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Leopard Makeup Tutorial using Geolica Euro Celine Green

These lemon green circle lenses by Geolica blend in subtly to ensure natural looking eyes. Geolica Euro Celine green are triple tone lenses that look beautiful against every eye color. The pattern is decent and sophisticated. They add a glossy finish to your eyes preventing any overwhelming drama. Below is the Leopard woman makeup tutorial using the same green lenses.

I.Fairy Moonlte Red Lenses against Light Eyes

These red lenses are super comfortable. Even people with eye allergies feel comfortable with I.Fairy Moonlite red lenses. They definitely enlarge your eyes for a doe eye effect. These lenses brighten up your eyes as if you had red gem stone studded in your peepers. They are also known as Princess Pinky Eclipse and are perfect for demonic, evil or vampires transformations. These lenses also compliment creepy cute makeup looks. 

Please checkout the video review in depth by our blogger below:

Hallowen Special: Alice Madness Hysteria Makeup using Phantasee Cyclop Lenses

For Alice Madness Hysteria transformation you need blood dripping red eyes. Phantasee Cyclop red sclera lenses depict the activation of Alice and confirms that she has been overpowered. These sclera lenses astound the people near-by. They hold others in shock & bewilderment since they cover your entire cornea.

Halloween Special: Best Trypophobia Makeup Tutorial with Wax & Krul Tepes Wig

Trypophobia is the fear of clustered holes like that in a flower of lotus. Trypophobia triggers 16% of the people as the cluster of holes can be found in sponges, soap bubbles etc. The cluster of holes when found on human body ensures a creepy, crawling sensation that is frightening to death. Trypophobe acne is a rare disorder of human skin that fears holes in the skin. It is one of the worst type of skin cysts/ acne that is disgusting yet intimidating. Trypophobe makeup is an special art that special effects makeup experts now conceive as per their own perception and execute on models for Halloween. 

Follow the Trypophobe makeup tutorial below. The wig used is Krul Tepes cosplay wig. "It's a long pink wig with two smaller attachable ponytails, which means that you can choose to wear them or not. I always love to have options, because if I had plans of cosplaying another pink haired character, I could wear the same wig and save some money. ^"-- Product review

Short Black Wig to Match Panda Kigurumi

Weather is switching from fall towards winter naughtily. Its time to get lazy in your couches in cozy well-heated rooms. Get all cuddled-up with a mug of coffee and your laptop by wearing this cute Panda onesie. It is extremely comfortable & warm. Wear it over your usual clothing or wear it directly; this onesie will keep you warm and protected from winter chills.

Ichimatsu Kohina cosplay wig is a short cute black wig that looks particularly great with Panda onesie. the wig is black; styled in a timeless short bob that touches your earlobes fancifully. Check out the complete review of Panda onesie & Ichimatsu Kohina wig

Cute Cat Lady Costume for Halloween: Purple Long Wig

Get your whiskers ready and your eyes crazy. It is finally Halloween today. After adding finishing touches to your costume and makeup using crazy lenses, you might want to intensify the entire disguise using a long wig that is spectacular and excels at grabbing attention. Shairakin Ririchiyo cosplay wig is deep purple, extremely long and with straight tresses. The wig is lusciously thick till the bottom and offers plenty of room for a custom trim. "The quality of the wig is so silky soft, I've not had my hair that soft in a good long years now and when I put on this wig I just couldn't stop touching it. It honestly makes you feel like (≧≦)ノ Ya feel?"- Check out complete review and a heaven of product pictures here in the review 

How to Dip Dye a Wig? Tutorial with Steps & Pictures

Synthetic wigs that are heat resistant can easily be straightened and dyed. However, keep in mind that not all wigs are capable of withholding the dyes & the temperature required in the dyeing. Only high quality 100% heat resistant synthetic wigs that are durable can go through the process. Please follow the tutorial on how you can dip dye your wigs to create an ecstatic ombre effect.  

