Saturday, 29 December 2012

Natural Big Eye Circle Lenses: Dolly Eye- Dizon

"Want naturally bigger looking eyes but don't want to look scary? Well my dear friends, this is made for you all then! This pair of big eye circle lenses are kindly given by Uniqso. Their service is always fast and they also give you a registered number which is always a plus side! Packaging is always well done, with a free lens case and this time they also sent a little Christmas card, which I thought was super sweet of them!?"

Read more of tophugurl review here

Big Eye Circle Lenses: Natural Eyes

If you want to get a pair of big eye circle lenses that adds a bit of enlargement to your iris, yet do not let others notice the fact that you are wearing lenses then Dolly Eye Gothic 3 Tones Violet  is all you need. Read more about this super cute pair of big eye circle lenses here.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Barbie Puffy Three Tone Big Eye Circle Lenses: Super Comfortable

If you are looking for big eye circle lenses and want your eyes stay super comfortable then you must try out Barbie puffy three tone lenses. They do not only enlarge you eyes to a great extent but also keep you comfortable all the day long. One of our customer has reviewed this product here.

 "My first lenses were so well thought uncomfortable at first but then got used to it and found it quite comfortable.
Increase 5/5: I thought the effect of increasing her very large and yet not too exaggerated."

Thursday, 27 December 2012

I. Fairy Big Eye Color Contacts: Ruby Green

"The enlargement is very good! enlargement over the iris, just the way I like, pictured with and without the lens you can see the big difference."

See the detailed pictorial review of big eye color contacts in this review.

Big Eye Circle Lens Review : I.Fairy Jewel Pink

"It's a very pretty pink, in my eyes was not very clear, and not too dark, the color was perfect, just as I wanted! I thought this different model, because in that black ring around it that most circle lenses have the circle it is different, very beautiful!."

Do you want to have big beautiful jewels studded in your eyes? then get your hand on I.Fairy Jewel pink. this doesnot only enlarge your eyes but also make them shine like beautiful jewels. See the detailed review

I.Fairy Jewel Pink

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

I. Fairy Big Eye Circle Lens Review: Casper Grey

"The contacts from I.Fairy - Casper line have a 16.2mm diameter so they do provide enlargement as well as almost complete eye color change.  The color/pattern on the lens is opaque so the color shows up true to the swatch, in my opinion.  Mine are the grey ones but I've been looking at the green and blue pairs too!  "

Our blogger has prepared a very unique look with I.Fairy big eye circle lenses by using her surprising makeup skills. Let us know how is she looking.

I. Fairy Casper Grey

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Barbie Puffy Three Tone: Big Eye Circle Lenses in Brown

"Freaking love this big eye circle lens, instantly have a bigger eye not to mention it's so comfortable."

See how this pair has enlarged the eyes yet keeping them natural. This is so thin and soft, therefore very comfortable. Click to read the review further.

Barbie - Puffy 3 Tones Brown,

Monday, 24 December 2012

Barbie Diamond Three Tones Big Eye Color Contacts

"Big and dolly for 16.5mm, nothing to complain about"

This is the best compliment we have ever received on our big eye circle lenses. Short but complete. Find out more on this product here.

Barbie - Diamond 3 Tones Brown

Get a Complete New Look with UNIQSO this Xmas

Yaay just few more days to go for a lovely Christmas. Have you planned what are you going to wear on this big day?

Those big cute eyes with big eye circle lenses and falsies along with some other makeup products can make your day. See how Bev has prepared her Christmas look using Uniqso cosmetics by checking her website

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Double Eye Lid Tape Review

"If you are looking for pocket friendly tape then i would recommend these. They give proper enlargement to the eyes"

