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Beuberry CA Blue Lenses for Brown Eyes

Beuberry CA Blue Lenses for Brown Eyes

Beuberry CA Blue Lenses for Brown Eyes

Beuberry CA Blue Lenses for Brown Eyes

Beuberry CA Blue Lenses for Brown Eyes

These blue circle lenses are opaque that make them very noticeable. The two tones help them blend naturally with dark brown eyes. Beuberry CA blue circle lenses have a streaky pattern; where the yellow streaks make them look natural in your eyes. They turn eyes shiny and the reflection of light by them is super fantastic. Beuberry CA blue circle lenses are great for enlargement. Despite of 16mm diameter these circle lenses stay moist and comfortable in your eyes as they contain 55% water content. Read more about Beuberry CA blue circle lenses.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Natural Looking Grey Eyes: I.Fairy Super Crystal Grey Lenses

Natural Looking Grey Eyes: I.Fairy Super Crystal Grey Lenses

Natural Looking Grey Eyes: I.Fairy Super Crystal Grey Lenses

Natural Looking Grey Eyes: I.Fairy Super Crystal Grey Lenses

I.Fairy Super Crystal grey lenses are your go-to daily wear lenses. The color is very soft yet very out-standing. These circle lenses as named crystal; make your eyes look sparkling & bright. They do not have outer black rim; this is why they remain very natural on your eyes. I.Fairy Super Crystal grey lenses are mono tome lenses with huge 16.2 mm diameter. The enlargement effect is nothing over-whelming but they do create bigger and beautiful eyes.

I.Fairy Super Crystal grey lenses are perfect for Ulzaang transformations. Read I.Fairy Super Crystal grey review here.

Lady Ciel Coplay Wig - Ciel Phantomhive B

This wig is a grey based wig with royal blue & violet shades. Ciel Phantomhive cosplay wig is soft, shiny and an exact replica of character's hair. The wig has two clip on ringlet pig tails that stay securely attached. 

"I really love it! It works so well for Ciel, and it's just so comfortable. Sure, it is somewhat heavier than a normal base wig, of course, since you add the two pony tails, but they stay still and are secured properly to your base wig with the clips. I'm super pleased, as always, with UNIQSO's products and don't be afraid to check their website out. They have lots of great wigs and circle lenses!"

Read more about this wig here in the Ceil cosplay wig review 

Keeping your Wigs from Getting Tangled: Long & Short

Synthetic wigs require efforts to keep them new & safe from getting tangled. It gets difficult for newbie to take care of longer wigs especially if they are straight and over 75cm. Ichigochi has prepared an awesome tutorial on keeping your wigs safe & prevented from getting tangled. Follow the tutorial here

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Pair up I.Fairy Tofi Gold with Glasses for a Nerdy Look

Do you like wearing glasses for fashion purposes along with circle lenses? Do you find yourself in a dilemma when making a choice between the both? If you answer yes; have no worries. We have  a solution to this. Get your circle lenses in prescription whereas wear your glasses with out prescription. This way you can keep your style intact. I.Fairy Tofi gold circle lenses make a great combination with spectacles having a black frame. The outer black rim compliments the black frame whereas the gold stays vibrant to cast an energetic impact.

I.Fairy Tofi gold circle lenses are very vibrant. The gold appear absolutely well and has kind of screaming effect over light eyes. The pattern is really beautiful & appears like flowers of autumn in your eyes. These circle lenses have a commendable enlarging effect. They are perfect for cosplays and other performances where you need to have statement eye color.

Read I.Fairy Tofi gold review

Kaname Madoka Cosplay with Beuberry Cherry Pink Circle Lenses & Kaname Cosplay Wig

Beuberry Cherry pink circle lenses are beautiful, vibrant & opaque. Unlike other pink circle lenses they don't turn out to look like a shade of warm brown but look excitingly pink. They are definitely one of the strongly pigmented pink circle lenses that stay bright pink even against light colored eyes.

Beuberry Cherry pink are perfect for Kaname Madoka cosplay. To complete the look; pair the circle lenses up with the Kaname cosplay wig. The wig is also the exact replica of the character. It is not shiny; kind of voluminous with thick pig tails that can be styled accordingly. The wig has long bangs that need styling; so yes it is a plus that you can adjust it as per your face shape.

Read further details in the review here

Wig Tutorial: How to Wash & Restyle Synthetic Wigs?

