Saturday, 2 January 2016

3 Helpful Tips to Improve the State of your Dry Eyes during winter

Tear film is responsible for keeping eyes moist and lubricated. When the tears begin to evaporate more quickly than the average rate; dryness is experienced, that never comes alone. Winter eye dryness is accompanied by stinging, burning, inflammation or with difficulty in blinking eyes. An annoying sensation of foreign body keeps the patient disturbed. To improve the condition, artificial tears may help, or in severe conditions, getting an advice from your eye care expert is recommended.

  1. Dry winter air exacerbates dryness when you are outside whereas the use of heaters disturbs the humidity level inside home & office. If you wear contact lenses for vision correction, you might want to install humidifier in your home & office.
  2. Using rewetting drops such as Complete Blink n Clean, relieves dryness and makes it easy to tolerate contact lenses for the next couple of hours
  3. Quit smoking & intake of alcoholic drinks. Smoke from the cigarette may lead to dryness & irritation. The chemicals from cigarette when enter the blood-stream restrict blood-flow to retina which causes bloodshot & itchy eyes.

Keep yourself at a decent distance from fireplaces. Increase intake of omega 3 fatty acids, eat vegetables & drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Healthy eyes are window to the healthy soul. Colored contact lenses will float smoothly when your eyes are moist & are coated with tear-film in right consistency. For comfortable contact lens wear, remember; lubrication is the key!

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