a good and safe alternate to glasses for people who need vision correction. Though glasses are avoided by many people as they can fall off and break, contact lenses sometimes also go through the same mishaps in certain conditions. Contact lenses may split due to several reasons with one being the improper environment they are stored in. If your contact lenses keep splitting, check on the following factors and try to prevent them the next time you handle your circle contact lenses.
  1. If you are a beginner you might have been pinching your circle lenses too harshly whilst removing them. Seek help from elder siblings or from your parents on how to handle contact lenses or watch tutorials at you tube.
  2. If circle lenses are not well-hydrated they will split. Change lens solution every night whether or not you are wearing them. This limits splitting in contact lenses due to dryness. Remember contact lenses once dried; should not be inserted in eyes again. It is very rare of them to regain the size and shape they were in.
  3. Always take note that your nails are properly trimmed. Foil them to get rid of sharp and jagged edges as these can tear your contact lenses
  4. When you put your contacts back in their respective chambers of the case, be very careful that they are floating in the solution. Sometimes contact lenses can get caught when you screw the lid up.
  5. Last but not the least; always carry eye drops with you more if you are a patient of dry eyes syndrome. If your eyes are not lubricated enough to hold lenses, chances are they will split right in your eyes.
  6. Don’t wear your contact lenses past their expiry. Wearing them for too long may tear contacts.

If you have been already doing all but circle contacts keep splitting; you should better meet your eye care practitioner. Perhaps you need monthly disposable or daily disposable contacts than annually disposable lenses.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Switch to Monthly Disposable Circle Lenses during summer

During sweltering summer, there are far more chances of bacteria composition on contact lenses. The blazing hot season is already linked with wreaking havoc on your skin, hair, body and above all eyes. Contact lenses if are not meticulously cared for may aggravate the risks of ocular infections. During summer; “hay fever” is already on the peak that induces ocular discharge and painful irritation. The discharge is responsible for contact lens contamination; requiring the contact lenses to be tossed off as frequently as possible. To reduce the CLIDs, it is suggested to replace your annual replacement contact lenses with monthly disposable contact lenses.

Since monthly disposable contact lenses do not get enough time for the development of bio-film, they are subjected to increase contact lens tolerance. Furthermore, monthly disposable contact lenses offer countless other benefits that have taken the contact lens industry by storm. They remain moist even if your own lipid layer & tear chemistry is disturbed. They are often high in water content to keep your eyes hydrated. However, the use of Rohto C Cube eye drops along with monthly disposable contact lenses may make it easier to tolerate contact lenses.

They are easy to maintain. The cleaning & disinfection is done the same usual way, you clean your regular contact lenses. The thing that makes them different is the duration. Instead of 12 months, you pop open a new pair of contact lenses every month or every 3 months to make sure optimum hygiene.

If you have sensitive eyes or you are prone to infections and allergies during summer, doctors advise to wear monthly disposable contact lenses such as Geolica Holicat series. Don't forget to share your experience with us to help others learn & appreciate the goodness.

Monday, 22 June 2015

AHRI League of Legends Cosplay with I.Fairy Dolly+ Brown Circle Lenses

These strong yellow circle lenses would never cease to grab tons of gazes and attention. I.Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses are lucid pale brown lenses that ensure cute dolly enlargement. These lenses are lined with outer black ring that set these lenses up for a striking contrast. I.Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses look more golden than brown and the color may be best explained as that of "brown sugar" or "caramel toffee"

They make your eyes look super huge. If you are up for golden brown lenses with extra ordinary enlargement; get these I.Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses

Natural Looking Brown Big Eyes: Geo Grang Grang Brown

Get natural looking big and bold eyes with Geo Grang Grang brown circle lenses. They are good for subtle enlargement. The color change is not noticeably obvious since they only strive to enhance the already brown colored eyes. Geo Medical is a brand famous for optimum comfort so there rises no concern in this regard. 

Geo Grang Grang brown circle lenses turn dark brown eyes a shade or two lighter. The pattern is creative enough to leave everyone in awe and surprise. The design seems to have its inspiration drawn from tinted broken glass. This is why these circle lenses portray a very intriguing personality when worn.  

Review courtesy: Arisu Yume

Lens Story Cara Blue make your Eyes Bright, Blue & Interesting

Lens Story Cara blue circle lenses are full of energy and life. They are blazing blue; help making your eyes stand out. Lens Story Cara blue are 16.5mm huge so expect tremendous enlargement. They are glorious blue circle lenses and ensure a glossy finish. Lens Story Cara blue hold 55% water content that guarantees comfort & moist eyes. 

