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3 Things you should know about False Eye lashes

False eye lashes give you that alluring pop and fancy drape you have been waiting all your life for. False eye lashes are available in both man-made and natural fiber. The strip lashes tend to be the most comfortable and easiest type. Before you allow your intuition to make a decision, you must know these 3 things about false eye lashes.

  1. Choose false eye lashes by keeping the nature of the event and the looks you are aiming to achieve, into consideration. There are various models available from providing thin and sparse look and heavily draped triple flex lashes for a dramatic look.
  2. False eye lashes also help you manipulate the shape of your eyes. Applying them at both the upper and lower lash line create an illusion of bolder, awakened and wide eyes. Choose your false eyelashes wisely if you wish to modify the way your eyes look. For instance, angular lashes for almond shaped eyes.
  3. Always remember, all makeup should go first followed by false eye lashes. After applying the glue at the strip, wave the lash in air for 30 seconds so that it becomes tacky. Apply it exactly on your natural lash line. Be careful to dust away the particles of eye shadow or glitter by a fan brush or else the glue will lose the efficacy.

False eye lashes are disposable but they can last you 15/20 wears, provided you take care of them. For best results, use Stella false eye lashes that are 100% hand-made & are good for ensuring natural big eye look!

Did you know that Hormonal Imbalance Affects Contact Lens Tolerance but can be Managed?

There are times when women suffer from hormonal imbalances. Hormones regulate our body systems like a boss. Anything that makes them cross will cost you pay for it later. At menopause, women suffer from serious hormonal imbalances that disturb their body fluids including tear film. Disturbance in tear film is associated with dryness that triggers discomfort and reduced tolerance with contact lenses. Although hormonal imbalances are not directly associated with your contact lenses; they do leave negative impact on your entire body functioning. If appropriate steps are not taken at time; compromising on wearing contact lenses is the last option. Fortunately, with little scheduling you can continue wearing your favorite contact lenses for vision correction even when hormones seem to be furious.

Dry Eyes, Hormonal Disturbances & Contact Lenses

Hormonal disturbances affect everyone equally when it comes to contact lenses. However people with autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, lupus etc. are exceptional cases. Since these patients are more prone to develop dry eyes, having hormonal imbalances may add more to the gross. For everyone else, contact lenses are easy to be managed provided they focus on improving the quality of life by altering their diet, consuming more liquids & by introducing healthy habits.
Dry eyes is a condition that keep reoccurring. It happens when your tear film is low in quality- either it produces insufficient oil or has high evaporation rate. Since contact lenses slightly serve as a barrier between your eyes and oxygen transmission; you may feel a bit more stinging than usual with contact lenses during hormonal disturbances.

Managing Contact Lenses during Hormonal Imbalances

  1. Artificial Tears: Using artificial tears can help relieve the discomfort. Invest in good quality eye drops that are free from harsh preservatives since these can irritate your eyes. Only use eye drops that mention “compatible with contact lenses” clearly at the label.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Dehydration can deplete the fluid in your eyes that compromise swift floating of contact lenses. Drink herbal teas, and increase the intake of water. Use humidifier during winter to prevent yourself from the damages of artificial heat.
  3. Healthy Diet: Take wholesome meal three times a day. Include multivitamins, fatty acids and keep a good balance between omega 3, 6 and 9.
  4. Special Care with Contact Lenses: Deposits of protein and lipids can irritate the eyes. Keeping them clean is crucial to healthy eyes. They tend to absorb the fluid of your eyes, so using re-wetting drops is recommended.

Contact lenses have been a boon for people desiring to achieve a pleasant change. They also have helped millions of people in vision correction. However, what we forget is this that contact lenses are more than mere fashion accessory. Since they are medical devices, they need to managed and regulated accordingly. By little wise planning, you can continue to look your best with contact lenses, no matter how tough your symptoms may get!


Saturday, 27 February 2016

Treating Farsightedness with Corrective Contact Lenses

Farsightedness or hyperopia is an inability of eyes to focus on the up close objects. People with farsightedness can easily see the distant objects but find it difficult to discriminate between the objects lying close. This creates obstacles in reading, writing & several other motor tasks that lead to strain, fatigue & headaches. Fortunately, with corrective contact lenses; farsightedness can easily be treated. Though it is a rare occurrence; it is sometimes seen in children under 8 years. (Don’t confuse farsightedness with Presbyopia)

Contact Lenses for Hyperopia
Hyperopia happens when your eye ball is too shallow or short. The light rays focus the image behind the retina which is easily fixed when the image is formed on to the retina. Corrective contact lenses with a prescription preceded by a “+” sign effectively fix the issue. These corrective contacts are thicker at the center and thinner at the edges.

