Friday, 30 November 2012

I.Fairy Trinity Green: Make your Eyes Big & Dolly like, with Big Eye Circle Lenses

Our big eye circle lenses are hit and are being loved by the beauty blogsphere and beauty gurus. Look what a blogger has to share with us,

"I'm  so in love with the design! and it's nice to have green lenses again! 
see this nearly transparent inner ring? blends so nice with my own eyecolour! also, these are so damn comfortable! +++++"

Big Eyes Lenses - I.Fairy Trinity Green

Big Color Contacts: Get Big Eyes with Big Color Contacts

One of our lovely blogger nJennifer expresses her opinion about Barbie-Bella 4 Tone Green lenses in her review. She tells the readers , "Love the vibrancy, diameter and overall look with different make-up styles!If you want something natural, yet unique, then this is the lens one for you!" Read more from her review here.

Note: This is a very detailed review, we highly recommend our customers to check this review out.

Big Eyes Lenses - Barbie Bella 4 Tones Green

Big Eye Lenses: Review of Puffy Three Tones Big Eye Lenses

My Fashion Insider says about the customer service of UNIQSO, "When I discovered UNIQSO I was overwhelmed by all the variety!

All colors imaginable, the option of getting them with power for those with myopia (like me!)

An incredible selection of shades and diameters - from 1 toned brown to 3 toned green dolly like ones! 

And ALL this for a pretty reasonable price - from $5 to $20!" To read the Review click here

Big Eyes Lenses - Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Green

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Big Circle Contacts: Puffy Three Tones Brown Big Circle Lenses

Mikichigo blog shares her experience of shopping with us in her sweet review below about our big eye lenses
"People at UNIQSO are, extremely nice and professional and get back to you super quickly. GREAT SERVICE.
If you are looking for an awesome pair of medium brown lenses that give you a great enlargement effect, color, decent price and are super comfortable, check out the Puffy three tones.. Read More"

Big Eyes Lenses - Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Brown

Ulzzang Circle Lenses: Brown Ulzzang Eye Tutorial

Our blogger Nini has helped us creating the most famous and most wanted hit ulzzang eye look for our lovely customers. She has created this look with Geo Medical circle lenses. See how she looks in ulzzang eye makeup.

Big Eye Color Contact Lenses: Geo Medical Grang Grang Choco

Nini from daily dose seems super excited with our sponsored color contact lenses. She says , "Nini do like these Big Grang Grang Choco manufactured by GEO Medical. The colour&.design of these lens are very natural looking with the dark brown coloured limbal ring instead of black, it creates a subtle illusion of enlarged eyes&.the comfort of wearing circle lenses will always most likely be 5 stars for me". To Read more, click here.

Big Eyes Lenses - GEO Big Grang Grang Choco

Color Contact Lenses & Big Eye Circle Lenses: Uniqso Offers Free shipping for BS Malaysian Readers

We are happy to announce that we are offering free shipping on purchase of big eye circle lenses and color contact lenses for the Malaysian readers of Beverley's Secret. To Get the codes go to her blog site {^_^}

Big Eyes Lenses - Beuberry Momo Black

Big Eye Lenses: Droopy Eye Makeup using Barbie Puffy Three Tone Brown Lenses

We sponsored a pair of big eye circle lenses, Etude House Glittering Sherbet Eyes Pearl Luster and a pair of Kawayii Vivid eye lash to Lightning bolt. We are very thankful that she created a very sweet look using our products. To see her magical big eye look click here.

Big Eyes Lenses - Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Brown

Cirle Lens & BB Cream Review: Barbie Puffy Three Tone Big Eye Lenses & Hello Kitty

Tulip Love from Australia has shared her views about our Barbie Puffy Three Tones Brown and Hello Kitty BB Cream Review. We were happy to read.
"I usually prefer more sweet and dolly looking circle lenses, but I'm glad I got to try these Puffy 3 Tones, because I feel really exotic and mysterious when I wear these. I pair them with a kitten flick eye liner look, and I just love the result. It's very grown up, and kind of sexy.. " Read more

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Glittery Big Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Thanks to one of our sweetest blogger, Rena, who is sharing our circle lenses, I.Fairy Dolly+ Grey, in her make up tutorial. Watch it!