Continue reading

UNIQSO: A Perfect Online Store to Buy Big Eye Circle Lenses

Buying big eye circle lenses online has become the most common practice. Online stores offer the same quality at almost 70% discount than the regular optometrists’ offices. However there are some facts which one must consider before purchasing big eye circle lenses from online stores. Uniqso, is an authorized online store that has been working for the benefit of a common customer for some two years. We are listing below the ways by which we show care and concern to customers’ safety and ensure their order delivery on time.
  1. Availability of branded and top quality big eye circle lenses that minimizes the risks to 99.9%
  2. Availability of track and trace facility
  3. Complete consumer guide for choosing/purchasing/wearing big eye circle lenses
  4. Monthly offers+ special discounts on special occasions
  5. We make sure unbiased reviews of big eye circle lenses from different beauty gurus per month
  6. Friendly customer care department
  7. Instant replies from the concerned department on any query
  8. Fair replacement and refund policy
  9. Quick registered shipment and Fedex shipment
  10. Paypal verified!
Other than this, we also have a friendly affiliate program and Point redemption program where you can unlock the doors of opportunities for yourself!

Hyatt Beauty Lash Queen Mascara Review

Hey girls do you want to have adorable big black lashes? Do you want a look that stays with you all the day long without being smudging or smearing?

Then purchase Hyatt Beauty Lash Mascara from UNIQSO for achieving the big eye look.

Hyatt Beauty Lash Queen Mascara

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Get Big Eyes with Barbie Three Tones Big Eye Lenses

"What’s interesting about it is the grey ring around the grey lenses. Most lenses I’ve used have a black ring around the color, which makes it a bit harsh to look at for some. I love Uniqso’s Barbie Three Tone Lenses in Grey because they look so natural—even if I come from the Philippines and our natural eye color is black (dark dark brown for some). " Continue reading

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hello Kitty BB Cream Review

"I love this cream also because when I tried the product for a week, I noticed that my face doesn’t get oily too fast. And when I applying this BB Cream, I don’t need to use any powder or foundation. Because it gives me a natural glow. - See more at:"

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I fairy Venus Red- Big Eye Color Contacts

"Enlargement: 8/10"
These are bigger than my Super Barbie lenses that I have and the enlarging effect is increased due to the thick black ring of the lenses. Love them!"

Click to read more about I.Fairy big eye circle lenses

I.Fairy Venus Red

Kimchi Bambie Grey Big Eye Circle Lenses

"What to say? I LOVE THEM! *-* they look artificial, but they are amazing *////* I love the fact of the black ring on the edge of the circle, also how the grey degraded into light brown, and also that the circle in the center (the transparent  to see xD ) isn't a perfect circle, it is like a degraded (see detail pictures below). In brown eyes that effect looks amazing, and I love it ^^ that's my most sincere opinion."

See some amazing pictures here

Kimchi Bambi Grey

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Dueba Barbie Diamond Three Tones Big Eye Circle Lenses

"The design is very very very unique! The color mentioned is blue, but actually it also has red and grey! You can see how complicated and nice the design is, making it a very pretty lenses. It really looks like diamonds."
find out more about this big eye circle lens by clicking here

Monday, 17 December 2012

Big Eye Circle Lenses : Gothic Dolly Eyes

" I can honestly say these are the favorite lenses that I own! These lenses give a great enlargement effect, and really make the eyes look wide and bright, however they still manage to look natural! The lack of strong black outline keeps these looking like my real eyes, like I just happen to have naturally wide dolly eyes! ~ "
Read more

Dolly Eye - Gothic 3 Tones Turquoise

Cheap Big Eye Contact Lenses

The competition of looking beautiful than all our friends and foes is getting at its peak during this era of technology. Cosmetic industries including manufacturers of big eye contact lenses are coming up daily with more innovative ideas and products at affordable price tags, hence making it possible for everyone to get cheapbig eye contact lenses.

If you are also the one longing to get your hands on several shades of big eye contact lenses, but are afraid to buy even a single pair due to high prices then you need not to worry. You will agree that internet is really a blessing where world depicts a true picture of “Global Village”. Spend some 10-20 minutes online and you will be given a list of online retailers that are dealing in selling cheap big eye contact lenses.

Online retailers sell bigeye contact lenses at 40-70% discount rates than you will find at optometrist’s office.  However, you should not give it a second thought that online big eye contact lenses are unsafe or harmful. Most of the contact lens manufacturers sell their lenses through eye care practitioners and online retailers both. Therefore, it is totally safe to buy online.