Contact Lenses or Glasses for Hyperopia?

Though hyperopia is also treated using spectacles, patients have reported contact lenses to be more comfortable. Since contact lenses provide wider field of view, practical benefits over glasses in sports and remain unaffected against the weather changes; contact lenses are more successful in treating farsightedness than glasses.

How much do These Lenses Cost?

Depending on your replacement schedule, cost may vary. Cost may also fluctuate as you switch from brand to brand. They may be expensive if you prefer dailies. MaxVue Hydrosoft Clear Lens corrects farsightedness whilst ensuring high oxygen permeability, low dehydration & UV protection. Available in monthly replacements; these contact lenses for hyperopia are pocket friendly with 3 pairs per box for $6.90 only.

Am I a Good Candidate of Contact Lenses?

Courtesy of Lady Sariel

Almost anyone on earth can safely wear contact lenses. However, there are patients who could or should not wear contacts. People freak out touching their eye balls on purpose, for inserting & removing contact lenses even though this skill is easily learned. If, you are one of those who can’t get over irrational fears of poking their eyes whilst trying to wear contact lenses; we are sorry to disclose these harmless cute plastic discs are not for you. Today, with advanced technology and innovation, the prolific industry of bio-engineering has manufactured contact lenses for almost every vision impairment. Other than serious activated eyelid infections; contact lenses can be easily managed with whatever ocular sensitivity you suffer from.

According to American Academy of Opthalmolgy’s Eyesmart; you might not be a good candidate of contact lenses if you have:

  1. Frequent eye infections
  2. Severe allergies
  3. Dry eyes that is resistant to treatment
  4. A dusty environment
  5. An inability of handling and caring for contact lenses

In case you are not suffering from corneal diseases, you are most probably a good candidate of contact lenses. True that; individuals with active systemic infections, colds or with compromised immune system may be poor candidates of contact lenses but once infections, dry eyes and allergies are managed with medicines, these patients later prove to be the successful candidates of contact lenses.

Even if previous experiences with contact lenses had not been fruitful; you can always give them another try. Past a decade, contact lenses were not as advanced as we find them today. They are more soft, comfortable and moist. Contact lenses made from hydrophilic material are more oxygen friendly and pliable. High end contact lenses also offer UVAB interception that makes them better than UV sunglasses, because contact lenses can efficiently cover those areas of eyes that glasses cannot.

Above 125 million people wear contact lenses around the globe. Be one of them by making a wise decision. Got sensitive eyes? Here is the list of different types of contact lenses you would want to check depending upon the severity of your sensitivity.

Friday, 26 February 2016

This is why you should Never Store your Contact Lenses in Water

The first thing that hits your mind for storing contact lenses in absence of the contact lens solution is water. If you also resort to water; STOP! Stop immediately, as contact lenses should never be exposed to water- not even to the tiny droplet! Water carries a rare but horrific parasite “Acanthamoeba Keratitis” that actually feeds on corneal tissues. We advise you to rely on homemade Saline solution for soaking contact lenses instead, when your regular disinfectant is not readily available.  "That space between the eye and the contact lens is a place that this little amoeba really likes to live," says Dr. Andy Howard at LaFollette Eye Clinic.             

Doctors warns against Acanthamoeba that runs in water. They suggests to never shower, swim or wash face when wearing contact lenses. It is not only the pools that carry the risk but tap water too. The parasite devours cornea way too quickly than you might even think- sometimes it takes even less than 24 hours. Unfortunately, there is no over the counter treatment but removing the eyeball in most of the cases.

When you wash or soak your contact lenses in tap water, acanthamoeba from water can cling to your soft contact lenses that may then transfer to your eyes. In seconds, the parasite gets activated to feed on the tissues. The damage is often fatal leading to complete blindness. The symptoms of Acanthamoeba attacks are:
  1. Extreme stinging burning sensation
  2. Light Sensitivity
  3. White spots on the surface of eye
  4. Horrific inflammation & redness

According to the Howard; they see about one acanthamoeba keratitis infection every year. This is most common in people who disregard doctors’ suggestions and neglect taking care of their contact lenses. He encourages patients to talk their doctors about the best contact lens solution & contact lens care instructions. He stressed enough on never washing your contact lens cases with water.

Contact lenses are excellent vision correction devices and more than 30 million people are being benefitted. If you are really concerned about your vision; it is only your attitude towards contact lenses you need to improve. Look how people are creating exciting makeup looks using colored contacts whilst staying safe!