What do you think? {^_^}

Big Eye Lenses- Kim Shin Yeong Eye Tutorial Using Big Eye Lenses

Thanks to one of our sweetest blogger, Miki, who is sharing our circle lenses, Kimchi Choco, in her make up tutorial. Read more.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

I.Fairy - Super Crystal Brown Circle lenses by Darky Berrish

Thanks to one of our sweetest blogger, darkyberryish, who for sharing our circle lenses, I.Fairy - Super Crystal Brown. See what she has to share with all our customers.

"The colour of these lenses is so pretty ! *-* They aren't flashy, because in normal light they are more dark  than light. However you can see the colour very good ! (Magic!) As you can see on the pictures, they have a orange tint. +1" Read more.

Giveaway from Venoma's Fashion Diary

Looking for circle lenses for FREE? Yes! Please visit the below blog!

Stand a chance to win a pair of Barbie lenses!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Let's Zongyi teach you to Look Good in Portraits

Thanks to one of our sweetest blogger, Zongyi, who for sharing our circle lenses, GEO Xtra WTA53 and other accessories. See what she has to share with all our customers.

"Every contact lens (if it's really real Geo), comes with a tag, which you can use to check the serial number of the Geo lens HERE. By doing so, you can be 100% sure that your eyes are not subjected to the nasty effects of fake contact lens. " Read more.

Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Blue review by Natasja

Thanks to one of our sweetest blogger, Natasja, who for sharing our circle lenses, Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Blue. See what she has to share with all our customers.

"I never wore circle lenses before and I found it really difficult to put them in my eyes. And probably, because I'm not used to wearing them, they felt rather uncomfortable. Though, my right eye was more comfortable than my left. But overall, I like them! They add something special to your look, which is great for a party!" Read more.

Kim Shin Yeoung Ulzzang Make Up Tutorial

Have you ever thought of how to do Ulzzang Make Up? Here we go! Have a look how one of our sweetest blogger, Miki, taught you to do it with Kimchi Choco!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

GEO CM904 Berry Cessy Blue Review

Thanks to one of our sweetest blogger, Bengali who for sharing our circle lenses, GEO CM904 Berry Cessy Blue. See what she has to share with all our customers.

"Dont normally wear contact lenses (im not against wearing them its just im happy with my natural eye color) ^_^ except for Halloween or some exception like this one......these contacts were sent to me from UNIQSO. they are comfortable, easy to use and looks pretty too :) they came in a adorable little box with bears on them lol and inside it comes with little glass jars wrapped in bubble wrap with the lens inside with the solution ofcourse. it also came with a little lens case too." Read more.

Kawayii Eyelashes by Elisa

Thanks to one of our sweetest blogger, Elisa who for sharing our cute eyelashes. See what she has to share with all our customers.

"The eyelashes are feeling a little bit rough. Thankfully, you won't feel it when you have it on, it actually feels very comfortable, like you don't have anything on your eyelids. They were easy to apply, the band is flexible and I didn't even have to cut it since it fitted perfectly." Read more.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Violet in Zy, the bitch

Thanks to one of our sweetest blogger, Zy who for sharing our circle lenses "Barbie 3 Tones Violet". See what she has to share with all our customers.

"When DH Foto told Zy that her eyes looked so huge and beautiful, Zy promptly said "Of course! I'm awesome like that! Natural beauty". Zy completely forgetting to mention me! I'm furious! I played a huge role in making Zy's eyes look beautiful ok! To Zy: Without me, your eye pupils are small like what ok!" Read more.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

GEO Xtra - WTA44 Brown Lens Pictures and review

We are very thankful for one of our sweetest blogger, Deeptima who has something to say about the service she got at UNIQSO. She has shared her views about our product "GEO Xtra WTA44". See what she has to share with all our customers.

"I would recommend this site as the customer care this really effective and quick , they sent me a fresh pair after i experienced discomfort with the initial pair." Read more.

Geo Xtra Forest Grey WT-B65 Review

We are very thankful for one of our sweetest blogger, Yingjie who has something to say about the service she got at UNIQSO. She has shared her views about our product "GEO Xtra Forest Grey WTB65". See what she has to share with all our customers.