Cheap big eye contactlenses are made available at online shops, since they do not have a physical existence to pay for. They donot have a shop or they donot need to hire assistants, so they save to a big extent than traditional retailers. Moreover, you also save your time for more important works by browsing, choosing and ordering big eye contact lenses at your home. 

What are you waiting for? Ordercheap big eye contact lenses with us and save your time, energy and money! 

Big Eye Barbie Forest Lenses and Kawayii Lashes

"I absolutely LOVE the design on these lenses. The black stripes throughout the lens almost create a sparkling effect. The colour blends in beautifully with my eye colour and ends up looking quite natural! These lenses are amazing, they enhance your natural eye colour whilst adding an extra sparkle and oomph to your look!"
"These lashes were an absolute breeze to put on. Sometimes I spend ages fiddling about with certain lashes and end up giving up after a while due to them being stiff and horrible to apply, but these Kawayii lashes were seriously the easiest to apply EVER. They were very comfortable and looked amazing. "
Click to see the pictures

Barbie Forest Brown

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Big Eye Color Contacts -Try a Sizzling & Sterling Grey Eye Look this Xmas

Its grey day today! Kindly welcome several ideas and inspirations this Xmas with big eye color contacts in grey. How about impersonating a Gothic princess or a Dolly with the help of grey big eye color contacts?

We have a very wide range of grey big eye color contacts available in our stock. In most of the brands grey color is very sheer thus creates a balanced, harmonized and subtle impact into your eyes. Big eye color contacts in grey tend to be everyone’s favorite as they suit maximum skin tones. However if you are an owner of blue eyes, you are charmingly lucky. Grey big eye color contacts can do magic on blue eyes, as they blend well with blue. Though there is no rocket science, we can always follow guidelines available when choosing big eye color contacts.

Each of the contact lenses mentioned above has several intricate designs and detailing that make every pair equally important and beautiful. Some have a bigger diameter than others whereas some has low water content. These all big eye color contacts are available in grey at different price tags. It is up to you that which brand will be lucky enough to get your love juice!

Choose one for yourself without moving out to a store in this bone-chilling weather. Select grey big eye color contacts at the comfort of your home just by browsing through our site. Compare prices and specs. Lo! You are done to get yourself a Gothic Look for this X'mas.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Change your Look with Big Eye Contact Lenses

Let us get into a mood of re-inventing our styles and modifying the way we look. Experimenting to bring a new happy change in one’s personality is always a nice experience. Make your personality more charming by wearing big eye contact lenses.

Big eye contact lenses add versatility in the appearance of a wearer.  Not only this, they add color to your eyes beautifully. Big eye contact lenses are now available in as many shades as you may think of. Its true, with so many options available, decision-making is often a bit difficult. However the results are always tempting. Big eye colored contact lenses are usually made with a normal sized diameter that is 14.00 mm, but some companies are manufacturing contact lenses in bigger diameters.

Big eye contact lenses give depth to your eyes and also create an illusion of drowning eyes. Most of the women choose contact lenses in bigger diameters as they create an enlargement yet keep the eyes very natural. Therefore if you have been longing for achieving the big eye look, but do not want others to pinpoint the difference in your style- you should definitely get a pair of big eye contact lenses for yourself.

After you made your mind to change your appearance through big eye contact lenses, you should not waste a single moment in sitting idle. Browse through our site and choose some fascinating pairs of big eye colored contact lenses in colors that compliment your skin tone.

Spend more and save more by purchasing at our site. So hurry, revamp your style today with big eye contact lenses!

Big Eye Contact Lenses Review

Get complimentary eyes with big eye contact lenses. They are available in many colors at our website :-) Check a review here

KiraKira Big Eye Circle Lenses: Naturally Big Eyes

"These circle lens make my eyes pop and it looks so dolly while enlarging my eyes. I wore the lens all day and I did not find any irritation with my eyes. I give these lens a 5 out of 5 stars! I had a friendly compliment when I was wearing these lens to go to the store to get something for school, the cashier asked if those were my natural eye color? "
Continue Reading here

Big eyes lenses Dolly Eye Kira Kira Green

Adorable Big Eyes: By Using Etude House Makeup

Women despite of age, race or cultural differences wish to have big adorable eyes. Most of them spend a big time in setting a hot look to their eyes. Still they fail to achieve the look they are targeting for. With the tips and tricks that came forward from the UNIQSO experts, you can now make your eyes stunning successfully. Create enlargement in your eyes by using Etude House big eye accessories.

