Monday, 31 August 2015

I-Codi Naty IC3 31 Blue and Short Blue Chitose Senri Wig

These multi tone blue circle lenses are striking and over-whelming. However, once they are into your eyes they calm down and strive to get blended with your original eye color. I-Codi Naty IC3 31 blue are glorified by the green flecks that tend to accentuate typically light colored eyes. The pattern looks simple as the transition is very soft and natural. When paired with Chitose Senri short blue wig, the personality gets boosted up for extra attention. The wig is good for creating volume. The fibers are strong enough to hold the spikes and quirky styling. Check out the reviews here and here

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Get Bright youthful Eyes: Geolica Holicat Barbie Cat Hazel

"In my opinion, of many circle lenses I have worn, I would say that Barbie Cat hazel would be the most beautiful hazel brown. As you can see, my natural eye colour is dark brown so I've been trying to look for a nice subtle light brown/hazel as I believe on oriental eyes, if you don't want to look too extreme and unnatural then brown or hazel lenses are the way to go. 

Including the ones I've tried previously, I'd say these are my fave lenses so far. Since these are monthly lenses they are more breathable for the eyes as they're more thinner than the yearly ones. They are natural looking yet gives the eyes the sparkle and colour which I love. So until I find a more gorgeous looking one in the future, the GEOLICA Holicat Barbie Cat Hazel is on the top of my list."

The above excerpt is shared from this Geolica Holicat Barbie Cat Barbie hazel review

Decent Grey Lenses for Guys: ICK Gaudy Grey

Who said circle lenses is only a girls' thing? There are decent circle lenses that even guys can equally flaunt. ICK Gaudy grey circle lenses are though full of enchantment, they still manage to look decent against masculine features. ICK Gaudy grey lenses are composed of yellow, grey and black hues. Though the colors look very saturated at first, they become very opaque as you wear them against dark eyes. These lenses stand out and successfully enjoy the ecstatic attention.  

Simple Everyday Eye Makeup using Stella Lashes & Geolica Euro Celine Hazel

These Geolica Euro Celine hazel look greenish brown with an over-powering yellow tinge. These circle lenses look very natural on dark brown eyes. The enlargement effect is also very muted to ensure perfect casual looks suitable to compliment your every day makeup. For every day makeup look, pair these lenses with Stella pointed 5506 false eye lashes. These eye lashes are light-weight & sparse. The crisscross knotting of these lashes fill in the gaps of your natural lashes decently. They create an illusion of decent and voluminous lashes. Follow the makeup tutorial instructions below or check out the complete review for more photos. 

ICK Cherie3 Grey: Mellow & Natural

Grey circle lenses are world's most resorted circle lenses. They keep your eyes look natural whilst making them attention-grabbing. 

"There is quite a bit of enlargement with these circle lenses because the diameter is 15 mm, but there isn’t a thick black ring around the edge of these lenses, so they do look more natural than dolly. Notice how they blend very well. This is because the circle lenses hare a more spotted pattern so there are gaps for your natural eye colour to blend into the lenses but your natural eye colour doesn’t overpower the circle lenses. " -- Read detailed review 

Anime Trails: Kurotsuchi Nemu Wig & ICK Adora Red Lenses

Anime protagonists are often witnessed flaunting long, straight, shiny and sleek veil of black tresses. If you have been dreaming to achieve the same look, we have here something to inspire you. ICK Adora red lenses and Kurotsuchi Nemu wig help you mimic the look fo your favorite anime character.

ICK Adora red lenses are scintillating bright lenses so it is obvious of them to be obtrusive. They enlarge eyes pretty fancifully, whilst staying very comfortable. When paired with black long Nemu wig, these lenses become more vivid and attention grabbing. Nemu wig is intense black, long and bouncy despite having straight locks. It is as black as a dark night. Fortunately enough the wig needs no prior trimming or an accentuating complimentary cut. Nemu wig already boasts blunt bangs that completes the anime looks gracefully. 

Disco Vibrant Violet Lenses: I.Fairy Ryusei Violet

These enchanting circle lenses boast a beautiful fusion of various magical hues. The amalgamation of blue, violet & green give you beautiful eyes from fairy-tales. Though the violet is subdued, the dolly enlargement and the vibrant design make you the apple of all eyes. I.Fairy Ryusei violet adorn your eyes with a beautiful glossy finish that everyone would envy.

