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Benefits of Skin79 Hyaluronic Cushion

First application of Skin79 Cushion Compact

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component found in the body that is responsible to keep skin supple, plump, & fresh. It helps skin maintain its oil balance, prevent wrinkles & is the secret for the youthful glow. This is why cosmetologists consider it the most effective age-repellent ingredient. Skin79 Hyaluronic acid cushion puff is a triple action formula that ensures whitening, wrinkle improvement & UV interception for illuminatingly baby-like dewy skin.

Hyaluronic acid is dominantly found in joints & tissues where the acid acts as a shock-observer & forms a cushion against environmental hazards. It is available in capsules, medicines and even in the form of injectables. Hyaluronic supplements help you get back the firmness you had back in your infancy. Whilst getting hyaluronic fillers may be painful and risky; you can always opt for topical treatments. Though topical treatments might not be dramatic, it is cost-effective & is in every one’s reach. Skin79 Hyaluronic cushion leaves skin soft, moisturized and keeps it moisturized for the entire day. The ability of hyaluronic acid to retain the moisture keeps skin fresh & significantly reduces the formation of wrinkles & fine lines.

Skin79 Hyaluronic acid contains 3% of the acid whereas the floral extracts from rose, jasmine, lily, chamomile & lotus have a calming effect. The botanical extracts also provide relief from environmental stress, inflammation whilst maintaining the moisture balance within the tissues. Skin79 Hyaluronic cushion is available in two variants i.e. for glossy sheen aimed at dry skin & Cotton Powder cushion for oily skin.

Skin’s natural hyaluronic acid production drops as you age; so getting back that lusciously delicious pillow-y baby skin is almost impossible. Fortunately, you can mimic the fresh youthful skin of your dreams using Skin79 hyaluronic cushion

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Circle Lenses, False Eyelashes & Hair Extensions Help Brazilian Human Elsa to get the Doll Appearance

A photo posted by Andressa Damiani Valcanaia (@damianiandressa) on

Colored circle lenses help women accentuate their eyes. The amalgamation of lovely multiple hues along with the design create illusion of dolly eyes that are bigger, bolder & impactful. Human Barbie Andressa Damiani from Brazil knows how to play ingeniously with her looks, as she sportstinted circle lenses to finish her doll-y transformation.

The 23 year old, Human Barbie has an extreme resemblance with Barbie dolls to strange limits. With beautiful dolly eyes that sparkles whimsically, she also flaunts long legs and an enticing waistline of 20 inch.  Andressa claims that she has never had a surgery. As per her statements she was born with doll-like features which after growing up; she learned to enhance using circle contact lenses & minimal makeup. She also wears hair extensions to achieve seducing long locks.

In a Youtube makeup tutorial; she is shown wearing blue colored contacts. She applies white eye-liner at her waterline for awakened and wide eye-d illusion. She also uses top & bottom false eye-lashes for well-defined and bigger eyes. To create depth, she uses three different eye shadows & applies winged eyeliner.

Andressa is also said to resemble Elsa from Frozen. Her Elsa Makeup tutorial received more than one million likes where she can be seen making use of circle lenses, hair extensions & makeup to mimic the looks of the Disney’s queen.

'I started wearing contact lenses and eye make-up to help create a stronger illusion of a doll’, says Andressa. “'I want to show the world that everyone can be a doll. You don't have to be skinny or blonde - just create your own look and be happy.' She further added. 

Back a month she uploaded her impersonation of Human Robot using Nebulos mini sclera contact lenses from Uniqso. 

8 Handling Instructions for Soft Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses either soft cosmetic lenses or prescription contacts are medical devices, and must be handled likewise. Meticulous disinfection is necessary in order to keep your eyes safe from possible contact lens related injuries. Follow these contact lens handling instructions to make the best of your contact lenses and help them live their fullest.

