Friday, 31 October 2014

Sassy Luscious Eyes with Beuberry Vivid Red Circle Lenses

Sassy Luscious Eyes with Beuberry Vivid Red Circle Lenses

Sassy Luscious Eyes with Beuberry Vivid Red Circle Lenses

Sassy Luscious Eyes with Beuberry Vivid Red Circle Lenses

Sassy Luscious Eyes with Beuberry Vivid Red Circle Lenses

Sassy Luscious Eyes with Beuberry Vivid Red Circle Lenses

These circle lenses are pretty and very bright. They add a mysterious charisma to your eyes making them look fierce yet very sweet at the same time. Beuberry Vivid red circle lenses bear harsh inner-ring but it blends with your pupil very naturally. They add tear-gloss effect to your eyes that help them shine and reflect light. Beuberry Vivid red circle lenses are perfect for Halloween, photoshoots and cosplays. They are attention-grabbing and draw people closer to you. If you are crazy for a fanatic contrast, go wacky this Halloween by combining them with black outfit and black wig for an edgier impression. 

Spice up Grey Eyes with Olive Green Geo Lenses

Spice up Grey Eyes with Olive Green Geo Lenses

Spice up Grey Eyes with Olive Green Geo Lenses

Spice up Grey Eyes with Olive Green Geo Lenses

These Olive green lenses by GEO are one of the most natural looking circle lenses to compliment light colored eyes. They make your eyes bigger and dollier. The sparkle added by Olive green geo lenses is nothing over-whelming but very soft & charming. GEO olive green lenses are perfect to wear for casual looks as the color is way too natural to be noticed.

Olive green GEO lenses make your eyes catchy & expressive without adding too much of drama to them. See here how Olive green GEO lenses spice up light grey eyes.

Enhance your Gyaru-Self with Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

Enhance your Gyaru-Self with Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

Enhance your Gyaru-Self with Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

These circle lenses are quite famous in Japan and Korea because of its flattering design. Princess Mimi Chocolate brown circle lenses are flattering as they make your eyes bling like Korean celebrities & hot stars. They create a moderate big eye illusion, neither over-powering nor too dull to go unnoticed.

Princess Mimi Chocolate brown circle lenses appear vibrant in bright artificial lights whereas stay lusciously humble in your eyes under sunlight. They add a teary glow to your eyes which make your eyes shine through. Read more in Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Review.

Vibrant Gold Circle Lenses: Beuberry CH Gold

Vibrant Gold Circle Lenses: Beuberry CH Gold

Vibrant Gold Circle Lenses: Beuberry CH Gold

Vibrant Gold Circle Lenses: Beuberry CH Gold

These are super vibrant and vivacious gold circle lenses. Beuberry CH gold circle lenses are kind of grainy but vibrant in a pleasing way. These circle lenses pull of both casual and cosplay looks since the color pay off is great yet the diameter is friendly-proportioned to prevent any weird and wacky amplified looks. 

"These are so pretty! Like one of he most vivid gold lenses Ive ever seen, especially against my neutral eye color!! The enlargement is enough to look very cute but not so large that they give that real "dolly" effect. They are just in the middle, which is what I like!"

Read Beuberry CH Gold Review for better understanding of the effects they create against light colored eyes.

3 Witch Contact Lenses from 3 Disney Movies: Crazy Halloween Lenses

Through the poignant hard-work of decades, Disney continues to perpetuate its soft image of “love, joy & happiness”. However, at the same time Disney has also ingeniously created most repugnant, heinous & evil antagonists carrying malice & loath. Witches from Disney movies sometimes draw more attention than the protagonists of the respective movies. Halloween is the best time to pay tribute to your favorite villain of the Disney though witch contact lenses.

The Evil Queen Grimhilde from Snow White

“Mirror, mirror, mirror; who is the fairest of them all?” is probably the most famous dialogue of a Disney witch that has been preserved in our minds from our baby-hoods for the years to come. The evil queen from “Snow white & seven dwarves” has shrill & piercing lemon-green eyes that are as fierce as are her expressions. If, at this Halloween you find that someone else’s beauty is surpassing yours; fear not & craft your evil-looks using “Phantasee UV Glow green crazy lenses” to get hold of your fading beauty.