Captivating I.Fairy Casper Green

These breathtaking green circle lenses make you a captive of the charm & beauty they hold. I.Fairy Casper green circle lenses are a fine example of incredibly sophisticated design. The lenses are one of their own kind as the amalgamation of multiple tones take them a level ahead. They are vibrant and enlarging that make these lenses a fun choice. The power of eccentric involvement is over-powering that makes every one fall in love with I.Fairy Casper green. 

        Courtesy of  uhmanduhoh

Monday, 24 August 2015

Can I Swim Wearing Synthetic Wig without damaging it?

Generally speaking, swimming with your synthetic wig on is not a good idea. There are different types of synthetic wigs available that withstand to the environments differently (depending on the fiber used) Swimming in the sea or pool water affect the texture and color of the synthetic wigs adversely. To find out if your synthetic wig is compatible with chlorine or salt water, read below:
  1. Synthetic wigs that are safe to swim with, are constructed differently and they are usually made of human hair. Synthetic wigs when are exposed to salt or chlorine water; develop frizz & lose shine. Chlorine may react to discolor your wig and even the texture changes from soft to brittle.
  2. It is also advised that synthetic wigs must not be left unattended when wet. Any abnormal pressure, wringing & trapping of fibers whilst you swim wearing synthetic wig can make the wig lining lose. Due to this, your wig begins to thin.
  3. If the temperature is unbelievably hot outside, synthetic wig is at greater risk of being damaged. Blazing UV rays will do their damage whereas chlorine water of the pool further destroys the fiber.
  4. For underwater cosplay photography, you can have a brief safe dip. However, swimming is not suggested since the water waves may exert pressure.

After being done with your marine photoshoot, let your synthetic wig air-dried naturally. The wig should either be hanged on a Styrofoam head or any other hanger that allows enough of the air to pass through the fibers. Air-drying synthetic wigs will help reverting to the factory-built style and bounce.

Some inexpensive synthetic wigs can be purchased if taking a swim in the pool is inevitable. Or, you can wear a wig scarf for protection against the damage caused by chlorine, salt or UV rays. 

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Is it Normal for Contact Lenses to Float Around?

Courtesy of topazarbell

Contact lenses are designed to float on your iris. Contact lenses do not stick to your eyes but keep floating every time you blink. Therefore, floating of circle contacts is considered healthy & normal. Usually, floating does not interfere with vision. However, sometimes depending on the design; contact lens movement may create hindrance in maintaining crisp vision. If you are suspicious about your contact lenses floating way too much, check by your doctor as it may be a sign of “astigmatism”. Healthy floating of circle lenses depends upon the following factors:

Improper Fitting
If contact lenses do not fit your eyes properly they stay loose due to which they can fall off or get trapped in the eyelid. The normal base curve values ranges between 8.00 to 10.00 mm. Circle lenses with 8.6mm fit best to most of the people. Contacts with too tight base curves can block oxygen permeation.

Blinking causes circle lenses to move several millimeters every time a person blinks. Due to blinking circle lenses are slightly decentered, but within fraction of seconds they relocate themselves without even letting you realize.

Tears facilitate contact lens floating. Tears help keeping your eyes and lenses moist that enables easy movement. This also helps better oxygen transmission to all the areas of cornea through tears. When eyes become dehydrated, floating is compromised that causes irritation & inflammation of eyes.

Contact lenses are made to float on eyes. However, some crazy reptilian designs that are 100% opaque may be very annoying when the slide up and move. They create obstacles in seeing clearly as they shift a few millimeters and float around. At Halloween, when you are nothing but a dare-devil, observe caution whilst wearing such crazy lenses. You may trip over in a dark alley due to poor sight. Other than few designs, floating of contact lenses must go unnoticed. If it is bothersome, get yourself an appointment from a doctor. 

5 Environments you should be Careful about when wearing Contact Lenses

Circle contact lenses are generally safe to wear but there are certain places where you should make sure that your eyes remain safe. Contact lenses don’t hurt by themselves, provided they are FDA approved. Yet they may be somewhat painful if carelessness is shown.

