Monday, 4 January 2016

Can Contact Lenses Cause Lesion on Cornea?

Soft contact lenses are very safe and comfortable to wear. They cannot cause lesions on the surface of the cornea unless you mishandle them. FDA colored contacts are made from soft hydrophilic plastic- “water-loving” known as “hydrogels”. They absorb significant quantity of water that keeps them soft & supple. Due to the water content, contact lenses let oxygen pass through your eyes which is somewhat obstructed by the contact lenses at the first place.

Contact Lens Related Corneal Ulcers- Myth or a Fact?

Contact lenses are prosthetic medical devices- failing to understand which can trigger serious response & cause irrevocable damage. Contact lens related injuries are though very rare; hospitals do witness a soaring number of eye injuries every year at the beginning & the end, when people are most likely to doze off or party, ignoring the warnings issued by the doctors.

A corneal ulcer is basically a resultant product of the bacterial growth. It is an infection caused by bacteria, virus, fungi or parasitic contamination. People who wear colored contact lenses must stay vigilant about any changes occurring in the eyes or vision. Symptoms below may indicate corneal abrasions, which call for prompt medical assistance

  1. Blurry or hazy vision
  2. Bloodshot, itchy eyes
  3. Discharge
  4. Sensitivity to the light
  5. White patch on the cornea
  6. Difficulty wearing contact lenses

Preventing Corneal Ulcers

  1. As mentioned earlier, contact lenses are not directly associated for the lesions, provided they are approved by FDA. Medical certifications such as CE & ISO further ensure that your invested product is safe for your health. However, after a consumer purchases a product it becomes their responsibility to follow the instructions that come printed on the label. Contact lenses are not a toy accessories but medical devices. Thus, they should be taken care of and must be disinfected thoroughly after each wear.
  2. Using pharmacy manufactured contact lens solution is the key to prevention from ocular damages. People who are into habits of making their own home made solutions for contact lens soaking, rewetting & disinfection are most likely to suffer from corneal abrasions caused by parasitic growth.
  3. Never use saliva or tap water to rinse your contact lenses. Tap water contains contaminants and a parasite named acanthamoeba that devours human cornea.
  4. Never sleep in contact lenses. Contact lenses when left in eyes overnight may have unappealing effects on the health of your eyes.

Human brain loves convenience and avoid hard work. It ignores that everything comes with pros & cons. Even an apparently harmless toothbrush when not rinsed or replaced properly may cause mouth ulcers. Be preventive as being warned is being armed. Wear only authorized & branded 100% genuine Korean circle lenses to prevent yourself from ocular disasters. 

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