Friday, 31 January 2014

Puffy Three Tone Green Contact Lenses A.K.A G&G Shiny Green

barbie puffy green colored contacts

barbie puffy green colored contacts

Barbie Puffy Three Tones green circle lenses has made it easier for both light and dark color bearers to get shiny and exotic eyes. You get sparkling bright eyes with Barbie Puffy Three Tones green. These circle lenses are also known as G&G shiny green.

Barbie Puffy Three Tones green circle lenses possess a simple design with three tones of green. The central one is more like yellow-green that let circle lenses blend with your own pupil. Barbie Puffy Three Tones green circle lenses like the other member of the series tend to change color in different lighting conditions. 

With Barbie Puffy Three Tones circle lenses your eyes are slightly popped out with a very noticeable enlargement. This brand boasts the supreme level of comfort and is recommended for first time wearers. Barbie Puffy Three Tones circle lenses are available at UNIQSO for just $16.90; so why get G&G shiny for $25? 

Find out the effect of Barbie Puffy Three Tones green on light eyes or browse through the collection of green circle lenses and three tone circle lenses at UNIQSO. 

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Can I wash Face Wearing Circle Contact Lenses?

Can I wash Face Wearing Circle Contact Lenses?

No; one must take off circle contact lenses before washing face.  It is better to prevent circle contact lenses from water as much as possible. Circle contact lenses are to improve your vision and looks. Therefore; they should not be misused- if only you want to get the most from this very ingenious eye wear.

People say that they are very concerned about the safety of their eyes and thus clean their circle contact lenses diligently. Contrary to this; a survey published in “Optometry and Vision Sciences”; reveals shocking facts according to which only 2% of the survey respondents are following the rules for safe use of circle contact lenses. People fail to realize that circle contact lenses are not mere fashion accessories but medical devices and should be treated and handled like wise. People fail to follow the hygiene guidelines when using circle contact lenses, often fall asleep wearing them, run out of contact lens solution and even do not hesitate wearing circle contact lenses past their expiration date. If you are also doing this; then you are at risk of complete blindness.

Tap water contains many bacteria which may harmfully affect your eyes. The most common bacteria present in water is “Acanthamoeba  Keratitis”. This bacterium damages your cornea which is almost impossible to get completely cured. In severe cases keratitis can lead to corneal scarring that leads to total blindness.

Swimming in circle contact lenses and taking shower in them is also therefore a big no-no. Circle contact lenses should be kept away from water in all conditions. "We see amoeba infections from people showering in their contacts, going swimming in lakes. These infections are horrible”, says Cavanagh; a corneal surgeon.

According to medical reports; eye diseases caused by circle contact lenses are relatively rare and can be completely prevented if you learn to take care of your circle contact lenses like a pro user.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Are you at risk of eye diseases due to wearing contact lenses?

Is there any Difference between Left and Right Contact Lens?

Is there any Difference between Left and Right Contact Lens?

Is there any Difference between Left and Right Contact Lens?

Generally speaking there is no major difference between left and right contact lens. The only difference that makes you pay some attention towards the contact lenses of both eyes is the “Prescription”. At the same time; if the prescription for both the eye is same then you can wear left lens in the right and vice versa at your first wear ONLY.

Contact lenses in plano when are packed in the vials or blisters; have no differences. However it is advised to put your contact lenses in respective wells as soon as you take them out from their packaging. Though there are no major differences; it is suggested to still pay attention on your contact lenses after wearing that which is which.

Actually contact lenses adapt to the base curves of your eyes. Obviously the base curves should be the same for both of your eyes; but side dominant sciences approves that there are minor differences in human body parts side of the body is slightly heavier than the other side of the body. This is why when you begin wearing contact lenses; you should not have both the caps off your contact lens case together.

To keep the issue less-complex there is one simple tip. Always deal with the right contact lens first. Wear it first and also remove it first. Prescription contact lenses have less chances of being mixed with each other; because even if they do you might be able to tell the difference upon wearing (in case of different prescription for both eyes). However; for plano contact lenses it becomes difficult to tell the difference.

