Saturday, 30 January 2016

De-Bunking Myths: Contact Lenses aren’t Suitable for Everyone

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Ditch your glasses today and swap them from contact lenses. People are usually reluctant to switch to contact lenses because of the myths prevalent against them at mass level. People are apprehensive about including circle contacts in their daily life -from price to comfort, prescription and age.Today, contacts are far more comfortable, cheaper & are available for almost all prescriptions.

Contact Lenses aren’t Comfortable
Back few decades, contact lenses weren’t as advanced as they are today. They are now available in various types. From silicone hydrogel to UV interception contact lenses, you are most possibly to find a pair of lenses that suit your needs by just a little browsing online. The industry has been prolifically producing lenses to meet the several & complicated requirements of patients coming from different walks of life.

Contact Lenses are not For Old People
You might have heard that contact lenses don’t suit old people. Keep in mind, that age is always just a number. Contact lenses rely on your mental age than on calendar age. Physically, unless you are suffering from an eye infection, contact lenses must not bother you even when you age. If you are eight years old and can take care of them, feel free to pick your favorite pair. Same goes for older people.

Contact Lenses are Expensive
Contact lenses are cheaper than frames. They cost you less than $1 daily. The other counterpart can exceed to US$800 annually. Try the various types, if annual lenses aren’t convenient. Furthermore, online sellers have made wearing contacts more affordable for you with continuous promotions, availability of discount codes, giveaways & rebates.

Circle contacts cover all prescriptions. You are most likely to find even the complex of the prescriptions in contact lenses online. Depending on your life style you may choose lenses with different replacement schedules. Other than lenses for near-sightedness, you can easily find multi-focal and bi-focal contact lenses to treat your various vision problems.

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