Monday, 30 September 2013

Barbie Puffy Three Tones Green Circle Lenses: Hot Selling Circle Lenses

Barbie puffy three tone circle lenses are hot selling circle lenses. They are very pigmented, bright and visible. They create amazing looks on almost all type of eyes and the contrast created against all type of hair is stunning. Here is a review of barbie puffy three tone green circle lenses. We are thankful to one of our customer who made this review possible.

Design : 4/5 

Barbie puffy three tone green circle lenses share the design of dolly eye puffy three tone green. This also is a very well known design around the world. They are natural big eye circle lenses and make you look naturally beautiful. Instead of black ring these lenses have an outer ring of the darkest shade of green; so it does not make your eyes look crazy

Color : 5/5

The color is bright and vibrant. Easily noticeable yet pretty natural. The three tones blend in with natural color quite successfully. They make your eyes sparkle.

Comfort : 5/5 

These are very comfortable circle lenses. You do not even feel you have something in your eyes. They are thin and so stay at place perfectly and do not dislodge. You can wear these circle lenses every day for 6-8 hours

Enlargement: 4/5

These are definitely eye enlarging circle lenses. The best thing is that even with 16.2mm ; barbie puffy thee tone circle lenses are natural even though the enlargement is huge; yet your eyes look natural!

For real life pictures of barbie puffy three tones circle lenses check out this review. She has worn these lenses in her cosplay; you do not want to miss this review, right?

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Animal Circle Lenses : Teddy Bear Brown Circle Lenses

beuberry teddy bear brown

We have an outstanding variety of animal circle lenses available only for $16.90. Even though they are animal prints; you can wear them in your routine life and in special occasions such as Halloween with proper halloween makeup and costume. 

Below is a review of Teddy Bear Brown Circle Lenses by Emi Doll


Beuberry teddy bear circle lenses come in two other colors; beuberry pink bear circle lenses and beuberry teddy bear grey. But I assume brown is nicer for teddy bears. The design looks similar to the Hanabi series; because the pupil dia is big enough to let my original eye color peep through.It has got little cute teddy bears that more look like pandas and are not very noticeable unless you see carefully in bright light. They therefore look very natural; since the teddy bears appear like tiny black dots only. The brown is not solid brown but appears like beige/orange on my naturally dark brown eyes. The outer rim is thin; giving my eyes a very animated look. For pictures of beuberry teddy brown click here


They are 16mm; but the enlargement seems more like 15mm


Very comfortable; great for photos!

For more pictures and over all ratings read the review of beuberry teddy brown circle lenses or visit our site for huge variety of big eye circle lenses and big eye makeup products. You can now buy circle lenses for as low as $10. Avail 15% discount on circle lenses if you are a first time customer. OR WIN CIRCLE LENSES INSTANTLY! 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Halloween Circle Lenses : Dolly Eye Ice Melon Blue & Green

Face by Emily's Review:

Since Halloween is approaching; I thought of wearing halloween circle lenses with halloween looks. Uniqso has an awesome collection of Crazy Halloween and Cosplay Lenses. I loved these halloween costume ideas with halloween circle lenses and decided to get into one.

Dolly eye ice melon blue are vibrant and glowing and looked stunning against my green eyes. The pupil size is very big that allows your natural color peep through the lens. The color is not opaque so if you are not using them as an enhancement to your natural eye color; you should expect look a bit unnatural. Therefore; these ice melon series are fit for halloween looks. See how ice melon blue looked against my light green eyes.

On the other hand dolly eye ice green circle lenses are more of my favorite. For a creepy halloween look i did with ice melon green lenses please click heredolly eye ice melon green are also comfortable and very vibrant. I wore them for longer durations as i loved the vibrancy.

Kawaii Makeup Tutorial Using I Fairy Binky Brown Circle Lenses

Tirasmisu's Review:

I created kawaii eye makeup tutorial using I.Fairy Binky Brown Circle Lenses. Please read the review below:

I.Fairy Binky brown circle lenses come with 55% water content. They are two tone circle lenses and the yellow swirls give my eyes the right amount of sparkle. The design is lovely that reminds "bamboo sticks"

Design 10/10
The design is absolutely amazing with yellow swirls that blend with my natural brown eyes and make my eyes shine.

Comfort :10/10
Super comfortable.