Always deal with right contact lens first and you will save yourself from many tensions!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

I.Fairy Super Crystal Green - Opaque Bright Emerald Eyes

I.Fairy Super Crystal Green colored contacts

I.Fairy Super Crystal Green colored contacts

I.Fairy Super Crystal Green colored contacts

I.Fairy Super Crystal Green colored contacts

I.Fairy Super Crystal Green colored contacts

The color of I.Fairy Super Crystal green is extremely bright and ranges from emerald green to forest green. These circle lenses are truly opaque; thus they wont be a disappointment even for darker eyes. With I.Fairy Super Crystal green circle lenses you definitely get a noticeable enlargement.

I.Fairy Super Crystal green circle lenses are available in power above -7.00 too. For more designs and varieties; check out prescription circle lenses

"These are great for costuming and for daily if you like vivid color enhancement but it does lack in comfort. It's not horrible comfort, but be ready with eye drops if you'll be wearing it out for long. They definitely don't give a soft, doll like look either because of the color. These are for a stronger appearance wear with a little black dress for a club night to be noticed or for Cosplay."

Read more in review of Super Crystal green big eye lenses.

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Get Big & Naturally Beautiful Eyes with I.Fairy Almond Brown Circle Lenses

I.Fairy Almond Brown Colored Contacts

I.Fairy Almond Brown Colored Contacts

I.Fairy Almond Brown Colored Contacts

I.Fairy Almond Brown Colored Contacts

Craving for a decent but noticeable enlargement? Get your hands on I.Fairy Almond brown circle lenses. These circle lenses as mentioned by the name; posses an almond brown shade which looks natural and suitable for every day wear. I.Fairy Almond brown circle lenses can be worn even without makeup due to their super blending abilities.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Looking for Grey Circle Lenses with Dark Hair? Try Geo Eyes Cream Ray Ray

Geo eyes cream ray ray grey have been one of the most favorite pair of circle lens for all those beauties with black hair. The grey apparently seems to be the most appropriate pair for a combination of dark eyes+ dark hair. GEO Medical has even reduced the pain of hunting the perfect pair by manufacturing Geo Eyes Cream Ray Ray grey circle lenses Geo Eyes Cream Ray Ray grey are very very natural; and creates a doll-ish effect. These circle lenses have no screaming enlargement; but they definitely are striking in a natural way!

Geo Eyes Cream Ray Ray grey has a natural yellow inside which helps blending the grey with your natural eye color. Check out other natural grey circle lensesGeo Berry Cessy grey may also hit your likings!

Follow the Review of Geo Eyes Cream Ray Ray grey if you think you like it!

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Is it bad to cry with Circle Contact Lenses in Eyes?

Is it bad to cry with Circle Contact Lenses in Eyes?

Circle contact lenses remain fresh and supple in eyes due to the lubrication provided by the natural tear production in eyes. When eyes are dry; circle lenses turn dry. To tackle dry eyes, you need to keep your eyes moisten by rewetting drops. Do not use multi-purpose solution instead of eye drops ever in your eyes. Circle contact lenses do not restrict you from crying; though crying does make your contact cloudy and eyes dry in some cases.

Crying with circle contact lenses bring no harm and damage to your eyes unless you are taking care to not to rub your eyes. However; one should keep in mind that crying hysterically for longer durations with circle lenses in eyes may cause itching in eyes. Itchy eyes will force you rub them which poses threat to your circle contact lenses.

On crying contact lenses sometimes get hazy or cloudy due to the excess protein and salt present in tears. This build-up on your contacts and form a film on them causing blurred vision. Sometimes crying with circle contact lenses may flush a lens out and you may lose it. Crying with circle contact lenses itself is not dangerous unless you are not rubbing your eyes or crying hard.

After crying with circle contact lenses in; always properly clean them to remove protein debris. Soak them in multi-purpose solution and keep your contact lens cases clean and sterilized.