  1. Cleanse off and moisturize the whole face.
  2. Stencil your brows by applying a beige pencil to color over the hairs you wish to remove before tweezing.
  3. Apply mascara in upwards direction always. Use Etude House-66 Big Eye Vitcara #1 Volume.
  4. Create instant dimension in your eyes using the two eye shades from the same color family.
  5. To get doe-eyed appearance focus the color on the centre of the lash line or apply a thick liner at the center and fade it out from the corners and edges.
  6. Line your eyes either with Etude House soft kohl pencils or with a suitable eyeliner.
  7. Overcome the structural flaws in your eyes with the help of Etude House Double eye lid tape.
  8. Experiment with blues. Line your tear duct with cool colors to give your eyes a bright wider look.
  9. Grab a pair of long lashes, or choose one from Etude House lash collection.
  10. Curl your lashes up.
  11. You are now all set to rock a party or be the apple of others’ eyes.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Fairy Eye Makeup Using Big Eyes Circle Lenses

Are you bored from your routine make up looks and want to hit a fairy mood? If you are creative enough and love experimenting with make up, then try out fairy eye make up. You will need big eye circle lenses as a necessary requirement along with the other supplies.

Fairies are a creation of human mind’s imagination. As soon as you think of fairy- glitters, shimmers and sparkles dance before your eyes as these all give an idea of fairy dust when combined together. Be a Halloween angel, a fairy in a party, or act as a fairy character of a fairy tale! Just do not forget to get a pair of big eye circle lenses in order to complete your look.

You must follow some basic guidelines before you start with your fairy eye-make up. You must decide which eye look do you want? If you want to look like a divine fairy then go for light colored sparkling big eye circle lenses. On the other hand, you would probably go for darker and brighter shades of red, violet and emerald greens big eye circle lenses for being the part of a Halloween ceremony.

  1. Cleanse your face and moisturize
  2. Apply primer on your eyelids and a light face foundation. Be soft with application
  3. Insert your chosen pair of big eye circle lenses in your eyes
  4. Choose some three-four shimmery eye shadows. Apply glitters in pink, golden or silver. Be creative with your application to make your eyes fairy eyes.
  5. Apply soft pink lip gloss and blush on face!
For a detailed tutorial on fairy eye make up, please make your way to this website and find some stunning fairy eye make up ideas! Also, choose your big eye circle lenses at UNIQSO here.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Getting Perfect Huge Eyes with Bueberry Poppy Brown Big Eye Circle Lenses

If you want to get amazing enalargement in  your eyes and want everyone to notice your "hey, look at me" look, then try out these big eye circle lenses.
"These lenses made my eyes look hugeI actually asked the owner of the shop for lenses that have a really good enlargement, so she recommended this brand. These are really really good if you want to have big eyes~"

Big Eyes Lenses - Beuberry Poppy Brown

Sparkling Eyes : Barbie Diamond Big Eye Circle Lenses

"i absolutely ADORE how sparkly they look into my eyes just like in the model pictures! The color also blends very nicely and gives it that extra spark in my eyes"

Read the review by clicking here

Big Eyes Lenses - Barbie Diamond 3 Tones Grey

Monday, 10 December 2012

Special Discount Barbie Forest Series-$4.90 Only!

Ever wonder how do others get those shining crystals in their eyes? Getting the blinking and sparkling cute big eyes is not a farfetched idea, when you have big eye circle lenses to make you beautiful.

With the Barbie forest series in this month’s promotion, you may select your favorite eye color from our Barbie big eye circle lens range and make yourself adorable. Barbie Forest Series is similar to Geo W8B6 series. These make your eyes appear super large yet they are comfortable in wear.

Barbie Forest Grey

The specialty of these big eye circle lenses is this that they do not give the alien eye look, but only enhances your iris by making them larger. If you want to stay natural, but dream to stand out in the crowd, then Barbie Forest super big eye circle lenses are for you.

