Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I Fairy Jewel Violet Big Eye Contact Lenses

I.Fairy Jewel Violet are an extraordinary shade of brilliant violet. They contrast dark eyes marvelously and look lavish in the eyes. They provide great comfort and lovely eye enlargement. The bright shade of violet is what people will notice ^_^ 

I.Fairy Jewel Violet

I.Fairy Jewel Violet

Barbie Puffy Three Tones Green- Big & Beautiful Eyes

Its often difficult for dark brown eyes to change their eye color completely with circle lenses; but barbie puffy three tones green are awesome big eye circle lenses that cover up even the darkest shade of brown and provide maximum vibrancy. Not only this; the whole puffy series is incredibly comfortable and has a subtle enlarging effect. 

Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Green

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dolly Eye Georgiae Grey Big Eye Circle Lenses

Not a fan of over dramatic big eye lenses? We guess you need a pair of georgiae grey circle lenses. These belong to the family of natural big eye circle lenses that have a dia of 14.5 mm. The grey is real grey that is very subtle and makes your eyes look very very natural. The comfort is guaranteed whenever it is EOS/Dolly Eyes

I Fairy Dolly Red Big Eye Circle Lenses

Whoa; looking for some extremely intense vibrant and vivid red big eye circle lenses? Get I fairy Dolly Red and enjoy the velvety royal feel in your eyes. Stand out with the supreme red color that shine in your eyes like real rubies. Above all; they are super comfortable since these have a 55% water content and you are free to wear it for even 10+ hours.

See here other brands of Red big eye circle lenses

I.Fairy Dolly+ Red

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Dolly Eye Bling Brown Big Eye Contact Lenses

Dolly eye bling brown big eye circle lenses are a stunning shade of golden yellow that blends well with naturally brown eyes. Since the color is golden yellow; they tend to brighten-up the brown eyes. The pretty graphic design adds a bling touch to the eyes and make eyes shine. The end result is animated eye or dolly eye effect which you will surely love to have. Go here for more pictures of dolly eye bling brown big eye circle lenses review.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Guide to Halloween Contact Lenses

Halloween is coming soon in a few months time. {^__^}Every year without fail, you buy Halloween lenses to celebrate this important day. But do you know Halloween lenses in detail? Read on and we will tell you in 

A Guide to Halloween Contact Lenses

Sanka Rea Cosplay with Big Red Eyes Circle Lenses

Beuberry B.B Brown Big Eye Circle Lenses Review

These big eye circle lenses tend to look very natural especially in day light and design is not too fancy to look fake. They make your eyes look super big and give a dolly like appearance. For a detailed review click here

Crazy Sclera Lenses: 3 Steps How to Insert Crazy Sclera Lenses

It can be difficult to wear and remove regular big eye contact lenses for the beginners; but inserting crazy sclera lenses is even more challenging because it is bigger in diameter. Read more

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Recommended Gyaru Lenses

Are you a wanna be Gyaru? We keep sharing tutorials with you by following which you can transform yourself into a complete gyaru. 
Being a guaru is no more a difficult task when you have gyaru's favorite circle lenses in hand. 

Friday, 19 July 2013

Barbie Sasha Three Tones Pink Contacts

This is such an amazing pair of circle lenses. Barbie Sasha Three Tones Pink circle lenses appear violet on some eyes. Treat is this that though they sound crazy they look very natural on eyes. Give your eyes a super cute Kawai Look. The design is very stylish and the yellow strokes produce a lovely effect.

For more pictures and detailed review follow this site.

Glossary of Circle Lenses

A user may come across the following terms when he/she decides to purchase circle lenses. It is good to do some research always before placing your order. Continue reading to develop an educated insight towards your product. Your eyes deserve your attention and care. A wise purchase followed by a thoughtful decision will bring ever lasting positive impact on both i.e. your pocket and your eyes. So read what are the circle lenses jargon you should know before buying~

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Cosplay Lenses: Different Fascinating Types of Cosplay Lenses

Cosplay lenses are becoming a mandatory element of all costume parties. People use cosplay lenses either to match with their outfits or to replicate a character they are performing about. Cosplay lenses or costume contact lenses are specially designed to bring a huge change in your eyes by adding a color. They enhance your eyes with a unique pattern that is uncommon otherwise. Read more in "Cosplay Lenses: Different Fascinating Types of Cosplay Lenses"

How to Get Used to Wearing Big Eye Contact Lenses?

