Thursday, 31 October 2013

"Halloween Fairy” Makeup Look using Saber tooth Black Sclera Lenses

The most anticipated day of the year has come today with all the packed thrill, excitement and fear-factor. This night is going to be a nightmare for many whilst for others it will be edgy and fun to wander-out late like ghouls and ghosts. Halloween is all about “Scary Halloween makeup looks and Costume Ideas”. Using Halloween circle lenses you will sure send chills and goose-flesh to the on-lookers.

Since it is Halloween today; our Makeup Artist “CherryBomb” has created an “EXCLUSIVE HALLOWEEN LOOK” with crazy sclera lenses. Before you could venture with your crazy sclera lenses; learn to wear sclera lenses in three easy steps.

The following makeup Look has been created with “Phantasee Black Sclera Sabretooth Lenses”

Step 1:
Pick a bright red eye shadow; it should be highly pigmented and intense. Apply it on your eye lid and blend. Apply generously.

Step 2:
Pick a black eye shadow from your smokey eye shadow palette and apply it on your lid’s lower area as shown in the picture. Use a shadow brush and go soft from your inner corner of eyes to outer corners. Blend well. This should create a sun-set like look of a stormy-night.

Step 3:
Using black liquid eyeliner; make a line on your lid and extend it to your outer corners. You can make a thick or thin line as per your taste. For small eyes, a thick line will do a good job; since it makes your eyes look big.

Step 4:
Take a soft white eye pencil and apply it on your tear-ducts. Apply twice or thrice until you get the desired results. The white chalkiness on your lower lash-lines will make your eyes look big and wide to divert attention to the crazy sclera lenses you are wearing.

Step 5:
Using a soft smudge proof black eye pencil; draw a wild smile over your lips. Extend your lip line towards your ears. Now using the same black pencil; draw the canine teeth all-over. Fill in the spaces using white pencil as shown in the picture.

Step 6:
Apply false eye lashes and shape your brows. Dye your hair red to compliment the look or wear a wig alternatively. Contour your face and get high check-bones. Apply blush or get a sun-kissed look using a gold-peachy bronzer. Accessorize yourself accordingly and you are ready to rock out! Hang on; don’t forget to choose your favorite crazy Halloween circle lenses for an edgy look!


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Geo Super Angel Brown: Eyes with an Angel's Halo

We all know that GEO Medical's super angel brown circle lenses create an angel like halo and make your eyes look bright even when they are natural looking. The diameter is 14.2; closer to your natural iris hence you should pick Geo Super Angel brown circle lenses for your routine daily wear. The presence of solid limbal ring adds a charisma to your personality and let you stand out in the crowd. We are thankful for one of our sweet customer who has created an everyday makeup tutorial using Geo Super Angel brown lenses for all of our fans. These makeup tips with circle lenses will make your " LOOK" look perfect

Also don do not forget to check her review on Geo Super Angel brown.

If you think you are also a makeup expert and have flair for makeup then submit your makeup tutorial and claim for a free pair of big eye circle lenses!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Cosplay Circle Lenses: An Essential Need of Halloween

Cosplay Circle lenses are costume contact lenses that are also known as “Theatrical contact lenses” or “Special Effect Circle Lenses”. The term “Cosplay Circle Lenses” is derived from “Costume-Play” where people transform themselves into a movie or a cartoon character by wearing dedicated dresses, and by accessorizing themselves accordingly.

“Cosplay Circle Lenses” add the finishing touch to your costume. Since eyes are the most prominent feature of one’s face; without changing them one cannot expect to draw the desired attention. Earlier in movies; unnatural eyes or wild eyes were the master-pieces of computer technology; but now you can actually get your favorite character’s eyes by sporting cosplay circle lenses.

EOS and GEO manufacture some of the best cosplay circle lenses. Highly pigmented, comfortable and available in a huge variety GEO has been leading the industry for past decade. Usually cosplay circle lenses are worn by movie stars or at special occasions like Halloween. At Halloween you can ignite your creativity; since a pair of cosplay circle lenses is enough to spark a wicked costume idea.