"The fiber quality is amazing. As you can see in the photo, the color is the result of mixed shades of purple. It creates a very natural effect! Uniqso's team always provides you high quality products, and that's why I love them!"

Get Cat Eyes this Halloween with Geo Cat Woman Lenses

Today is the day! Leave an ever-lasting impression by blowing fire right at the eve of Hallows. Get your wild side out with Geo Crazy cat woman lenses. These yellow lenses with a vertical slit create a ghastly depiction of cat eyes. The yellow hue is opaque so expect strong color pay off- strong enough to mask the dark brown eyes beneath.

Nakano Azusa Cosplay Wig

I am very happy this wig.The wig is fairly high quality, the texture is really smooth so you can run your fingers through it or anything.Just few hairs came out when I was brushing it.   It is very very soft and easy to maintain. And the thickness is quite similar to  real hair. This wig just became one of my favorites! After trying it on, I found myself wearing it almost everyday .It’s very thick so people won’t be able to see any of your natural hair under your wig. 

3D Creepy Monster Teeth Tutorial: Sabretooth Sclera Lenses & Fake Nails

Special effect makeup though demand creativity & efforts; following tutorials we brought to you in collaboration with our makeup experts can bring out your hidden creativity too. The first ever necessity of terrific transformation that raises goose bumps is of course none other than Sclera lenses. Phantasee Sabretooth blackout sclera lenses are the hot-selling novelty lenses that ensure tremendously horrific disguises. These lenses are strongly pigmented and are perfect for both light & dark eyes.

Hell Girl Makeup Look with I.Fairy Cara Red

People often end up with red circle lenses for Halloween transformations. Since the color is unusual and striking; the eyes seem to stab the long-haunted victim. I.Fairy Cara red lenses are vivid that create an illusion of monstrous eyes. These lenses get even brighter under flash and strong lights and remain their true color even when it is dark outside. Check out the Hell Girl makeup transformation below using the same I. Fairy Cara red lenses that are also available in prescription. 

Friday, 30 October 2015

Creepy Skeleton Makeup Look with IS-Blackout Lenses

Black sclera lenses are most sought after novelty lenses for Halloween. IS-Black sclera lenses are totally Halloween stuff. They are entirely black & fully opaque. These lenses make it possible to achieve creepy Halloween looks. Create an epic makeup transformation with the help of these lenses and enjoy terrifying others. These sclera lenses are so realistic that even you would feel frightened by your own reflection in the mirror! Read more about these lenses : IS Sclera Review

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Long Black Hestia Wig

This is an exuberant black wig with three pieces. One short base wig and two long pony tails that are attached with the base. This wig has sleek fibers that do not shed. Hestia wig is light weight despite being long. "I give five stars for that wig, she loyal to this image on the site, is very beautiful, has a great quality, no loose strands, has a moderate shining, is lightweight and does not irritate the head.
The fringe is more fulfilled so that you can stylize the way you want."- Read Hestia wig review

Emerald Green Lenses for Brown Eyes: Dolly Eye Starry Eye Green

If you want to create an illusion of bigger and sparkling green eyes without over-whelming exaggeration then these Dolly Eye Starry Eye green lenses are for you. Unlike a usual expectation, these lenses lack outer ring. This is why the enlargement effect is subtle and natural. The color stands out since they are very bright. It appears almost emerald green over brown eyes. 

Yellow-Orange ICK Gaudy Brown Lenses against Sena Izumi Wig

Brown is the most sought after color in the circle lenses. Whether light or dark eyes; brown lenses seem to compliment beautifully. Light eyes, however often find it tricky to choose brown lenses since sometimes they don't tend to blend in. To over come this issue, try brown lenses with yellow under tones. ICK Gaudy brown lenses are multi-tone lenses with yellow orange dominant speckles. They are vibrant thus good to add some warmth to light colored eyes. These lenses make an excellent match with Izumi Sena short cosplay wig from Love Stage. 