Skin79 BB Cleanser Review

Skin79 BB Cleanser Review

Skin79 is a famous Korean skin care brand. Other than Skin79 BB creams; there is a famous and worth purchasing product from the same brand. Skin79 BB Facial Cleanser is to care for and nourish your skin. Skin79 BB facial cleanser comes in a pump dispenser. It is self bubbling and is all in one product to wash and clean your face from makeup traces and impurities. It keeps your skin firm and provides moisture.

It also has exfoliation ingredients which keep your skin fresh and glowing by removing dead skin cells. Skin79 BB facial cleanser can be used by people with sensitive skin because it is free from mineral oil, animal oil and coloring agents.

After using this BB cleanser one of our loyal customer "ichigoflavor" shares her experience in her Skin79 BB facial cleanser review. She opines," It made my skin soft and when i wash the product off; it leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft. My sister also loved it because she had some pimples on her face and the next day they toned down on redness and eventually, they disappeared". 

For more details; read complete review of Skin79 BB Facial Cleanser.

Is it Safe to Wear Circle Contact Lenses on a Flight?

Monday, 20 January 2014

Can I put Eye Drops in Eyes Whilst Wearing Circle Lenses?

Eye drops are especially designed for an eye condition that is known as “dry-eyes”. Eye drops provide instant comfort and relaxation to tired and sore eyes. Sometimes while wearing contact lenses and circle lenses eyes get dry and a hindrance is felt in blinking eyes. People with dry eyes syndrome are often advised to keep a bottle of eye drops with them always; in order to maintain the lubrication.

Therefore; it is often a question of concern that how should one use eye drops. People who are in a habit of wearing contact lenses and circle lenses suffer from dry eyes so they need to use eye drops very frequently. There are some brands of circle lenses which have high water content; though these circle lenses are comfortable for eyes- they absorb water and tend to get dry sooner than the other circle lenses.

People ask; “Can we put eye drops in eyes while wearing circle lenses”? Answer is “Yes” and “No”.

There are special types of eye drops that are made to use with circle lenses. These eye drops do not contain preservatives; therefore do not buildup on circle lenses. If you luckily get your hands on these kinds of eye drops then it is completely safe to use them even when you are wearing circle lenses. However; whilst using eyedrops which are not specially made to use with circle lenses; caution should be observed. Always read label on eye drops. If it does not clearly mention the use of eye drops with circle lenses; then avoid risking your eyes.

You can use Rohto C cube eye drops as these have been reported to be the most comfortable eye drops. They provide instant relief to sore eyes and help your eyes to regain the lost moisture.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown Circle Lenses for a Touch of Warmth

I.Fairy Moe Moe brown circle lenses have yellow bright undertones which look very vivid on dark brown eyes. I.Fairy Moe Moe brown circle lenses make your eyes appear huge. The pattern is simple and looks like yellow pollen of flowers. These circle lenses look stunning on light eyes as they happen to blend  like a real beauty. 

With I fairy moe moe brown circle lenses you can create different celebrity looks. Click here for Emma Watson Makeup Tutorial using I fairy moe moe brown and here for Sayoko Ozaki AMkeup Tutorial.

How to get dreamy eyes using .Fairy Moe Moe brown circle lenses? Read more in Moe Moe Brown Review.


Saturday, 18 January 2014

Dolly Eye Dizon Eye Green for A Dolly Look

Dolly Eye Dizon Eye Green colored contacts

Dolly Eye Dizon Eye Green colored contacts

Dolly Eye Dizon eye green circle lenses can be one of your favorite circle lenses if you are looking for a natural looking circle lens that can make you look like a doll. These circle lenses have unparalleled effects to play when worn on light eyes. 

Dolly Eye Dizon eye green circle lenses with just 14.5 mm diameter adds a subtle enlargement; where the black ring around the lens even enhances the over-all dolly eye impact.

The green shade of Dolly Eye Dizon eye green fades naturally into your own eye color and creates a lovely fusion of two entirely different shades. Click here for more information on Dolly Eye Dizon eye green circle lenses.