Barbie Forest big eye circle lenses have a diameter of 16.50 mm with 38% water content and 8.60 mm base curve. They are sold as per piece and weigh 50 gm. The replacement period is 12 months. Big eye circle lenses of this brand are also available in power from 0 to -7.

Barbie Forest Grey

Barbie forest big eye circle lenses are Korean origin and if you order one, we will take a period of 1-2 days for processing your inquiry. You will get your shipment within 14-20 days.

Do not stay wistful anymore, make your wish, express it and get super crystal shining colorful eyes with big eye circle lenses

Experience the Fun with Big Eye Circle Lenses

Big eye circle lenses are getting quite famous around the world especially in Asian countries. They are capable of changing the complete look in minutes. Now as the fashion industry is being flooded daily with various big eye lenses, it has become easier for everyone to try out the different alternates when it comes to big eye circle lenses.

Either be a dolly, or an ulzzang-no look is unachievable with the help of big eye circle lenses. Ulzzang means “best face”. This term is quite famous in Malaysia and other eastern countries. Ulzaangs got famous via internet and social media. Most of them are fake and get the help of adobe photoshop. However, if you want to be a real Ulzzang, you need not to worry. Simply get your hands on big eye circle lenses or ulzaang circle lenses and transform yourself into a new being!

Big eye circle lenses are fun. The changes they create on the wearers attract every one and they can’t resist gazing at you! These lenses are admired mostly by teenagers and women. They not only change your eye color but also the appearance. Big eye circle lenses are available in many categories. You can even look for special circle lenses for special occasions like Halloween or crazy lenses in red color. Sharingan big eye lenses and the cosplay circle lenses are some other most-wanted circle lens pairs.

It is very necessary to conduct a search online, while you pick a pair of big eye circle lenses for yourself. There are many stores selling big eye circle lenses and it may get difficult to trust one. Therefore, we recommend you to learn from others’ experiences and check out for the customer reviews before you make a purchase. 

Black Big Eye Circle Lenses

"Great Lenses for first time wearers", Recommends a blogger!

These big eye circle lenses are 14.2mm in diameters, enlargement great enough for those who are not suitable or do not dare to try out larger diameters circle lenses. 14-14.2mm diameter lenses are best suitable for first timer.

GEO CK105 Black Contact Lenses

Removing the Myths: Big Eye Circle Lenses are Not Unnatural

There has been a myth prveailing in the society that big eye circle lenses give you a strange creepy and alien look. However it definitely is a myth which has been shrugged-off by bloggers.
"The Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Brown are 16.5mm in diameters, enlargement looks not too huge maybe because of the color tones bring it more natural toned down than being creepy~ =X Continue reading"

Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Brown

Sunday, 9 December 2012

I love Big Eye Circle Lenses

Do you want to get big eyes like this 15 year old beauty blogger? but hey, hang on! First look what she has to say about the pair of lens she got for herself.
"i love big circle lensesThey tend to make my eyes appear a little bit big and they are so comfortable and natural. I got compliments from guys. The Geo Grang Grang Choco costs 21,90 dollar. Today I wore those circle lenses and I had no problems with them. I think they are my favorites *__* I love it sooo much."

Get Tons of Attention with Big Eye Circle Lenses

A blog about natural big eye lenses - Blytheye blue says,  "I absolutely love my contacts! The first day I got them I tried them on instantly! I had never put contacts on my eyes before, so it took a little adjustment time. However, I have worn them several times since, including to school the very next day with no problems! Many people told me they loved my contacts and one girl even said she was jealous! I got tons of attention with my new blue eyes"

Dolly Eye Blytheye Blue

Big Eye Circle Lenses I Reward Program: Everyday a Christmas Day!

Christmas comes once in a year and leaves us in a short span after spreading smiles on our faces. Who on earth does not want Christmas to stay forever? We therefore have made arrangements to cherish Christmas all the yearlong with our fascinating “Big eye circle lensesReward Program”.

