Sunday, 3 January 2016

3 Contact Lens New Year Resolutions

Colored contact lenses are preferred over glasses for vision correction. However, unlike glasses, colored contact lenses are medical devices that need diligent handling and meticulous care. Contact lenses make one vulnerable towards infections that may sometimes be contagious leading to permanent blindness. Fortunately, there are branded FDA approved colored contacts that ensure minimum risks. Furthermore, a pragmatic approach towards contact lens cleaning is promising for healthy eyes & crisp vision. Every contact lens wearer must renew the following resolutions for optimum health care

1. Schedule an Eye Exam
Annual eye examinations are must for every patient. An eye doctor will be able to assess the eye health such as how contact lenses have affected your eyes the past year. In case your eyes need a different brand; a doctor is the only person to suggest the alterations in the schedule. Furthermore, a fresh prescription at the start of the year will ensure better vision throughout the year.

2. Proper Cleaning of Contact Lenses & Cases
Most of the contact lens wearers willingly opt to ignore contact lens cleaning. They are too lazy to throw the solution from the chambers for re-soaking contact lenses. Instead, they prefer tossing off the solution which facilitates bacterial growth & fungal contamination. You must not take second chances with your colored contacts. After each wear, disinfect your lenses and refill the chambers with fresh supply of solution.

3. Follow Strict Replacement Schedule
Follow the replacement schedule religiously. Contact lenses bear an expiry date, past which it is no safer to use them. After expiry they may begin to fade the dye, or may have already been contaminated with bacteria. Replace your colored contact lenses & your cases on timely basis

Don’t be in regret at the end of year realizing, that half dozen of your resolutions remain unfulfilled. Be clear & crisp in your approach, especially when it is about health care. You only got one pair of eyes and colored contact lenses are to enhance them!

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