This is how you clean your Contact Lens Cases Properly in Just 5 Simple Steps

Contact lens cases are greatly ignored. Despite numerous warnings from experts, patients keep using their contact lens cases past the expiry which runs horrendous risk of contamination. Cases are breeding beds of germs, and if not replaced once every three months; they may transfer bacteria to your contact lenses. You may be emotionally attached to your Kawai contact lens cases, because they are fun but acanthamoeba is not. Clean your contact lens cases properly once every 3 days the following way before its time to finally toss them off.  

  1. Wash your hands with an anti-bacterial hand-wash. Pat them dry using a lint free towel. Disinfect your hands especially finger pads before touching your contact lenses or cases.
  2. Throw any remaining droplets of your solution from the cases. Do not re use old solution as it has already lost its efficacy. Reusing or topping off your solution is gross.
  3. Rinse your cases with fresh sterile contact lens solution. Rub your fingers in each well, even in the narrow crevices. You may notice a slimy bio-film- this is your actual target during disinfecting your cases.
  4. “Rinse, Rub and disinfect” is the key to actual cleaning of contact lens cases. Tissue-wiping your cases further eliminates the risk of contamination. As per research, pollutants in air can cling to the cases when wet. Thus tissue wiping them after a rinse and letting them air dry with caps off and cases down is recommended.
  5. Occasionally run your cases in dishwasher to disinfect them. In absence of dishwasher, you can sterilize your cases for five minutes in a pot of boiling water.

This simple procedure should be carried out at least once every week. Sterilizing once a month adds barrier against bacterial growth. Do not forget to replace your contact lens cases after three months & up cycle your old contact lens cases  to reduce carbon foot print. 

The Hype about Daily Disposable Contact Lenses or Dailies

Contact lenses are available in various replacement schedules. Depending upon your lifestyle & personality you can choose from the variety of the options. Disposable contact lenses are typically to be discarded either on monthly or tri-monthly basis. On the other hand, daily disposable contact lenses are fairly new; yet most hyped about. Since they require no care & contact lens accessories such as multi-purpose solution & contact lens cases; they save you both money & time.

Benefits of Wearing Daily Disposables

  1. Absolute Choice of Beginners: Beginners find it difficult to take care of contact lenses. Most of them drop wearing contact lenses because of daily parades to cleaning, disinfecting and replacing their cases every 3 months. With daily disposables you absolutely need no accessories. Just pop open a new pair and toss it off every night.
  2. They are Cheaper: Despite being expensive, they are comparatively cheaper than regular colored contact lenses. These lenses are always purchased in bulk so that you never run out of supply the next morning. If you are spending more on contact lenses, you are at the same time saving money on contact lens accessories you need otherwise. 
  3. They are Appropriate for Allergies: Dailies are a perfect option for people with sensitive eyes. Since you pop open a fresh pair every day; these lenses eliminate the risk of contamination and product buildup. This is why, they prevent triggering allergic response unlike annual contacts.

Before making a choice, always get yourself checked by a doctor. A professional medical expert will assess your eyes to see if you are a right candidate for daily disposables

Can I Wear Contact Lenses in Desert? Travel Tips to Egypt with Contact Lenses

Traveling is itself challenging. Since the weather you are traveling to may be drastically different than the country you are traveling from, it is always maniacal to manage with contact lenses. You need proper management and a prior check-list with contact lenses in order to travel safely. Wearing contact lenses in dusty locations should not be a problem just as it has never been a problem to wear contacts when travelling to sub-zero temperatures if the trip is planned acordingly

Wearing Contact Lenses in Egypt: Surviving Dust Storms
In deserts your major concern should be protecting yourself from the scorching sun rays and dust.  Covering your body is essential along with covering your eyes. If you are wearing prescription contact lenses, it is advised to switch to UV interception daily disposable contact lenses. Ensure maximum interception of UVAB rays by pairing your contact lenses with UV interception sun glasses.

When traveling to deserts; take an extra mile when it comes to safety of eyes & optimum vision. Though contact lenses with UV interception can block harmful rays with efficacy, it is advised to wear wrap-around sun-glasses for maximum benefits against windy weather of the desert.

Wrap-around Sunglasses & Contact Lenses
Remember, in desert; none of these counterparts remain counterparts but are must-have devices. The reason is the inefficiency of both these devices to battle against grit & UVAB rays. Sunglasses let significantly high amount of sun rays enter your eyes from above, below and sides. This is the time when your contact lenses come forward to block these clever rays. On the other hand, wearing wrap-around sun glasses provide maximum endurance from the grit even when you are trapped in a dust storm.

Over exposure to sunrays can cause several types of cataracts and macular degeneration. Studies have shown that maximum protection comes from the combination of sunglasses & UV interception contact lenses as contacts can protect the areas of your eyes that your sunglasses can not and vice versa. 