It is necessary to wash synthetic hair wigs after 18 to 20 wears at maximum otherwise they stink bad. A greasy, messy wig is definitely a turn off and it does more bad than good. Washing synthetic wig is nothing tedious; it does not any involve complex process either. You only need to grab the correct supplies in order to keep everything smooth.

Do remember that synthetic heat resistant wigs do not lose factory built styling, bounce & wave after they have been washed unless you treat them using heating tools. Letting them air dry would make your wig revert to its previous state; however if you had styled your wigs using an iron or a curler; you might not get its previous state back. Therefore,you will have to restyle it yourself.

Follow this site to find out the tutorial on washing wigs & restyling them

3 Lessons 2014 Taught about Circle Lenses

2014 has been a great year regarding circle lenses. We noticed new innovations, advanced technologies & contact lens cases that ensure thorough cleansing & disinfection. Though, 2014 has been a boon for circle lenses, we observed how consumers risked their vision by neglecting to take care of their eyes & circle lenses. All contact lens wearers should stay meticulous and must learn from the lessons we got from 2014.

  • Say NO to Over-Wearing & Sharing of Contact Lenses

Circle lenses & contact lenses must not be worn beyond their expiry date. Always follow the replacement schedule strictly. Sharing your circle lenses and over wearing them increases the chances of bacteria accumulation that may lead to conjunctivitis, corneal fungus & abrasions. In severe complications, vision loss is also a horrendous aftermath of ignoring the expiry date of circle lenses.

  • Pragmatic Approach to Contact Lens Cleansing Enables Easy Management in Allergy Seasons

We observed in 2014, that pragmatic approach to contact lens cleansing makes it easier to manage allergies. It becomes necessary to thoroughly disinfect your circle lenses before and after wearing them as Pollen and air pollutants stick to the surface of circle lenses when the pro-allergy seasons turn nasty. Disinfecting your circle lenses, this way in 2015; will keep your eyes healthy throughout the year-yes even when the irritants are floating most in the air.

  • Treating Discomfort Induced by Circle Lenses using Special Spray

Australian researches discovered in 2014 that why some people find it uncomfortable to wear contact lenses. According to them “lipid degeneration” turns their eyes dry which as a result makes it painful for eyes to develop acquaintance with circle lenses.

Using FDA approved circle lenses, eye drops & cosmetics help halfway; whereas using liposomal eye spray can completely tackle the issue. Doctors also suggest wearing circle lenses specially designed for people with dry eyes if you experience the same discomfort.

Circle lenses have changed lives for good. Today, in 21st century; we cannot imagine of a life lacking the miracles of circle lenses. Movies, conventions, cosplays & celebrities all find it fun to change their appearance using circle lenses. In fact, circle lenses gave rise to emerging online stars; say Ulzaang and gyarus. Be an inspiration for others & get your FDA approved circle lenses for a new look in New Year!

Friday, 19 December 2014

Effects of Weight Loss on Contact Lens Fit

L-R Finn Wittrock, Domhnall Gleeson and Jack O'Connell in a scene from "Unbroken. (Universal Pictures.) 
Contact lenses with 38% water content and 8.6mm base curve fit most of the people unless you are diagnosed with rare diseases or eye shapes. However, one must not forget that contact lenses are not one size fit all. Certain medications & life style do leave impact on contact lens tolerance & fitting-even weight loss.

Reducing too much of your body mass in a short period of time might make your body feel starved & de-hydrated. The fresh example is actor Domhnall Gleeson; who recently has lost too much weight for Anjelina Jolie’s Movie “Unbroken” that his contact lenses no longer fit him.

The story line of the film rotates around World War II; where his plane was gunned down over the Pacific Ocean & he was left all alone at the shore until he was rescued by Japanese sailors who kept him in prison for two years with little food for his survival.

Gleeson loses so much weight that his contact lenses no longer fit

To put a life in his character; actor took the job seriously & lost so much of his weight that he dropped contact lens size. O’Connel- the co-star said in a press conference; "Domhnall lost so much weight, even his eyeballs changed shape." 

"It's true," laughed director Angelina Jolie, noting the actors wore special lenses to make their eyes look bloodshot. "They fit when he was starting to lose weight and then by the time we got to the end of the raft section, they wouldn't go into his eyes. I think it was the dehydration." 

Strange fact; but yes looks like your cornea changes shape; as you lose weight. Even your eyes go skinny. Until eye professionals come forward to address this issue; we have no other option than assuming that reducing excessive weight specially in a short span may lay adverse effect on contact lensesfit.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Cosmetics & Contact Lenses: A Kinky Yet Formidable Relationship

Although contact lenses when inserted before applying makeup can reduce the contamination risks, care should be taken whilst using cosmetics along with circle lenses. People having sensitive eyes are more prone to develop eye infections due to contamination of makeup buildup over the surface of contact lenses which later transfer itself to the cornea, causing corneal abrasion.

