Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Big Eye Look: Sugar Candy Big Eye Contacts

Sugar candy big eye circle lenses are comfortable in wear and look very natural, yet make you look stunning.

"They fit very nice! They dont irritate my eyes and i dont get teary eyes.You can wear them for a long time, so these are good for going out with your bestie"

One of our sweet customer has made this big eye look tutorial using sugar candy big eyecontacts. Check the review and get back to us to avail amazing offers!

Dolly Eye Sugar Candy Hazel

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hello Kitty Cosmetics: Hello Kitty BB Cream

BB cream are the second famous hit of the beauty industry after big eye circle lenses. Hello Kitty Cosmetics proudly present Hello Kitty BB cream which you can purchase from our store. Get your order booked online.

Here is a review to help you choose the shade as per your skin!

Get Hydrating Skin with Charm 7 Colors Facial Mask

It is very important to moisturize your skin in winters. Keeping your skin hydrated may be a bit difficult and tedious, but we have made it easier for you by our collection of hydrating masks. 

Yeah we do understand that you want to read someone's opinion before purchasing it. Then find one here :)

Monday, 28 January 2013

Big Eye Look with Big Eye Contact Lenses: Dolly Eye Ariale Blue

Its an established fact, that getting a big eye look can be achieved with big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses. There are several kinds of big eye lenses with which you can get your desired look. Try out different colored contact lenses and see which one suits you best. 

Maachachime reviews EOS Dolly Eye circle lenses here

Natural Big Eye Circle Lenses

Fancy having Jeweled eyes? No worries. Get your hands on Dolly eye Jewel Pink natural big eye circle lenses.

"Talking about the comfort. The Dolly Eye brand is becoming one of my favourite comfortable brands, as I call them, because the time that I've been wearing them i didn´t notice them and I usually wear lenses for more than six hours."  Read more.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Strawberry Facial Organic Mask

Pimples is such a hectic problem of early teen age and it keeps haunting us till mid 20s.To keep our skins clear from pimples and acne we need to maintain a proper skin care regime. Strawberry contains alpha-hydroxy that reduces oil and acne and helps exfoliating the skin. It even can help in reducing puffy eyes.

Therefore, along with beautiful big eyes, why not get a shiny glowing face? Try our Strawberry facial organic mask and read a review here.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cute Big Eye Circle Lenses

Barbie Sasha Three Tones big eye circle lenses possess a diameter of 16.5mm still give you a natural look. Read below what a customer comments in her review:

"16.5mm is the largest I've ever tried! It wasn't anymore difficult to put in than the ordinary 16.00 mm. In fact, I was quite surprised by how natural the lenses looked. The pattern of these lenses look really pretty when you can get up close. The inner section is a lighter shade of brown which really draws attention to your eyes. Since there is no heavy black outer rim, the lenses are still able to retain a natural look about them, but they still look better with a little bit of makeup on."

Monday, 21 January 2013

I. Fairy Red Contact Lenses

Red contact lenses are especially preferred for cosplays or occasions like Halloween  However, if red is your color and you feel you look gorgeous then hit the fit by inserting red contact lenses in your eyes. Check a review on I. Fairy cara red and have your pick.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Big Eye Look: Tutorial using Big Eye Contact Lenses

We have arranged a tutorial on everyday big eye makeup. Our makeup expert and reviewer has used barbie puffy three tone big eye contact lenses for this lovely big eye look. Click to see the tutorial.

How to Get off Your False Eyelashes Safely?

Removing false eyelashes may seem tricky for the first time users, but you can easily get them off if you take it easy. Following some simple steps will help you removing your false eyelashes. However, you must remember following facts while you put off your false eyelashes.

  1. Be very humble when removing the strips of false eyelashes. Do not tug or pull them off. You will only end up harming your very own eyelid and natural lashes.
  2. Decide beforehand if you plan to use your false eye lashes again. You do not need to throw them off after every use.
  3. No need to run after expensive falsies, when you can have the same quality false eyelashes at cheaper prices.
  4. Keep your false eyelashes clean and store them properly in the provided case.
  5. Keep your hands clean. Stay confident, throw your tensions away before you even think of removing your false eyelashes

Now start removing your falsies; collect some supplies i.e. a liquid makeup remover, tweezers, and some drops of olive oil/baby oil.