Source: Anastasia Shapinga

Cosplay circle lenses are now available even in prescription. There are three different types of cosplay contact lenses. Though they do not intend to correct your vision; the arrival of prescription cosplay circle lenses now allows people with vision-problems to attend costume parties and rock the stage with their exotically evil performance during any stage show. It is however necessary to first study the character of cosplay before choosing cosplay lenses.

If you are new to the world of cosplay; check our “Cosplay Looks” to get “Cosplay Ideas with Cosplay Lenses”.

Submit your cosplay look of Halloween and win a free pair of big eye contact lenses.


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Red Circle Lenses: Perfect for Party & Halloween

Be energetic and funky with red big eye circle lenses at Halloween to be the show-stopper. Red circle lenses possess special kind of energy that is the choice of all the evils. Be a demon, vampire or a wicked-witch. Red big eye circle lenses foretell the story of frightening happenings.

The specialty of red big eye circle lenses lies in their dual nature. They are multi-functional. Not only they are ideal for occasions like Halloween but you can also wear them on memorable events. Your first date, your first wedding anniversary or your high school’s bonfire- Every event, every occasion that enjoys a special position in your life appreciates sexy red eyes with red big eye circle lenses.

Dolly Eye Twilight red circle lenses are one of the most selling model since the color payoff is magical, bright and very strong. The enlarging effect is worth-dying for. The pattern is simple with a solid dark black limbal ring. The ring creates a stunning contrast when amalgamates with the brightness of dolly eye twilight red.

I Fairy Dolly Red circle lenses is another vivid pair of red circle lenses with which you have freedom to go crazy and wild. These help you create amazing cosplays- cosplays that will make everyone spell-bounded.

The enchantment of red circle lenses can’t be explained in words. I.Fairy Ruby red circle lenses has a pattern of blood-streaks dancing around the iris. This may be a perfect pair for vampire costume or for a little riding hood. Create spider woman eyes or get voluptuous beauty for any special occasion with I fairy ruby red circle lenses.

Sharingan circle lenses are fun to wear which are available in several Naruto clan’s patterns. The sharingan circle lenses are hot-selling Halloween circle lenses with super comfort and a bright contrast of black and red. Show your evil side with red circle lenses and have fun transforming your eyes at Halloween!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Wild Eyes with Crazy Sclera Lenses : Sclera Circle Lenses

Halloween is the most anticipated occasion around the globe since this provides a room to show your creativity gruesomely. People take help of crazy circle lenses for setting a stage to Halloween. Some people go wicked with amazing special effect Halloween circle lenses and some prefer to go even ahead with crazy sclera lenses.

Crazy sclera lenses have a 22mm diameter that covers your eyes fully but do not compromise on the quality of the product and safety of your eyes. The special hydrogel material keeps your eyes breathing all the while you wear crazy sclera lenses.

Check out black sclera sabretooth lenses. You will stay bewildered with the total blackout effect that defines what “a true-possessed being” looks like. The excellent color payoff is unparalleled and eye-catching.

With red sclera crazy cyclop lenses you get amplified eyes which aghast everyone; trying to build an eye contact with you. Make everyone unnerve and tongue-tied with special Halloween red lenses and enjoy discovering your hidden powers.

With crazy sclera lenses you have the opportunity to become as wild as you wish for. The creativity with crazy sclera lenses exceeds to infinity. This is why crazy sclera lenses are bewitching Halloween accessory for your costume.
If you are reluctant to wear crazy sclera lenses you can always insert sclera lenses in 3 easy steps to let the magic begin!Violet crazy sclera lenses let you be the cute vampire child. The ring pattern produces an illusionary effect that adds to the magical charm of crazy sclera lenses.

Phantasee crazy sclera lenses are available in various designs and patterns with which you can generate amazing Halloween costume ideas. Be a vampire, zombie, death-eater or dementor- show your love to your favorite fiction using crazy sclera circle lenses. If on the other hand you want crazy contact lenses with less than 22mm diameter then pick yours from crazy Halloween circle lenses.

Disclaimer: All the pictures are the property of our official makeup artist “Cherrybomb81”. We do not claim the ownership of the pictures used in this post.