Thursday, 25 February 2016

DOs of Contact Lenses: Travel Tips with Contact Lenses

Depending on the destination you are heading to; traveling tips with contact lenses may vary. Most sensitive care is required when you are traveling by air. Since during long haul flights you are exposed to air cabins with reduced atmospheric pressure, humidity and oxygen; contact lenses dry quickly and the solution may leak. Furthermore, strict regulations make it worse to manage with contact lenses. This however, does not restrict you from wearing contact lenses when you travel because they are prosthetic medical devices that are considered essential. With little management, you can safely continue to wearing your contact lenses.

  1. Carry only 3 ounces or less (100 ml) of contact lens solution or it will be confiscated at the airport. Due to strict regulations on carrying liquid, you are not allowed to carry a full sized bottle of the solution. It is advised to use all in one solution, therefore.
  2. Carry the full sized contact lens solution bottle in your checked-luggage. Since it is considered a medical necessity; after assessment, it will be cleared to be carried in your luggage.
  3. Carry a small bottle of re-wetting drops in your beauty bag. Due to reduced air-pressure, you may feel dryness which can be reduced using eye drops.
  4. Do your packing wisely. Keep your contact lens accessories in a plastic zip lock bag to prevent leaking the solution. Remember thumb rule of 3:1:1 i.e. 3 ounces of liquid, 1 zip lock bag and 1 plastic bag per passenger
  5. Bring along two spare pairs of contact lenses, just in case you damage one. It is recommended to travel with daily disposable contact lenses so that you open a fresh par every day without having to find additional time to take care of your contacts.  

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I Lost My Contact Lens Case: Emergency Over-Night Contact Lens Storage

You often lose your contact lens cases, it is frequently common. Bitter truth; nothing can be done to prevent the loss, hands down! You lose your contact lens cases at a picnic, or when moving to a friend’s for a sleep over. Misplacing or forgetting your cases back at home whilst you are travelling or enjoying at a holiday is drastic. You only realize you are lagging your case when it is already too late to keep the lenses in eyes. Instead of creating panic we encourage you to take a chill pill, as some of the users have come up with brilliant life-hackers!

Depending on the location, you would like to try one of the given alternatives for your lost contact lens case

1. I forgot my Contact Lens Case at Home

You are staying at your friend’s home who does not wear contact lenses, you are trapped. Forgetting your contacts case back at home may have caused you trouble otherwise, but fortunately we have some tips to save you.

In case you are in a town where you can’t go to the nearest shop in search of an ordinary contact case; we advise you to use egg cups, found in every kitchen to soak your contact lenses. However, most importantly don’t forget to wash & sterilize them. Pat them dry & use your regular multi-purpose contact lens solution to soak your contact lenses. Alternatively, you can also use measuring spoons. Be very careful about not mixing your prescriptions though.

2. I Lost Caps of My Contact Lenses

Hikers, bikers and adventurers tend to lose their contact lens cases and caps when they try to handle them during the journey. It is also impossible to get a contact lens case replacement at the heights. When you are off to the camp again, try to look for a 20 ounce bottle in your back pack. Redditor Westleyh suggests using a cap of 20 ounce drink. Though all contact lens cases are not same size, a 20 ounce cap is standard to most of them. Try fitting them over your lens case.

Or, store your lenses directly in the caps by covering them with a glass. Be very careful that your caps and glass both are free from even the tiniest of the water droplets. Covering them with glass will prevent trapping flies and dust particles during the night!

Can I Wear Colored Contact Lenses after Lasik Surgery?

Lasik surgery is performed to help you get freedom from vision correction devices including contact lenses and glasses. However, at times, you would want to wear contact lenses either for the sake of vision improvement or for color enhancement. Fortunately, it is completely safe to wear contact lenses even after Lasik Surgery. You only need to stay patient for nearly six months.

After Lasik, you barely need to resort to contact lenses ever; nonetheless wearing them sometimes become quintessential for optimum vision. For instance, old aged presbyopia patients or patients with higher level of refractive errors who were not fully treated with Lasik surgery. People with no refractive index errors may also safely opt for colored contact lenses, for style enrichment. However, doctors recommend to seek professional opinion before getting yourself soft contact lenses after you have been treated with laser.

Since during Lasik surgery; the shape of your cornea is altered, it may be challenging to insert contact lenses on your own. Moreover, not everyone is the right candidate of soft contact lenses due to the difference in shape and size of cornea. Only a medical practitioner can assess the health of your eyes and capability of tolerating contact lenses. Patients who cannot tolerate soft contact lenses are suggested with gas permeable contact lenses or hybrid contacts.