  1. Wash your hands before touching contact lenses. Avoid cream based hand-wash and soaps
  2. Inserting contact lenses should be the first step of your getting-ready routine. Make sure your hands; especially finger pads are still clean and dry free from possible lint and cream/lotion.
  3. Take out contact lenses and rest them on your finger pad or over plunger. Inspect, carefully & closely for any notches, rip & tear before inserting them in eyes
  4. Insert in eyes after thorough inspection. Blink your eyes and allow your contact lenses to adjust. If they feel fine; you may proceed with your routine.
  5. At removal, wash your soft contact lenses with multi-purpose solution. Multi-purpose solution takes care of everything from keeping your contact lenses moist to the breakdown of protein, lipids & removal of bacterial accumulation.
  6. Once every week, make sure you rub and rinse your contact lenses for thorough cleansing.
  7. Keep your contact lenses soaked in the solution. Make sure they are fully immersed in the solution before you cap the cases back.
  8. Only use contact lens compatible re-wetting drops to moisten or lubricate your eyes.
Contact lenses are more reliable and comfortable these days. With several of the options available, contact lenses today ensure crystal clear vision with enhanced peripheral vision and greater field of view. Provided, your purchased contacts are FDA approved; they must not cause abrasions or hurt your eyes. Follow these handling tips to form a barrier as a prevention from the risk of infections. 

What are Parabens & Sulfates? Why is Skin79 Free from them?

Parabens and sulfates are the common ingredients found in cosmetics that are the object of huge vilification. Parabens are suspected to be the cancer-causing ingredients whereas sulfates are associated to leave your skin dry & rip your skin off of the natural oils. Organic brands such as Skin79 claims to avoid harmful parabens and sulfates in most of their products for the same reasons.

Skin79 Ensures Safe than Sorry Route:

Parabens are most widely used preservatives in cosmetics such as body lotions, creams and other makeup products. They prevent the bacterial and fungal accumulation from the products that are stored in humid & moist environment such as wash rooms. Sulfates on the other hand are foaming agents. They help a product to produce lather and are found in face washes, body washes and shampoos. Skin79 do not make use of parabens and sulfates to ensure a “safe than sorry routine” for the consumers.

According to experts; it is difficult to keep a product free from parabens as no other preservative is as effective as are parabens. Though, no scientific research to date has proved them to be such devastatingly dangerous for the human health; it is better to avoid the risks and go for the better alternatives available.

Hang on; Sulfate Free Products can sometimes be worse than you think

Before you give in to the hype against sulfate & parabens; please remember that not all sulfate-free products are effective in cleansing. Chemicals are chemicals; swapping them with other chemicals does not make a product any better. Skin79; thus make use of fruit & vegetable based cleansing agents. This however may reduce the shelf life of the product.

Skin79 is a cruelty free cosmetic brand that lays emphasis on making use of plant based ingredients. Skin79 products are free from harsh chemicals & preservatives as it aims to make your skin glow & healthy from within. 

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

How Long do Unopened & Sealed Colored Contact Lenses Last?

Like every other thing; circle contact lenses get expired too- It’s a no exception. Contact lenses that are annually disposable last you 8-10 months after being opened. On the other hand sealed contact lenses that have never been opened last you 3-4 years. How to determine about the expiry date? Very simple! Check the label on the packaging i.e. either vials or blisters.

Contact lens expiry dates are stamped by the manufacturers. The expiry date indicates about the efficacy of the product and the solution. Once the expiry has lapsed, it is assumed that the solution in which contact lenses are soaked has lost the sterility. This being said, contact lenses may get contaminated with bacteria hence choosing to wear expired contact lenses carries potential risks.

Contact lenses usually bears an expiry tag of 4 years from the date of manufacture. The shelf life remains intact for the said time if vials/blisters remain sealed. Expired contact lenses must not necessarily feel different or look different. They may not always irritate but why risk your eyes for just few dollars? Always keep a good track of contact lens expiry by marking the date on the lens cases and be careful to note down the expiry date, every time your replace your contact lens case in 3 months.