Crazy UV Glow Phantasee Lenses

Get the ultimate attention with UV glow crazy lenses. The intense colors, eye twitching brightness and the funky glow make these UV glow crazy lenses everyone’s favorite for Halloween. With UV glow crazy lenses you get mysterious eyes that work equally aggressive during night and day times.

UV glow crazy lenses or glow in the dark lenses get into action in ultra violet lights hence making them perfect for any raving Halloween costume such as werewolf, vampire or other wild Halloween costumes. These uv glow crazy lenses are soft textured and illuminate your eyes with a surpassing magic that can't be achieved otherwise.

To be the shows topper; just try out the vibrant pair of yellow UV glow yellow lenses. They add an instant glow; which is perfect for partying at Halloween

Check out this UV glow crazy pink lenses for turning yourself into a wild creature. The color is very strong, opaque and solid which will never disappoint you. Get Thestral eyes if you are fascinated by Harry Potter’s flying reptiles with these uv glow crazy pink lenses or alternatively check out Phantasee Pink Raiden glow crazy lenses that will make your iris as big as 22mm. They can also be classified as crazy sclera lenses because they cover your full eyes.

On the other hand UV crazy red circle lenses may also make a difference this Halloween. Blow fire at night from your eyes or get into a sexy evil impersonation of a demon with these phantasee red glow circle lenses. Seduce your better half and let the night be yours!

Turn lights off, and your lights on glow! Let the party begin for the winners are those with glowing eyes. Do not miss out the fun and choose your favorite UV glow crazy lenses for Halloween before the craze around the globe books each of them and you are left empty handed!


Friday, 18 October 2013

Animal Circle Lenses : Barbie Leopard Brown Circle Lenses

How about matching your eyes with your zodiac sign? Get leopard print in your eyes that is cute and fascinating. Barbie leopard brown circle lenses add a subtle enlargement and soft color enhancement to your original eye color. Having said that; these circle lenses are suitable for daily wears. The leopard design is not too obvious to look freaky. The design of these leopard animal circle lenses merges well with already brown corneas; yet make a difference. 

For more information and pictures follow the Barbie Leopard Brown Circle Lenses Review; shared with us by a Pakistani Blogger. 

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Get yourself noticed with Anime Lenses this Halloween

Anime is the new chic! Who on the earth does not like to have huge, amplified eyes like an anime character? Those big beautiful eyes sport expressions, emotions packed with flirt and innocence-both at the same time. Earlier; you could only see your favorite Japanese anime characters boasting those lovely eyes but boon is the fashion industry that paved ways for a new technology and introduced “Anime lenses”.

With anime circle lenses you can have eyes of your favorite character; be it a sharingan or a seductive anime doll! Imitating fictional eyes is now possible with new anime lenses. Aimes are famous not only in Japan but every one irrespective of the age; seems to be in the trance of anime characters around the globe. Have you also been hit by the waves of Animes? If yes; then show it off! Pose naughtily wearing your favorite anime lenses or support Uchiha Clan by wearing sharingan lenses this Halloween.

Anime contact lenses are also worn in anime conventions by cosplayers. Make a wise selection of anime lenses for your cosplay by studying the chosen character carefully. Anime lenses make you look so dolly that you can wear them even in routine life. If you crave for achieving supernaturally enlarged eyes; then anime lenses are sure to fulfill your expectations.

Anime circle lenses are the beauty secret of “Human Barbies”. Though makeup plays an important role in creation of big eyes; the importance of anime lenses cannot be ruled out. In fact; a pair of anime lenses give you the reason to begin with! Good news is this that now you can get your favorite anime lenses in “Prescription”. Providing anime lenses, cosplay lenses and sharingan lenses in prescription is something that sets Uniqso apart from other circle lens stores.

Have fun transforming your eyes this Halloween with your favorite anime lenses and be the attention-grabber!

Do not forget to share your cosplay look of Halloween with us if you want to win free big eye contact lenses.