Enlargement 10/10
The enlargement is pretty cool. It enlarges  my eyes and adorn them with dolly eye effect. Have a look how did i look with I Fairy binky brown circle lenses.

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Prescription Lenses: Beuberry Natural Hazel Circle Lenses

Beuberry Natural hazel circle lenses are natural as the name shows. They are too natural that no one even notices. I ordered them in prescription since i have eye sight problem and i needed prescription lenses. Find more variety in natural big eye circle lenses.

Enlargement: 5/5 
They gave me a dolly like look with natural enlargement. The enlargement seems as if they are 14mm but they are 16mm which is a plus for me. The outer ring instead of black is dark hazel so these blend well with my natural hazel eyes.

Color :5/5 
These natural hazel circle lenses are my most favorite pair. The color is very transparent and completely disappear when i wear them. I am left only with the naturally enlarged eyes.

Design :5/5 
Design is simple with no intricate details. The dark brown ring is what i fell in love with.

Comfort :3.7/5
Super comfortable with the highest water content in circle lenses i have ever tried i.e; 55%. There are more big eye circle lenses available at uniqso with 55% water content.


Buy big eye circle lenses for just $1 per pair. Avail free international shipping or rebate your order to earn discounts. Qualify for 15% discount if you are a first time customer or avail special offers. Participate in Monthly big eyes giveaway and win free circle lenses or try your luck for an INSTANT WIN.

Kimchi Mermaid Blue Circle Lenses I Blue Contact Lenses

Kimchi series is an inspiration taken from a special side Korean Dish " Kimchi or Gimchi". It is made from various seasonings and vegetables. Kimchi is very spicy and sour. Following the same formula  kimchi circle lenses also spice-up your eyes. The two tones with the hint of spicy yellow adds variation in your eyes and make them look hot. Browse through our gallery of blue circle lenses for more variety

Enlargement: 9/10
The 16.m enlargement enhances your eyes and make them look big with a cute dolly eye effect. If you are afraid of alien effect; have no worries as these kimchi mermaid blue circle lenses will make you look a dolly and not an alien.

Colour and Design :9.5/10

These circle lenses are a wonderful combination of blue and black that may look like purple and black on dark eyes. The pattern is really intricate that seems like water ripples; so the brand is known as "mermaid series". The transition is not very jarring but is still very pretty. These circle lenses would definitely do awesome on light eyes.

Comfort: 9/10

Being high in water content; i do not need to worry when i wear kimchi mermaid circle lenses. They come with 55% of water content hence make it easier for me to wear for longer duration such as for 8-10 hours.

For more information and details on Kimchi mermaid blue circle lenses please have a look at real life pictures of kimchi mermaid blue lenses



Buy big eye circle lenses for just $1 per pair. Avail free international shipping or rebate your order to earn discounts.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Beuberry Bella Green Circle Lenses I Green Circle Lenses

Buy Beuberry Bella green circle lenses and create shimmery emerald green eyes. The design is simple with black spikes growing towards center that helps the green blend with black and with your original eyes. The enlargement is very noticeable i.e 16mm diameter.

The 55% water content make them highly comfortable and needs no re wetting drops even for the longest wearing duration. See how Beuberry Bella green looks on dark brown eyes.

For price information please click here If you are a new customer you qualify to earn 15% discount on your first order with us. For more discounts and offers please check our "Monthly Promotions"

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Get Kawaii Eyes with Big Eye Circle Lenses

Kawaii means “Cute”. The term Kawaii comes from Japan; where it is now known as the latest “Style Craze”. It has been observed that the wave of Kawaii culture has taken some parts of U.S into its grip too. Kawaii simply means cute, adorable and loveable.

A kawaii style features cute accessories along with everything pink and in light shades. A kawaii style appreciates light makeup and a good-sense of layered dresses.

Kawaii Circle Lenses:

Kawaii styles focuses on big, huge eyes with innocent looks. This look is achieved by big eye circle lenses, falsies and liquid eyeliner. After choosing kawaii circle lenses; the next thing to focus on is “Kawaii eye frames”.

Kawaii Frames:

Kawaii girls often wear frames (without glasses) along with big eye circle lenses. Normally; people either wear circle lenses or glasses for vision correction. But Kawaii girls focus on accessorizing and cute transformation. Therefore; the focus is on circle lenses to achieve huge innocent eyes and eyeglasses fulfill the needs of accessorizing.