According to the expiry date on my lens package, they’ve expired. Can I still wear them?
No. Once your lenses are past their expiry date we cannot ensure the lenses or the solution are sterile. We do not recommend you wear contact lenses past their expiry date.

Can I use expired products?

The expiration date on a product represents the shelf life of the product from the date of manufacture. After this date we cannot ensure the safety and efficacy of the product and do not recommend using any product once the expiration date has lapsed.

Contact lenses are prosthetic medical devices. Make your decisions wisely.

Monday, 21 December 2015

When Pairing Glasses with Your Contact Lenses Becomes a Necessity

Sandra Michi- Courtesy

Contact lenses are promising for vision correction. They solve a number of vision-related disorders from near nearsightedness to farsightedness & astigmatism etc. However, there are medical complexities; when pairing glasses with your contact lenses become crucial. People who require contact lenses to alter nearsightedness would need a pair of glasses for reading, in case they feel difficulty focusing up-close objects too. People who are varifocals prefer pairing glasses at the top of contact lenses rather than switching to contact lenses meant for farsightedness or carrying different pairs of glasses to meet the both needs.

Multi-Focal Contact Lenses VS Pairing Contacts with Glasses

courtesy of lazypikachew

Though there are multi-focal and bi-focal contact lenses available; you must weigh down the pros and cons of the various alternates before you make a selection. Multi-focal contact lenses possess multiple prescriptions all in one lens.

Pros & Cons:
  1. These lenses carry a power to see distant objects whereas the other power is to let you see the upclose objects.
  2. Multi-focal contact lenses also enable you see the objects placed at intermediate distances.
  3. These type of lenses allow gradual transition from prescription to prescription (upclose objects to distant) whereas Bifocal contact lenses have a sharp edge between the two prescrptions.
  4. People with Presbyopia feel secure enough with multifocal contacts that usually hit at the age of 40. However, patients often have a hard time adjusting with their multifocals.
  5. Multifocal colored contacts are subjected to produce night time glare, or hazy vision during the adjustment period. Furthermore, the different viewing experience and the abrupt transition in bifocals make adjustment even more difficult.
  6. Such contact are expensive due to the complexity in design.

On the other hand, pairing glasses with contact lenses for hyperopia and myopia respectively is more convenient rather than to keep twiddling between the various pairs of glasses or contact lenses. Contact lenses are good to wear all the day long whereas glasses can be paired for reading books or driving- where you need both far and short visual acuity.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

3 Steps to Wisely Purchasing Colored Contact Lenses Online

Gone are the days when wearing contact lenses would be considered as courageously brave as breaking the norms. Today, wearing colored contact lenses is a fad that everyone aspires from high profile celebrities to your next door girlfriend. If changing the color of eyes excite & motivate you; join the league. The only thing that warrants concern about contact lenses is about them being unsafe. The counterfeiters seem to be more prolific than the genuine & FDA approved manufacturers. There are various alternates of buying your favorite color changing contact lenses from your optometrist to purchasing from an online retailer. Though, both are trusted- the latter is proved to save you both money & time.

Today, with contact lenses easily available online; you have more options to choose between the various options. It has become far more convenient to purchase colored contact lenses & that too without leaving your comfortable & warm cozy couch. Since contact lenses are prosthetic medical devices you must prepare a check list before you make a purchase. Be certain that contact lenses purchased online are completely safe to wear provided you follow the advice of experts- Let not the horrific stories circulating online about contact lenses haunt you.  

1. Buy Korean Circle Lenses
Korea is the hub of circle lenses. Though they are largely produced in Japan, China & Korea; the best of them are manufactured in Korea. Reliable brands will always go a step forward to accumulate the medical certifications. Always look for FDA & ISO statements when investing money among the different variants of colored lenses.

2. Get a Fresh Prescription
Online retailers don’t require a prescription. However you still should have a fresh prescription at hand. Contact lenses whether are annual or daily disposables purchased in bulk would be a mess if are bought in wrong strength. Always keep your prescription updated.