1. Welding Workshops & Chemical Industries
Welding labs and operators face an array of hazards from fumes to electric shocks and suffocation. A welder is required to wear special fire-resistant costume & safety eye wear. Contact lenses should be avoided in welding areas because of the high heating temperatures. Chemical industries that generate fumes, gaseous vapors & infrared radiation may also hinder with proper contact lens functioning. Since contact lenses are like a sponge; they let in all the gases they are exposed to.

2. Sports Courts
Observe caution whilst playing sports like badminton, tennis, and other close eye contact games. If you wear prescription contact lenses, create an extra barrier of safety by wearing safety eye wear to prevent serious damages. Wearing circle contacts whilst playing video/computer games can also cause eye-strain.

3. Beauty Salons
Though beauty salons must not prevent you wearing your fashion cosmetic lenses, it is advised to be a bit more vigilant during your stay in the building. A salon deals with hair sprays/aerosols, deodorants, cologne spray etc that might cause the appearance of an annoying film over the surface of contact lenses. Keep your eyes shut when you get finishing touches to tame your tresses using a hair spray.

4. Extreme Temperature Changes

Georgia May's Courtesy
Use caution when wearing circle contacts in extreme temperature zones. I.e. sub-zero temperature or the places that have high heating temperatures such as oven, fire-place etc.

Also Read: 

5. Windy & Dusty Places
Wear safety eye wear to prevent irritation. Dust particles and windy weather irritate your eyes. Windy climate further turn your eyes & lenses dry.
Contact lenses should be immediately removed if they become uncomfortable suddenly & consistently. Avoid wearing circle lenses when you have cold or flu. Contact lenses are medical devices and you should only wear them if you consider yourself mature enough for the meticulous handling they demand. 

Friday, 21 August 2015

Contact Lenses: 5 Ways to Survive Long Haul Flights

The aircraft cabin though has an increased atmospheric pressure, reduced relative humidity and reduced oxygen availability, the contact lens wearers remain unaffected even it is a long haul flight. However, a contact lens wearer should be more careful if they wish to survive the flight without any ocular discomfort.

1. Carry Re-wetting Drops in a Zip-Lock Bag

Choosing to wear contact lenses during a flight is a personal taste. If your eyes are naturally moist you certainly will survive the flight. If your eyes are drier we recommend you to carry the solution to rewet contact lenses, lubricating eye drops & handling accessories of contact lenses. Due to the increased pressure, the solutions may leak. To prevent accidental wastage of your limited solution keep you travel-sized bottles protected in a zip-lock bag. (Most of the flight allow only 2oz of liquid)

2. Carry a Hand- Sanitizer & Cleansing Wipes in your Hand Bag

Before you touch your contact lenses your hands should be properly sanitized. If you are quirky and believe that air-plane lavatories don’t have up-to-standard clean water, you always have the option to enjoy the convenience of a hand sanitizer. Wipe your hands with cleansing wipes and you are all set to re-insert or take your contact lenses out.

3. Use an Eye Mask

Sleeping with contact lenses is not a good idea. Experts recommend to take contact lenses out even before a nap. When you are travelling via a long haul flight, you should pay attention to keep your eyes moist. If your eye lids don’t shut off fully as you sleep; kindly use an eye mask to keep your eyes warm & stay lubricated. Sleeping in contacts under reduced atmospheric pressure may create a seal that makes it difficult to take them out.

4. Avoid Contact lenses with High Water Content
Though contact lenses with high water content are considered most comfortable lenses, it is better to avoid them in a long haul flight. Contact lenses with water content 55% get dry quickly. In order to quench their hydration needs they disturb the tear chemistry and create a stinging sensation.

5. Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

It is advisable to always travel with two pairs of contact lenses. Prescription contact lenses are a necessity. Therefore, in case of mishaps you should always have a backup supply. Wearing daily disposable contact lenses during a flight and keeping your annual prescription contact lenses saved for the destiny makes sense.

It is completely a personal choice to wear contact lenses in a flight. Despite the recycled air & 20% relative humidity you can safely wear contact lenses with/without slight discomfort. Follow the above stated tips to survive a long haul flight when you are inclined to stay loyal to contacts.

