Monday, 20 January 2014

Can I put Eye Drops in Eyes Whilst Wearing Circle Lenses?

Eye drops are especially designed for an eye condition that is known as “dry-eyes”. Eye drops provide instant comfort and relaxation to tired and sore eyes. Sometimes while wearing contact lenses and circle lenses eyes get dry and a hindrance is felt in blinking eyes. People with dry eyes syndrome are often advised to keep a bottle of eye drops with them always; in order to maintain the lubrication.

Therefore; it is often a question of concern that how should one use eye drops. People who are in a habit of wearing contact lenses and circle lenses suffer from dry eyes so they need to use eye drops very frequently. There are some brands of circle lenses which have high water content; though these circle lenses are comfortable for eyes- they absorb water and tend to get dry sooner than the other circle lenses.

People ask; “Can we put eye drops in eyes while wearing circle lenses”? Answer is “Yes” and “No”.

There are special types of eye drops that are made to use with circle lenses. These eye drops do not contain preservatives; therefore do not buildup on circle lenses. If you luckily get your hands on these kinds of eye drops then it is completely safe to use them even when you are wearing circle lenses. However; whilst using eyedrops which are not specially made to use with circle lenses; caution should be observed. Always read label on eye drops. If it does not clearly mention the use of eye drops with circle lenses; then avoid risking your eyes.

You can use Rohto C cube eye drops as these have been reported to be the most comfortable eye drops. They provide instant relief to sore eyes and help your eyes to regain the lost moisture.


  1. Yup! I use special eye drops that are safe for my circle lenses. Thanks for the thorough information :)

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  2. Strange; i never felt the need of rewetting drops. Perhaps my eyes are too liquidi :D?