Monday, 29 April 2013

Brown Circle Lenses : Geo Xtra WTA04 Big Eye Lenses

Brown is the color that is most acceptable by people of all races. Whether you have light or dark eyes, brown circle lenses are going to look super natural in your eyes. Geo circle lenses do not need any introduction and are famous for the comfort they provide even in longer wears.Geo Xtra WTA04 is a member of the same family, therefore if comfort is your top most preference you can trust the brand with blind eyes.  

The review shows a deep insight on these brown circle lenses

GEO Xtra WTA04

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Let us Surprise your Mothers this Mothers’ DAY!

Mothers’ Day is approaching. What special have you planned to surprise your mummies this year? Mothers are the special creation of God; whom we cannot repay for the blessings, the care and the love she has granted us and nurtured us with.

UNIQSO appears everywhere in your lives; at every moment whenever it is a flash of happiness, celebrations and joys. Be it a friend’s birth day or special events like valentine day, friend’s day, or Mothers’ day we are always here to serve you with supreme customer service and to give you an unmatchable shopping experience.

In Past; we got amazing feedback for discount on big eye circle lenses on special occasions and religious traditions like on Christmas and on Halloween. Since we just got our site renovated; we planned to surprise your mothers this year with our amazing discount packages, offers and deals.

Try our gift vouchers! Let your mom enjoy the freedom of buying whatever she wants for herself. Surprising your mothers with circle lens gift vouchers will be a unique experience not only for you; but for us too.

Get a free gift for your mom on spending $50 and above. This free gift will be a little effort from Uniqso to tribute your MOMS! From 25th-30th April (While stock lasts)

Use Express Shipping; if you want your surprises to reach your mom before 12th May, 2013!

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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Big Eye Lenses: Beuberry Summer Blue Circle Lenses

Are you looking for big eye circle lenses that make your eyes shine like crystals with a huge enlargement yet prevent that alien look? No worries, Beuberry summer blue circle lenses are amazingly bright with 16mm diameter. However, the naturally simple design suits those eyes that are looking for a natural effect rather than very bold and loud. 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Blue Circle Lenses for Brown Eyes

Blue circle lenses are available in many shades of blue and in several brands. Blue circle lenses make eyes very attractive for the opposite sex. We, therefore sponsored Beuberry poppy blue big eye circle lenses to observe this hypothesis.Amazing design, enlargement and the brightest shade of blue looks so vivid even on dark brown eyes. For a pictorial review on how blue circle lenses look on eyes, read this review.

Beuberry poppy blue

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Violet Circle Lenses: Geo Angel Series

Geo Angel violet circle lenses are amazingly natural big eye circle lenses with a diameter of 14.8mm. The design is simple in floral pattern and the color is very vibrant. However it is not very noticeable when you wear them on.This review proves it.

Therefore, If you are looking for natural big eye circle lenses; geo angel series is for you. 

You can also view other selection of violet circle lenses at our website.

GEO Angel Violet

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Official Make Up Artist Hunting

We are hunting for Make Up Artist! We will sponsor circle lenses and necessary to you every month. Visit for more information now!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Puffy Three Tones Grey Circle Lenses- Barbie Big Eye Circle Lenses

Get cheap grey circle lenses or even win them in monthly promotions. You only need to stay in touvh with Uniqso as long as your desire for adoring your eyes with big eye circle lenses exists. 

Grey circle lenses are available in a huge variety, and by purchasing a pair or two for yourself can make you stand in the line of thousand beauties. How about trying puffy three tones grey circle lenses that has become the hot-selling brand? Buy at unbeatable price of $7.90 and look simply beautiful!

Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Grey

Big Eye Contact Lenses: Bella 4 Tones Grey Circle Lenses

Four tones circle lenses are magical. The color gradation gives you a very natural and well-blended big eye look. The limbal ring at the edges of circle lenses give you an eye-popping effect. Available for only $9.90, you can easily get these lenses or select any other pair of four tones circle lenses from our stock. 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Natural Big Eye Lenses: Geo Super Angel Brown Circle Lenses

Get natural big eye effect with our extensive range of natural big eye circle lensesGeo Super Angel Series is one of the most famous and best selling range. Loved and appreciated by everyone, geo super angel brown circle lenses have made its name and fame. Brown being the most common color, is the most accepted color globally. Select your favorite brown lenses from our huge range of brown circle lenses

For your reference here is how geo super angel brown series look on eyes. Avail your chance to get qualified for free shipping as the whole geo super angel series is entitled to receive free shipment!

GEO Super Angel Brown

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Big Eye Lenses: I.Fairy Ash Violet Circle Lenses

I.Fairy Ash violet circle lenses are so bright that even the darkest of the eye shade will get a complete violet transformation. We really recommend these violet circle lenses to everyone aiming to achieve big dolly eyes look. Have a look on the real life pictures of I.Fairy ash violet circle lenses.