Contact Lenses could have Saved Irish Boy from Rugby Termination

By an unfortunate strike of fate, a 7 year old boy was ceased to play rugby because of the sports goggles he wears. Ryan Totten, from Colerane in county Antrim has already played rugby for his home town for 3 years. According to the experts, contact lenses could have saved him from exclusion.

According to the reports, Ryan wears sport goggles that meet EU & British safety standards to improve his vision. However, sadly, as per the IRFU rules (Irish Rugby Footbal Union) he was asked to leave the pitch due to his eyewear that bans players to continue participating in the contest. Current IRFU rules state: “In the interest of safety (of the player wearing the goggles and other players) and best practice, the wearing of glasses or goggles when participating in the contact format of rugby cannot be allowed.” The ban has left the boy embarrassed, upset & disappointed.

While the fact is unclear, what prevented the young sportsman to switch to contact lenses; optometrist & chairman of BBR Optometry, Nicholas Rumney stated that contact lenses could have been a better option. Commenting on BBC report that suggests that Ryan is too young to wear contact lenses, he explained that there is no global consensus on when to initiate contact lens wear. “There are no such age barriers”; he emphasized.

President of the British Contact Lens Association, Brian Tompkins, added: “While I’m not familiar with Ryan’s specific eye care needs, a child of his age should be able to wear contact lenses. I actually had two seven-year-olds in practice today for a contact lens review.”
Totten- the school boy pleas IRFU to change its stance because the forced prevention from playing Rugby for something he was made by God has left him broken & immensely sad.
Mr Tompkins told OT: “Any parent interested in getting contact lenses for their child, should speak to their eye care practitioner, who will be able to advise them if lenses are suitable for their child and if so, fit the appropriate lens."
Unless your child is a patient of critical eye disorders that render contact lenses incompatible, you can safely let your child wear prescription contact lenses. Don’t let the vision problems take young dreams away. 

Be the Star with Stella False Eyelashes

Stella false eye lashes are culled from Taiwan. They are 100% hand-made, light-weight & sterilized lashes that prevent drooping of eye lids. Stella false eye lashes come in several designs from daily wear to dramatic wears- all equally comfortable.
  1. Since Stella false eye-lashes are nylon made they are soft and are more promising. Generally, plastic lashes are stiff & heavier. They cast unnatural looks whereas Stella false eye lashes ensure natural curl to your lashes.
  2. Stella false eye lashes ensure utmost comfort. They make use of cotton or nylon lash band. Polyester is soft fiber but consumers find it difficult to put on lashes skillfully that are made on polyester band. Cotton lash band provides the same natural and light feel that a polyester band does. This is why Stella false eye lashes emphasis more on cotton or nylon lash bands.
  3. The lash band used in Stella false eyelashes is almost invisible. This is why these lashes are endorsed by world’s celebrities. The lashes stay comfortable, light and natural. They add in huge to the volume and length of your natural lashes.
Stella false eye lashes boast with 15 series with over 200 models. Grab the dramatic doe-eye look with world class false eye lashes made of premium quality nylon. For formal occasions, don't forget to check out the shimmering attraction by Stella i.e. Glitter false eyelashes

Wear your Charisma Boldly: Blue Short Wig against White Mini Sclera Lenses

Wearing bold colors and getting your rocks off need courage. Some one with an introvert personality can not carry the bold looks with confidence. If you enjoy being narcissus allow yourself to play around with the unusual colors. Sometime, going unnatural is fun & crazy. For enthusiastic looks pair up short blue Kashima wig with Phantasee mini sclera Venus lenses. These lenses are opaque and strong white that are surrounded by black outer ring for a strikingly wild contrast. The short blue wig has crisp edges that adds to one's corporate looks. Short wigs are the most main-stream wigs since they work fine in both fun & executive environments.

How long does a Synthetic Wig Last?

Synthetic wigs are a good option if you need to wear your wigs sparingly. However life-span of heat-resistant synthetic wigs is far more enduring than regular synthetic wigs. If taken good care heat resistant synthetic wigs may last you a couple of years. Contrary to this, wigs that are not heat-resistant will begin to develop frizz as they cross a year.

