Monday, 30 November 2015

Crazy Cosplay Makeup Look using Phantasee Red Sclera Warlock Lenses

Sclera lenses are always wacky. If you are not daring & courageous; be warned. These lenses can draw the soul out of your body. Phantasee Red Sclera Warlock lenses feature a fierce pattern. The pigments are 100% opaque so that you see not even the bits of your eye color. They completely mask your eyes just except the pupil hole to let you see through. Get first hand opinion and better insight about Phantasee Red Sclera Warlock lenses

Kobato Hasegawa Cosplay Makeup Tutorial using ICK Adora Lenses

ICK Adora lenses are known for being super vivid. They add a glossy touch to your eyes whilst creating an illusion of bigger bolder eyes. The pigments used in manufacturing these lenses are strong; this is why the end results are always impressively breathtaking. Due to them being bright, they have become a necessity of several cosplay characters. Do check out the makeup tutorial below using ICK Adora red and blue lenses

Makeup Tutorial

Give a Bright Pop to Your Eyes with I.Fairy Ash Violet Lenses

These ash violet circle lenses give an enticing bright pop to your eyes. I.Fairy Ash violet lenses make your eyes look alluring that compliment various fashion looks from gothic to dolly & Kawaii. They are comfortable, almost opaque due to the employment of strong hues. "The design is really simple and perfect to fit both cosplay and outfits, I really like them and the color is noticeable with every light condition. They're available with prescription as well!"  -- I.Fairy Ash Violet review

Emerald Green Eyes: Dolly Eye Puffy 3 Tones Green

These green circle lenses are perfect emerald green lenses. They make appear slightly emerald green on brown eyes. Dolly Eye Puffy 3 tones green are natural looking soft contact lenses. They are pretty vivid to make an impact yet natural enough to be worn everyday. Find out more about Dolly Eye Puffy 3 tones green

Vanilla Cosplay with Rozen Maiden White Long Wig

This white-silver long wig is super fabulous for cosplay performances. The wig boasts super straight, silky tresses that are pleasure to run through your fingers. The wig may cast a greyish-silver tinge under certain lighting conditions. It is very soft and comfortable. Despite being long it is light weight. Rosen Maiden white cosplay wig has bangs that are not styled by the factory. Thus you have the liberty to get either the straight bangs cut through it or angular. Read the review here

Japanese Igari Makeup Tutorial with Sweety Nudy Ice Brown Lenses & Skin79 Hyaluronic Cushion

Japanese Igari makeup focuses on being natural with an enhanced touch of femininity. The rosy flushed cheeks, clear and straight eye lines and glossy lips add a sweet touch to one's personality. Igari makeup look lays stress on bringing out the best of the beauty of every women. Therefore, the colors used are peaches and pinks with a subtle hue. These colors are known to make you look youthful. To create Igari makeup tutorial you will be most importantly needing Sweety Nudy Ice brown lenses and Skin79 Hyaluronic cushion along with some natural looking false eye lashes. 

"I picked Sweety Nudy Ice Brown, which has a black rim on the outer edges and a light yellow brown in the middle with little blue in the center.  I thought the design was unique and wanted to give it a try.  The color is darker than what I was expecting it to be and although the size is 14.5mm the black rim gives it the appearance of 15mm.  These lens gives my eyes a HUGE enlargement so, if you want cute deer like eyes I highly recommend these lens for you. 

Saving the best for last, SKIN79 Hyaluronic Cushion in #23 Natural.  You have to have to HAVE to try this cushion!  The coverage of this cushion foundation is AMAZING!  I only need ONE thin layer to cover my red cheeks and nose and dark spots.  It evens out my skin so much.  It has a satin finish that gives your skin a natural looking glow.  It looks great in person and in flash photography.  It's also moisturizing, as it claims.  I wasn't expecting much from longevity because of it's moisturizing properties but I was wrong.  I wore this foundation for over 8 hours and it looked like I just applied my makeup.  Not even kidding.  I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend you to try out this cushion because it's amazing."-- Reviews by Nkauj Hli Xiong

Amber Brown Lenses: I.Fairy Moonlite Brown Lenses

These orange-brown amber tint I.Fairy Moonlite lenses add warmth and dimensions to both light and dark eyes. I.Fairy Moonlight brown are bright, lucid & attention grabbing. Despite being two-toned; these circle lenses add a novel touch to your eyes and help creating an illusion of bigger and deeper eyes. Do check the review for pictures and first hand opinion.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Give a Fancy Touch to your Boring Hair with Minami Kotori Wig