Kawaii Eye Makeup:

Kawaii eye makeup is very light where the emphasis is given on lining the eyes. If you want to use eye shadows; go for pink and peachy tones since these make you look soft and polite. Following is a tutorial through which you can create kawaii eyes.

Finished Kawaii Look:

  • Always wear innocent and surprised smile.
  • Wear frilly and lacy layered fabrics.
  • Keep cute stuffed toys with yourself.

Geo Angel Grey Circle Lenses

If you are extremely fair or pale, Rock- on! Geo Angel grey is the lens pair you might be looking for. This is best for all the blondes. It creates pure angelic looks when a blonde with smooth, fairy skin wears a stunning pair of Geo Angel.  It gives cute smoldering effect to all the dark skin bearers too.

Design : 4/5
 This is the best design of circle lenses i own. The color pays off for this lens and together they both give you a natural look that is noticeable yet very subtle.

Color 5/5

I like the color because it is not very bold and doesnot look like black- perhaps i find it the best thing.

Comfort: 4/5
Very comfortable indeed! I can wear these lenses for upto 9 hours without any problems!!

For my pictures wearing geo angel grey circle lenses please have a look at my review or check more real life pictures of geo angel grey circle lenses below

Friday, 20 September 2013

Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Circle Lenses aka Bambi Grey

Princess Mimi sesame grey that are also known as bambi grey circle lenses have a lovely design with hints of brown in the form of inner ring. The grey ring appears like a feathery wreath that is surrounded by solid black limbal ring. They look gorgeous on blue-grey eyes, natural on grey eyes and lavishly jeweled on light brown eyes. They are hit for almost all eyes specially for all brown eyes.

The enlargement is just perfect. Neither too dramatic; nor too boring. Get any makeup look and complement it with Princess Mimi Sesame grey circle lenses. For more insights do not forget to have a look at the Princess Mimi Sesame grey barbie circle lenses review.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

GEO Circle Lenses I WTA55 Grey

These geo circle lenses are not only extremely natural yet gorgeous but are also very enlarging. Though the enlargement is not overly huge as it comes with 15mm diameter; the effect created by these geo circle lenses is marvelous. The design is pretty that lets your original eye color peep through and the black limabl ring makes everything look seductive with a soft touch!

As a side note if you are new to wearing contact lenses then find out how you can get used to wearing big eye circle lenses.

Dolly Eye Crystal I Grey Circle Lenses : So Kawaii

Dolly Eye Crystal I Grey Circle Lenses give you a subtle and natural look. I am a first time wearer and i had no issues wearing these. For me they turned out to be the most comfortable and lovely pair of big eye circle lenses. My natural eye color is grey; therefore these blend well and looked commendably natural. They only tend to enlarge my eyes without making me look freaky.

Enlargement: 4/5

The enlargement is definitely huge; though it is just 14.5. I am loving the effect since they enlarge your eyes naturally noticeable and lovely. I recommend using falsies to get the finished fancy look.

Comfort: 5/5

I really had no discomfort even i was the first time wearer of circle lenses. Definitely supreme thing for your eyes.

Design: 4/5

Design is natural; the pupil though shows off the real color; but as far as you have light colored eyes it will not be an issue for you.

Not those grey circle lenses you were looking for? Find more grey circle lenses here.

Dolly Eye Crystal I Grey

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Barbie Flower Brown Circle Lenses I Good News for Brown Eyes

Barbie flower brown circle lenses fit into the category of enhancement tint circle lenses. The flower pattern is lovely and seems to enhance the naturally brown eyes. The bold rim even enhances the flower petals and make your eyes look lovely.

Get these lenses if your original eye color is light brown. They will blend beautifully to add a natural sparkle to your eyes in a natural and subtle way! The review of barbie flower brown circle lenses  displays some real-life pictures that you will definitely want to have  a look at.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Barbie Romana Blue Circle Lenses I Patriotic Makeup

We just received a compliment from a customer that if your eyes are kind of dry; you should get barbie romana blue circle lenses because they do not bother dry eyes till couple of hours. You do not even need to worry about eye drops since this is the specialty of these big eye contact lenses.

The flower pattern look gorgeous but these lenses seems to be fall in the enhancement tint category. Also the pattern lets your original color pop up from behind the lenses; so order these if you crave to stay natural by just enhancing your original eye color.