The Witch from Disney Movie Brave

This good-willed, absent-minded and funny witch from the Disney movie “Brave” is famous for having big bulbous gold eyes at a wrinkled face with sagging cheeks. She is a wood-carver & uses her magic to sell her crafts. Her floating weapons, animated broom & her pet raven assist her with her spells. Sport Phantasee Gold Gaia crazy lenses to achieve the similar shaggy and protruding eyes.

Abigail Williams from “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”

She appeared as a minor antagonist in 2010 Disney film, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. She has demonic personality and has bright red shimmering eyes that look like a hot-burning coal. The radiant red eyes can be incorporated using Geo Color Nine Dark red circle lenses.

Disney movies have given us so many moments of laughter & joy; where we have cherished both the evil & good memories. If you fancy characters born under the flag of Disney; nothing can be as perfect occasion to cosplay them as is Halloween. Make a selection of crazy Halloween lenses to reflect your love for your favorite Disney character. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

GEO Nudy Violet Circle Lenses: Natural Looking Dolly Eyes

If you want to create an illusion of bigger and dolly-eye effect with an unworldly yet breath-taking color of eyes without freaking out others then wear GEO Nudy Violet circle lenses. These circle lenses are natural looking despite its unnatural color. It is because they are well-blend able. They fade subtly towards the iris that make them cast natural looks. 

Geo Nudy violet circle lenses make your eyes appear dolly, sweet and innocent. They are almost translucent but makes a strong impression when are worn against dark brown eyes. These are those violet lenses that look amazing on both light and dark colored eyes. Find out more about these lenses: Geo Nudy violet review

Mikaze Ai Cosplay Synthetic Wig

Circle lenses: Beuberry MI blue

Mikaze Ai has short hair tied at back in a pony tail. Her turquoise hair color makes it difficult to find a wig that would be suitable to cosplay her. Uniqso, however is an exception. This Mikaze Ai cosplay wig is made from 100% synthetic fiber and is pre-styled. The bangs and the pony tail makes it easier for you to wear Mikaze hair in no time. 

The color is very nice and vibrant. Above all, it is accurate to the character's hair. The wig has soft and silky-straight fibers. It adjusts to even the smaller head sizes. This wig neither feels too tight nor very loose. It is just accurate to fulfill the needs of a cosplay.

More details can be found in Mikaze Ai Cosplay wig review

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Zabuza Cosplay Circle Lenses: Dolly Eye Ice Melon Grey

Zabuza Cosplay: Dolly Eye Ice Melon Grey

Zabuza needs lighter colored grey eyes that look natural yet piercing enough to create a meaningful chracter. To cosplay Zabuza; Dolly Eye Ice Melon grey circle lenses could be a wise choice as they deliver fanciful yet envious results. These circle lenses are almost translucent and contain no rough and tough or intricate designing details. These lenses remain sheer grey and produce outstanding mesmerizing results against light colored eyes.

Dolly Eye Ice Melon Grey Circle Lenses Closeup

Dolly Eye Ice Melon grey tend to only enhance your eyes and look very very natural. The enlargement effect is very minor as they are only 14.5 mm diameter. Unlike other circle lenses they lack outer limbal ring which make them stay natural and subtle.

"These circle lenses are perfect for a discrete change. The color blends 
with your natural eye color and gives to your eye a lighter color, very 
nice and natural.  I think these lenses are perfect if you want to 
lighten your look, without noticing you're wearing circle lenses ! " 

Zabuza Cosplay PhotoShoot with Dolly Eye Ice MelonGrey

Shrill Blue Circle Lenses for Brown Eyes: Geolica Euro Cobalt Blue

These blue circle lenses have an intense effect against dark brown eyes. Geolica Euro Cobalt blue circle lenses are strong in pigmentation and stand deep and gorgeous against dark brown eyes. The pattern is pretty simple, nothing over-whelming. Geo circle lenses always have  a moderate enlargement effect ; which makes them perfect for daily usage. Geolica Euro Cobalt blue circle lenses are 14.2mm in diameter and have 42% water content that keep them super comfortable and hydrated in your eyes. 