3. Buy Multi-Benefiting Colored Lenses
Today contact lenses are more than color-changing medical devices. They are available with added benefits such as protection from UV rays & oxygen friendly contact lenses.

Colored contact lenses can offer a dramatic change. Follow the hype & look-like your favorite celebrity by joining them in the league. Salena Gomez recently stunned us with contact lenses & now is your turn to prove your following towards the star!

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Boost your Sports with Contact Lenses

Whether you are an amateur player or a professional athlete, having clear & sharp vision is what you require the most. Since glasses limit mobility, they do not seem to be a witty option for vision correction. Contact lenses on the other hand, proves to be a better option by ensuring enhanced peripheral vision and that too without compromising at comfort or restricting mobility during sports.

Glasses run the risk of injuries. With glasses it is almost impossible to fully concentrate on your game. They keep you busy in settling your falling frames back at your nose bridge every other second. They also fog up, reduce the peripheral angles & get in the way. Contact lenses contrarily, are considered ideal for all sports activities from racquet games, to ball games and even for stunt games.

Contact lenses are also the best pick for adventurous activities like Tandem Jump & Snorkeling

Games that benefited most by Contact Lenses

1. Racquet Games:
Games such as tennis, squash, badminton, ping pong etc. would be more entertaining if you don’t have to worry about your glasses falling off every time you hit a shot.

2. Ball Games:
Ball games require full concentration & 360 degree field of vision. From cricket to football, basket-ball, volleyball & netball; you can’t risk to lose focus even for a second. Messing with glasses whilst playing games could risk in embarrassment & failure. Contact lenses provide better peripheral vision along with ensuring freedom in mobility & liberty from obstructions created by frames.

3. Cycling Sports
Sports like cycling need you to be 100 % fit. Imagine a bumpy cycling race with a fidgeting pair of frames. You are also made to wear protective wear such as helmets that do not usually accommodate glasses. You definitely can’t fuss over glasses. Indeed; wearing contact lenses is the desperate need of the game.

4. Stunt Games & Adventurous Activities
Have you ever been through the pain of Bungee jumping with glasses? Glasses are extremely dangerous here. In case they get smashed whilst you jump the flying shards of the frames will injure your eyes. The loss can be irrevocable. Prefer contact lenses over glasses to prevent yourself from a fatal damage.

Best Contact Lenses for Sports:

Try UV protection contact lenses. These lenses do not only alter your vision for better but also prevent them from harmful UV rays when you playing sports outdoors. If you are an active sportsman you would want to have monthly disposable contact lenses to ease down the maintenance.  

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

4 Smart Steps to Pack your Beauty Bag for Travelling: Accommodate Skin Care & Makeup Necessities in your Carry Bag

When travelling you have to follow flight regulations. All of your skin care & makeup essentials can’t be accommodated in your carry bag. Therefore, packing your beauty bag smartly is the need of time. Follow these 3 ingenious steps to smart packing.

1. Consider your Destination
When packing your bag; always keep your destination in mind. Carry products that withstand humidity & heat if you are heading to a tropical location. If you are moving to polar states, carry the appropriate products.

2. Carry Small-Sized Products

It is insane to pick full sized products from your bathroom shelf that are meant to last you the entire month for travelling. Instead, utilize free makeup samples you might have collected during visits to local marts. These are travel-sized samples and take just a little space in your bag.

Circle contact lens cases come handy when you have less space but more skin care & makeup products to carry. Squirt your foundation or lip balm in contact lens case chambers and enjoy a hassle-free flight.

3. Remember 3:1:1 Rule

According to air regulations; remember you can only carry 3 ounces of liquid, 1 clear plastic zip lock bag to hold the bottles and 1 plastic bag per passenger. Larger bottles of liquid should be in your checked baggage then your beauty bag. For circle contacts, carry contact lens travelling kit that accommodates a small sized solution bottle, forceps, a plunger & a mirror.