  1. Dip a cotton pad into eye makeup remover and pat it on your lashes. Wait for 60 seconds, and start pulling your false eyelashes slowly and softly. If they are not yet resistance free, repeat the process for a minute more with few more drops of makeup remover
  2. With the help of tweezers pull false eyelashes from the outer corner. Keep pulling until they come off.
  3. Dip a cotton swab either in baby oil or in coconut oil. Run it along your lash line to remove the adhesive’s residuals.
  4. You are done. Clean your false eyelashes and carefully stock them again in the protective case for the next use! 

Friday, 18 January 2013

How to Apply False Eyelashes like a Pro?

Do you spend hours in applying false eyelashes, and still have them falling off? Do you find yourself in trouble when your false eyelashes slip down at awkward moments in gatherings or make others laugh at you because of your weirdly stuck false eyelashes? Do not let others make fun of you, learn how to apply false eyelashes in the best possible way here:

  1. First select your favorite pair of false eyelashes. Measure and compare the length of false eye lashes’ strip with your eye. Shorten it by cutting the strips if needed. This will avoid drooping and poking ends.
  2. Take the ends of the false lashes’ strip and curve them into a C in accordance with your eye shape. This will mold false eyelashes into your eye shape and will stay on your eyes for longer durations without being lifted up.
  3. Do not only rely on the gum of false eyelashes’ strip. Choose high quality eyelash glue instead to avoid embarrassments. Take out some glue on a cotton swab and apply it on the whole strip of false eyelashes. Wipe out the extra bits but be generous at the ends of the lash strips.
  4. Blow some air on the glue for roughly 15 seconds. Stick the strips of false eye lashes exactly on your lash line over your natural lashes. The glue is clear when dries, so no need to fuss.
  5. Apply mascara over false eyelashes and bat your eyes to check that you have finished off the process without any flaws.
  6. Fill out the gaps between your natural lashes and false eyelashes with the help of eyeliner.

Get Big Eyes with Hyatt Beauty Lash Queen Mascara

Craving for big eyes or dolly eyes? Along with big eye circle lenses, mascara plays an important role in creating beautifully magical and seductive eyes. Get your hands on Hyatt Mascara as a blogger writes, "'This also an instant win since it is waterproof, which means no smudge or smear when wearing it. This one lives up to its claims of waterproof. I didn't have to wipe off any mascara gunk throughout my day while wearing this mascara." 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hello Kitty Cometics: Sleeping Mask Exfoliating Gel

Our skin needs relaxation and exfoliation to buff away the dead cells so that it can breathe well. Hello Kitty cosmetics are getting quite famous around the globe, especially in the eastern part of the world where there are so many kitty fans. Therefore, how about checking a review on Hello Kitty Sleeping Mask?

Hello Kitty Sleeping Mask

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Kawaii: Get Big Eyes using Best Fake Lashes

Do you think use of fake eye lashes is necessary to achieve cute dolly eyes and a big eye look? If yes then read this pictorial review on Kawaii lashes that are best fake eye lashes in our opinion!

Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Green

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tutorial: Create Big Eye Look with Big Eye Contact Lenses

For creating the illusion of big eye look, big eye contact lenses and big eye circle lenses should be the first pick. Then comes the application of an eye liner. Check a tutorial on how to apply eye liner like a pro to get fan eyes!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Valentine's Day Giveaway

Valentine’s Special Presents: Big Dolly Eyes Gift Vouchers

With the fragrance of beautiful roses in the air we sniff the arrival of the world’s loveliest season, “Valentine”. Around the world, people belonging from different classes, religions and cultures wait for February, so they could once again renew their promises and make love on this lovely festival.

It might be a bit difficult for you to convey your feelings, if you just have tied the knots of a new relationship or you are just too shy. You might have started making plans to cherish this day with something new and unforgettable. Therefore, we as usual playing our part in your happy life events have launched “Big Dolly Eyes Gift Vouchers”.