For her patriotic blue makeup look please read what she says in her review of barbie romana blue circle lenses

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Korean Lenses I Dolly Eye Ace Black Korean Lenses

Korean lenses are genuine circle lenses that are known for quality. Korean lenses are manufactured in protected environment and are in compliance with safety standards. Dolly Eye Ace Black Korean Lenses are pure black and are suitable for any wanna be Ulzaang. These pure black korean lenses create a beautiful stunning contrast against fair skin. 

Design:  []

Dolly Eye Ace black korean lenses are simple and plain in design; therefore look very natural and create soft and polite looks. They blend pretty well with original eye color because they do not have any intricate pattern.

Comfort : []

You can easily wear it for some four to five hours. If you need to wear longer use eye drops

Enlargement:  [] 

With 14.5 mm diameter these dolly eye ace black korean lenses create a subtle dolly like enlargement

If you are interested in natural korean lenses for a natural big eye look; then we recommend you buying dolly eye ace black korean lenses. Do not forget to share your feedback and share your pictures with us. Here is a review and real life pictures of dolly eye ace black korean lenses.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Geo Lenses I Geo Super Angel Violet Lenses

Geo Super Angel Violet circle lenses transform your look for an instant bright wide and doe-eyed look. These lenses give you a dolly eye effect with a super 14.8 diameter and keep your eyes comforted. In some cases of sensitive eyes; you may need to use eye drops if you aren't used to f wearing big eye circle lenses.

Read the review of geo super angel violet lenses and have a look at these lenses in different lighting conditions.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Geo Lenses I Super Angel Grey Circle Lenses

Super Angel Geo Lenses' whole series has a large pupil so you do not need to worry about the vision interference  The series has special blending qualities as far as you are in natural lights. However if you have very light eye colors; the large pupil will develop a strong contrast against your natural eye color. 

Super angel grey geo lenses appear dark grey on medium to dark brown eyes where as may appear blue-ash grey in strong lights. Grey is a mysterious color that has mesmerizing effects on both light and dark eyes. Read the in-detailed analysis of geo super angel grey and leave your feedback!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

GEO Lenses I XCM214 Brown Circle Lenses

If you have brown eyes and you are looking for natural circle lenses that adds a slight enlargement to your natural eye without adoring them with crazy unnatural pattern then we recommend you super angel brown geo lenses. These blend well if you have medium to dark brown eyes. Wear them in school with light natural big eye makeup using earthy tones or apply a bold black eye liner to make your eyes pop out. 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Geo Lenses I XCM212 Super Angel Blue Circle Lenses

Like Super angel green geo lenses; super angel blue circle lenses are also very comfortable. These circle lenses have a floral pattern and appears very pigmented like the whole Super Angel GEO Lenses. If you are interested in other floral pattern circle lenses then check out our collection of floral circle lenses.

For pictures and product review please follow this link.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

GEO Lenses I XCM213 Super Angel Green

Super Angel green circle lenses by GEO have a very cute floral pattern. The design looks like the petals of a widely blossomed flower. The solid black rim adds to the enlargement that is already very huge with a diameter of 14.8mm. From center these geo circle lenses let your original eye color pop beneath the lens; yet these geo lenses blend well with eyes. 

Geo lenses are the other comfortable lenses after barbie puffy three tones circle lenses. You can wear these lenses for straight 8-9 hours without any eye drops. Read the review of geo lenses super angel green

Friday, 6 September 2013

Beuberry Teddy Bear Pink Circle Lenses I Kawaii Makeup Tutorial

Thanks to ichigoflavor for this Kawaii eye makeup tutorial using beuberry teddy bear pink circle lenses. Animal circle lenses come in various pattern and sweet colors. With appropriate makeup you can get amazing effects with animal circle lenses just like ichigoflavor.

Colour: 5/5

The colour is bright pink and lightening conditions do not affect the color intensity. You will find it same bright pink in all the conditions.

Design: 2/5 The design is very cute. Do not let these black dots around the rim go unnoticed. These are actually the ears, the face and the paws of the teddy bear that look like random black dots. The design however is not very noticeable unless you view it from close and try to match the dots in the shape a teddy bear exists. The pupil is also very big which is not appreciated by me.