4. Use 2 in 1 products

2 in 1 BB Cream

To conserve space use multi-purpose products such as Skin79 Oriental Gold BB cream. It is 3 in 1 product with a BB cream, a lip tint that also serves as a blusher. Furthermore, instead of carrying several shades of mono eye shadows or heavy-weight makeup kits; consider carrying Solone 2 in1 magical eye stick shadow. The pencils are bi-shaded and boast a built-in smudger.

If you can’t leave your perfumes behind, wrap them in a sock and slip it in your shoes. Follow the same for the other break able bottles and makeup necessities such as compact powder & concealers etc. If you don't want to miss your favorite makeup essentials, plan ahead & pack smartly. 

Monday, 14 December 2015

What Role does Centre Thickness Play in Contact Lenses?

Center thickness of a contact lenses is most influenced by the prescription. Contact lenses are arc or dome shaped that determines different thickness around a lens. Center thickness plays great role in contact lens tolerance as it directly affects oxygen permeability in circle contacts.

Since the strength of your prescription defines the center thick-ness; you must note that contact lenses with higher degree are thicker at the central point of the lenses. Thick circle lenses block oxygen permeability & create a feeling of discomfort. People who are strongly near-sighted should wear contact lenses with high water content.

Contact lens thickness varies from 0.04mm to 0.09mm whereas the ideal thickness is 0.06mm. Contact lenses that are less than 0.04 are ultra-thin whereas circle contacts with more than 0.09mm thickness are considered thick & are poor in oxygen transmission. Thin contact lenses possess high water count but they make your dryness worse if you suffer from dry eyes syndrome. Contact lenses with high degree of water content absorb tears from your eyes, so it is recommended to use lubricating drops when necessary. On the other hand, they also ensure high oxygen permeability which keeps your eyes comfortable. In case you suffer from dry eyes; get yourself a pair of contact lenses with 38% water content.

Other than the prescription it is the type of brand that affect the center thickness of the contact lenses. Continuing to wear your contact lenses past the expiry also affect the efficacy of colored contacts. Always toss your disposable contacts for better & schedule annual meet ups with your eye care provider. 

Kawaii Makeup Tutorial using I.Fairy Jewel Violet

Violet is an unusual color, therefore it comes forward when you need to make an unworldly impact. I.Fairy Jewel violet with feather-cut edges, vibrant pigmentation & commendable opacity give you doll-like beautiful eyes that shine like a diamond. These circle lenses create an illusion of bigger eyes that never fail to catch a fair share of attention. Always stay in the limelight with these violet lenses & accentuate your doll-y self. Follow the makeup tutorial below:

Lolita Wig Q : Deep Purple Synthetic Wig

This shoulder length wig with straight deep violet silky locks add a pleasant touch to your personality. Lolita Wig Q comes with bangs that need slight trimming. The color-mixed hair strands that are 100% heat-resistant look almost natural. The wig does not shine, nor does it look plastic despite being synthetic. It has a good volume both at the crown and at the bottom. It is soft to touch and light in weight to wear. Read Lolita Wig Q review

Sunday, 13 December 2015

ICK Adora Violet against Maki Nishikino Wig

"It enlarges eyes super well, and also having a slightly brown outer ring makes it look, let's say, a bit more natural than a full-black ring. ICK Adora violet still has the dramatic effect because of the color and the enlargement, but that's something I have been looking out for!And as I always expected, the ICK brand doesn't disappoint me. " -- Anzujaamu's review

These violet circle lenses create a stunning contrast against Maki Nishikino Wig. The wig is carrot red and comes in a timeless sweet bob. It beautifully frames your face and add a feminine touch to your jawline.