With our Reward Program you can make your everyday a Christmas day by caring, sharing and cherishing the “points” and get a pair of big eye circle lenses at amazing discount.

If you want to join our Reward Program, you only need to give it a kick start. Sometimes, just starting is half of the battle! Join our facebook and blog for monthly big eye circle lens giveaways. Get a fancy, creative and unique makeover with a pair of big eye circle lenses in your eyes, and pose to the camera! Yes, that’s it- now care to share these stunning portraits of yourself and a close-shot of your eyes with big eye circle lenses. This would give you a chance to win store-credit from Uniqso

Even more you will get 5% off on all big eye circle lenses by sharing these photos at our facebook page. Just inform us after uploading one. One big eye circle lens pair but several photos means a 5% discount only.

You can get much more luscious discounts on big eye circle lenses at UNIQSO by redeeming points. Refer your friends to us and get 5 points. Also you are given a chance to accumulate points when you signup as a member, leave review or make a purchase of up to $10 at UNIQSO  Double your treats with double points @ every $10 spent till Christmas. The festive begins! Collect points and get your big eye circle lenses today!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sharing the Love with Big Eye Circle Lenses

Christmas is the time for which we wait all the yearlong. Christmas brings our dear ones close as it is the time to celebrate, have fun and listening to the Christmas carols. Love increases more when we share others into our happiness. Sharing is caring, so we at UNIQSO are sharing big eye circle lenses in this month of blessings and love!

UNIQSO people are always busy in sorting out some best monthly promotions of big eye circle lensesfor you. However, this Christmas we have decided to surprise you even more with fabulous Christmas promotions, free shipping, chance of redeeming points and above all a mystery gift for each one of you who is willing enough to try us!

If you want to change your eye color this Christmas, then why not try the Barbie Forest series? Barbie Forest big eye circle lenses are available in red, blue, brown, violet, green and grey. These big eye circle lenses are sold as per piece for $4.90 and would make $9.80 per pair only. This promotion will continue till 31st December.

You are subjected to get 15% discount on Fedex delivery if you want to purchase big eye circle lenses and get your shipment before Christmas. Get FREE shipping on orders above $60 via Registered Post and on $150 via Fedex.

Violet big eye circle lenses are on 5% off offer-It’s the Sagittarius month! Enjoy this offer till 21st- December.

If you get an order of 50$ booked with us till 25th December, you will get a FREE mysterious gift. Yaay!
So beauties, what are you waiting for? Give us a try, decorate yourself along with your home with our big eye circle lenses. Sing Christmas carols and share the love. Get big eye circle lenses for you and your friends!

Barbie Puffy Three Tones in Blue

One another review of blue big eye circle lenses on brown. 

"My eyes get noticed everywhere I go now.  I have even been told my eyes are “enchanting”.  I don’t know what that means, but it’s cool." Continue reading what she says at her site.

Get Huge Eyes with Barbie Puffy Three Tones

Teru-Teru Mi reviews barbie puffy three tones in green. See her review of big eye circle lenses here"

"I wore them out yesterday for a duration of about 8 hours and I have to say that despite being 3 mm bigger than my iFairy lenses, they are quite comfortable :)  !!

Was pretty skeptical at first because 16.5mm lenses are quite big , and I'm wary my eyes will get very dry , but they dont ^^ "

Barbie Puffy Three Tone : Brown Big Eye Circle Lenses

"I love, love, love the color and the design! As you can tell from some of the photos, the inner ring is reddish, which adds a hint of mystery and allure to the overall look, because it's not quite natural - but in a very good way! The vibrant color shows up beautifully on the eyes; the design blends into the eye and looks gorgeous!"

A best explanation of big eye circle lenses-barbie puffy three tones in brown by JunJun

Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Brown

Three Tones Puffy Big Eye Circle Lenses

Got brown eyes? Lucky are you! because you have various options to try different beautiful big eye circle lenses. See how they will look on brown eyes. Nakayoshi shares here opinion about three tone puffy circle lenses.

"I really like the enlargement on these, it’s subtle and natural, not overwhelming, the blue shows up really well and they are comfortable, I really have a hard time taking these off (-A-)” I love them so much that I don’t want to. "

Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Blue