Read Geolica Euro Cobalt Blue review for further details.

Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay Lenses (UTA): Phantasee Gremlin Red/Black Sclera Lenses

Tokyo Ghoul Phantasee Gremlin Sclera Lenses

Take your costume to a new level by “Tokyo Ghoul Circle Lenses”. These red and black sclera lenses are not less than a treat to the fans, already obsessed with “Tokyo Ghoul Series”. These freaking sclera lenses are more than perfect to cosplay “Uta”. He is a ghoul, proficient in making masks for other ghouls. His fully tattooed body with hair swept back and eyes that look ferocious; make a complete package of “Thrill factor”.  

Tokyo ghoul contact lenses are actually 22mm sclera lenses that are 100% opaque. These lenses are promising enough to completely mask the original color of one’s eyes. Since the pigmentation is strong, these red sclera lenses successfully replicate your eyes to look like those inspired from ‘Tokyo Ghoul’.

Tokyo Ghoul Sclera Gremlin Lenses
Phantasee Red Gremlin Sclera Lenses
Tokyo Ghouls are basically monsters who feed on human flesh. Therefore their eyes depict horror that is ensured through strikingly bold red pupil in contrast with black sclera. The gross cannibalism practiced by Tokyo Ghouls is embedded in the terrifying red eyes which have now come into existence from fiction to reality through Phantasee Gremlin red black sclera lenses.

Uta is a ghoul with enhanced strength, speed & reflexes than that of a human. He is able to regenerate himself and his tremendous strength makes him competitive enough to defeat multiple ghouls at a time. Uta is a powerful ghoul and we believe that his eyes are actually the reason behind dispersing the crowd that comes his way. If you want to be a real menace this Halloween; wear Tokyo Ghoul cosplay sclera lenses for a spiced up Hallows evening this year.


Tokyo Ghoul Sclera Lenses Reviews

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Its Halloween: Beware of Fake Contact Lenses

Fake contact lenses

Crazy contact lenses make your edgier over others by adding a finishing touch to your costume. Crazy lenses are famous round the year but at Halloween an elevated demand for crazy contact lenses is observed every year. Doctors; therefore, warn to stay away from fake crazy contact lenses as they are vision-threatening & injurious to the safety of one’s eyes.

Fake contact lenses are often imported from China. Unauthorized vendors disseminate these threatening Chinese contact lenses to flea markets, beauty salons, novelty shops and gas stations. Fake crazy contact lenses may be cheaper than regular FDA approved lenses, but it sends shiver to consider them worth a try just for saving few bucks. Crazy contact lenses cost $19 and up. Anything below this price range should ring the bells for you.

Halloween Lenses Black
Intimidation is fun but not at the cost of your eyes

Fake crazy contact lenses risk permanent visual impairment. They are not constructed in compliance with health & safety standards of FDA, leaving your eyes vulnerable. Furthermore, they are not sterilized to be liable enough to get into your eyes. Low grade Chinese lenses that have been stocked from China even contain expired contact lenses that instigate corneal abrasions, ulceration or complete vision loss.

Intimidating others at scariest evening brings fun moments to share with friends. However; let us not allow fake crazy contact lenses to trespass the rest of our lives. Don’t be infatuated with the cheaper versions of lenses. Spend (if you can); your eyes are worth it.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Contact Lens Cleaner Machines Offer Rapid & Quick Cleaning of Contact Lenses through Ultrasonic Waves: A Must-Have ‘Cleaning Kit’ for Halloween

Contact lens cleaning machine quickly and thoroughly removes contamination, making it a must-have for cosplayers who own a number of pairs & need deep cleansing of contact lenses but are too busy to manually clean them.

Ultra sonic contact lens cleaning machines offers the complete removal of stubborn contaminants from the surface of contact lenses through non-audible sound waves. Contact lenses are immersed in solution & a brushing/ scrubbing effect is produced through high frequency sound waves for thorough cleansing.