Short Orange Spike-y Wig & Lolita Wig V

The short orange Hinata Haikyuu wig has a lot of volume. The style boasts spikes in layers due to which the wig is thick. The orange hue is hot that is a depiction of burning flames. The length is enough to reach your nape. Due to an unnatural color, the wig shines a bit. On the other hand, Lolita wig V has soft wavy tresses with a lovely teal green color. The angular bangs keep the over-all effect very soft & feminine. 

Daily Wear Blue Lenses for Light Eyes: ICK Petal Blue Colored Lenses

These blue circle lenses make your eyes shine enticingly. The exciting pattern is the real soul as the plain blue would look boring. The pattern is nothing over-whelming, it plays more in the rings. First and foremost, the outer limbal ring of ICK Petal blue grabs the attention that is not raven black yet makes a bold impact. The outer ring is followed by yet another ring that serves as the major design of the lens. They appear charismatic against hazel green eyes & make them pop out. 

Green Circle Lenses for Light Blue Eyes: Sweety Nudy Ice Green

Sweety Nudy Ice green boasts sparks of different colors that help them stand out. The pattern demonstrates the beautiful spirit of icicles. Just like the crystals of the ice these lenses emit sparkling hues. Sweety Nudy Ice green circle lenses are almost transparent. They only get prominent when you wear them. No matter what your eye color is, they will beautifully compliment your natural color. They are very natural besides the dolly effect they produce due to the presence of a well defined limbal ring. 

"These are really comfortable! I didn't have any problems to insert them or to put them out again and I never felt any discomfort. My eyes didn't get dry after 10 hours of wearing them either. Sooo, I can recommend them for beginners! 10/10 ♥"-- Taken from Setsu's Sweety Nudy Ice green review

Make your Eyes Sparkle Like Animes with Sweety Celestial Brown

Dream comes true. Get anime-like sparkling eyes with Sweety Celestial brown circle lenses. With simple pattern and exemplary enlargement effect, you get a beautiful effect of twinkling stars in your eyes. These circle lenses are very natural yet dramatic enough to stand out. The sparkles that shine yellow really makes an impact that long last in the memories. They make your eyes brighter and dolly. Find out more pictures of Sweety Celestial brown & leave your feedback.  

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Misty Green Lenses for Asian Eyes: Sweety Nudy 3 Tones Green

Sweety Nudy three tones green lenses add vibrancy and a misty touch to your eyes. They show up pretty well against brown eyes, yet they are capable enough to blend with your natural eye color flawlessly. Sweety Nudy 3 tones green lenses have grey undertones with hints of yellow that surrounds the pupil. This unique fusion of subtle hues produce a whimsical effect that make your eyes bright & lucid at the same time. 

Short Black Wig: Hoozuki No Reitetsu - Raymon

"This was supposed to be a wig for a male character,but as you can see,its shape is really pretty,so I see no problems with it being used also for female characters. Texture wise,this wig is a bit more rough then the usual ones,having somewhat thicker,spikier hairs,while staying normally shiny.
I find that to be a good thing,as it can be suitable for everyday use as well,aside from cosplay. It looks pretty natural,so that's another plus. Length wise, Raymon Hoozuki wig reaches a little past my nape,making it the shortest wig I have so far,with longer side-bangs and a short fringe.Yes,this is what the fringe normally looks like without any styling. I didn't have to cut it any shorter,since it was quite short already.  So if you just want to trim some more of it's length,you won't be having way too much work on this one :) I rather enjoyed that .It is also made out of a fine material that enables heat resistance,so styling won't be a problem,if you need to straighten or curl some bits of it!"

Flamingo Hot Pink Wig: No Game No Life Gabriel Wig

This adorably long and thick pink wig grabs your attention at once. Gabriel wig from No Game No Life is 100 cm long. The color is mentioned as Rose Red at the website; kind of magenta which looks totally alluring. It stays true to its color in all the lighting conditions. The wig is dense & remarkably long. 