Lasik is absolutely a pain-free outpatient procedure that hardly takes five minutes. However, post Lasik care is crucial that includes avoiding contact lenses for at least 3-6 months depending on your recovery process. Always, depend on your doctor’s opinion than having to take risks. He will most probably signal you to re-wear contact lenses in case you do not develop any contraindications, sooner than expected. 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Read These 4 Points if you are Looking for Contact Lenses to Change Appearance

I. Fairy Cara Red
I-Codi Colors Of The Wind No 23 Turquoise
Sweety Nudy 3 Tones Grey
Lens Story Dolly + Red

Contact lenses help you achieve the look of your dreams. They create dolly illusion & make your eyes enlarged that shine bright. Colored contact lenses do not necessarily come in prescription as they are aimed at changing your eye color than fixing your vision. If you are looking for colored contact lenses that bring a pleasant change to your personality then continue reading below:

1. Colored contact lenses are slightly expensive than regular contacts. Since regular contact lenses don’t carry a design or tint in them; they are produced cheaply. On the other hand colored contact lenses boast a wide range of designs and multiple hues that are incorporated ingeniously to help you create a realistic eye effect yet an effect that is out of the world.

2. Colored lenses feature patterns, specifically lines & dots that are arranged radially to create harmony of vision. Lines & dots also replicate the natural pattern of human iris due to which the overall effect remains sophisticatedly genuine.

3. Contrary to the regular contact lenses; the significant feature of colored contacts is the “Limbal Ring”. This limbal ring surrounds the outer edge and is often solid, darker & bold. The ring is most prominent during infancy which gradually fades with age. Colored lenses help you regain the limbal ring that certainly helps you hide your calendar age.

4. Colored contact lenses are available in both plano and prescription. Plano lenses are zero power, so they are only resorted to when you need a change in your eye color. Depending on your mood, you have the liberty to either go for a fierce color change effect or stay subtle. Prescription contact lenses on the other help correct refractive index error and are available for hyperopia, myopia & astigmatism. Prices may vary from type to type and brand to brand.

There are endless possibilities with colored lenses. Hail to advanced technology that has made it possible for even people with sensitive eyes to opt for colored contacts. Today, with silicone hydrogel material; more comfortable, soft & oxygen friendly contacts are being produced that keep your eyes hydrated. Whilst immensely beautifying your eyes; 21st century lenses also strive to maintain optimum vision. Don’t forget to meet your eye care professional before getting yourself the first pair!

A Habit that Increases the Risk of Infections by Five Times among Contact Lens Wearers

Contact lens wearers are at a greater risk of infections than those who do not wear them. Fortunately, contact lenses themselves are not a threat but the careless attitude of the patient. Over the counter contact lens solutions and counterfeit contact lenses have already penetrated deep into the masses that make it complex to differentiate between genuine & fake products. Other than ending up using substandard contact lenses & accessories; there is one risk behavior that further puts contact lens wearers’ vision at stake by five times. 

As per CDC- Centre of Disease Control, more than a million people suffer from eye infections every year, alone in the U.S. Dr. Timothy Quinn released a statement according to which Primary Care physicians receive a lot of patients everyday having issues with their contact lenses. As per the survey report; nearly all of the survey participants reported being involved in at least one risk behavior whilst using contact lenses. Handling contact lenses with unwashed hands raises the risk of eye infections by more than five times. Shockingly enough, all contact lens wearers are involved in unhygienic practices and have confessed touching their contact lenses and or rubbing eyes without washing their hands.

Half of those who surveyed reported wearing their lenses whilst they sleep whereas 82% of the survey participants said over-wearing their contacts past their expiry.

Contact lens induced infections may turn eyes red, inflamed and create an itchy sensation. In serious cases, a burning stinging sensation may be felt that is often a result of chronic Acanthamoeba attack. This corneal devouring parasite feeds on your cornea that to date is cure less.

Infections may stay dormant for quite sometimes that facilitate growth of bacteria without even letting you know. Dr. Quinn suggests to get yourself checked immediately if you notice anything strange in your eyes such as sensitivity to the light and blurred vision.

Follow contact lens care instructions & guard your eyes against infections. Wearing Korean origin genuine contact lenses is half the journey to leading a healthy lifestyle. Rest half of the journey depends upon your attitude towards contact lenses. 

Monday, 22 February 2016

Custom Styling Wigs for a Natural Feel: Accessorize & Trim

You might have worn wigs to accentuate your style. Synthetic wigs have much more to offer than you may think of. Styling wisely adds volume and help you create numerous hairstyles. Wanda Maximoff wig is a wavy thick wig with beautiful texture. The wig shines just naturally and has a real hair line. The wig can be styled or trimmed as per your requirement. For instance, shedding the excess hair for creating a hair bun.

