Monday, 18 January 2016

Café Maid Waitress Costumes: For SALE- as Low as $31.90

Café maid waitress costumes gained popularity because of the predominant maid cafes in Japan. A maid café is apparently almost the same with a difference that staff is composed of young, beautiful & fresh girls who are all dressed in maid uniforms. Café maid waitress costumes are available in several colors and designs. We take pride in our exemplary price-beating policy. Our maid costumes are a reflection of Japanese sub-culture. From Victorian inspired maid waitress outfits to frilly French maid costumes; all our cosplay dresses are unique, top-quality and durable.

Our maid costumes serve best as cafe waitress uniform, Lolita dress and or cosplay costume for your next convention. These outfits are beautifully sewn where the apron adds sensationalism and head-dress accentuates the entire attire. Maid costumes are accessorized by panniers, arm-wraps, sleeves, lace ties, bow-knots, coats & lace or sheer stockings etc. The skirt’s trim reaches half of the thighs that is often finished with a lace or ruffled fabric.

Our maid costumes are available in various sizes from Small to Extra Large where the length varies from 150 to 175cm. Since our maid costumes are made from 100% uniform fabric; they are all-season appropriate. In summer the fabric keeps you cool whereas in winter, you stay moderately warm wearing our maid costumes. They are color-fastened and can endure number of washes. Compliment your maid costume with cosplay wig & stockings for complete bespoke transformation. 

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