Though cosmetics contain preservatives to stop the growth of bacteria, they do contain irritants which can be harmful for the eyes. It has been reported that some women with sensitive eyes develop frequent conjunctivitis due to mishandling their cosmetics or because of a contaminated applicator.

Circle lenses & makeup application go hand in hand. Makeup cannot be avoided when wearing circle lenses as circle lenses without makeup, may look too fake to look attractive. To keep your eyes protected always use hypoallergenic cosmetics or those with little to no fragrances as some people’s eyes show adverse effects against fragrances.

8 Safety Tips with Makeup & Circle Lenses

  1. Do not use cosmetics beyond their expiry date
  2. Do not use old mascara applicator with the new product. It might have been contaminated
  3. Apply eye liner away from the lash line
  4. Keep your eye pencils sharp and use soft pencils so that the wood does not scratch
  5. Avoid using lash-fiber mascaras when wearing circle lenses
  6. Never apply eye makeup or insert/takeoff your circle lenses when in a moving vehicle. You can accidentally poke your eyes.
  7. Avoid using eye shadows with metallic-sheen, glitters or mineral cosmetics. They can flake off, or get into eyes that contaminate circle lenses & may induce irritation- eye infections.
  8. Do not wear eye makeup during contact lens fitting exam.

Circle lenses are meant to boost up your self-confidence whereas makeup application is to enhance your personality. Care should be taken in order to stay prevented from mishaps; you only have one set of eyes. 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Korean Skin Care Secret: How to Deep Cleanse for Brighter Complexion

We all secretly envy the glow Korean women wear. Though climate seems to play a significant role; much of it can be achieved through following the same skin care regime that they follow. Korean skin care emphasizes on a sheer glow that only becomes possible when your skin is well-hydrated, moisturized & nourished. Korean skin care is aggressive & comprehensive. Sticking to Korean skin care methods & products can ensure you achieve the healthy glow but it might be time consuming so brace yourself before you begin the new venture.

Importance of Double Cleansing in Korean Skin Care Routine:

There is no concept of “mere cleansing” in Korean skin care methods. To achieve, impeccable skin texture; always cleanse your face two ways. The first step is to remove makeup residuals, dust & dirt particles by using a light oil coconut, almond or olive. If on the other hand you prefer convenience; go for Skin79 makeup wipes. These Skin79 makeup wipes are soaked in essential oils that swiftly remove makeup without harsh rubbing or causing sagging of tissues.

This superficial cleansing is then followed by deep cleansing for which a foam cleanser is required. Use Skin79 BB facial foam cleanser. It does not only act as a cleansing agent but it also exfoliates softly to remove dead skin cells and makeup residues effectively.

Korean Skin Care: How to Cleanse the Korean Way?

Cleansing is given utmost attention in Korean skin care routine. The rule of thumb is to spend the same time in cleansing your face that you spend on putting things on your face. For instance, if you take 30 minutes putting makeup on, you should consume same amount of time in taking them off.
As per Korean skin care; circular movements increases the blood circulation that brightens the complexion. Therefore always cleanse your face using gentle circular motions of your finger pads. Never go harsh or vigorous-stay gentle. The brief massage when done on daily basis, keeps the blood flowing through the right channels.

Korean skin care regime is repetitive. It rotates around the same techniques of cleansing & exfoliating on both daily & weekly basis. It is tad overwhelming but the results are worth it. 

Sunday, 14 December 2014

3 Hot Pixie Cut Wigs that are On the Radar these Days

Nothing can be more effortless yet chic than a free style short pixie cut. A choppy & croppy pixie cut has become a signature style of ramp models. Pixie cuts are glamorous, sexy, playful & boyish yet feminine. Below we are sharing 3 hot pixie cut synthetic wigs that are on the radar these days. They are cropped in layers to give an impression of heavy & textured tousles.

There are various versions of pixie cuts with traditional croppy short layers being the most famous. However, the modern pixie cuts feature long bangs & choppy tousles to give you various options for lifting up your down energy levels.

  • Forward Layers Pixie Wig- Ribbons Almark

This wig features a short sleek pixie cut with forward layering. It also has angular and longer side swept bangs that add a stylish and glamorous chunk to the wig. It is only 32 cm long wig that strikes your ears in the most fanciful way. This forward layered sleek pixie wig is adorable & women under 40 can rock it off.