Enlargement: 5/5 
Huge 16mm diameter. Therefore the enlargement is worth dying for

Comfort :5/5
Though 16mm diameter irritate my eyes; i didnot feel any irritation or itching with these circle lenses. If still you find your circle lenses irritating you then solve the discomfort of your circle lenses yourself at home.

For pictures of beuberry teddy pink circle lenses; follow the review.

Click here for more designs in animal circle lenses or go here for outstanding variety of pink circle lenses.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Barbie Puffy Three Tones Review- Blue Circle Lenses for Brown Eyes

Barbie puffy three tones big eye circle lenses need no introduction. These are the best sellers and are very pigmented; yet look natural on all color of eyes. The color blue is very strong and appear bold on dark brown eyes. These big eye circle lenses reflect light very well; hence they successfully seem to cast crystal shining gazes. Barbie puffy three tone big eye circle lenses are famous to be the most comfortable with a simple and natural pattern. The yellow orange around the centre gives these circle lenses a depth whereas the rim creates a big dolly eye look.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Celebrities wearing Crazy Halloween Circle Lenses at Halloween

Halloween is swiftly approaching and this is what making us excited. Every year Halloween brings along scary faces with numerous witches, ghouls, ghosts and zombies etc. However; it’s not only the evil that spreads on skies but also the celebrities. Celebrities love the Halloween transformation; since this way they are less likely to be recognized. To make their costumes realistic; celebrities have also been using crazy circle lenses and Halloween circle lenses in parties thrown at them.

Halloween contact lenses are an ideal way to completely mask your original eyes. Crazy and Halloween circle lenses tend to alter the way your eyes appear by adding special effects into them. These crazy Halloween circle lenses are therefore often regarded as “Special Effects or Theatrical Contact Lenses”. Crazy Halloween circle lenses are opaque- so they are best suitable for both dark and light eyes. Using crazy Halloween circle lenses with Halloween makeup; one can create an ensemble Halloween outfit before heading to the thrilling gathering of that scary night.

Let us have a look how celebrities have been spicing up their Halloween in past years. We will be treating you by revealing the crazy Halloween circle lenses they have transformed their eyes with.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry once transformed herself into a skeleton lady with all her face painted. She used Phantasee Crazy Lens Grey Grim Reaper crazy Halloween circle lenses to achieve this scariest look of her life. Don’t you think her Halloween costume is compelling enough? Katy had fun going incognito at the Halloween party by altering her eyes with crazy Halloween circle lenses and by her un-paralleled Halloween makeup technique.

Fiona Stiles

Makeup artist Fiona stiles created this Dio de los Muertos-inspired look with Dolly Eye Bubble Grey crazy Halloween circle lenses. The ample dark circles around her eyes add even more fear factor to her eyes hidden beneath crazy Halloween circle lenses.

Stephan Gan

Stephan went crazy with Crazy Cat Eye Halloween circle lenses. She got herself into the costume of a “Thunder Cat” with her body painted as a leopard.

Heidi Klum

Who else can be so daring than Heidi? Heidi is always a surprise for her fans. Wearing GEO Crazy Halloween Lens-Orange Eye circle lenses; she chose to stand out in the crowd of stars. Being “Visible Woman”; giving the impression of naked flesh and muscles she had a roar at Halloween!

Evan Ross
Evan Ross- son of singer Diana Ross got into spooky action with creepy Halloween Lizard eye crazy circle lenses. In the photo above; she is seen with her girlfriend Cora Skinner with her face painted as a skeleton lady.

Shenae Grimes

Using GEO Crazy Halloween Lens-Blue Eyes crazy Halloween circle lenses Shenae looked outstanding in “Frankie Stein” costume- one of the character of “Mattel’s Monster”.  Her eyes seem to have the magic played against her pale face and dark hair.

Justin Bieber

Seems Justin is here for a happy Halloween photo shoot after devouring the world. Using Phantasee White Black Sclera Lens Medusa crazy Halloween circle lenses Justin is wearing a zombie makeup look quite successfully. Create Justin’s Zombie makeup look by following this how-to Zombie makeup tutorial and have fun becoming a zombie!

Halloween is all about being scary; other than crazy circle lenses- there is another growing trend of wearing sclera circle lenses in the entertainment industry. The trend is though not so sudden and new but the competition has forced the stockiest to reduce the prices even more. With cheap sclera lenses which was not possible some time back; you can create gruesome looks and enjoy the effects of Halloween circle lenseson your Halloween!