Friday, 1 January 2016

Disturbance in Tear Chemistry Affects Contact Lens Tolerance

Our eyes are coated with a preventive tear film that keeps eyes lubricated and free from bacterial contamination. The very same tear film helps contact lenses float over the cornea. Every time we blink, a new and fresh supply of tears is released that ensures, contact lenses stay soft in our eyes. It also helps flushing irritants out of the eye. Disturbance in the tear film lays adverse effects on contact lens tolerance. Sadly; there are several factors that contribute negatively to reduce the production of the tear film. To continue wearing your contact lens without discomfort, take measures to keep your eyes lubricated the entire day.

Factors that Destroys the Tear Film Balance
  1. Air conditioners, heaters & wind all add to eye dryness. They evaporate tears quickly that leaves eyes dry & stingy. When the tears formation is reduced; eyes are barred to blink, which may cause problems with contact lenses
  2. Smoking, medications & birth control pills reduce contact lens tolerance.
  3. Alcoholic drinks & drugs reduce tear-formation that causes discomfort with contact lenses
  4. Working on computers, playing video games, or staring long at LCDs reduce the typical average blink rate. This leads to dryness which aggravates foreign body sensation in eyes.

How to Improve Tear Formation for Comfortable Contact Lens Wear

  1. Don’t wait for your eyes to burn or sting for using lubricating drops. Keep instilling eye drops at regular intervals for an increased tolerance with colored contacts
  2. Make use of humidifiers to balance the humidity with heaters. Hot air burns the moisture in the building that eventually cause dryness to both the body and eyes.
  3. Wear protective eye wear such as glasses and shades when travelling.
  4. Drink water to keep your eyes hydrated.
  5. Increase intake of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are not naturally produced by the body. Studies prove that omega-3 relieves dryness & are beneficial to brain, joints and heart muscles.
  6. Whilst working on a computer, take frequent breaks. Remember 20-20-20 thumb rule that stresses on a 20 second break after every 20 minutes and looking some 20ft away.

Tear film plays great role in keeping eyes comfortable. When the layer is disrupted, the entire ocular mechanism is disturbed. Eyes feel dry, blurred, inflamed and the stinging sensation is accompanied by hazy vision. Eat fresh vegetables, avoid alcohol, & take annual contact lens examination.

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