Big eye contact lenses are better than spectacles; though they require greater maintenance than spectacles. Either you are using big eye contact lenses for vision correction or simply for transforming your eye color; you will need following things to follow. 

I Fairy Super Crystal Green Big Eye Circle Lenses

I fairy super crystal green big eye circle lenses look very light in color but when you wear it will seem to change its color with your natural eye color. On dark eyes they look like blue-green in color and make your eyes look sparkling. Some people opine that I fairy super crystal give you an anime look. Read a review of I Fairy super Crystal Green Lenses

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Dolly Eye Pop C Light Grey Circle Lenses

Fond of having dolly eyes? Get a pair of dolly eye pop c light grey circle lenses! Floral pattern really give you a cute dolly look and is very similar to geo super angel grey big eye circle lenses

These circle lenses are good in reflecting light and hence make your eyes look clear and shiny. Perfect to wear in natural lightening conditions even without heavy makeup application! See the pictures of dolly eye pop c light grey circle lenses.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Barbie Puffy Three Tones Grey Big Eye Circle Lenses

These lenses are very vibrant and give you a lovely dolly look. For most of the people dolly eye puffy three tones is a comfortable series and hence it is loved by many. This enlarges your eyes to a good extent and still is even suitable for those having small eyes.  See how barbie puffy three tones grey look on small eyes.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Beauty Secret of Ulzaang, Gyarus and Real-Life Barbies

Ever wonder how do these Ulzaangs, Gyarus and Real Life barbies manage to get beautifully wide and big eyes? During all the eras women have this craziest desire in heart to achieve super sexy big eyes. Big eyes are a depiction of innocence and cuteness. You can make your eyes look big like these fashion icons either by following some simple big eye makeup techniques or by using big eye circle lenses. Get to know the difference between ulzaangs, gyarus and real life barbies here~

Vision Correction: Big Eye Contact Lenses or Glasses?

Often time you find it difficult to decide whether you should choose big eye contact lenses as the way of your vision correction or should you move for a traditional mode i.e. glasses. Some people think wearing big eye contact lenses is more beneficial as it does not cause strain on your nose and ears like glasses do. However at the same time; there are people who would prefer glasses only; as they might have several misconceptions about wearing big eye contact lenses for all the time. Know more about the pros and cons of glasses and contact lenses.

Celebrities Who Wear Big Eye Contact Lenses

It’s a no doubt that big eye contact lenses/ colored contact lenses have been favored by celebrities around the globe for quite a long time now. Celebrities are trend setters and fashion icons. We want to copy their style and feel pleased to look like them.

Therefore, along with revealing the favorite big eye contact lenses of internet celebrities like ulzaang, gyarus and real life barbies we are now proud to reveal the big eye circle lenses that are worn by Hollywood and Middle East Celebrities. Read this to know who are the celebrities wearing big eyes circle lenses.

How to Treat Inflamed Eyes after Accidental Nap?

Sleeping with big eye contact lenses is strictly prohibited since it does not allow enough oxygen to enter into your eyes and therefore leave them dry. This causes serious eye infections such as eye irritation, itching and inflammation in eyes that is medically known as “conjunctivitis”. Wanna know more, read How to Treat Inflamed Eyes after Accidental Nap?

Saturday, 13 July 2013

How to Deal with Blurry Big Eye Circle Lenses?

If on wearing your big eye circle lenses you notice the blurred vision; some of the following may be the reasons.

  1. You have been wearing them for longer durations than the time period prescribed.
  2. You have been mishandling your big eye circle lenses
  3. You have not disposed of your big eye circle lenses as recommended if you are using disposable lenses.
  4. You have not replaced your case of big eye circle lenses for a very long time.
  5. Your big eye circle lenses are damaged, broken or torn.

The first four reasons point out to a single solution-“Your big eye circle lenses need thorough cleansing”. However; if the fate has been unlucky this time and you notice that your big eye circle lenses are broken and torn; there is nothing that can be done now. Immediately throw them of in the garbage pan; so that you do not insert those torn circle lenses again in your eyes mistakenly. Broken big eye circle lenses besides causing blurred vision also are the reason of halos’ and rainbows’ occurrence around the objects.

For the rest of the four reasons of blurred big eye circle lenses; follow the procedure given below and get your big eye circle lenses cleared from debris and protein accumulation like a pro. Remember; cleansing of big ye circle lenses vary with the different types of lenses.