"There was no leaking hair,nor did it tangle,and was surprisingly easy to handle,despise of its length.
I have to admit,when I first unpacked it I was a bit intimidated by this wig,thinking it would be a pain to maintain or comb or style,but I was totally wrong :) this was really easy,since it's a really good quality wig.So I experienced absolutely no issues with it :)"-- Review by Nyoko

Cute Black Wig with Pony Tails: Nico Yazawa Cosplay Wig

This cute black wig with silky & shiny tresses come with cute pony tails. Nico Yazawa wig is thick and fluffy. The pony tails add volume to the wig whereas the base itself is cute and complete. The bangs make this wig look adorable. Nico Yazawa wig is absolutely perfect to make you look younger than your age. Read Nico wig's review here

Short Natural Looking Black Wig: Rin Okumura

"This is the perfect wig for anyone who wants a somewhat short, good, base wig. It's a thick and healthy looking black wig, that is very easy to deal with, as it's easy to cut, and it's heat resistant, and accepts most styling products very well. It's sold as a Rin Okumura wig (although I personally think Rin has blue hair), but there's a million different character this wig would fit for, if not only to be worn daily as a casual wig! Great for bad hair days!"

"This wig so far has been very useful for me, as it's a basic, nice one. I have already figured out I can wear it for Yukkin, Zuko from Avatar, perhaps Haruka from Free! if I style it and feel like it, maybe Luca from Arcana Famiglia and a ton of different other characters, which makes it such a practical thing!"-- Excerpt from Rin Okumura wig review

Hot Orange Short Wig: Souma Kukai Shugo Chara Wig

"It's such a strong orange color, and it feels like... a carrot. Or hot flames. Either way, I love it. In the pictures, I have styled it slightly, and trimmed it a bit to fit me the way I want it. It's cool short wig, perfect for cosplay or daily use, and I think it would be perfect if you want to cosplay one of the Hitachiin twins, for example. It was easy to style, as it's heat resistant, and it was easy to apply styling products, that stayed in."

Sweety Rainbow Green Circle Lenses

Sweety Rainbow green circle lenses have a beautiful tendency to get blended with whatever your natural eye color is. They have three lovely tones and the design is just so captivating. These lenses with 14.5mm diameter and a thin limbal ring creates an illusion of enticing big eyes. 

"What I also like is the yellow color in it. It makes the color look more vibrant, bright and fresh. As always, a black thin rim is quite nice since it just… Settles it all and gives a more enlarging effect."-- says Alicia Stople in her Sweety Rainbow green review

Get Clearer & Brighter Skin with Skin79 Apple Mint Fresh Mask

Prepare your skin for the approaching holiday season. At Christmas you should have clear and brighter skin that glows from with in. Get your hands on Skin79 Apple Mint Fresh mask. It deep cleanses and witch hazel in the mask leaves your skin soft & glowing. Witch hazel is also known to shrink your pores thus the appearance of enlarged pores gradually decreases. Read Skin79 Apple Mint fresh mask review for more first hand details

Vocaloid Miku Teal Green Wig

This is super long teal green wig that has a beautiful base. The wig base comes with pony tails that can be attached to the base. The base of the Vocaloid Miku wig is itself pretty and complete in itself. The base is chin length with the angular bangs. This wig flaunts an adorable feather-cut hair style which ensure the side layers frame your neck for a feminine touch. The pony tails are super long i.e. 120 cm. These reach your knees. The hue is beautiful teal green with the reverse ombre effect.

Irisviel Inspired Look with I.Fairy Poppy Red & Silver White Wig

Irisviel from Fate Series has bright white long & silky tresses against which her bright red eyes shine like a gem. I.Fairy Poppy red create an illusion of bolder, brighter eyes with 16.2mm diameter. On the other hand this silvery white wig flaunts silky tresses that fall past by your shoulders. They are perfect to enhancing your mane. The wig has no bangs so if you prefer a hair style without bangs you can read more about the wig before purchasing. 

These red lenses look exemplary against short white wig the same way. The wig is chin length and needs gentle touch-ups and swishing before putting on.