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Goo Ha Ra Inspired Makeup Tutorial using Barbie Choco Circle Lenses

Get Goo Hara Inspired eyes with this simple makeup tutorial and barbie choco circle lenses. Barbie choco circle lenses are very natural looking yet enlargement is huge and lovely. The absence of limbal ring makes these lenses appear like natural human eyes. Yozellyn's blog presents Goo Hara Inspired makeup tutorial using barbie choco circle lenses.

Browse through the collection of Natural looking circle lenses and enhance your eyes with makeup. Simply follow these makeup tips whilst wearing circle lenses


Dolly Eye Jewel Violet with Different Hair Colors

Dolly Eye Jewel violet circle lenses are a cute feathery design. Even the limbal ring has feathers that make them unique from other big eye circle lenses. They are the most natural violet circle lenses and are responsible for giving you a soft, polite and humble look. They are so natural that you can even wear them without makeup.

Get naturally big eyes with Dolly Eye Jewel violet circle lenses and read a review that will help you make a decision. When your lenses get expire; recycle your used circle lens case ingeniously.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Barbie Diamond Three Tones Violet on Hazel-Green Eyes

Hazel green eyes look lovely and equip your eyes with a beautiful intriguing suspense when you are wearing Barbie Diamond three tones violet circle lenses. They are comfortable, huge and cheap. 

Read review of barbie diamond three tone violet circle lenses. Circle lenses make you look like dolly. You can adopt any specific style according to your likes and dislikes with big eye circle lenses. Did you know the beauty secret of ulzaang, gyarus and real life barbies is "Big eye circle lenses"?

Monday, 14 October 2013

8 Steps-“The Corpse Bride” Makeup Tutorial Using GEO CPF-1 Circle Lenses

Halloween is almost here with all the packed wickedness. Halloween is always blessed with terror and spookiness. This is the most anticipated occasion we all wait for enthusiastically all the year round. It is all about going crazy with blood and flesh, mighty swords and blood-drenching vampires etc.

Halloween circle lenses play a pivotal role in the creation of all mind-blowing Halloween makeup. Halloween crazy circle lenses totally change your looks and with proper Halloween makeup; you are sure to rock your Halloween gathering. You might have finished planning your Halloween preparations and costumes by now. However; if you are still blank and do not count yourself as a professional makeup artist then Holly Molly! Here we are with yet another fresh Halloween Inspired Makeup Tutorial.

Fasten your seat belts; it is Emily- your favourite character from the movie “Corpse Bride”. Scroll down for the tutorial steps.

IMPORTANT: You will need GEO CPF1 White Out Halloween circle lenses for the Corpse Bride Look. If you haven’t yet booked yours; then place an order for Halloween Circle Lenses at Reduced Fedex Shipping and get them right on time!

Step 1:
Prepare your face for “The Corpse Bride” makeup look by painting it blue. Either make it blue with ordinary face paints or use your regular cosmetics. We have used regular foundation with blue pigment in it. Avoiding eye area; spread the base on your face and blend it well until all the facial skin is completely blue and even-toned. Cover your lips and make them blue too.

Step 2:
Using a jumbo white eye pencil cover your eye lids and surrounding area. Blend it well; and then line your tear duct with the same white pencil. Apply it on the lashes to turn them white as well.

Step 3:
Using a thick eye shadow brush; pick a generous amount of dark blue eye shadow from your makeup pallet and apply it on your both eyes. Don’t forget to trace the crease first as shown in the picture below. Now blend, blend and keep on blending the blue shadow.

Step 4:
Get a pair of false eye lashes. Be careful; the lashes should be very unnaturally lengthy. Apply eye lashes almost at the distance of 1cm from your natural lash line at both upper and lower lids for a wide-eye look.

Step 5:
Now using a contour brush; add some blue details with the same foundation+ blue pigment’s mixture. Try getting a slant nose just like the corpse bride. Shade your nostrils a bit dark blue than the face.

Step 6:
Using a lip brush and a lip shade in “Old Pink”; create fuller lips with an enhanced pout. The upper lip seems to be a bit larger than the lower lip. The central edge is also very angular. Therefore; be very careful whilst adding these details.