What could be a nicer present than giving your girlfriend a freedom to purchase anything ranging from big eye circle lenses to big eyes accessories and get the most fascinating big dolly eyes? Surprise your valentine this season with our most-wanted big dolly eyes gift vouchers. In return, we are sure you will receive a cute rib-cracking hug ^_^

Whether you are planning for a dine-out together or have decided to travel on 14th February, you would definitely want her to look beautiful. At UNIQSO, she can select all big dolly eyes accessories and what more; she may even learn from our big dolly eyes makeup tutorials.

Make love, Have fun and cherish this loveliest occasion with our big dolly eyes gift vouchers. Big dolly eyes are seductive and crazy! Donot waste time in thinking, get crazy boy!

P.S Our gift vouchers will be available after valentine too.

Glitzy Gyaru Night Tutorial Using Big Circle Contacts

Get a perfect night look by using big circle contacts. You can browse them online at our website. Also, check the review for the tutorial

"They're quite a large diameter, but look rather natural in these pictures."

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Grey Contact Lenses: Geo Angel

Katie from a beauty blog shares her opinion about grey contact lenses in a review, "I can wear these for at least 8 hours without any discomfort. Although it does get a bit dry but that's just my eyes. Also, I feel like I do not have any lenses on at all when I wear these"

GEO Angel Grey

Big Circle Contacts: Dolly Eye Crystal in Hazel

"You dont need to look like a Koren Popstar or a cosplayer to wear big circle contacts.", says a fellow blogger. Get ready to browse the online store of Uniqso for big eye circle lenses and big eye circle contacts. You may read a review to help yourself in choosing a pair :)

Get the Big Eye Look with Big Eyes Accessories

We at UNIQSO have always worked and struggled hard to give you all pretty ladies the most admired “Big Eye Look”. Eventually, along with the huge collection of big eye circle lenses, we started expanding our range from big eye circle lenses and big eye colored lenses to big eyes accessories. Now at UNIQSO, you can order your favorite items and be an inspiration for others.

We are very grateful for our customers who trust us and have helped us in growing. As you love us, we LOVE you. Nothing can make us happy than realizing that buying big eyes accessories from us made you fabulous and adorned you with that pretty big eye look.

Eyes are the window of your soul that opens in the world you reside. If you have crystal clear eyes, free from tension and worries than you really are a successful person. Achieving big eyes with big eye accessories can give you a super incredible look this year. So how about giving a look to some of the big eyes accessories?

With our carefully chosen accessories such as double eye lid tapes, big eyes mascara and big eyes liner, some fake lashes and with glittering eye shadows, we are sure you will rock every party you hit because of your stunning big eye look!

Do not forget that along with big eyes makeup, you need to get a pair of big eye circle lenses too. Simply choose your favorite big eyes makeup and let us do the rest for you!!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Big Eye Colored Lenses:Barbie Brown Review

If you want huge dolly eyes, you can achieve the look with big eye colored lenses. Read the excerpt from this review below:

"The diameter for these lenses are 16.5mm, which is massive! The usual circle lenses I own are roughly around 14 - 15mm which seems more natural and not too 'in your face'. But hence, the name Barbie 'Big Eye' Circle Lenses - these lenses do give you that huge dolly eye effect and enlarge your iris a tad more. "

Hello Kitty Cosmetics: Say Hello to style with Hello Kitty Cosmetics

Hello Kitty cosmetics have become the icon of fashion and beauty. Be it a part of your clothing or a full-fledged makeup kit, hello kitty has made its way into our lives so beautifully. Hello Kitty cosmetics have all the lovely ingredients that love your skin as much as we at UNIQSO do. Therefore, we have carefully picked a bunch of hello kitty cosmetics for your convenience. Now you can achieve a pretty glow with hello kitty cosmetics and shining dolly eyes with colored contact lenses all at one place- Yes, at UNIQSO!

Hello kitty products come in very stylish packaging and a must have for every girl. You would get your jaws hung when you will have a look at our cute kitty collection. Get ready and be a cute kitty with hello kitty cosmetic and accessories.

