Tuesday, 12 January 2016

6 Best Tips to Protect your Eyes & Vision

Eyes are a gift that you are bestowed with, just once in a lifetime. There are many external agents that prose dangers to eyes deteriorating the vision gradually. From dust, smoke, UV rays, contact lenses, glasses to unhygienic practices & everything that your eyes absorb from the environment plays a negative role until you make strong efforts to maintain good health by meticulous cleansing of contact lenses and excellent hygienic habits. As per Optegra Eye Health care report; 4 out of 5 persons in Britain worry about protecting their eye health but only less than half of the population actually visits eye doctor for regular eye tests. Follow the tips below to keep your vision sharp & eyes perfect in shape.

1. Be Careful with Makeup
Makeup must be removed every night before going to bed. Makeup particles can come in contact with your eyes that may deposit on your cornea. Over the course of time, the debris can cause infection leading to vision loss.

2. Remove Contact Lenses
Don’t go to bed with contact lenses. Sleeping in with contact lenses is strictly prohibited. Since contact lenses block oxygen transmission, wearing them at night whilst you sleep may create complications that may be difficult to treat.

3. Wear Sun Glasses Along with UV Protection Contact Lenses
UV exposure is harmful to eyes the same way it is for your body. Sun glasses that actually have the tendency of intercepting UV rays may be quite expensive. Depending on your budget you can either get UV protection sun glasses or prepare an extra layer of protection by wearing UV interception contact lenses along with locally available shades. UV interception contact lenses block harmful sun-rays reaching your eyes which prevent from pre-mature ageing and macular degeneration.

Be very careful when you go snow skiing during winter and tanning in summer. Over exposure to sun may cause long term damage such as skin cancer

4. Always Remember: Water & Contact Lenses are a No-Match
Water and contact lenses should never be brought into contact. Water contains a virus “Acanthamoeba” that may cause a very rare but fatal infection “Acanthamoeba Keratitus”. This devours human cornea and it often is too late before you could make a difference.

Practice caution at washing face, swimming, taking a hot tub bath, and whilst you surf wearing contact lenses.

5. Quit Smoking
Smoking is injurious to health. It leads to corneal infiltrates, dryness and irritation that makes wearing contact lenses difficult.

6. Keep Yourself Hydrated
There is no denial to the fact that water is life. Keeping yourself hydrated is the key to stay healthy & fit. Drink plenty of water everyday as dehydration can lead to dryness & irritable eyes. Wearing contact lenses with dry eyes syndrome may induce eye sores and affect contact lens tolerance negatively.

Omega 3 fatty acids & nutritional supplements further help improving eye sight. 

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