Meticulous cleansing of contact lenses is crucial to eye health. Wearing contaminated circle lenses run the risk of contact lens induced injuries & may lead to permanent visual impairment or complete blindness. Though manual cleaning & disinfection followed by gentle rubbing is enough to get rid of the bacteria & protein debris; ultrasonic cleansing becomes necessary when there is an increased exposure of contact lenses with external agents such as face paints, SFX cosmetics & glitters etc.

  • Nearly 125 million people around the globe wear contact lenses out of which 93% of people fail to diligently cleanse their contact lenses.

It is to note that people find it difficult to disinfect contact lenses that they have been using on daily basis. When there is a question on cleaning of single pair of contact lenses then how can it be ensured that cosplayers having dozens of pairs would take the pain of disinfecting each pair individually? In such cases, this automatic cleaning machine comes forwards as a promising investment that would continue to save your time for at least a year.

Courtesy: Neo Karyn

Ultrasonic contact lens cleaning machine is a travel-sized kit, containing forceps, contact lens case and a mirror. All you need to do is to press the start button, sit & relax with a cup of coffee until the automatic machine thoroughly removes every bit of dirt, debris & protein contamination. 

Kawayii Eye Makeup Tutorial using Korean Cosmetics

Kawaii Makeup
In Japanese context "Kawaii" means cute. Kawaii fashion makes use of cute & pastel colors that are soft & light. If you want to stand out from the crowd; you can join  Kawaii fashion trends. Kawaii makeup emphasizes on "big eye circle lenses" to achieve bigger and dolly eye looks. Follow the steps below for Kawaii eye makeup tutorial.

Products You Need: Kawaii Eye Makeup Tutorial

1. Dolly Eye Kira Kira blue circle lenses
2. Solone Perfect Pencil Drawing liner
3. Skin79 Kick it Side liquid eye liner
4. Skin79 Kick it Side Mascara
5. Skin79 Super Orange BB cream

Kawaii Eye Makeup Tutorial

Dolly Eye Kira Kira Blue Circle Lenses

They are natural looking circle lenses with a subtle enlargement effect. They blend naturally against both light & dark eyes. Since these lenses are neither bright nor dull; they are perfect for Kawaii looks. Don't forget that Kawaii girls stick to every thing that looks cute yet natural.

Skin79 Super Orange BB Cream Vital

Skin79 BB creams provide dewy finish, with a natural glow. Skin79 Vital Orange BB cream ensures spotless skin by concealing acne marks & freckles. It also eliminates sebum production therefore maintain a smooth canvas for further makeup application.

Skin79 Liquid Liner & Skin79 Mascara

The special construction of Skin79 mascara wand ensures naturally voluminous look for your eye lashes. The twisted head even lifts up the thin and smallest lash fibers to create an illusion of bigger & healthier set of eye lashes. 

Solone Perfect Drawing Pencil

The pencil runs smooth and has excellent color pay off. It is perfect to line you tear-line with. Good for artistic makeup where you need to draw unworldly pattern at your face. 

We hope this Kawaii makeup tutorial has helped you enough in stream-lining your inspirations. Here are more makeup looks for your excitement. 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Skin79 Kick it Side Look for Me Tint Cheerup Pink

Skin79 Kick it Side Look for Me Tint Cheerup Pink

Skin79 Look for Me Tint provides sheer tint to lips with moisturizing & glossy effect. The tint is a light shade of pink that is buildable & decently pigmented. This lip tint gradually deepens to a darker & vivid shade of pink. Skin79 Look for Me Tint in Cheer Up pink is a peachy pink lip tint that aims to accentuate the natural freshness of your lips.

Benefits of Kick it Side Look for Me Lip Tint

  • Moisturizes
  • Sheer tint that is buildable
  • Natural gloss
  • Impressive lasting power
  • Adds a sexy pout

Kick it Side Look for me Tint by skin79 adds a kissable pout to your lips with a lustrous glossy effect. The irresistible shine makes a statement yet keeps your lips very natural. The lasting power of the tint is impressive, since it only begins to fade after 4 to 6 hours. “Skin79 Kick it Side Look for Me Tint” keeps your lips soft and hydrated even when the weather is crazy.