First prepare your skin with Hello Kitty facial cleanser and then start your makeover with Hello Kitty sunblock that contains an SPF 30. Hello Kitty BB cream that is available in three different shades will complete all your casual looks by providing medium to fine coverage. Hide your blemishes and conceal all unwanted pigmentation and freckles with this BB cream that has been manufactured specially for Asian skins.

For achieving perfect natural and moisturized lips, you would want to get some Hello Kitty lip balms from the range of hello kitty cosmetics. These hello kitty lip balms are available in three delicious flavors namely lemon, grapes, orange, strawberry, cherry and apple.

We also have some dangle Hello Kitty earrings, sleeping mask and big eye circle lenses. Say hi to Hello Kitty cosmetics & stay pretty!

Sparkling Big Eye Circle Lenses: Barbie Bella Four Tones

Oh and girls are so crazy to outshine others with their sparkling big eyes. Do you find yourself standing in the same line? Its the time to win and impress. With four tones big eye lenses you can achieve your dreams.

Pandahime rates this pair of big eye circle lenses 5/5 in comfort and enlargement.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Get Your Holiday Look with Grey Contact Lenses

Grey contact lenses are the trend of the year. They make eyes so cute that every one is forced to stare in your eyes. Get confidence with our big eye circle lenses and grey contact lenses.

The following excerpt is taken from this review.

"You guys need to know that this company is freaking awesome!They have many different colored CIRCLE lens that makes your  eyes look bigger and gorgeous & the lenses are cheaper than other company but worth it!"

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Huge Big Eye Circle Lenses: Barbie Forest Red

Despite being bigger in diameter barbie forest red are comfortable in eyes. The colour and design is stunning and you may want to get these big eye circle lenses in various shades. If you have a photo event coming up, then adorn yourself with these lenses and Kawai best fake eye lashes. Please note that since they have a diameter of 16.5mm they tend to dry up your eyes a bit more early than usual. However, it is very normal and should not be considered a manufacturing flaw.

For pictures and review click here

~Big Eyes Make Up Tutorial with Circle Lenses~

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Big Eye Circle Lenses+ Best Fake Eyelashes = Big Eye Look

Are you also the one aiming to achieve a big eye look? Do you want to impress others and draw their attention towards you? This is as simple as making a cup of tea. You will need only some necessary makeup items to complete your big eye look.

First of all you should choose your favorite pair of big eye circle lenses that would complement your skin tone. Here is a guide to choosing big eye circle lenses. After making a choice, you should check the product reviews. Reviews not only provide the deeper insight of the specific product but also let you see the pictures, from several different angles.

Big eye circle lenses won’t complete the big eye look alone. You need a pair of best fake eyelashes in order to create the most inspiring sexy big eye look. Here you can browse some of the best fake eyelashes available online. These are close to natural lashes, yet are responsible to make you uber beautiful.

Along with big eye circle lenses and some best fake eye lashes you also need a perfect application of the eyeliner. Eyeliner defines your eyes and transforms them into dramatic and dreamy big eyes. With Eye liner you can create cat eye look, or provide an instant effect of an almond shape. Big eye look is all about how you wear your eye makeup!

A perfect eyeliner application with a carefully chosen pair of big eye circle lenses can create an unforgettable sexilicious big eye look! Oh, and do not forget to pay some attention to your eyelashes. Choose only the best fake eyelashes to complete your look!

Red Contact Lenses - Sharingan Lenses Review

Naruto series got so much fame over the past few years that it pushed manufacturers of big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses to adapt the eyes' from the series and design some circle lenses for the fans. Read an awesome review on uchiha red contact lenses and know more about the product.