I.Fairy Ash Violet

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Natural Big Eye Circle Lenses: Dolly Eye Dizon Blue Circle Lenses

Are you trying to get your hands on natural big eye circle lenses? Are you just looking for a pair of vibrant circle lens that could change your eye color without any enhanced big eye effect? If yes, then dolly eye dizon blue circle lenses are for you. The blue is bright and is subjected to look bright even on darker eyes such as dark brown. It has the diameter of 14.2-14.8mm, hence the enlargement is very natural. 

Read here the review of Dolly Eye Dizon

Dolly Eye Dizon Blue

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Big Eye Contact Lenses: Barbie Forest Blue Circle Lenses Review

Barbie forest blue circle lenses have a huge diameter of 16.5 mm, hence they are capable enough of making your eyes look big and wide. Barbie forest blue circle lenses are similar to Geo W8B6 series and are super comfortable. If you are planning to create Ulzaang eyes, you must read the review and order yours! For creating ulzaang look; you will also need some inexpensive big eyes makeup accessories.

Barbie Forest Blue

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Big Eyes Makeup Tutorial Using Geo Xtra Green Circle Lenses

Dreadfully divine loves to play with colors and makeup. She does gorgeous big eyes makeup and every time she has something to inspire all of us. Using Geo Extra green circle lenses; she has created a wonderfully fabulous St.Patricks inspired look. The big eye make up tutorial is in easy steps and you will love to have so adorable big eye look!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Cheap Circle Lenses Available

Barbie forest three tone circle lenses are available for $9.80 in April promotion. What are barbie forest circle lenses and how do they look like? What else you can get when you place an order with us of just $20 and above?

Click here to find out.

Get a Chance to Win Pink Big Eye Lenses

Do you ant to win pink big eye circle lenses? Of course you do! Who on earth would not love to win freebies? We are giving you a chance to win pink big eye circle lenses by following simple rules. Send us your quality photos and get yourself enlisted in 10 lucky winners.

What will be the prizes? How can you win store credit and extra goodies? What special do we bring for Makeup Artists? Click to find out!

Big Dolly Eye Tutorial Using Three Tones Big Eye Circle Lenses

Want to look adorable with big dolly eyes? You donot need to spend hours in creating big dolly eyes look. Simply get some big eye circle lenses and false lashes to catch your beauty. A tutorial is here, where our makeup artist/blogger has has used Kawaii Long Lash that costs only $1.90 and three tones big eye circle lenses berry holic sapphire by Geo. This is such an inexpensive and cute look. You can browse through our site for more big eyes makeup accessories and check the tutorial of big dolly eyes here.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Violet Big Eye Circle Lenses: Barbie Gossip Three Tone

" I really love the look of violet circle lenses as I mentioned earlier. They just scream glamorous to me. These lenses are pigmented enough to show up against my dark brown eyes which is always a good thing for us dark eyed beauties and with the three tones it makes a bit more natural looking. The color is subtle from a distance but noticeable.?"

" As I have mentioned before the Barbie lenses are the most comfortable lenses I own currently. I don't have issues with them taking time to "settle" on my eyes which may cause them to have hazy spots or the irritating floating lens syndrome which always happens to only one eye. Especially when I am in a hurry to get ready. I am able to just put them on and apply my makeup which is what I want in a lens. I have worn theses lenses for eight hours with no problems. Probably anything longer than that keep some eye drops handy."

Barbie Gossip 3 Tones Violet

Forest Three Tones Big Eye Circle Lenses on Promotion

Every month we bring fascinating packages for you; in return we only hope to make some place in your dear heart. We provide several opportunities for all our customers to get their favorite big eye circle lenses at amazing discount prices that are not only tempting to your style & fashion sense but to your pocket too.

This month; we are proud to add a new series of big eye circle lenses in our stock. Now you can avail Forest Three Tones Big Eye Circle lenses at an unbeatable price this month i.e. only $9.80! Forest three tones big eye circle lenses are a sister series of Barbie Forest big eye circle lenses; therefore comfort and enlargement are guaranteed! However; this promotion is limited to 20 pairs of circle lenses. Therefore orders will be booked on first come and first served basis. These big eye circle lenses have a diameter of 16.5mm and 38% water content. Transition of tones is soft and subtle giving your eyes a neat original look with crystal shine.

The April Treats are not over yet; Win a free pair of Barbie Forest three tone big eye circle lenses with the purchase of any two pairs of circle lenses (free shipping and items on discount are not valid for this promotion). Also, celebrate with Aries and Uniqso this month. Get cheap pink big eye circle lenses at 10% discount and grab as many pairs of pink circle lenses from our stock as you wish to have for you and your friends!

For bloggers and makeup artists with every review of big eye circle lenses +big eye makeup tutorial- Uniqso will sponsor you with a free pair of circle lenses.

Looking for some more extra-ordinary promotions? Say cheese- as now you can avail free shipping on I.fairymoemoe brown/ grey and on geo angel/super angel brown and grey this month!

Hang on, place an order with us and get surprise gifts with your every purchase*! Isn’t it super jumbo offer?

*Terms & conditions apply.
*Free gifts offer is valid till the stock lasts.