  1. If you use disposable lenses an enzyme tablet will be sufficient to remove the protein from its surface. If your disposable big eye circle lenses are still blurred; you need a replacement.
  2. For gas permeable big eye circle lenses; you need an eye doctor to polish those for you
  3. For soft big eye circle lenses/contact lenses get your hands on a “multi-purpose” solution and disinfect your lenses as recommended.

Protein accumulation smudgesbig eye circle lenses that create blurry vision. Sometimes lenses become dry and therefore get broken. To avoid this; always keep checking your big eye circle lenses/contacts even when you aren’t wearing them. You may need to add solution every 15-20 days depending on the water content of the lenses you have bought. Be very careful; that your big eye circle lenses are completely soaked in the multi-purpose solution.

When you take out your contacts after a long duration; cleanse them thoroughly. Do not forget to first disinfect your hands before handling your big eye circle lenses. Do not use lenses for more than the allowed hours each day. If you still choose to go the other way round; your cornea becomes deprived of oxygen and may cause serious threats.

Last but not the last; keep your eyes hydrated especially if your eyes are sensitive and dry. Rewetting eyes with quality eye drops help keep the lenses clear and eyes hydrated! Always buy high quality big eye circle lenses from authentic dealers like Uniqso. Remember; your eyes are precious and should be given utmost attention and care. Do not get crazy for cheap big eye circle lenses; instead look for rewardsdeals and promotions through which you can get your hands on some high quality expensive big eye circle lenses and save money!

Kawaii Super Big Eye Circle Lenses in Brown

These are one of the most raved big eye circle lenses. These super big eye circle lenses are available in 20mm diameter; hence having amazing qualities of enlarging your eyes. They blend quite well with natural eye color and are extremely vibrant. Might not be natural for some, but the flames' pattern gives your eyes a gorgeous effect. Read a Review and see pictures here.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Dolly Eye Pop C Light Brown Big Eye Circle Lenses

Dolly Eye Pop C Light Brown circle lenses do not highly enlarge your eyes yet are very dramatic for both night and day wears. These big eye circle lenses look amazing with flash and hence are perfect for photo-sessions. These are similar to Geo Angel Brown circle lenses and the pattern is very floral and cute.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Difference between Contact Lenses and Circle Contact Lenses

Circle Contact Lenses (a.k.a Circle Lenses)


Contact Lenses

Both contact lenses and circle contact lenses are the need of time and are high in demand. Circle contact lenses though enjoy a higher position than simple contact lenses- they serve you both ways i.e., functional and decorative.

Circle contact lenses are often known as “circle lenses”, “big eye contact lenses” or “big eye circle lenses”. They are special and modern type of contact lenses that aim to make your iris appear bigger and eyes larger and wider. They are colored contact lenses; hence are very helpful if you are looking to change your eye color.

Some types of circle contact lenses also add a glow and make your eyes appear bright and vibrant. Circle contact lenses were originated from Korea and Korean actresses made the trend of wearing circle contact lenses viral. Now; these lenses are worn by a wide majority of people belonging from all the countries of the world. The craze is especially common among teen-age girls and boys since they believe circle contact lenses make them look cute and innocent by making their eyes bigger. Circle contact lenses are capable of adding a charm to your personality if chosen correctly according to your skin tones.

Circle contact lenses are also available in prescription for which you do not necessarily need to show the prescription if you prefer to buy them online. In western countries it is prohibited to sell circle contact lenses at stores; therefore you should get your favorite pairs from authentic dealers and online stores like Uniqso.On buying circle contact lenses online you also get to save money by availing various tempting deals, coupon codes, monthly promotions, discount offers and rewards.

Circle contact lenses are available in different effects and diameters from 14.00 mm to 20.00 mm. However simple contact lenses are typically used to correct the problems in your vision. They are more like a medical device than a fashion accessory. They do not let you make your style statement since they are often transparent. Moreover the diameter is also not more than the diameter of the human eye. On the other hand circle contact lenses have many purposes. Now with the modern technology there are special types of circle lenses that are favored by cosplayers for special occasions like Anime conventions and Halloween make-overs. Circle contact lenses can be categorized into the following:

