Saturday, 9 January 2016

8 Tips: How to Wear Knee-High or Over-the-Knee Socks Four Seasons Like a Pro

Long socks have long been in fashion. The history of wearing socks dates back to Royal ancient times. From Egyptians, to Romans, to Greeks & Europeans all would fancy wearing socks. However, earlier socks were used to prevent the legs from harsh weather exposure. This is just few centuries back when women started wearing long socks to make a style statement. Socks have undergone various style improvements, both from product quality to design enrichment. Complimenting socks with your rest of the outfit is an art that can either make it or destroy it. Consider the pointers below to rock the trend this Fall/Winter

1. Long socks compliment every bone structure. If you have tall thighs, wear knee high socks to create an illusion of smaller thighs. On the other hand, over-the-knee or thigh-high socks should be worn to accentuate the small thighs.

2. Wear leg-hugging socks instead of short & bulky socks. Bulky socks are out of fashion these days though we expect it to be back in next couple of years.

3. Wear Knee-high socks with tall boots. This ensures an extra bondage of warmth during winter. The upper seam of the socks must reach just above the brim of the boots. Be sure, the color and the pattern compliments with the rest of the outfit.

4. Long socks should only be worn with short dresses, shorts or miniskirts. Otherwise, the outfit will be too overwhelming to compliment your most loved fashion accessory. The hem of your outfit must just reach the middle half of your thighs.

5. Add details to your outfit by layering socks with jeans or semi-sheer leggings.

6. High-heels or boots with closed-toe or open-toe takes the trend to a whole new level. If you are smart enough to be a party or club-girl; feel free to rock the trend.

7. Socks look great when you master the art of layering. Create layers with your outfit for instance mini skirt followed by hose leggings and knee-high plain cotton socks beneath tall boots.

8. Long socks beautifully compliment loose and baggy dresses. For winters, over-the-knee knit socks create a whole new look that further protects your body from freezing chills of the season.

Everybody has their own fashion sense. You look beautiful in your own skin. The tips mentioned above are just the guidelines to help you form your own signature style statement. Try long socks & decide, which way you look the best. 

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