Short Wigs are More Durable

Synthetic wigs are inexpensive and with proper care they look as good as human hair wig. The long-lasting wigs are short wigs having less hair at the nape. Synthetic wigs are prepared with lots of hair because the manufacturer wants to provide a room for customized fine tuning or shredding. If you plan to wear a wig daily that compliments your style, we recommend you taking it to the hair-dresser. Get it styled as per your features to get the best of your purchased wig.

Use Styling Products with Caution

Synthetic wigs that are way too frequently treated using curling irons may fade color or become matted fairly quickly. Also, longer synthetic wigs that get the wisps or tresses trapped under a shoulder bag strap or likewise, wear off quickly. Long synthetic wigs are better for especial occasions such as prom parties. For rough and tough wear, stick to your short heat-resistant synthetic wigs that do not even require frequent combing.

To increase the longevity of your heat resistant synthetic wigs follow these 9 wig care rules

Dramatic Green Lenses: Barbie Bambi Green

These luxurious green circle lenses bring you into the limelight. The decorative pattern and the three tones keep these lenses in everyone's wish list. Barbie Bambi green circle lenses produce very dolly and striking enlargement effect. The vivid colors and the glossy finish turn your eyes into breathtaking beauty. Barbie Bambi green circle lenses are surrounded by a solid limbal black ring that leaves a very pronounced effect. They appear dazzling over dark brown eyes and are good at masking your original color. 

Since Barbie Bambi green are dramatic circle lenses, makeup application is must. To make the looks more acceptable and adoptable wear false eye lashes and soft makeup with thick eye liner. Check out the impressive video review of these sumptuous green lenses below:

Courtesy of Naradiel- Bambi green review

Can I Wear Synthetic Wigs in Kitchen?

Synthetic wigs that are made from heat resistant plastic fibers are more durable than ordinary synthetic or human hair wigs. They are safe to wear in kitchen but you need to be careful to prevent them from an irreparable damage.
  1. Avoid working at direct flames. Keep an appropriate distance from the stove
  2. Be very careful when working with appliances such as ovens, stoves, BBQ grills and hot pots. Sometimes a sudden burp of steam from the appliances can catch you in embarrassment.
  3. Avoid wearing long wigs in kitchen. They are prone to catch fire.
  4. Avoid wearing heavy wigs. They get warm and may irritate you. Wear wigs with medium density, preferably short wigs covered with a scarf.

Synthetic wigs are made of plastic fibers. Strong steam, smoke and flames damage the fibers and melt them to convert into a beady residue. In kitchen, the other forms of “surprise” damage are caused by opening a newer model of dishwasher or preparing the fire place.

Removing meat or tossing the sauces up at your shashlik steak whilst it is still at the fire source can spark strong flames. In such cases synthetic wigs may catch fire in fraction of a second. To avoid burns and fatal damages, always wear only short synthetic wigs in kitchen. Be careful that no tresses or hair wisps disturb you whilst you cook at the range.  

9 Simple Synthetic Wig Care Rules

Synthetic wigs are not only lenient on your pocket but are also easy at maintenance. Synthetic wigs are more forgiving than the human hair wigs. This however does not mean that synthetic wigs will stay loyal to you whether or not you care for them. There are 6 simple rules that keep your synthetic wigs new forever:
  1. Only use products that are compatible with synthetic wigs. Such as shampoo, conditioner, styling products including the combs and brushes.
  2. Wash wigs only with cold water. Even heat-resistant synthetic wigs are not good at bearing with warm water.
  3. Don’t wash your synthetic wigs too frequently or too infrequently. Keeping a good balance is essential to keep the style intact. (Click to find how often should you wash your synthetic wigs)
  4. Don’t wring your wigs ever when wash. Always lay them down and press them over a towel.
  5. Don’t hang your wigs when wet.
  6. Don’t style or comb your synthetic wigs when they are wet.
  7. Don’t store your wigs at a table or shelf that receives direct sunlight from an open window.
  8. Don’t try to trim the wigs yourself. The complimentary styles such as bangs/ fringes play a huge rule. Once you over-do them or do them wrongly, you spoil your entire wig. Always get a professional hair-dresser’s help.
  9. Be careful when dealing with microwave ovens, BBQ grills and anything that deals with heat and smoke. Keep an appropriate distance with direct flames.