Skin79 BB Cream- Beauty Secret of Korean Stars

Skin79 BB Cream

Korean celebrities are known for their impeccable skin that always shines with a rosy glow and pink tinge on cheeks. The almost no-makeup matte finish look is breathtaking and highly desirous. Now; you can achieve the same natural look with all in one Korean makeup product that is known as Skin79 BB Cream.

Although climate of Korea may be an important factor which cannot be neglected when considering the beauty of Korean women; one must not forget that Korea is a step further than Europe when it comes to skin care &beauty. It has been noticed that European beauty experts focus on peeling the skin by several facial skin cleansing methods such as chemical peels, exfoliations, scrubs etc. On the other hand Korean experts emphasizes on nurturing the very basic skin layers from inside than on peeling them. 

Skin79 BB creams follow the same skin care guidelines. The line of Skin79 BB cream includes BB cream for dry, blemish prone sensitive skin and for oily skin. Skin79 BB creams do not only act as a makeup base/ foundation but also provide nourishment to skin by its triple action formula. Skin79 BB cream is one of the best anti-ageing Korean beauty products. Its healthy ingredients ensure soft glowing skin with SPF qualities which block melanin formation.

Skin79 BB creams also help minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores and provide medium to fair coverage. Use it as a tinted moisturizer and sunblock to help effectively reduce the wrinkle formation. For your convenience Skin79 BB creams are available in 5g sample and 15g travel sizes.

Achieving skin like Korean celebrities is no more a riddle. Find out your skin mate with Skin79 BB Creams and enjoy the transformation!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Oily & Blemished Skin? Use Skin79 Vital BB Cream

BB creams have a pivotal position in Korean Skin care and is considered mandatory in basic Korean makeup routine.

Skin79 Vital BB cream is recommended to people having oily and acne pore blemished skin. Skin79 Vital triple action formula helps nourishing your skin and also makes your skin complexion brighter and clearer with regular use. People with oily skin suffer from activated T-Zone areas; however wearing this BB cream you will notice a pretty matte effect. Whether Skin79 BB cream lives up to its expectation or not; find it out in Peachy Milk Skin79 BB Cream Vital Review.


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Geo Circle Lenses- 4 for the Price of 3 Pairs

Do not you just love geo circle lenses? Geo circle lenses are not only safe to wear but are also available in different beautiful patterns. Geo circle lenses are the only FDA approved contacts. Avail a chance to buy cheap geo circle lenses in special current promotion.

The Geo Stock Clearance sale allows you to buy 4 pair of geo lenses for the price of three pairs. The special sale is valid till stock lasts.

Safe to Wear Contacts by Geo
Geo circle lenses do not threat or pose risks to the health and safety of your eyes. To ensure you get the authentic product; geo circle lenses stick a 16-digit code on their vials. At UNIQSO; we make genuine Geo circle lenses available for you so that you are satisfied with what you have paid for.

Geo Toric Lenses
Geo Medical manufacture toric circle lenses too for people with astigmatism. Geo toric circle lenses ensure clear and blur free vision for those who suffer from refractive index problems. Geo Medical circle lenses are manufactured in hygienic state of art environment which set this brand different than other brands of contact lenses.

Geo Sandwich Printing Technology
Since ages; Geo has been successfully meeting the mass needs. The sandwich printing unique technology does not let the pigment come in contact with your eyes directly. This also prevents fading in circle lenses.

Cheap Geo Circle Lenses
Fans of Geo brand can also buy two pairs of geo contacts for just $35.90 in Geo value package. Or get 1 free pair of Geo circle lenses for every 3 pairs purchased!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Geo Xtra Plum Blue Lenses & Dolly Eye Makeup Tutorial

Geo Xtra circle lenses are FDA approved hence completely safe to wear. Geo Circle lenses are comfortable and the brand for many people around the world. Geo circle lenses can be checked for the authenticity. We ensure to deliver you only the 100% original geo circle lenses. 