"This pair of lenses is definitely one of my favourites now! I love how it makes my eyes sparkle without much effort, even in normal room lighting! I will try this design in other colors soon for sure!! " Read more.

First Review!!!

We are very thankful for one of our sweetest blogger, Holly who has something to say about the service she got at UNIQSO. She has shared her views about our product "Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Series". See what she has to share with all our customers.

"They come in Green, Blue, Purple, Brown and grey. There comfortable and easy to apply and with there vibrant yet natural look I highly recommend them. Not only did I receive great lenses I also received great service!" Read more.

Barbie - Bella 4 Tones Brown lenses review

We are very thankful for one of our sweetest blogger, Jennifer who has something to say about the service she got at UNIQSO. She has shared her views about our product "Barbie Bella 4 Tones Brown". See what she has to share with all our customers.

"Very lovely color!! Or shall i say colors? Upclose you can see so many different colors in there. While it actually looks really brown-red ish from far away!  I also love how my eyes stand out with these lenses and still give it the quite natural look ~" Read more.

* Review - Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Green Lenses *

We are very thankful for one of our sweetest blogger, Kelly who has something to say about the service she got at UNIQSO. She has shared her views about our product "Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Green". See what she has to share with all our customers.

"Wow .. these lenses are amazing! I have been wearing them over 8+ hours and they don't get dry or irritate my eyes. This was definitely a great pick!" Read more.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Review: Uniqso Dolly Eye Dreamy I Blue

We are very thankful for our our sweetest bloggers, Paris & London who have something to say about the service she got at UNIQSO. She has shared her views about our product "Dolly Eye Dreamy I Blue". See what she has to share with all our customers.

"The color keeps amazing me! It's so blue. I'm still not getting used to it, since it's awkward to suddenly see you with blue eyes instead of brown, but I think it looks amazing!" Read more.

Amo Zipper Makeup Tutorial x I.Fairy Avior Violet circle lens review

We are very thankful for one of our sweetest blogger, Pei Ting who has something to say about the service she got at UNIQSO. She has shared her views about our product "I.Fairy Avior Violet". See what she has to share with all our customers.

"These I.Fairy Avior Violet circle lenses are 100% enlarging, dolly looking, true to colour and comfortable. They are perfect for photoshoots, events that you want to steal the limelight, the upcoming Christmas parties, as your peepers will definitely stand out, the stunners that they are." Read more.

Review: Uniqso I.Fairy Yuri Red

We are very thankful for one of our sweetest blogger, Emmie who has something to say about the service she got at UNIQSO. She has shared her views about our product "I.Fairy Yuri Red" . See what she has to share with all our customers.

"The Yuri line from I.Fairy are so tricky!  I instantly fell in love with that line after seeing the example.  They may say a certain color (for ex. the one I have is red) but it has another color in it as well.  So my Yuri Red has some purple in it.Read More.

Red Contact Lenses I Be Bold with Red Contact Lenses

Ever fancied red eyes? Red contact lenses can completely transform you into a freaky woman/man. It gets hard to achieve a complete freaky look for a scary photo shoot or for a wild theater performance without putting an extra care, time and attention in your eyes.

With Red color lenses, you are easily noticed- means you stand out in the crowd. Not only this, you are sure to get applauses and praise when you have sparkling, bold and bright red lens pair in your eyes.

We have a wide variety of red lenses in plain and in intricate designs that are best suitable to scare your fellows in a party, and for your Halloween costumes. You may order some pairs of red contact lenses for your jaw-hanging performances or cosplays or even get them for sudden future’s use.

Our red contact lenses are vibrant and are available in several different shades of red. Transform your eyes into magical red or according to your character requirements with our unique collection of red contact lenses.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Christmas Promotion for Big Eye Circle Lenses

The sounds of jingle bells have announced the arrival of Christmas in the town. Why not celebrate it with zeal and zest? We at Uniqso love our customers, therefore we have opened our gift box that Santa brought us for you <3. Get your share and grab some awesome pairs of big eye circle lenses for yourself and friends.

This is the month of Christmas, so the month of celebrations- We are offering all the big eye circle lenses in red color at 5% discount. This special discount has been launched for our lovely scorpions who love the color red. Hurry up, the offer lasts till 30th November and we want all our scorpions to get themselves adorned with big eye circle lenses.