Synthetic wigs are made of plastic fibers. Heat resistant synthetic wigs are better at holding heat, generated from hot curling rod or straightening iron. These wigs van also be dyed at home but only a color darker. Synthetic wigs are often your preferred style because of the handiness they carry. Make your 25$+ wig last you a yearlong by sticking to these 9 wig care rules. 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

How to Care for Combination Skin Types: Korean Skin Care Products

Looking after combination skin type can be vexing, because you have to deal with two entirely different types of skin. When your face is oily at the T-zone & the remainder is dry or flaky; your skin is considered oily. Combination skin is tough to deal with because it is prone to acne as well as prone to dryness. It is almost impossible to use different skin care products for different areas of your face, so adopt Korean skin care routine that takes just the right care of combination skin types. Korean skin care regimen has a wide range of products that control sebum whilst hydrating/moisturizing your skin.

Start with a Gentle Face Wash & Emollient Moisturizer

Since combination skin is greasy at places and dry at others; you need a light weight, water-soluble, gel-based or foaming facial cleanser. Skin79 O2 Bubble Foaming cleanser has water-active granules that form thick lather and help getting your face free of the sheen without making the dry areas drier. Always remember, when dealing with combination skin; balance is the key. Don’t over cleanse the oily areas and don’t over moisturize they dry parts.

Be Gentle

Scrubbing can help getting rid of excessive sebum but it may make the dry areas drier and flaky. If you can’t get yourself into using two different scrubs, go for spot treatment. Using Beaute69 Anti Acne mask helps eradicate acne and blemishes without turning your dry skin areas coarse & brittle.

Adopt Weekly Cleansing Regimen using Face Masks

Waterfull mask

Spot treatment may only help healing acne or drier areas. To get complete treatment such as reducing the size of enlarged pores and quenching the needs of thirsty skin cover up your face. Using face masks once in a week help clear out the clogged pores whilst hydrating the flaky skin. Skin79 Rose Waterfull mask & Skin79 Apple Mint Fresh mask provides instant boost of moisture & reduce the size of lose pores respectively.

When looking after combination skin, avoid going vigorous during massage. Being aggressive will irritate your skin, cause inflammation & break outs. Korean skin care products help eliminate your major skin concern and pave way further in achieving an impeccable skin texture. 

Saturday, 15 August 2015

5 Things to Remember when Wearing UV Glow Contact Lenses

UV glow contact lenses are perfect to create an over the boundary spooky magic. These contact lenses enjoy an edge over regular crazy contacts. Many of the music idols, celebrities & internet icons have endorsed UV glow contact lenses. They play with your brain chords, create an eerie sensation & let you speak with your eyes. Before purchasing UV glow lenses, remember the following points:
  1. UV glow crazy lenses are not frequently available in prescription. They are intended to create fun looks only. If you have vision problems, better stick to crazy contact lenses in prescription.
  2. UV glow contacts are perfectly safe for your eyes, provided the dye used is CE approved. Check if the brand you are eyeing at, stands up to the health standards and meet all the parameters set by international health & drug regulatory bodies.
  3. Not all UV glow lenses are capable of glowing at their own. They need UV activation lights such as those in the clubs. In the dark, UV glow contact lenses emit glowing streaks that make you look spooky for a mind-boggling appearance.
  4. Just like regular contacts, UV glow contact lenses can be drying to eyes when over worn. Don’t wear them for more than 6 hours. Though these lenses work fine just as regular contacts, it is suggested to wear them only when you want to achieve the theatrical effects. This will help you get the best of the glowing contacts.
  5. Avoid consuming high dosage of alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates body and leaves your eyes dry. Drink plenty of water instead to keep your eyes and contacts moist.

UV glow contact lenses are available for fun-seekers & night howlers. Compliment UV glow contact lenses with glowing accessories and makeup to grab all the attention you are worthy of.