  1. Big Eye Contact Lenses/ Big eye circle lenses according to diameter
  2. According to water content
  3. According to tones
  4. Prescription circle contact lenses
  5. Circle contact lenses without black rim (Natural)
  6. Crazy/ Anime/Cosplay Circle Contact Lenses
In short; if you are looking for contact lenses that do not only correct your vision problem but also make your eyes big and beautiful then you should go for circle contact lenses or big eye contact lenses. They are handy and who knows you might need them for a “Cosplay” in future! Just do not forget to disinfect your big eye contact lenses properly after every wear!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Geo Super Angel Grey Big Eye Contact Lenses

Geo Super Angel Grey contact lenses are awesome since they have a natural floral pattern and enlarge your eyes in a way that does not look fake. Really comfortable and can be worn on daily basis. Please find a review here on geo super angel grey big eye contact lenses

Geo Nudy Green Big Eye Lenses Review

These produce a big and dolly enlargement. They are very comfortable like all the geo nudy series. They are very pigmented even though they belong to a nudy series; but surprisingly they end-up looking awesome even on dark brown eyes. Have a look here

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Big Eye Circle Lenses: Black Beauties with Green Eyes

Where fair complexion is considered a sign of beauty in South Asian and South East Asian Countries; black people are considered special and lucky in the European Countries. There are famous black celebrities who have light colored eyes. The green, blue and hazel eyes add an untold charm in their personalities that they carry in an enchanting style to capture the hearts of the fans.

Robert Richard

Robert Richard has pale green eyes. You can get pale green eyes with GEO Berry Cessy Green circle lenses

Gerald Kelly

He is a successful comedian and is famous for his pale green eyes. These pale green eyes stand out from his skin tone and make him easily spotted and noticeable everywhere. You can get pale green eyes with Dolly Eye Starry Eye Green circle lenses

George Wilson

Another color that might be an inspiration for dark skin tones is a shade of greyish green. This shade has blending abilities on dark skins and creates mesmerizing honey eyes. If you are fancying the same eyes for yourself; get your hands on Dolly Eye Natural 3 Tones Green circle lenses.


Rihanna needs no introduction. She is a singer with unmatchable traits. She is considered seductive in the glam world. Her eyes and her voice are enough to capture your heart and soul. Rihanna has beautiful green eyes with a hazel star-bust. Get Rihanna like eyes with Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones Green big eye circle lenses.

Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy has lovely aqua eyes. Her eye shade is between green and blue. Such double shaded eyes seem to change the color with outfits. Sometimes they look more greenish and sometimes they look more bluish just as the water waves change the colors! You can also get Nicole eyes’ with Dolly Eye Dizon Eye Green circle lenses.

Geo Nudy Grey Big Eye Lenses Review

If you want comfort; go grab geo nudy grey big eye circle lenses. They are very soft and natural and the color blends well with dark brown eyes. Fun for every day look; glowing big eye lenses in fact. More pictures of geo nudy grey can be traced in this review.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Dolly Eye Crystal I Hazel Circle Lenses

These big eye lenses make your eyes shine like sparkling crystals and are a lovely earthy shade. Subtle yet very pretty enlargement and the shade is similar to the color of golden yellow honey comb. 

For more pictures and review in depth go here.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Natural yet Lovely: Dolly Eye Crystal Grey Big Eye Lenses

"Dolly Eye Crystal I Grey Circle Lenses are like jeweled eyes. The limbal ring is not very noticeable and so these big eye lenses can be worn with or without makeup for casual look. On some eyes they may appear kind of blue; but whatever the color is ; it is lovely"; says a customer in her review

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Dolly Eye Pop C Dark Grey Color Contact Lenses

Dolly eye pop C dark grey circle lenses are one another natural design two tone circle lenses that produce vibrant results even on dark eyes. They cover eyes pretty well and even if your eye color is kind of very dark it will not show up. The black outer ring and the 15.5 mm diameter creates a satisfying enlargement. 

"Looks good for natural looks, or whatever you want to achieve with it! Te things that sets Uniqso from other online shops is their workers. I swear, they’re just the best people in the world. They’re so nice and very friendly. :)" ; Excerpt from a review here

Monday, 1 July 2013

I Fairy Casper Green Lenses Makes your Eyes Shine Like Emerald

I Fairy Casper green circle lenses are one of the most loveliest creation by I Fairy. The tones that are yellow, purple and green with a black limbal ring make your eyes stand out with or without application of heavy makeup. Enlargement effect is 16.2 mm and the blending effect is remarkable on both light and dark eyes.

Click here to view more real life pictures on I fairy casper green circle lenses. Find the closeups of Casper green circle lenses here.