Madoka Kaname Transformation using Madoka Cosplay Wig

Madoka Cosplay wig is a beautiful shade of pink. The cosplay wig is an accurate copy of Madoka's hair style.The wig is enticing three piece cosplay wig with a short bob base wig and two pony tails that can be separated when desired. Wear the bob alone that always remain timeless or wear them with pig tails if you are aiming for childish & innocent looks. The bangs require customized cut to fit your face.

Radiant Blue Enomoto Takane Wig

Kagerou Project wig for Enomote takane is a radiant blue cosplay wig that comes with twin tails. It is pretty thick with straight tousles. The wig has three pieces- base wig with two pony tails that are soft to touch & light weight. Enomote wig is good for cosplay and for all events where you would want to make a flashy appearance. Check out the transformation from masculine to feminine using the same spectacular blue wig.

Sailor Moon & Gugure Wigs: Warm Tones

Sailor Moon wig is a nice yellow-ish blonde, with a very warm tone. comes pretty much all styled, with pre-made buns and long "ponytails", but you have to cut the bangs to your own liking. It's 100 cm long, so it's a pretty long wig! The ends are nice and curly, and the style is simply very accurate and adorable. This wig is also heat resistant and can endure simple curling and straightening

Gugure wig comes in three pieces. One base wig, and two clip-ons. It's an orange-red, rather pale wig, and I think the shade is really cool! Different from most wigs I've seen around online. The clip-ons are easy to put on and take off and are somewhat thick, and about 100 cm long.

More pictures & review : here

Newly Released Anime Contact Lenses to Add Manga Inspired Sparkle

Anime Contact Lenses

Anime heroines are characterized by their large, lustrous and sparkling eyes. Japan has recently released a new line of “clear anime circle lenses” that besides adding to the size of the iris add a manga-specific shimmery effect to your eyes. These circle lenses strive to make you look-like an unworldly creature from the fictional world.

Ururu Eye 

Kirakira Eye

Kiratto Eye

Circle lenses that have been in the market for over two decades now, only create an illusion of bigger iris by manipulating the size of the diameter- as a result of which you get enlarged eyes that make you stand out. However, these new Japanese lenses created by Japan Eden Cosmetics Company offer multiple beauty enhancing benefits. They make human eyes shine bright by making them immensely reflective. Japanese animation effects are loud & exemplary due to which all manga characters seem to have striking, crystal-like eyes; faking the impression of gems. Drawing their inspiration from the hyped fictional characters, the company has introduced their line of circle lenses consisting of three lucid designs- each meant to ensure a teary eye look.

The series boast “Ururu, Kirakira & Kiratto Eye” that means “teary, twinkle & bright” respectively. Anime contact lenses are clever. They attempt to make your eyes more expressive. They also enrich your peepers with a beautiful 2D effect. Anime contact lenses by Eden Cosmetics is entirely a new concept as they let you mix and match between the different designs. All you get is; bright, lucid & sparkling eyes that are fabulously yours. Currently available in plano only, anime contact lenses bear a price tag of ¥ 3,300 (US$28.00)

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Halloween: 3 Bad Combinations with Contact Lenses


A lot have already been written about contact lenses being safe (FDA approved). Unless fake & counterfeit contact lens production is strictly monitored; availability of contact lenses for consumers will always remain a subject of conflict. As per medical authorities branded FDA approved circle contacts pose minimum threats because they have already been tested prior to pushing them into the market. However, one must not forget that contact lenses even with all the health certifications need proper regulation. Wearers must observe caution as contact lenses are medical devices and other decorative/medical accessories might contraindicate when used along with them. Halloween is apparently fun but it holds hidden dangers that you should stay vigilant of, specifically if you plan to wear crazy contact lenses with your costume.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks contain a luminescent liquid that help them glow in the dark. The stick if gets broken may spill out the content, causing temporary inflammation. According to Donna Taylor, certified specialist in poison information at the Tennessee Poison Center, the content is more of an irritant than actually toxic. If accidentally licked or swollen, trying a Popsicle or fuzzy drink will help improving the sour throat.  Care should be taken that the stick’s incandescent liquid does not contaminate contact lenses.  The content may develop corneal rash or stinging sensation. Immediately remove contact lenses and wash your eyes with cold water splashes. Contact poison control center if irritation, swelling or discharge persists.