Wanda Maximoff Wig (After styling)

Inukashi wig is almost the same color but unlike a lace wig it possesses  bangs. The wig swiftly develops curls as it grows towards the tips. It can be ironed or trimmed to match your personality. Accessorizing it with a hat adds meanings to your style & give you a new yet natural feel!

Get Bright Red Eyes & Playful Hair for a Bewitching Transformation

Changing your hair and eye colors is quintessential for any transformation. For a crazy transformation that is also enchanting; get unusual color for your hair & eyes. I.Fairy Cara red are bright and super pigmented. They make your eyes shine like gems and no matter what color are your eyes; these lenses will do the job to mask them. These lenses make an impact when worn against Momo Satsuki long pink cosplay wig. The wig flaunts synthetic heat resistant fibers that are super soft and are a pleasure to run fingers through. Despite being long; the wig does not tangle and remains light on your head. 

Violet Eyes against Rose Matte Wig: Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Violet & Roromiya Karuta Wig

These super blend-able violet circle lenses are subtle yet impact-full enough to make an impression against dark colored eyes. They give your eyes a very scintillating pop that help them making your peepers doll-y & bright. The enlargement effect is remarkable whereas the pattern is simple. Despite the color being unnatural; these circle lenses look totally adorable & fanciful. Barbie Puffy 3 Tones violet look outstanding against Roromiya Karuta cosplay wig. This wig has a matte rose hue that may look pink to peach-y orange under different lighting. The wig flaunts twin pig tails that are shaped like a Swiss roll. For more information read this review

Thursday, 18 February 2016

50% of the World Population to be Short-Sighted by 2050: Get Prescription Contact Lenses Today for Acute Vision

Half the world population could be wearing contact lenses, spectacles or undergoing surgeries by 2050 due to being shortsightedness; as reported by a research study. The study proves that due to the changes in life style such as staying near to electronic devices, staying indoor and passing just a little time out doors are the real culprits that lead to shortsightedness. Also, avoiding treating vision impairment further leads to vision weakening. If your child complains about having headaches & dizzy vision, meet your eye care professional & grab him a pair of contact lenses for vision correction.

As per the study that was published in Journal of Ophthalmology; one fifth of the population could be at risk of blindness if the current trends continue. “The rapid increase in short-sightedness (myopia) has been attributed to "environmental factors (nature), principally lifestyle changes resulting from a combination of decreased time outdoors and increased near work activities, among other factors".

How to Prevent Your Children from being Myopic?
  1. It is crucial to have regular eye examinations. In case your child is diagnosed with vision issues; you must immediately take preventative measures. Get them vision correcting devices such as prescription contact lenses or colored lenses.
  2. Limit the interaction of your children with electronic devices such as mobile phones, LEDs and LCDs including computers, TV screen etc. The study reveals that staring at screens for a longer duration from up-close causes vision to grow weaker.
  3.  Make your child spend more time outdoors. Encourage him to participate in outdoor games than indoor activities. Ample sunlight is required in healthy growth of each body part. Besides being important for body, sunlight plays a pivotal role in development of shining & bright eyes.
Procrastinating the treatment only creates complex situations in a patient’s case history. Early diagnosis accompanied by a crisp prescription by drug intervention and contact lenses help controlling vision loss in young children & adults equally. Get your prescription from your eye doctor today & grab a pair of contact lenses as per recommendation. 

This is how you Comb Synthetic Wigs: 3 Rules to Comb Synthetic Wigs

Anti-static wig comb- Metal 

Synthetic wigs let you wear a new hair style every day, without having to put much effort. They are pre-styled and unless you heat-treat them they are bound to get back the factory-introduced volume, bounce and style even after being washed. Synthetic wigs however need attention and care from combing to washing & storage. Aggressive attitude will tangle the fibers, singe them or may even cause fall-offs. Follow the rules below to comb your wigs if you want to extend the life span of your synthetic wigs.

  1. Always use a metal wide tooth comb to detangle your synthetic wig. Using a wig brush is fine, but the friction created by wig brush may destroy the fibers. Wig combs incorporate steel teeth that rotates at their fixtures, reducing the tension as you comb through the synthetic fibers.
  2. Never comb your wig when it is wet. Let it air dry, lying flat. Combing a wet wig will de-shape it and may cause permanent irrevocable damage.
  3. Never comb your wig from top to bottom. Wig is different from natural hair. Always comb wig from bottom to softly making your way at the top. Focus on getting rid of tangles by first combing the bottom and then gently proceed to comb the top, reaching the crown using your middle finger and ring finger.