Minami Kotori cosplay wig is a sweet wig with warm blonde hue. It comes pre-styled with a beautiful hair-cut. The side-swept bangs and the side fringes add elegance to the wig-style. It is soft, lightweight & comfortable. Minami Kotori wig has a pony tail which you can adorn with a cute pony wrap. The wig is voluminous yet does not feel heavy. Read more about the wig in the review

New Sweety Eclair Brown Lenses

Draw attention towards your peepers by accentuating your natural eye color. Sweety Eclair brown are luscious brown circle lenses where magical 4 hues play together to leave an unforgettable impact. These brown circle lenses are vibrant & glossy. You will fall in love with the warm-goldish-brown color of your eyes. They ensure dolly eye effect which makes you look like a creature from the heaven above.

Beautiful Noragami Fuschia Pink Wig

Get this uber adorable pink wig to dollup yourself. Noragami cosplay wig is a beautiful U-shaped wig with straight and silky locks. The wig has blunt bangs and thicj fibers that gracefully adds the volume to this cute short wig. Noragami pink wig features twisted waves that deliver the most pronounced effect at the ends. It falls past by shoulders and endure a perfect hair style for young girls.

"I got lots of compliments because of this wigs. Most says that they love how pink this wig is or that (when worn on beanie) it looks like as if it's my real hair. I agree! You may get this wig here for $24.90, and use my discount coderoykawaii to save 10%!!! If you're not too keen of this wig, you may browse more wigs here ♥" Review by Roykawaiiza

Lara Brazial Folklore Inspired Makeup Tutorial using ICK Pearl Wine Lenses

These lenses are very unique in terms of the color & pattern. ICK Pearl wine lenses have a large pupil hole so they create a beautiful donut effect. The lenses are not complicated in regards of design. They boast a limbal ring and yet another ring like pattern surrounding the outer ring that is reddish brown or wine colored. They make your eyes look glossy & furnish it with a pearl-like effect. The enlargement effect is quite notable whereas comfort level is super high. Check out the Brazilian Folklore inspired makeup tutorial below by Camelia using the same pair of wine lenses.

Create Soft Natural Looks with Warm Golden Short Wig & Sweety Bargello Grey Lenses

This short warm golden wig is shine-resistant. This is why this looks great for everyday usage. Belphegor bob wig from Black Butler is heat-resistant and pre-styled. The straight tresses, angular bangs and just the chin-touching-length makes this wig easy-going and handy for school use. The wig does not shine like that of cheap quality synthetic wig. This is why it looks natural & soft. Sweety Bargello grey lenses compliment the wig in a sophisticated way. The 4 tones entwine together to create a playful fusion yet natural enough to get blended in. Check out complete review before purchasing.

Be a Cute Monster Wearing Kigurumi Onesie Monster & I.Fairy Black Lenses

I.Fairy Pearl black lenses are huge dolly eye black lenses. The enlargement effect is all that catches your attention. These lenses are plain and intense black. They blend in nicely and mask the original eye color. They make your eyes look larger, and cuter than ever. I.Fairy Pearl black lenses deliver casual looks that are close to your natural profile. For building up a soft & Kawaii self, wear these lenses with Kigurumi Onsesie Monster at your lazy Sundays. 

Onsesie Monster Kigurumi is soft, made from fleece fabric that keeps you warm and comfy. It has a monstrous hoodie to cover your head and ears perfectly during the windy evenings of winter. This kigurumi ensures mobility and convenience.  Read detailed reviews here

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Huge Dolly Eyes: I.Fairy Lucius Grey Lenses

"I wouldn't consider them natural, but this isn't what I longed for anyways :D They have a black outer ring which pops out really strong from they icey grey. But this is what gives them this huge dolly effect! And the diameter just supports this dolly look. I give them 7/10 ♥. I would've given them the last the hearts if there would be a bit more of a transition between the ice grey and the black. This way they would just look a little softer"-- Complete product review

Warm Blonde Eli Ayase Wig & I.Fairy Miss Fluffy Blue Lenses

Blondes are known for the warm hair color and cold eyes. I.Fairy Miss Fluffy blue circle lenses give your eyes an enticing blue hint yet natural enough to be noticed subtly. Eli Ayase wig with a fancy hair style catches fair share of attention for you. The wig has a curly pony tail at the back that adds a glamorous touch to your personality. 