Step 7:
Since Emily has defined and high cheek bones; we suggest you to spice up your corpse bride look by going an even a step ahead. Add marks just below the cheek bones with grey, blue and black eye shadow. Finish up these marks by outlining them white.

Step 8:
Dye your hair blue or alternatively use a blue wig. Believe us; the blue wig is going to endorse your “Corpse Bride” Look with perfection!

Before going to the Halloween Convention; don’t forget to accessorize yourself with Corpse Bride accessories. A band made with dry-flowers and a white dress will do the job!

Here is the finished look*_*


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Green Circle Lenses : Dolly Eye Puffy Three Tones Green Lenses

Dolly Eye Puffy 3 Tones green circle lenses resemble barbie puffy three tone green circle lenses; but are available only $17.90. Therefore if you want to save some money; grab a pair for yourself. But hang on; if you are a beginner do not forget to first learn how to wear big eye contact lenses safely and how to disinfect your big eye circle lenses properly to keep them using for longer duration.

Read the opinion of a customer who bought Dolly Eye Puffy Three tone green circle lenses or get access to the variety of green big eye circle lenses to enjoy the color transformation to green in an instant.

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Friday, 11 October 2013

Safe Halloween for Kids I Tips for Safe Halloween

Stay away from roads with heavy traffic and swarm only your neighborhood and areas you are well-aware of.

Alwayswalk around with an adult or under the supervision of an elder family member.

Feed friends with nutritious treats. Only accept and offer factory-wrapped treats instead of homemade treats.

Enable drivers see you in dark by fastening glow-in-the dark stickers on the front and back of your costume. Carry a glowing stick with yourself to be seen.

Kick start your Halloween with these KIDS’ DIY Halloween decorations
Ignition-free and flame resistant costume and accessories should only be used.
Do not leave candle-lit pumpkins and other luminaries unattended. Do not place them near curtains
S’afety should be ensured by providing children with a cell-phone for an instant communication.

Haunt others; but not at the risk of your life. Wear well-fitted shoes and costumes to avoid being tripped.

Always wear Halloween crazy lenses to accentuate your costume but only if you are a “Teen-Ager” and are accustomed to wearing big eye circle lenses and contact lenses already.

Law enforcement authorities should be informed as soon as you notice any kind of suspicious activity

Limping or staggering should be avoided; since it slows down your walking speed and you may be left behind. Always stay in groups to lower down the risk of being lost in the dark.

Only walk in the well-lit streets. Always carry a torch with you and use it effectively. Avoid walking with lit-candles in hands.

Wet leaves, snow and other obstacles should be removed from sidewalks and pathways for an easy walk at Halloween.

Ensure your safety and use only soft, flexible and short knives, daggers and other weapons if required.

Enable safe breathing; avoid wearing face masks. Instead go for face painting to look like a little cute ghoul.

Never run from house to house. Never accept rides from strangers and never trick or treat with someone; you do not know

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Grey Circle Lenses : Kimchi Bambi Grey Circle Lenses

Kimchi Bambi grey circle lenses are three tone circle lenses with the beautiful color gradation from peachy-orange to grey and then black. Grey circle lenses tend to enlarge your eyes by adding a mystic effect to your eyes that you will definitely love. Kimchi bambi grey circle lenses has a vibrant shade of grey that looks beautiful on dark brown eyes. Kimchi Bambi has a similar design of GEO Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Circle Lenses.

Read below to find out about the ratings of kimchi bambi grey circle lenses

These ratings have been provided by a loyal customer; which she has shared on her blog " These drifting thoughts"

Color & Design:
Kimchi bambi grey circle lenses are definitely those omg lenses. They are eye catching and look wonderful on dark eyes. The central golden brown part is more noticeable than those of geo sesame grey circle lenses; yet the golden brown part do not over power the grey.

Nice enlargement with 16mm diameter but it looks like the enlargement given by Geo Mimi Sesame Grey circle lenses that is of 14.5mm diameter.

Supreme comfort; suitable to wear all day long. Kimchi bambi grey circle lenses come with 55% of the water content.

For real life pictures of kimchi barbie grey circle lenses; follow the review.