Barbie Diamond Three Tones series is also available in jaw-hanging promotional offer. This series has a diameter of 16.00 mm. These big eye circle lenses, you can get just in $4.90 and $9.80 per pair only if booked till 30th November.

Also get big eye circle lenses of Geo Xtra brand at the amazing discount offer of 20%. You are subjected to avail this offer only if you get your order booked in bulk. This offer is valid till 30th November.

More surprises are on your way. If you book your order for big eye circle lenses  with us during this month of happiness-you will be cherished to get free mysterious Christmas gift at every purchase of $50 and above. Get FREE SHIPPING at every purchase of $30 and above. Moreover in order to qualify free shipping from FedEx, spend $150 and above on big eye circle lenses.

Surprise your eyes with big eye circle lenses and have a feast-full Christmas J

Merry Christmas to all our customers!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Barbie Luna and Bella- Bringing out a Doll in YOU

Do not you think that Barbie circle lenses are so famous and a hit this season? We are overwhelmed by the response we have been getting at the collection of Barbie lenses. Barbie Luna and Bella bring out a real doll in you.

The special quality of Barbie Luna and Bella is the beauty that lies in their four tones.  The magical illusion, sparkle and the vibrancy given by the Barbie luna and bella is beyond explanation. Barbie circle lens has a huge collection of circle lenses of different varieties.  Happily, we have all of them present in our stock.

Barbie Luna and Bella will turn you into a doll as soon as you insert a pair of any one of both into your eyes. You will be surprised by the cuteness, you will see in the mirror. Barbie Luna is available in blue, brown, grey, green, pink and violet. Whereas Barbie bella, we have in stock for you in all the super hit shades i.e, brown, green, grey andRed!

Barbie luna and bella both are big eye circle lenses with a diameter of 16.20 mm. Base curve of both Barbie luna and bella is 8.60 mm and water content is 42%. If you have darker eyes, prefer choosing shades that match your eye tones. On fairer skins and light eye colors, all the collection of Barbie luna and bella will suit. 

However, if you have dark eye shade, donot worry. Give a try to Barbie luna and bella in brown.

Barbie brand also has three tone lenses in Puffy and Diamond variety along with the four tones collection.
Happy browsing J

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Be an Angel with Geo Angel Circle Lens

Circle Lenses have been so famous around the world especially in Asia. Circle Lenses are different than contact lenses as they are thicker in diameter and larger too. This gives eye an illusion of bigger eye ball, making them sparkle and shine more. Now with Geo Angel circle lens, getting bigger eye effect with those vividly angelic looks have become a most-desired look.

Geo Angel circle lenses are available in all angelic, sheer crystal shades including Angel Blue, Angel Green, Angel Violet, Angel Grey and Angel Brown.

If you are extremely fair or pale, Rock- on! Geo Angel is the lens pair you might be looking for. This is best for all the blondes. It creates pure angelic looks when a blonde with smooth, fairy skin wears a stunning pair of Geo Angel.  It gives cute smoldering effect to all the dark skin bearers too.

Geo Angel are lighter in shades, therefore if you have dark eyes; it will not turn your eyes into pure Angel colors. Still a circle lens pair of Geo Angel is worth grabbing. This brand is extremely comfortable to wear with 42% water content and 8.60 base curve.

A little eye makeup with Geo Angel circle lens is sure to make you stand out in the crowd. Put your pair of Geo Angel in your eyes and get flattered! Stare in the others’ eyes and mesmerize! It is a win-win game that is yours only & truly!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sharingan Contact Lenses

Are you a fan of Naruto anime series? And therefore want a sharingan eye for yourself? No worries. We at uniqso provide the best ever sharingan contact lenses. With our collection of sharingan contact lenses, it is no more difficult to impersonate Sasuke, Itachi and Kakashi.

Sharingan contact lenses are high on demand these days, as they were given fame by the Naruto series. The Uchiha clan is shown to have an unusual eye condition known as “sharingan” which assist them in their special ninja abilities. Now, you can surprise your friends and scare your foes by having sharingan eyes with our sharingan contact lenses at unmatchable rates anywhere online.