Alcoholic Drinks
We all know that alcohol in excessive quantity is harmful. Alcoholic drinks are drying for the body and may cause dehydration. Therefore, avoid consuming too much of the alcohol whilst you party out like a ghoul with decorative contact lenses still in the eyes.

Face Paints

Before painting your face read the labels carefully. Some paints contain lead and other metals that are harmful and poisonous. These paints leave skin rash against which your body may react severely. Always do a patch test. Take care that face paints do not flake upon drying. The gunky particles of the face paint and craft glitters may sting your eyes bad. They leave scratches on contact lenses, which as it sounds is greatly gross. Only use FDA approved cosmetics, contact lenses & SFX paints to stay edgy.

If you can be concerned about the candy being safe for consumption that you won in trick-o-treat, then how can you lag insanely on these Halloween preparations? Spread awareness & stay alert before you make someone faint in your horror house this Halloween. Health comes first then come fun!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Geolica Eyevelyn Choco Lenses: 3 Disney Looks

Geolica Eyevelyn Choco lenses are UV protection hydrogel lenses. These lenses ensure maximum oxygen transmission thus they keep your eyes moist and comfortable. The hydrogel material increases contact lens tolerance and without turning your eyes dry, these lenses ensure crisp vision. They adorn your eyes with a subtle natural tint. A creative blogger created three different Disney looks using the same brown circle lenses. If you are looking to build your disney world this Halloween for your kids; get your hands on these promising Geolica Eyevelyn choco lenses

Psyco Clown Halloween Tutorial using Phantasee Warlock Red Sclera Lenses

Everyone is busy concocting horrific looks for approaching Halloween. The most important accessory that makes the huge world of a difference is Halloween crazy lenses. You can do fine with out costume; but without appropriate novelty lenses your entire makeup look and artistry stoops down. Don't spoil your efforts; get yourself a pair of Phantasee Warlock red sclera lenses to impersonate yourself into one of the most famous Psyco clown character. These are all black sclera lenses with burst of blood veins. 

Halloween Special: Grim Reaper Tutorial using I.Fairy Cara Red Lenses

Halloween is your babe if you are skilled at petrifying others with your gaze. Nothing can beat the significance of red eyes at Halloween when everything is about blood & gore. I. Fairy Cara red lenses are super vivid, and impression making. They illuminate your eyes with a red stare, hence are perfect for scary makeup looks. Check out the Grim Reaper makeup tutorial below:

Demon Plague Halloween Makeup using I-Codi Funcle Crazy Lenses & Beuberry Iris Yellow

Are you still hunting for Halloween makeup inspirations? With minimal proficiency and makeup supplies ; create this demon makeup look. This makeup look is one of its kind. Scary yet sexy. The red lips reflect the demon's erotic illusions where as possessed eyes tell about the evil nature. See how Beuberry Iris yellow & I-Codi Funcle Crazy lenses can spruce up the entire demonic transformation

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Do I Need Prescription for Cosmetic/ Halloween Contact Lenses?


A prescription is considered essential whether you wear contacts for vision correction or for color change. Prescription of contact lenses deals with the strength of the lenses you require depending on the level of your vision impairment, along with the other necessities, for instance; brand of the contact lenses & other fitting measurements. An eye exam prior to contact lens fitting & annual follow-up is recommended by eye experts to prevent CLIDs. Even decorative Halloween lenses require a valid prescription before you freak others out. To find out why, continue reading below:

General Assessment

1. It is misunderstood that a prescription is needed only when you get to correct your vision using contact lenses. Prescription actually is helpful in diagnosing a series of underlying infections that may be dormant now but are subjected to abrupt activation. Only a professional conclusion will be able to classify you as a successful contact lens wearer. Sometimes conditions like dry eyes syndrome, allergic responses & frequent infectious attacks may restrict you from wearing conventional contact lenses. There are special types of contacts available, for each diagnosis but only an eye care professional can help you making a selection.


