Saturday, 9 January 2016

Vibrant Blue Lenses for Hazel/Green Eyes: Phantasee Crazy Lens The Dexus

People with bright hazel-green eyes find it tough to grab a pair of blue lenses that look stunningly vibrant against their eye color. Phantasee Crazy Dexus blue lenses are strongly pigmented. They are very intense & are capable of staying bright blue against every eye color. These lenses ensure enigmatic looks that make your eyes appear bolder, bigger & deeper. 

"When I chose these lenses, I was imagining them to be crazier looking, as the photo on the site looks pretty different! However, I’m actually so much happier that they look this way in person! They’re comfortable, super vibrant and will look amazing for any character with intense blue eyes."-- More details about Phantasee Dexus blue

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