Friday, 31 July 2015

Cold Blue Lenses: I.Fairy Nova Blue

These super cold blue circle lenses are perfect for enlargement and the vividness. I.Fairy Nova blue lenses look astounding against brown eyes. The color enrichment is appealing and the dolly factor these circle lenses add to your eyes is quite exotic. These are perfect lenses if you are trying to get a good share of the limelight. 

Gradient Green Circle Lenses: Barbie Sasha 3 Tones Green

These circle lenses fetch attention for the design in integrated with 3 lovely tones. Barbie Sasha 3 tones green circle lenses emit a gradient effect. They ensure luminous bright eyes whilst creating dolly eye effect. 

"These circle lenses are super balanced and versatile, you can try any style (Ulzzang, gyaru etc) and can make cosplays or even use in daily life.She has a natural model, quite charming."; as explained by Leejsek world in his review for Barbie Sasha 3 tones green review

Ashy Grey Bob Wig: Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi Cosplay Wig

This beautiful bob wig needs minimum styling. The beautiful ashy wig looks natural, cute and kawaii. Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi cosplay wig has consistent hair length. The color tends to show slight variation under different lighting. It incorporates 100% heat resistant synthetic fibers that make it convenient to style. The wig features a pony tail that is sewn at the back and is adorably thick yet light weight to carry. 

Vibrant Green Lenses: GEO Xtra WTB63

These vibrant algae green lenses give you the look you dream for. With 15mm diameter; GEO Xtra WTB63 green provide just the right illusion of dolly eyes. The color blends in nicely yet they are energetic to look exotic enough against both light and dark eyes. 

"As usual I don’t notice any bigger difference between these lenses and any other pair, just be careful and follow the instructions on how to keep the lenses clean and I’ll bet you’ll do fine!". Read what Alicia has to say about GEO Xtra green lenses

Pink Lenses with Warm Undertone: I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 1 Pink Lady

"The lenses have a super lovely pink color with a warm undertone, which is kinda rare for pink lenses! The design is simple and perfect to fit both cosplays and j-fashion coords, it blends really well my dark eyes but I'm sure they'll look cute over light eyes too! Even if the color is quite unusual I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 1 Pink Lady quite natural on my eyes not like the other pink lenses I already tried (that make me look like a demon ahahah!). They come with prescription as well and they're very comfy like every I-Codi lenses I already own."- Read more

Dolly Grey Lenses for Brown Eyes: ICK Cherie3 Grey

Grey is a mystique color. Especially grey circle lenses are known to deliver fabulous color pay off against brown eyes. Grey is considered a universal color in circle lenses that make every eye color look adorable. ICK Cherie3 grey circle lenses may look vibrant in the vials, but as they get on to your eyes they become very pronounced and dramatic. 

ICK Cherie3 grey lenses blend in exuberantly because of three lovely tones. The yellow dust surrounding the pupil hole let the colors fuse in nicely. They make your eyes look dolly. ICK Cherie3 grey lenses do not play huge with enlargement yet they add soft dolly illusion to your eyes. Please read ICK Cherie3 grey review for more insight. 

Vibrant Blue Lenses for Naturally Blue Eyes: I.Fairy Missy Rose Blue

I.Fairy Missy Rose blue circle lenses are adorned with beautiful fully bloomed blue rosettes. The pattern surrounds limbal ring closely, leaving enough transparent space for the pupil hole. They are dramatically vivid and are perfect for grabbing huge attention. I.Fairy Missy Rose blue are only 15mm so these make the perfect lenses for someone who wants a subtle dolly effect. 

"What initially drew me to these lenses was the fact that they have a brown outer ring instead of the usual black. I had never seen this before, so I wanted to see if it would make the lenses look more natural."; says Sophie in her I.Fairy Missy Rose blue review

I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 35 Lavender

These fantastic purple lenses look dramatic under bright light. I-Codi colors of the Wind No 35 Lavender make your eyes truly appealing since the color is deep and gorgeous. They add a subtle gleam to your eyes whilst making them look enticing. The design is natural enough to blend in with your eyes for a beautiful enrichment.

Circle Lenses for Brunettes: I.Fairy Dolly+ Brown & ICK Garnet Red

I.Fairy Dolly+ brown are awesome gold circle lenses whereas ICK Garnet red are defined best as bright cherry red. Follow the detailed product review or scan through it below:

"The “brown” of these Dolly+ brown is a striking honey color that borders on gold in the light.  Gold lenses that don’t look flat but actually pop in photos are like finding a rare unicorn, and these come very close to fitting the bill.  While improvements could be made, these are a lovely color - gold in bright light, darker honey brown in dimmer light.  But even when showing a browner tint, the dark outer ring makes them very striking.  Even on light blue eyes they’re quite rich, with any inner circle bleed tinted a light brown.  Being so opaque they are very unnatural-looking, so you may not want to use them for every day wear or if you’re looking for a natural brown.  But for cosplay or something more eye-catching, they’re great.