Skin79 Lip Tint is available in two beautiful fun colors i.e. “Cheer Up” in Pink and “Attention” in Peach. Apply it in proper quantity with a lip-liner to get a beautiful & youthful glow.

Halloween Lenses: Can I Custom Paint SFX Contact Lenses Myself?

Halloween Lenses: Can I Custom Paint SFX Contact Lenses Myself?

Yes, you might be pro at fine arts with good grip at painting medium and brushes.  Because, you are an artist you want to design your contact lenses by yourself to procure a “signature feel”. Contact lenses are prosthetic medical devices either prescription or non-prescription. Therefore, hand-painting them yourself at home is nothing but recklessly daring.

Undoubtedly custom-painted contact lenses bear a hefty price tag-because, hand-painting contact lenses, is not as easy as it may sound.

It involves clinical procedures where the “hand-painted” shield of iris is incorporated between two soft hydrophilic layers.

This “laminated-construction” prevents the dyes used; to come into contact with your cornea that as a result eliminates any chances of poisonous contamination. 

Halloween Lenses: Can I Custom Paint SFX Contact Lenses Myself?

Hand-painting contact lenses require skills, experience & above-all “FDA licensing” to do it the right way. Even the dyes should be FDA approved. These dyes are not available for sale without obtaining the respective ophthalmology certifications. The entire procedure of customizing contact lenses is practiced in “state-of-art” labs under hygienic & sterilized environments to protect the bacteria contamination.

Customization of contact lenses should never be done at home as it is certain that doing this will damage your eyes.
Such theatrical & strongly opaque customized lenses are actually meant for the movie industry where the producers behind the project can actually fund the entire process.

If, you want a pair of novelty contact lenses; you already have infinite opportunities to make your dream come true. There are thousands of exciting designs available including reptile contact lenses, vampire contacts & crazy UV lenses that glow in the dark to take your costume a level ahead. 

Special effect contact lenses make the huge world of a difference, but custom painting them at home should never be considered as an option. You only have one set of eyes and no costume is worth the risk of damaging them. Beware, it is fun to intimidate others but not at the cost of your vision. Only wear authorized novelty lenses to stand out from the crowd.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

"Go To" Green Lenses for Brown Eyes: Dolly Eye Pop C Dark Green

Go to Green Lenses for Brown Eyes: Dolly Eye Pop C Dark Green

Go to Green Lenses for Brown Eyes: Dolly Eye Pop C Dark Green

Go to Green Lenses for Brown Eyes: Dolly Eye Pop C Dark Green

These lenses are dark algae green with minimal pattern details. Dolly Eye Pop C Dark green circle lenses deliver natural looks against dark brown eyes. It has solid outer black ring and though the diameter is just 15mm, it helps in giving an illusion of bigger irises. These circle lenses add a nice pop to your eyes and are recommended to those people who are seeking a subtle change in their personality through circle lenses.

Dolly Eye Pop C Dark green circle lenses are super comfortable and can be worn for multiple hours.Read what cruciocosplay has to say more about Dolly Eye Pop C Dark green circle lenses.

Go Kawayii this Halloween with Silver Long Wig

Go Kawayii this Halloween with Silver Long Wig

Go Kawayii this Halloween with Silver Long Wig

Go Kawayii this Halloween with Silver Long Wig

Go Kawayii this Halloween with Silver Long Wig

People are looking for fun ideas for the impending Halloween. You don't really need to set up heavy budgets in order to create an impact. With this white-silver long synthetic wig you are sure to make an ever-lasting impression at the big eve. The Rozen Maidu cosplay white wig is shimmery white and is astonishingly long with 120 cm.

The Rozen Maidu has long thick bangs that can be styled and trimmed as to how ever you would want. This white wig is long, sleek, straight & shiny that owes you tons of attraction. The wig is adjustable and fits without any hassles. Continue reading the detailed review of Rozen Maidu White Cosplay Wig.