I.Fairy Miss Fluffy blue are 3 tones blue circle lenses with an enlargement effect of 16.2mm. These lenses are somewhat opaque so people with dark brown eyes can get benefited. check out product reviews of Eli Ayase cosplay wig & I.Fairy Fluffy Miss blue circle lenses by Anzu. 

Soft Looks for Teen Age Girls: ICK Freshlook Green Lenses along with Nozomi Tojo Wig

Teen age is for most people the most trickiest time of the life where nothing seems to set right. You can blame it to crazy hormones to some extent but the actual reason is your own lack of interest to deal with things ingeniously. If you are a teen ager; we encourage you to let yourself bloom charmingly. With proper accessories and makeup you can enjoy the transition of becoming an adult. Get yourself some natural looking circle lenses such as ICK Fresh Green lenses & a vibrant playful wig like Nozomi Tojo violet wig. 

ICK Freshlook green circle lenses are almost transparent lenses boasting three different subtle hues. These lenses fade out softly and blend in with your natural eye color. The lenses deliver natural looking big eyes which often go unnoticed. See, these are this natural lenses. You can choose to accentuate your peepers furthermore with eye makeup & lashes. These green lenses look alluring when worn against purple hair. Nozomi Tojo wig is short wig with a bun at the back of the head. The wig gracefully frames your face. It has soft & silky tresses that at the back seems to tight hug your nape. The angular bangs and the thin braid running over the crown of the head adds an adorable princess-y effect.

Robotic Human or Robotic Eyes? Phantasee Nebulos Mini Sclera Lenses

Mini sclera lenses are bigger than regular lenses but smaller than sclera lenses. Phantasee Nebulos mini sclera lenses are 17mm but unlike regular lenses they make use of more dramatic opaque pigments. Mini Sclera lenses are shrill, sharp & intense that make you look like an unworldly creature. Phantasee Nebulos mini sclera lenses with a blue+black pattern make your eyes look life-less as of a robot. These lenses are perfect for achieving special effects where the transformation seems to acquire the most prominent position such as in cosplay, Halloween events or a college theater.  

Feminine & Soft Gyaru Makeup Pictorial using I.Fairy Casper Grey Lenses

As we all know "Gyaru" is a Japanese term meaning "Girl". There are innumerable branches of Gyaru fashion but what catches most of the attention is simple soft & feminine Gyaru fashion. This type of makeup focuses more on using neutral hues both in makeup and clothing. Feminine Gyarus wear soft & floral prints with rosy tint on cheeks and plump succulent lips. Despite the differences, all Gyaru fashions have one thing in common and that is "Big adorable dolly eyes" .By ingenious selection of lashes and circle lenses you give your eyes an alluring pop which is further accentuated by playing with romantic hues. Follow the Gyaru makeup tutorial for clear instructions & photos.

How to Remove a Stuck Contact Lens?

Before you panic, please read carefully that contact lenses can never get lost in your eyes. However, they may be dislodged or get stuck due to them being dried out. Contact lenses may turn dry because of several reasons for instance over-wearing them or unfavorable weather conditions. To remove a stuck contact lens, sanitize your hands first by washing with soap and water followed by rinsing your finger pads by multi-purpose contact lens solution.

Removing Stuck Contact Lens from Eyes

Sandra Michi 

  • To remove a stuck contact lens from your eyes the first thing you should do after washing hands is to grab your re-wetting drops. The re-wetting drops lubricate eyes which may help to flush your contact lenses out. When tear chemistry is disturbed due to windy weather or smoke; the lubrication is compromised due to which tears’ formation is reduced. Tears help keeping lenses float over your cornea. Therefore, whenever you notice your eyes are feeling dry; simply instill few drops of contact lens compliant eye drops to keep eyes moist.
  • After instilling eye drops, look in the opposite direction where you suspect your lens is. Close your eyes and gently massage eyelid over the area where it feels stuck. This should help loosen your lens and to return it back on the iris.
  • Repeat these steps until the lens comes out loose. Please, do not panic because eye’s structure won’t let contact lenses get lost permanently. Stay persistent as it may take a duration of 15 minutes until the lens becomes re-hydrated and begins to move freely.
  • As the lens gets back to its right position, take it out you normally would. It is recommended to wash your eyes later on with sterile saline solution or with your regular eye drops. If unfortunately after removing stuck lenses your eyes sting, become red or irritated; visit your eye doctor immediately. These signs are indicative of corneal abrasion.