Eye Sore: 3 Mistakes your Unhygienic Contact Lens Practices are Responsible

Sure, glasses are easy to go but they come with their own risks and disadvantages. Other than glasses, being forgiving on “cleanliness”; customers opine they don’t find them overwhelming over contact lenses. Fortunately, contact lenses are infallible for not-so-fortunate people. (Not endowed with 20/20 vision) Alike every medical device, these soft hydrophilic discs should be handled as per the directions. They provide crisp vision with enhanced peripheral view and remain unaffected as the weather turns hazy (unlike glasses). Contact lenses are easy to pop in but looks like they are difficult to take out. Most of the users deliberately leave them in, when they should not. Below are the five mistakes you must stop doing right now:

1. Wearing Contact Lenses for a Nap
Most of the people decide to take a short 20 minutes nap with contact lenses still in eyes. Contact lenses should not irritate but why take risks when you are aware of the facts. Contact lenses are not designed to stay in your eyes whilst you sleep. You may accidentally fall sound asleep & this is the time where you should actually freak out (but you won’t as you are sleeping). Contact lenses create a barrier between oxygen transmission & cornea. During you snooze; there are two barriers formed i.e. contact lenses & eyelids. You may get an eye sore if contact lenses are left in eyes for a long duration. Always take them out when you find yourself over a cozy couch.

2. Over-Wearing Contact Lenses after they Reach Expiry
It has been observed that people over-wear their contact lenses to save money. Okay, save money but lose your eyes (sounds cool, eh?) Nobody would want to risk their eyes to have some bucks in their pockets. Contact lenses wither & accumulate germs over the time. Counterfeit contact lenses are not a question. Even FDA approved circle lenses become horribly dangerous for your eyes once they have met the expiry. Circle lenses are disposable, treat them likewise.

3. Contact Lenses are Okay even if not cleaned daily
Admit it, not many of us go through the pain of disinfecting our circle lenses daily. We don’t even throw the old solution. We are the lazy bones and once we have allowed the bacteria to devour our eyes we start yelling over the technology and or hold the manufacturer accountable for all the losses incurred. The technology have seen the advancements, but human mind & hygienic practices are still captive of the erratic human nature.

There are us who learn from trial & error then there are geniuses among us who learn from others’ mistakes. We need to change “who cares” attitude as you get only one pair of eyes in life. The mistakes you do today cannot be revoked tomorrow. Be careful, contact lenses are undoubtedly a boon, but your lazy attitude towards their handling puts everything at risk.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Certified Contact Lenses: What Role does Professional Certifications Play?

Professional certifications let you throw your fears and make you take pride in what you purchase. Different accreditation bodies issue certificates in written to ensure that the provisioned body, manufactures its products under state of art environment & is fully capable of meeting international standards. Contact lenses are medical devices, thus these should be formally accredited by individual health & drug regulatory bodies. Unless your contact lenses are approved by regulatory bodies, they may be threatening to your vision. Contact lenses should have either of the following certifications:
  1. CE
  2. ISO
  3. KFDA
  4. GMP
  5. FDA

CE marking is actually the manufacturer’s declaration that their product is safe to be marketed and sold in EEA (European Economic Area). It stands for European Conformity. If a product bears CE marking; it is a formal & legal confirmation by the manufacturer that the product is in compliance with EU standards. CE certification ensures easy flow of the product in the EEA.

International Organization for Standardization is a non-governmental body that develops international standards. To ensure world class product efficiency, health standards, safety & quality; ISO certification is most sought-after. When a product achieves ISO certification; it gains credibility, trust & customer satisfaction. Contact lenses must hold ISO certification as they are medical devices & concerns health issues.

KFDA is a Korean regulatory body for food & pharmaceuticals. It promotes and ensures public health & safety by assessing the products that are either food, drugs, cosmetics or medical devices. Similarly, FDA is federal executive body of United States that promote & protect public health by monitoring food, drugs, pharmaceuticals, prescription & non-prescription drugs & medical devices etc.

GMP stands for Goods Manufacturing Practice. It ensures that the product is consistently produced and controlled according to international quality standards. It monitors pharmaceutical manufacturing & production from the first step to the last. It is a medical certification that ensures that the product was produced under state of art labs where exemplary hygiene & sanitation of both premises and personnel was ensured throughout the session.

