Tuesday, 15 December 2015

4 Smart Steps to Pack your Beauty Bag for Travelling: Accommodate Skin Care & Makeup Necessities in your Carry Bag

When travelling you have to follow flight regulations. All of your skin care & makeup essentials can’t be accommodated in your carry bag. Therefore, packing your beauty bag smartly is the need of time. Follow these 3 ingenious steps to smart packing.

1. Consider your Destination
When packing your bag; always keep your destination in mind. Carry products that withstand humidity & heat if you are heading to a tropical location. If you are moving to polar states, carry the appropriate products.

2. Carry Small-Sized Products

It is insane to pick full sized products from your bathroom shelf that are meant to last you the entire month for travelling. Instead, utilize free makeup samples you might have collected during visits to local marts. These are travel-sized samples and take just a little space in your bag.

Circle contact lens cases come handy when you have less space but more skin care & makeup products to carry. Squirt your foundation or lip balm in contact lens case chambers and enjoy a hassle-free flight.

3. Remember 3:1:1 Rule

According to air regulations; remember you can only carry 3 ounces of liquid, 1 clear plastic zip lock bag to hold the bottles and 1 plastic bag per passenger. Larger bottles of liquid should be in your checked baggage then your beauty bag. For circle contacts, carry contact lens travelling kit that accommodates a small sized solution bottle, forceps, a plunger & a mirror.

4. Use 2 in 1 products

2 in 1 BB Cream

To conserve space use multi-purpose products such as Skin79 Oriental Gold BB cream. It is 3 in 1 product with a BB cream, a lip tint that also serves as a blusher. Furthermore, instead of carrying several shades of mono eye shadows or heavy-weight makeup kits; consider carrying Solone 2 in1 magical eye stick shadow. The pencils are bi-shaded and boast a built-in smudger.

If you can’t leave your perfumes behind, wrap them in a sock and slip it in your shoes. Follow the same for the other break able bottles and makeup necessities such as compact powder & concealers etc. If you don't want to miss your favorite makeup essentials, plan ahead & pack smartly. 

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