Geo Xtra Plum blue circle lenses create beautiful dolly big eyes. Though the diameter is 15mm; the enlargement effect is huge and seems like 16mm diameter. Geo Xtra Plum blue circle lenses are recommended for small eyes. You can match these Geo blue circle lenses with your outfit to create dolly eyes. See the dolly eye tutorial & outfil help using geo xtra plum blue circle lenses

Geo Xtra Plum blue circle lenses has a pretty floral pattern and it is noticeable even when you wear. The plum blue is enough to show up clearly even when you have dark brown eyes. For more information on Geo Xtra Plum blue circle lenses please read the review by blogger Elixin.


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Toric Circle Lenses for Astigmatism-No more Blurred Vision

Toric circle lenses are special type of circle lenses and contact lenses that look as natural and as ordinary as other types of circle lenses and contact lenses but they can certainly ensure clear and crisp vision for people with astigmatism.

Toric Circle Lenses for Astigmatism

Toric Circle Lenses for Astigmatism

[Upper Image] In a normal eye, the cornea and lens focuslight rays on the retina.
[Lower Image] In astigmatism, images focus in front of and beyond the retina, causing both close and distant objects to appear blurry.

In astigmatism; people suffer from a refractive index problem which causes blurred vision. It occurs because the cornea is unevenly rounded. This does not allow proper refraction of light rays for a clear and crisp focus. Toric circle lenses can reduce or can sometimes completely kill the refractive index issues; therefore patients with astigmatism are advised to make a selection between toric circle lenses and toric glasses.

Toric circle lenses may provide better vision in some patients ensuring the wider field of view. Toric circle lenses do not rotate on eyes unlike normal circle lenses. Since toric circle lenses have two powers to deal with astigmatism problems and hyperopia/ myopia-on rotation upon floating the problem of blurred vision will still persist. Therefore; toric circle lenses do not float on cornea but stay fixed.

Toric circle lenses are available in all colors and designs. You only need a prescription to buy toric circle lenses. Since toric circle lenses directly come into contact with your eyes unlike glasses; special care and maintenance schedule should be followed to safeguard your eyes.

Don’t let astigmatism and high price tag of toric circle lenses put you off. Buy cheap toric circle lenses by Geo and enjoy being beautiful!

Monday, 13 January 2014

GEO XTRA Nova Green Circle Lenses for Charisma in your Eyes

geo xtra nova green colored contacts

geo xtra nova green colored contacts

geo xtra nova green colored contacts

geo xtra nova green colored contacts

Geo Xtra Nova green circle lenses have a solid limbal ring; that will convince you to try Geo Xtra Nova green circle lenses if you have been longing for cute dolly eyes. The limabl ring let you enjoy bigger eyes; even though the diameter is not more than 15mm.

If you are skeptical of trying big eye circle lenses due to an awkward feeling of ending-up as a bug-eyed person or an alien with amplified unnatural eyes; you should try geo xtra nova green circle lenses.

Geo Xtra Nova green circle lenses look very natural with a bright effect on light eyes; the color is assumed to stand out even more on dark eyes. For a dolly eye effect; pair your circle lenses up with false eye lashes. Enjoy different looks with circle lenses and False eye lashes.

Find out more about Geo Xtra Nova Green Circle Lenses.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Darling Big Eyes With Stella False Lashes+ Geo Mimi Lenses & Solone Eyeliner

Geo Princess Mimi Starmish brown

Geo Princess Mimi Starmish brown

Geo Princess Mimi Starmish brown

Geo Princess Mimi Starmish brown

Solone Liquid Eyeliner

Stella False Lashes

Big eyes is a weakness of women. Creating the illusion of bigger eyes is a dream and might be yours hidden desire too. Its often a question that how to begin with creating big eyes look? Follow this guide on creating seductive big eyes look with appropriate makeup skills. To achieve big eyes; ofcourse you need big eyes makeup accessories including false eye lashes, big eye circle lenses and other makeup accessories such as double eye lid tape & eyeliner. You can choose eye liner as per your liking. It is up to you if you feel like using gel eye liner, liquid or a cake. This guide will help you on choosing false eye lashes. For choosing big eye circle lenses you need to know which circle lenses will suit your skin tone.

Yumoirs has created big and bold eyes using Geo Mimi Starmish Brown, Stella False Eye Lashes & Solone fantasy liquid eye liner.