Contact lenses are medical devices thus no risks should be taken whilst you make a selection. Contact lenses that are counterfeit and are not approved by accreditation bodies run the risk of permanent vision loss, corneal abrasion/devouring & other fatal parasite-mongering diseases. Always contemplate carefully when choosing your brand of lenses. We at Uniqso ensure that what you insert in your eyes does not compromise your vision. We have wide variety of Korean branded circle lenses that enjoy any or all of the above certifications to keep your vision safe & guarded!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

6 Benefits of Wearing a Wig Cap

Though wearing a wig cap is typically a personal choice; beauty experts recommend wearing it underneath a wig because of the innumerable benefits a wig cap has to offer. If you are here looking for the reasons to get yourself a wig cap, continue reading below:
  1. Wig cap ensures your hair is held back securely. Whether you have long hair or short, a wig cap keeps your hair properly pinned up to ensure a flat & firm base for your wig.
  2. Wig cap is good enough to prevent your scalp oil reaching the wig. You cannot wash a wig every time you wear it, therefore you should be concerned about the sanitary of your wigs
  3. Wig cap limits slipping of a wig. It helps wigs to look more natural.
  4. Wig cap limits friction. It prevents damage in your natural hair and thinning of front hair line. If your wig slides up or slips, it is most probably damaging your hair by frequent rubbing
  5. Wig cap allows air-flow that enables your own hair to breath. This prevents greasy & dirty scalp that in turns keep your wigs clean
  6. Wig cap makes hair styling easy. Pin-curl your hair underneath a wig cap. This ensures lump-free base for a wig to grip on
How do you like to wear your wigs? Do you find it comfortable to wear a wig cap underneath?

5 “Say NOs” of an Avid Contact Lens Wearer: Combating Risk of Infections

Though CLIDs (Contact Lens Induced Diseases) are rare, people who wear contact lenses are prone to corneal infections than those who do not. Infections with contact lenses are not inevitable, if proper care is taken off. To avoid corneal diseases, practice good hygiene & do not compromise on the quality of contact lenses you purchase.

Say No to ‘Substandard Contact Lenses’
As per the consensus of global marketers, manufacturers and by health regulatory enforcements; price range for FDA contact lenses should be USD 19 to 23 USD. Anything, lower than this; is probably substandard or counterfeit. Such fake contact lenses can deter the vision or threat corneas.

Say No to ‘Water'
When wearing contact lenses, be very careful with water. Minimize your contact with water as it contains a micro organism that is undoubtedly fatal. Remove your contact lenses when you wash your face, bathe or surf at beach.

Say No to ‘Home Made Solutions’
Use only pharmacy made solutions to disinfect your contact lenses. The commercially prepared solutions contain enough preservatives to keep the efficacy of the disinfectant intact. Homemade saline solutions should never be resorted to, unless it is an extreme emergency.

Say No to ‘Doze Off’
Sleeping with contact lenses has never been a good idea. Remove your contact lenses when you are off to bed. Contact lenses partially block oxygen permeation. Oxygen penetration is further compromised when you sleep. As per the latest study, even the extended wear contact lenses (that are actually meant to stay in eyes for long) are not safe enough to be left in eyes throughout the night.

Say No to ‘Ignore the Expiry’
Always have an eagle eye over the replacement directions. Do not wear expired contact lenses. Contact lenses may appear all the way same even after the expiry has reached. This however does not mean they are still safe to be worn.

Contact lenses have been helping people around, improving the vision and modifying the style statement. They should not budge you even a bit if they are supplied to you by an authentic seller. If upon wearing contact lenses, you notice even the slightest of the inflammation, itching, redness of sensitivity to light, immediately remove them and seek professional help if necessary.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Himekaji Makeup Tutorial using Lolita Wig BA and Dolly Eye Gothic 3 tones Green

Dolly Eye Gothic 3 tones green are simply erotic. The lovely hues and the pattern together strive to give you dolly eyes. Due to the presence of yellow-dust that surrounds pupil, they look very natural yet alluring. They look mesmerizing against Lolita wig BA that bears blonde-brown and lilac tresses. The wig & lenses make a perfect combination for Japanese fashion trends. To check out the makeup tutorial kindly visit Y-OOnyee site