Monday, 7 January 2013

BB Cream for Medium to Light coverage

"It has a thick and creamy consistency and a sweet scent, the scent won't bother you too much, I really like it to be honest :D I love the fact that it has SPF and it feels very moisturising, not to greasy. I  can't read the ingredients on the back of BB Cream so I have no idea what it contains. It didn't break me out or cause any skin irritations"  Read More here

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Barbie Diamond Three Tone Big Eye Circle Lenses

"They are the biggest lenses I own so far but their 16,5 mm dont cause any problems by inserting them.They are comfortable and I can wear them for a longer time without any itching. " Read more here

Barbie - Diamond 3 Tones Blue,

Year End Bonanza: Big Eye Circle Lenses & Big Eye Contact Lenses

Have you already availed the amazing offers on big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses; we launched in our year end bonanza? Come on, tighten your seat belts and enjoy the roller coaster ride at the end of the year which we have extended for a few more days!

  1. You are subjected to get a free pair of big eye circle lenses with every purchase of big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses.
  2. You will be getting a free pair alsoon purchasing two pairs of big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses both.
  3. Oh, and did we mention the free gift? Free gift will not be revealed until you unveil your ordered product; beautifully hand-wrapped.
  4. The prices have been decreased amazingly. Each pair will cost you $9.80 only.
This month’s promotion is adorned with “Barbie Ash Series big eye contact lenses”. Big eye contact lensesof Barbie ash series are available from soft to bright colors that are ash blue, ash green, ash brown and ash grey. Each pair is available for $9.80 only

We want each one of our lovely customer to get something from UNIQSO. Therefore, we planned a “Big Eye Contact Lenses Giveaway” in color black. This is the month of Capricorns and Capricorns love the elegance of black. In order to cherish with them, we are giving away a pair of black big eye contact lenses and store credit for your friend. There will be two winners selected randomly to enjoy the giveaway. What more, none of you will stay empty-handed since all of our participants will be getting a $5 store credit, yaay!

The giveaway will last till 25th January. Give it a try, before it is too late. You may be one of the winners of big eye contact lenses!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Big Eye Circle Lenses~ Barbie Forest Violet

"The colour&&.design of these lens are quite vibrant with the purple/violet colour, while the design is of like a broken crackle. It doesn`t really give an illusion of enlarged dolly eyes as the limbal ring isn`t thick, but it does make the eyes appear a bit larger." find more about the product by reading this review.

Barbie Forest Violet

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Big Eye Color Contacts: Barbie Forest Grey

"Do you want bigger, bolder looking eyes!? Well you can get them from UNIQSO who have excellent customer service, if you have something2verify they will answer it efficiently, they also give a registered number with the package2insure the package has arrived2it`s destination. Their packaging is always super adorable, which comes with a free lens case" Read More here

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Get The Big Eye Look with Etude House

You have small eyes but you want to enlarge them incredibly. For this purpose you will need a pair of big eye circle lenses along with a pair of Etude House long fake lashes and a review to get the insight of the products. See here ^_^

I LOVE Big Black Eyes~

How to participate?
1) Follow us & Share this campaign.
2) Share what is your most favourite BLACK lenses and the reason in the comment. 

3) Share it with your friend! Put one of your best friends' name & email in the comment. She will get the free store credit too if you won in this giveaway.

How we select the winners?
* Winners will be selected randomly.

How many winners will be selected?
*2 winners will be selected. Will you be one of them?

What are the prizes?
1st - $30 store credit each for winner and friend.
2nd - $20 store credit each for winner and friend.

*EXTRA $5 store credit will be given if you are our existing customer.
*EXTRA $5 store credit will be given if you own a blog/tumblr/pinterest.
*Store credit cannot be used to offset shipping fee.

*And $5 store credit will be given to all participants.

What is the contest period?
*1st - 25th January.

When will be the announcement?
*31st January.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Big Circle Contacts

" I love how the coloring is deeper and larger of an area.  Talking to people while I’m out shopping, they sort of do a double take and a few have asked me about them.  I think I may be hooked with all the different contacts they have, I want to try many other colors too! "

Continue reading the review on big circle contacts here

Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Green

Cosplay Big Eye Color Contacts

"Great cosplay lenses in my opinion! Although they're not suitable for everyday wear, they're pretty neutral in my opinion. They're not too bright and not too dull. It's juuuuust right~"

Click to read this review from a male customer of us.

GEO Xtra WCH628