Synthetic wigs are supposed to last you a year, provided you don’t lose the fibers by tugging and pulling them using an ordinary comb. Only synthetic wigs’ friendly products should be applied and used for styling to help them last long. 

3 Reasons you Need Fake Eyelashes with Circle Lenses for your Wedding

It is an already acknowledged fact that circle lenses change your appearance dramatically. All hands down! They create an illusion of bigger, deeper and brighter eyes whilst ensuring a doll-y transformation. Surprisingly, what women resist about is using “fake eye lashes” along with circle lenses. Most of the women opine fake eye lashes disparage the soft & natural looks, they prefer for their wedding. Some fear, fake eye lashes will poke into the eyes and may be abrasive to circle lenses. Fortunately, we are here to encourage you to dump old-school thinking & pick 100% handmade fake eye lashes for your wedding.

  1. Circle lenses when accompanied by false eye lashes give you a more appealing look. False eye lashes create an illusion of wider eyes whereas circle lenses help making your eyes look awakened & bright. When false eye lashes are integrated ingeniously with circle lenses, you get an alluring pop that will ensure remarkable wedding photos.
  2. False eye lashes that are 100% hand made last long. Our Stella false eye lashes are reusable and you can continue to wear them 20 times, provided you keep them clean. Choosing Stella false eye lashes save you good deal of money. Once purchased, these lashes will not only serve you well at your wedding but you will look enticing on your honeymoon, too.
  3. False eye lashes with irrational length and volume absolutely ditch the entire look. Switch to Stella 100% hand-made false eye lashes for a sophisticated look at your wedding. The brand let you choose between natural & dramatic collection -where Natural Prime series accentuate your everyday look and Triple- Flex series help you highlight the prime features of your personality.

False eye lashes and circle lenses go hand in hand. Circle lenses help you achieve amplified eyes whereas false eye lashes blend the entire look by providing a regal drape. Look your best at your wedding & opt for Stella 100% hand-made false eye lashes, culled from Taiwan.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Choosing & Maintaining the Right Thigh High Socks for a Job Interview

Thigh high socks make great every day costume. They also fit certain work environment when structured respectively. When choosing thigh socks for a job interview, your priority should be modesty even if employees are allowed to dress laxly. Follow the tips below to purchase the right type of thigh high socks for wearing at work. Remember, the key is “Dress to impress”.

Purchase Thigh High Socks with Heavy Denier
Denier is the thickness of the yarn. The lower the denier the sheerer is the coverage. Thigh high stockings are available in 10 to 100+ plus denier which enables you to choose from among the various qualities i.e. from sheer to semi-sheer, opaque and mega thick. For office, mega thick thigh high stockings are considered best alternative of leggings and or tights during winter. They provide great coverage, are modest & warm. However, during summer sheer thigh high socks that give you almost a bare-leg look, are considered chic. Contradictorily, at office such stockings will totally dump your look. Instead, shop for semi-opaque or opaque thigh high socks during summer & spring.

Prefer Cotton Blends over Nylon

Since the emphasis is on modesty, prefer cotton socks over nylon. We have already discussed the denier. The heavier the denier the thicker are the socks. Thick socks are made from a mix of cotton & spandex blends whereas sheer are made from nylon+ spandex.

Layer your Leggings with Thigh High Socks

Leggings are known for being trendy, chic & hot. In case you can’t travel around without a pair of your favorite leggings; you can layer them up with a pair of thigh high socks to adjust to the working environment. Even the opaque of the leggings let your skin visible. Teaming them up with thigh high socks and a shift dress accompanied by a blazer will do in most scenarios.

Keep your Thigh High Socks New

It is crucial to take care of your long socks. Follow the washing instructions to keep them new. You don’t want to wear loose, faded or washed-out & grin-through thigh high stockings at office. Keep them separate from your casual stockings to avoid mixing them with your formal over-the-knee socks.

Choosing the Right Shade

Avoid choosing bright colored thigh high socks for office wear. Also avoid patterns. Go for solid and neutral shades such as black, navy blue, white & grey. These colors add a mature and a polish look.

Thigh high socks are more stylish than leggings and tights. They add more texture and interest to one’s persona. They also help you building a structured outfit to compliment any environment. Furthermore wearing thigh high socks make you look more polished than bare-legs look. Choose the right type for a walk-in interview & get hired immediately!


Wearing Cotton Thigh High Stockings at Office: 4 Rules to Structured Clothing for Conservative Environments

Generally speaking, women avoid thigh high stockings at work; thinking that they are overly casual. What women underestimate about thigh high tights is their ability of creating a great structured outfit that pulls up any corporate look. Unless, your work & designation requires you to be dressed in suits; thigh high stockings are an unparalleled choice when complimented accordingly. 