Sharingan contact lenses are available in many varieties and it needs a bit workout from the side of the wearer as to which look he/she is trying to create. If you are trying to cosplay Sasuke Uchiha then you should get a pair of sharingan contact lenses having red iris and two fake pupils. Kakashi contact lenses have red iris and three fake pupils that are submerged into the circular sea of black and white small lines. Other than these two, sharingan contact lenses are also available in Itachi Uchiha Mangekyou.

We stock sharingan contact lenses of different manufacturers such as GEO Medical and Barbie. All sharingan lenses available at our store are Korean origin which we sell at unbeatable prices. Sharingan contact lenses make your eyes look big to enhance the character you are aiming to be. Their diameter is 14.20 mm with 38% water content.

Have fun with and trick your friends with sharingan contact lenses; also double your joys next time you hit any costume party!

Go Wild and Freaky with Crazy Lenses

Got freaky ideas to completely get a wild and crazy look? Are you short in ideas and short in time to a theater you have to perform in? If yes, then we have a solution for your problems. Our crazy lenses are sure to bring magic in you.

Browse through our collection of crazy lenses and pick the most suitable pair for your cosplay. These crazy contact lenses are best for Halloween costumes or for a theatre  You may opt for them if you simply want to be crazy and stand out in the crowd.

Crazy lenses are unique, scary and every pair has a story of itself. With such lenses in your reach, you will never be running out of ideas. Create funky eyes, or be a spider man. Transform yourself into a cat woman or get dragon eyes. Even being a zombie is no more difficult with crazy lenses we have stocked for you at UNIQSO.

Crazy contact lenses are highly creative and put imagination into eyes. See the world with these lenses and judge the magic of your cosplay. You cannot achieve your crazy look unless you get yourself a pair of crazy lenses. Create radiation in your eyes, or make them blue, green or even all white as per your character requirement. Our crazy lenses are irresistible and long lasting!

We have GEO medical and Barbie crazy lenses in our stock for now. 

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Barbie Diamond Three Tone Lenses for $9.90 only!

Eyes play an important role in all the looks you create. Thus, to keep giving you all, a new look every month, we keep launching different offers for our super cute customers. Now we offer Barbie Diamond Three Tones lenses just for $9.90 per pair.

Barbie circle lens has a wide range of lenses from three tone circle lenses to four tone circle lenses and some crazy and sharingan collection. Three tone Barbie Diamond Three Tones circle lenses are intricately designed in pretty diamond-cuts.

Three tones give magical and inspiring yet natural look to the wearer. They make your eyes brighten, sharp and createmesmerizing abilities.  Barbie Diamond Three Tone lenses are available in all your favorite colors such as blue, green, brown, grey and violet.

All Barbie Diamond Three Tones lenses are Korean origin Your eyes will feel as light as they feel when naked.  They all share a diameter of 16.00 mm, hence it must be a quick pick-up for all who appreciate big eye circle lenses. With a base curve of 8.60 and 38% water content they are considered to be the user friendly by providing the utmost comfort while wearing.

Processing time for Barbie Diamond Three Tones lenses is only 2-3 days. Get those sparkling crystals in your eyes today with our Diamond Three Tones lens collection at an amazing discount price of $ 9.90 only! 

Time to Merry-go-round with Hello Kitty Promotions

Hurray! It is hello kitty birth day {^__^}. Hello Kitty is our favorite character, and so has, she landed at our store with a surprise for all of you.  Just smile and cherish yourselves with the awesome grand hello kitty promotions.

Are you a hello kitty fan and love to collect kitty related stuff? That cute little white kitty, wearing a red bow is pretty enough to attract teenage girls and young babies. If you find yourself difficult to resist whenever looking at hello kitty stuff then this cute offer is for you.

At UNIQSO, we have collected some very famous, most wanted hello kitty products including Helllo Kitty facial cleanser, BB cream, sun block, sleeping mask and lens case. Not only this, you may also adorn yourself with our fine collection of Kitty dangle earrings.

Oh, and yes we are not missing anything. How is this possible that Uniqso launches promotion offer that does not cover discount on circle lenses? Get cute Kitty Princess lenses in brown, green, pink and violet at 15% discount. 

At this entire kitty related range and the other pink items; you are offered with 15% discount till 15th of the November.  Hurry up, avail the amazing discount offer before it ends!