Keep your nails neatly filed. You wouldn’t want to scratch your cornea or tear your lenses by your jagged edges of the nails whilst it still is in the eye. 

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Don’t be fooled by Substandard Kigurumi Costumes- Buy Genuine Only!

Kigurumi costumes made from fleece fabric are one of the most sought-after outfits for winter evenings. A quality kigurumi should last you long because it is made from superior & fine quality of the fabric. There are mushroom & mirror online retailers selling sub-standard kigurumi pajamas that will eventually end up costing you the double of the whole price. A fake kigurumi cannot withhold even a single wash & will begin to fade soon after the first wash. Look for the following quality checks in your Kigurumi before making a purchase.


A genuine kigurumi is made from high quality fleece material. It remains soft & snugly even after several cycles of machine wash. Contrary to this a fake kigurumi looks like a poor-quality towel that gets stiff right after the first wash.


Quality onesie makes use of soft lining all the way through. Unlike this, a fake kigurumi has mismatched lining with loose & scratchy seams. Puckering at the seams is also common.

Facial Features

Our Kigurumis are true replica of the character. It has symmetrical face with all the features equally spaced whereas a substandard kigurumi fails to imitate the character’s features appropriately. Sometimes one of the facial featured is dragged and sewn between the seams such as one of the ear sewn with the horn etc. A fake kigurumi often has wonky nostrils, lopsided ears and eye balls.


A good quality Kigu makes use of same color buttons. They are spaced at equal distance to keep the visual harmony maintained.

We deal in premium quality kigurumis and that too at the pocket-friendly rates. Don’t be fooled by imitations. Invest only in genuine kigurumi costumes ranging from US$29.90.

Is there any Difference between Onesie & a Kigurumi?

Onesie or Kigurumi are almost the same costumes. Onesie is a common name for an adult jumpsuit that is usually either made up of cotton of fleece fabric. Kigurumi is a specific name of these unisex pajamas that are available in various designs but all ranging from cartoon characters or animals that are considered adorable. Since a Kiguurmi is always a representation of a character, they are called “costume outfits”. Kigurumi is basically a lounge-wear or a sleepwear, but it is now taking a form of street fashion in United States.

Kigurumi costume outfits are available in various sizes. They are loose & baggy, featuring a hood & a low crotch. These adorable pajamas are good to replace your boring holiday PJs. They add fun to your life and add adventure if you are daring enough to walk-in your office wearing the cute onesies. The best thing about this Kawaii costume is yet to be discussed here- Kigurumi does not discriminate between the sexes. They are often one size fits all that compliments both the sexes.

Kigurumi are warm snugly one-piece jumpsuits for adults that do not come with the feet but you can always buy them separately to match your costume. This is why Kigurumi costumes are perfect to sizzle your hot nights. Couple Kigurumi allows you two to look one- the mirror image of each other that draws you both closer even more.

Miley Cyrus in Kigurumi

Kiguurmi or onesie is not only something confined to the privacy of your home. Celebrities love to flaunt these adorable cute Japanese costumes whilst making public appearances.  So what are you waiting for? Grab a mug of coffee, slip into your favorite warm kigurmi & snuggle with your better half to combat chilled winter evenings.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Sarah Hyland wears Blue Contacts: A Brunette with Killer Looks

Contact lenses have now become the first and most sought-after element to bring a huge change in one’s personality. Every now & then we find celebrities sporting contact lenses in order to transform themselves for yet another killer make-over. Sarah Hyland recently appeared in a show wearing opaque & vivid blue contact lenses followed by Salena Gomez.

From dyeing hair to unusual colors & altering the hair length abruptly; celebrities are often observed manipulating their appearance at a whim. Fortunately; those who sport contact lenses to bring a change, risk no regrets in life- because, with circle lenses; there is nothing lethally permanent. Sara Hyland was spotted wearing incandescent bright blue lenses that completely had masked her original hazel colored eyes. The brunette never fails to impress the fans. Her dirty brown wavy tresses draw attention towards her hazel-green peepers. However, in a recent event she was snapped wearing a Halloween outfit with a black thick bob wig. She flaunted vivid blue circle contacts that made a spectacular debut against jet black outfit & silky locks.

Hyland ensured to hypnotize the fans with her striking blue contacts. Looks like blue eyes are going to be the next fashion trend? Blue contact lenses have been poured on quite much love & endorsements already by hot-celebrities. Earlier this year Kim Kardashian experimented with neon blue contacts followed by Sarah Hyland & Salena Gomez.