"I truly love the design of Cara lenses. It's a design that may seem strange at first and it might make you think twice about buying them, but once on your eyes, you start liking the design a lot! If you're a cosplayer or love makeup, these lenses might be perfect for you."- an excerpt from Lens Story Cara blue review 

I.Fairy Moonlight Yellow Circle Lenses to Compliment J-Fasion Wardrobe

I.Fairy is known for the big eye circle lenses. The brand carries circle lenses with diameter 16mm and above. The specialty of I.Fairy is the supreme level of comfort they ensure despite being bigger in diameter. I.Fairy Moonlight yellow circle lenses are astonishingly vibrant & solid. The effect against dark brown eyes is super seducing and vivacious. 

I.Fairy Moonlight yellow circle lenses grab huge attention. The pattern is kind of plain yet it never stops to lure. These circle lenses are fit for J-fashion wardrobe and cosplays. "The most amazing thing is the lovely design (which is great on dark eyes!) and the super amazing and bright yellow color, I already have some yellow lenses but this pair is just the most yellow I have! They're great both for cosplay and j-fashion looks and of course the prescription is available!"; says Vanilla syndrome in her I.Fairy Moonlight yellow review 

ICK Chrie 3 Green Lenses for Brown Eyes

These bewitching emerald green circle lenses compliment brown eyes with a hint of glamour yet they maintain your natural looks. ICK Cherie3 green circle lenses are 3 tone green lenses with a moderately noticeable outer ring that is tinted black. Despite being 15mm diameter, ICK Cherie 3 green lenses produce an illusion of fairly large eyes. 

ICK Cherie 3 green circle lenses are super comfortable. They do not make your eyes turn dry or create any other symptoms of discomfort. Check out the video review below:

Forest Elf Cosplay Makeup Tutorial using I.Fairy Cara Green Lenses

I.Fairy Cara green lenses have got an interesting pattern and fun-filled hues of green. The effect is more obvious against dark brown eyes, whereas against light eyes they simply leave you in awe of bewilderment. I.Fairy Cara green circle lenses contain chunks of yellow that help them blending with light colored eyes. They are a cool shade of green that seems to change between the hues from apple green to bottle green. 

Check out the Forest Elf cosplay makeup tutorial below using I.Fairy Cara green circle lenses. Since the enlargement is huge, they are perfect for creating an illusion of "elf eyes".

Pull Off the Natural Looks with I-Codi Colors of the Wind 48 Silver Grey Circle Lenses

Brown eyes are gorgeous since they can pull off every look from soft and natural to freaking crazy. I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 48 Silver grey lenses enable soft dolly eyes with moderate enlargement effect. The series follow simple, natural look yet enticing patterns that make you stand out from the crowd. 

Silver grey No 48 circle lenses blend in beautifully with dark brown eyes. Furthermore, they fades in breathtakingly where they fuse the pupil. They are great every day circle lenses suitable for casual looks. With even minimal makeup, I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 48 help you achieve alluring eyes.

Video Guide about Everything Wigs

Styling wig- Before and After

Synthetic wigs are  a great option to enhance your style with. They let you create a new look every day that too depending on the nature of occasion. Synthetic wigs come handy when you want to try a new hair color or a new style without damaging the health and beauty of your own natural hair. Wigs made from synthetic fibers are heat-resistant so you can get a straight wig out of a curly wig and vise versa. However; without proper information of how to handle wigs, maintain & store them you are probably just down playing the wig and pushing your investment go the drain. Below is a brief video guide that teaches you how you can wear/remove wig , adjust it & store it for safe use in future. 

Short Wig with Twin Tails: Akuma No Riddle Ichinose Wig

Wigs that come with tails or buns have dual benefits. You can concoct various novel looks with such wigs. For instance, Akuma No Riddle-Ichinose cosplay wig boasts twin tails that can be separated if you wish to wear only the wig base. The wig is pink-mixed with rough fibers that prevent the fake plastic shine. With twin tails on, you get a Kawaii look. On the other hand, if you aim to create a guy-ish look; you are free to separate the wig tails. 

The color and the style of the wig is beautiful. Though unnatural, the wig is perfect for character transformation & for cosplays. Akuma No Riddle cosplay wig also tends to do wonders when you are just in fun mood with friends! Check out real life photos of Ichinose cosplay wig

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Pink Anime Bob Wig: Lolita Bobo Wig A

This flashy pink wig brings out the hidden Lolita in you. Lolita Bobo Wig A has a timeless bob cut and is furnished with soft fibers. The wig incorporates 100% heat-resistant fibers thus can be styled using straighteners. Lolita Bobo wig A has a pleasing double tone hue flashy-neon pink and peachy pink. The colors together make it a unique wig to sport at an anime convention. 

Check out the review for more pictures of Lolita Bobo wig A