2. Crazy contact lenses are more or less the same material, regular contacts are made of. Yet, you need to be a bit more vigilant as they are 100% opaque. This discriminates them from conventional contacts. Due to strong dyes being used in manufacturing, these lenses are a bit thicker that make them less permeable. Thus, Halloween contacts should be only worn for 4-5 hours. In case you are visually impaired; you would instead like to try regular contacts with unusual hues to suffice your costume because crazy lenses are not common in prescription.

3. If you are a beginner with no prior knowledge or experience of contact lenses then your first source of learning must be your eye doctor. He demonstrates in depth about contact lens handling, care & storage.

Contacts even if decorative pose no crucial threat, provided they are FDA approved. Talk to your doctor & discuss various available options/brands/ budget before you make your decision. However, keeping in mind that everything has disadvantages that may lead to unpleasant consequences would help consumers staying alert. Be sure you purchase your crazy contact lenses only from the sellers who deal in FDA approved Halloween contacts

Halloween Contact Lens Horror Stories: The True False Game


Gruesome Halloween horror stories might have made its way already in your social media news feed. Real life stories of how Halloween contact lenses leaving people permanently blind and helpless may have disturbed your everyday routine. People do risk their eye sight most at the Halloween, but it is their own insane & careless attitude that threatens. Halloween contact lenses that are FDA approved; are made using safe-for-health dyes under strict quality regulations. Next time, you read a news story; pay attention to the “Real factors” behind. It is rare that you get yourself injured wearing branded & certified crazy contacts- Even sclera contacts do fine, if the prescription is respected and guidelines are accurately followed.


Halloween is more fun than horror therefore it must not over-take the joyous venture. A typical news story will always hold decorative contact lenses responsible for the vision loss. What media forget to highlight is the “careless attitude” of the consumers. This is why; every year even with increased awareness & advanced technology in contact lens manufacturing, we see acute injuries at Halloween. If the consumers’ practices are not modified; we will continue to see such unfortunate headlines that dreadfully exacerbate.

An average contact lens virgin who has no prior experience with contact lenses is expected to hurt herself even if she is provided with contact lenses by her eye doctor. People rush to the hospitals at Halloween with excruciating pain, claiming that contact lenses have ruined their eyes. Their further explanations go like this:

As I've never worn contact lenses before, I didn't know how to put them in or what they should have felt like once they were sat on my eyes.

“"Then I fell asleep wearing the lenses and the next morning I woke up in absolutely agony.


Contact lenses whether prescription or decorative are “MEDICAL DEVICES” that should be handled carefully. Decorative contact lenses take your Halloween costume a level ahead, but it must never be on the cost of your eye sight. Before inserting crazy contact lenses in your eyes make sure the following:

  1. Read the instructions very carefully. I repeat, read the instructions very, very carefully.
  2. Make sure what you are inserting in your eyes are not a product of flea market, beauty salons, gas station or a street vendor. Be very conscious of the brand if you are purchasing them online.
  3. It is good to always try your decorative contact lenses at home before the arrival of the actual event/festive.
  4. Some decorative contacts may hinder with your vision due to the design. Therefore, be very careful about the tripping. Avoid going out in the dark with your crazy contacts in eyes if you have no prior experience of trolling with cosmetics contact lenses

Please consider this : “Every thing come with its own pros & cons and so do contact lenses”. Ignorance of usage instructions is no excuse. Contact lenses should not be used if the slightest of the discomfort is observed. Furthermore; a $10 pair of contact lenses can never be better than a pair of $23.00. Fake & counterfeit lenses may attract due to the cheap price tag they hold but afterwards you will be pushed to spend $350 on medical bill. 


We sell 100% genuine Korean origin circle lenses and have not received even a single complaint since the time we are in the business.  Place your order now for decorative contact lenses and enjoy the freebies!