ICK Garnet red are an awesome color - the red is extremely rich and deep, and the color “garnet” is extremely accurate here.  They also manage to be as natural as a bold red lens can be, while showing up very clearly in photographs.  The only reason I docked a point is because you can see through the central ring a bit on light eyes (which seems to be pretty common amongst red lenses unfortunately).  This is not noticeable inside when your pupils are dilated, but in direct sunlight, expect to see some blue in photos."

Luo Tianyi Cosplay Circle Lenses: I.Fairy Cara Green

"Style: ☆☆☆☆☆ I love the design of I.Fairy Cara green lenses! The flecks of yellow add depth to the color, and the thin black limbal ring is perfect for defining the eyes. The opening in the center of the lenses is large enough for you to look through without obscuring your vision.

Color: ☆☆☆☆ The green color is so pretty, but I wish it was a brighter green on my eyes. It’s not completely opaque, so the parts that are over my irises appear darker… since my irises are such a dark brown (almost black). I don’t have a major complaint about the color though; they definitely show up as green on my eyes!"

I-Codi Blue Violet Lenses against Brown Asuna Wig

"I must say,those lenses are so far the most comfortable pair I ever had! I usually have a hard time wearing circle lenses for long hours,due to my eyes being rather sensitive and getting dry pretty quick, but with I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 34, Blue Violet I had no such issues. Being able to wear them for more than 5 hours without feeling any discomfort even once,means a lot in my case,so I give them a 10/10 in this department ^o^

Color wise,they are also very vibrant,blending nicely with my natural eye color,without looking over the top unnatural.
Sure,you don’t see people with violet eyes every day,but from a few steps away,people wouldn’t be able to tell for sure if you’re wearing lenses or not,which is another plus if you plan on wearing them casually."

"Asuna wig is thick without being heavy,so the hair looks quite silky and is easy to comb. When combing it didn’t lose any hair,which proves the good quality of this wig. 
Even though it’s a long wig, given its silky and soft hair it is in fact pretty easy to comb and maintain,so that’s great. No problems with it getting all tangly easily."
More of the review can be found here

DIY Wig Tutorial: How to Curl a Synthetic Wig without Destroying It?

The wig before being tested for curling

Synthetic wigs that are heat resistant can be curled or straightened, easily; if the precautions are observed. Using the same iron you imply for straightening human hair , a synthetic wig can be beautifully curled. All you need to do is to be careful about the heat settings. Synthetic wigs can also be curled using hot water.

Curling a synthetic wig using boiled water is the safest method; as it does not melt down or fuse the plastic fibers. Generally, this method is used when you don't want your wig to keep the desired style for long. Synthetic wig curled this way is prone to lose the bounce and style comparatively quickly than the curling done by straightening iron. 


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Sterling Lucius Grey by I.Fairy

These silver sterling grey circle lenses adorn your eyes with vibrancy. I.Fairy Lucius grey circle lenses enhance the naturally light colored eyes for long-lasting impact. They add subtle enlargement effect that is natural and sophisticated. They are extremely comfortable & vivid. 

Monday, 27 July 2015

Phantasee Vivid Violet Lenses

These shining violet circle lenses are exemplary. They are 15mm diameter with excellent color pigmentation. Phantasee Vivid Violet lenses make your eyes look stunning as these lenses are vivid and vivacious. They make your eyes look dolly. Phantasee Vivid violet circle lenses turn you into a character of a fiction since these unworldly beauties truly depict the shades of a fairy-tale.

Lucid Grey Lenses: ICK T-1 Grey

These lucid clear grey circle lenses have a milky tinge. They are bright yet light grey circle lenses with excellent color pay-off. ICK T-1 grey circle lenses are natural looking lenses that looks amazing against both light and dark colored eyes. 

ICK T-1 bright grey grab tons of attention, because they blend nicely with your eyes. In all lighting, these stand out and make an impression. Read ICK T-1 grey lenses review

Luminescent Blue Circle Lenses: Kawayii Super Big Eyes Jewelry Blue

These bright blue circle lenses are shiny blue circle lenses. They leave a jewel-like effect by making your eyes look adorable and huge. They are 20mm diameter circle lenses, this is why the enlargement effect is really pronounced. Kawaii Super Big Eyes Jewelry blue give you dolly blue eyes with an unparalleled level of comfort.

