Sunday, 3 January 2016

Pink Unicorn Kigurumi & Asuna Wig: Perfect Kawaii Package

Start your new year being Kawaii. Add more cuteness to your closet by making addition of Pink Unicorn Kigurumi. These Japanese PJs are made of fleece, super adorable, cozy and perfect to snug. Pink Unicorn kigurumi comes with narrow details. From side pockets, to back wings and little tail; manufacturers have taken care to keep it the exact replica of the character. The head features a cute horn that finishes off the unicorn touch. The pastel hues of pink and pastel white make it irresistible. 

Asuna cosplay wig is a beautiful brownish blonde wig. It has a an enticing hair-cut. A petite braid at the nape adds a royal touch to the wig's style. Wig is 90cm long and is made of 100% heat resistant synthetic fibers. Get the look here using Asuna wig & Pink Unicorn onesie.

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