Some Rules to Wear Thigh High Tights at Office

1. Don’t Wear Sheer- Wear Cotton

Thigh high stockings that are sheer in nature are too sexy to fit in a conservative environment. Therefore, whilst picking thigh high socks for office, consider the dress-codes. Heavier cotton thigh high socks in neutral shades tend to be acceptable when complimented with loose & large enough staple components such as with a long top or a cardigan.

2. Cover your Body
Dress codes of every work space must be respected. Office is not a place where you take pride showing how flattering curves your body owns. Thigh high stockings keep you warm and your legs covered but this does not mean you can replace your pants with them. Even if your office has a relaxed environment, you must keep your curves covered. Wear loose garments or long skirts- be attentive about keeping your butt covered.

3. Avoid Patterned Stockings
There is a difference between casual & office stockings. Patterned and Kawai thigh-highs that are adorably adorned with lace must be avoided at office unless the weekends where most of the work stations allow their employees to feel casual. Cotton thigh highs with solid hues such as grey, black & white are considered corporate among business women.

4. Accessorize Accordingly
Thigh high stockings are very comfortable & cozy. The goodness they bring must not be confined to your couch or home where you are allowed to dress laxly. Make your thigh high leggings fit the conservative environment by accessorizing properly. Wear a single stranded pearl choker with a shift dress for a polish look.

Thigh high or knee-high socks can make or kill a look. If you lack the art of layering; you are probably going to make common sense errors. The rule of thumb lies in the integration of different clothing components with each other. When layering thigh high socks for office; give yourself a complete look in full length mirror to judge if your structured outfit looks cohesive. If something feels wrong; focus more on improving it. Remember, thigh highs accentuate your office look when paired with shift dress, shirt dress or tunics because they add great structure to your personality. 

Friday, 12 February 2016

Raven Cat Makeup using Phantasee Black Sclera Lenses

Be adventurous, be bold! Get raven cat makeup look with Phantasee Black Sclera lenses. Sabretooth black lenses are raven black and lustrous. They are 22mm in size so are bound to cover your eyes completely. They are 100% opaque thus they mask your eyes fully. Add some drama to your look by playing with deep and bright colors. Petrifying is fun!

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Natural Looking Yellow Gold Lenses: I-Codi Colors of the Wind No 13 Moonlight

These yellow gold lenses are great for cosplay. They are excitingly vibrant that makes them great for cosplay. I-Codi Colors of the Wind Moonlight No 13 are quite opaque, so despite being light in color, they show up pretty solid. The diameter is average i.e. 15mm yet the enlargement effect is noticeable due to the outer ring. Find out more details about I-Codi No 13 Moonlight lenses

Sweety Nudy Ice Grey for Light Eyes

Light eyes look enchanting if you get the right shade of circle contacts. Circle lenses that are translucent with hints of color matching the eyes, make an impression against light eyes. Sweety Nudy Ice grey are sheer grey lenses with blue-green hue surrounding the pupil hole. This enables soft and gradual transition of colors from lenses to pupil that is kept transparent to let you see through. Lenses boast super solid limbal ring which is good at ensuring a dolly effect . The lenses blend exuberantly. However the results may vary depending on the intensity of your natural eye color.

Shining Stars in Eyes: Sweety Twinkle Eye Grey

These adorable grey lenses are dark grey that look almost black. Sweety Twinkle Eye grey feature starry pattern that twinkle as light reflects. These tiny stars are spread across the lenses that create an illusion of galaxy-contained eyes. The enlargement is mild, so the over-all effect remains soft & natural. 

Bright Pink Lenses against Brown Eyes: I.Fairy Super Crystal Pink

These lucid pink lenses by I.Fairy are tempting for Valentine. They are super pigmented to show up and at the same time translucent enough to blend over brown eyes. I.Fairy Super Crystal pink are highly comfortable lenses since they boast a water content of 55%. The pattern is nothing complex as they are designed to match the real pattern of human eye. These lenses do not sport a limbal ring, therefore expect a subdued effect. From enlargement to opacity; everything is subtle with I.Fairy Super Crystal pink lenses.

Fantasy Elf Inspired Look using Lens Story Dolly+ Red

Red circle lenses are your best bet when impersonating into a wild creature or something that is out of this world. For fierce, bright red & smoldering eyes; get a pair of Lens Story Dolly+ red circle lenses. With 16.5mm diameter, these lenses produce the illusion of an incredible enlargement effect. Despite being huge in size, these lenses stay moist; though some may feel dryness which is easily relieved by lubricating drops. Lens Story dolly+ red lenses produce a sharp transition against light colored eyes which is in fact bluntly edgy.