Breathtaking Blue Circle Lenses: Barbie Chariot Blue

"I was a bit surprised by the color of these lenses when I first received them! On the website, Beuberry Chariot blue seem like a darker shade of blue - like cobalt blue.  When in fact, these lenses are lighter than that. I'd say that they're closer to a deep sky blue. Other than the differentiating colors, the design of these lenses is really nice. I love the intricate details that this design has; but, they look subtle and pretty natural from afar! "

"I'm impressed with these lenses!! (No title) pictogram デコメ Their comfort level exceeded my expectations and I love how big my eyes look when I have these on. The design is so pretty yet natural, too!"

Find out some of the most breathtaking photos of Beuberry Chariot blue in the complete review brought to you by Kokorosasa.

Vibrant and Opaque Red Lenses: Dolly Eye Twilight Red

Dolly eye Twilight red circle lenses are the brightest of the red lenses. The color pay off is mind-blowing. They are damn hot red contacts that make your eyes stand out. Dolly Eye Twilight red circle lenses have been the hot-selling for last few years due to the color pigmentation they boast. They are perfect for Halloween cosplays and for vampire makeovers. These theatrical lenses are enough to freak your fellows up! 

Long Blue & Short Orange Wigs

Love Live Umi Sonoda is deep blue gorgeous wig that makes use of two different fibers to create the deepest of the blue shade. It incorporates dark blue and black fibers to create perfect replication of Umi's hair. The wig is 100 cm long, soft to feel and light in weight. Since the wig is long, the wig is kept thin so that it does not feel heavy on your scalp. The wig comes with un-styled bangs so you would be needing to take it to your hair dresser for the perfect fit.

 "Under any lighting the nice blue color shows up really well. Some people may worry, what if it appears more as black color, but to be honest this wig does its job of creating true deep blue color!!
So for those people who are looking for good deep blue colored wig, I highly recommend this one!"

Izumi Sena wig is on the other hand very short orange wig. The wig is marinda bright. It has a short antenna for a true depiction of Izumi's hair. 

"This wig is 35cm long, which is quite longer than my real hair length. It covers along my jawlines which may feel longer for Izumi on some people, but for myself it was great length to create that Otaku look. Only cutting I had to do was the bang area to match the length of my face"- Continue reading the detailed review of both the wigs at Jesse Kim's website.

Luo Tianyi Cosplay Wig: Vocaloid Chinglish

"When I took out the pieces from the bag, I was pleasantly surprised to find a free wig cap! This is the kind of wig cap I like too: the stretchy net kind with the hole on the top. This wig is made up of a short base wig and one clip-on extension. The extension has a large alligator clip, and it is one piece that has both the hair infinity loop as well as the long extension strands."
"The wig was very easy to style! I trimmed the base wig to fix up the bangs, but didn’t do anything to the extension. The gray wig has a silver sheen, and it’s the perfect color for Luo Tianyi!"- Continue reading more of the review here

Big Brown Eyes: Puffy 3 Tones Brown by Barbie

"Design: ★★★★★ 5/5 Love the pattern, it is very natural looking. There is a black ring, but not dominant (which I like because I prefer contacts without black rings) Barbie Puffy 3 tones brown enlarge my eyes and lighten them up, make my eyes look like a natural medium/ light brown. The exact effect I am looking for. 

Comfort ★★★★★ 5/5 AMAZING! You can’t even feel it. I have to say that I am very surprised by how comfortable these are. I have really sensitive and dry eyes, so these are perfect. Overall  ★★★★★ 5/5 I give these 5 stars because of the comfort level and naturalness of the design, and its clear vision. 

Think these ones are going to be my favorite lens. "- Read more of the review here

Dolly Eye Puffy 3 Tones Blue: Vibrant & Whimsical

These vibrant blue circle lenses are very mesmerizing. The color pay off is exuberant. These puffy lenses add a cute enchanting pop to your eyes whilst making them look bright & eye-catching. They are natural looking blue circle lenses with a pupil hole surrounded by yellow dust that helps these lenses to blend with brown eyes.

"The size is great that she only 14.5mm. The enlargement effect it gives is huge! I feel a doll using them."; read detailed review here

Kawaii Max A Red & I.Fairy Pearl Black for Huge Enlargement

These two circle lenses provide huge enlargement effect. Kawaii super Big Eyes Red A-Max Red and I.Fairy Pearl black with 20mm and 16.2mm diameter effect enlarge your eyes tremendously. These circle lenses boast an interesting design with great color opacity. Both circle lenses are capable of covering your eye color perfectly. They make your eyes look glossy with a crystal finish. They are vibrant and perfect for both light and dark colored eyes. 

"Over all I absolutely love both these lenses, the red ones specifically. They are so vibrant and pretty and comfortable. I’d recommend the red one among the two but the black ones as well. I love both of them. 5/5"- said Ichigochi in her review