  • Messy Curly Pixie Wig- Kanbara Akito

Get this irresistible rough pixie cut to flaunt at evenings. The choppy layers are styled roughly whereas the fuzzy tousles of this messy pixie wig revamp your image to make you next big thing.

  • Urban Chic Pixie Wig- Tokyo Ghoul Nagachika

This short urban chic pixie wig is a mix of urban & contemporary pixie cut variations. The cropped layers are shaped down that sleekly meet at the nape. This urban chic pixie wig is inspired from the most followed street-style hair trends where the bangs meet the pixie & blonde gets a striking black punch to accent the bangs that touch the eyelashes for an added dimension. 

Saturday, 13 December 2014

4 Dry Eye Relief Tips by Dr. Stewart for Contact Lens Wearers

Dry eye syndrome affects over 25 million Americans & more than 100 million people worldwide. With the onset of winters; the syndrome begins to strengthen its roots thus instigate dryness, eye sores and grittiness, itching & burning sensation among contact lens wearers. Dr. Stewart Shofner-renowned surgeon of “Shofner Vision Centre” suggests 5 dry eye relief tips to release the discomfort that is subject to disturb twice more to wearers of contact lenses.

Dr. Kevin Johnson of Shofner Vision Center adds, "Contact lens wearers in particular are subject to dry eye symptoms because the dry air reduces the moisture in the contact lenses.

During winter the tear film that keeps eyes moist is disturbed due to cold weather & dry air. Wearing contact lenses further worsen the symptoms.

"Dry eye syndrome is much worse in the winter as people tend to stay indoors where warm dry air is prevalent," says Dr. Shofner

How to Relieve Dry Eye Symptoms in winter among Wearers of Contact Lenses?

As a wearer of contact lenses and a patient of dry eyes syndrome, be preventive about following:

  1. Stay away from direct air. Air conditioners, hair dryers, car heaters & vents should not be directed towards eyes. Do not ride a bicycle or motor bike without protective eye goggles whilst wearing contact lenses.
  2. In winter when there is an advanced use of gas/electric heaters and when the fire places are always active; use a humidifier to add moisture to dry indoor air. If dryness is not dealt like a pro; especially if you wear contact lenses you are more prone to develop eye sores, scratches & corneal abrasions
  3. Use lubricants along with prescription eye drops such as Systane and Restasis. They work with one’s own tears to re-hydrate, soothe & reduce the inflammation. They also help your eyes produce more tears to keep eyes lubricated. This increases tolerance for contact lenses & help reduce discomfort associated with contact lenses.
  4. Stay away from air pollution, BBQ smoke & cigarette smokers. Those who smoke should reduce smoking or if possible should totally stop it for a while. Smoking is dangerous in 3 ways for cigarette smokers who wear contact lenses.

Dr. Shofner says, "Patients can be treated for dry eye syndrome with quick and convenient procedure such as LipiFlow® or cauterization. Using the correct eye drops can also be helpful, and there is no reason for anyone to suffer from dry eyes”

Eating healthy-introducing fruits & green vegetables & increasing liquid diet also helps combat against dry eyes syndrome for people wearing contact lenses. 

Courtesy of :

Friday, 12 December 2014

What Kind of Scissors are required to Cut the Bangs out of a Wig?

Cutting a synthetic wig to fit you might be a bit tricky. One wrong step and you spoil your wig. To customize a synthetic wig as per your own measurements and fitting; you can take it to a hair stylist for professional help or you can do it yourself following the right wig tutorials. To cut a wig you MUST have right types of scissors that are sharp & easy to handle. 

You need one ordinary set of a scissor and the other should be the thinning scissors. Thinning scissors are required to shred the unnecessary hair flair. Follow the tutorial; if you want to cut blunt bangs all by yourself. 

Get your synthetic wigs here at a very pocket friendly price

Natural Looking Big Eye Brown Lenses: Geo Xtra Plum Brown

To achieve eyes that look naturally big; go no more frenzy and get your eyes Geo Xtra Plum brown circle lenses. They are plum brown as obvious by the name; very warm, very simple & very natural looking. Geo Xtra Plum brown circle lenses provide 15mm enlargement that is very moderate & subtle for everyone who prefers subtle & soft eyes. 

"The lenses are actually quite comfortable to wear. After you first put them in, you can't even feel that there is anything in your eye. At the start, you are quite aware of it, but that feeling fades. As the name suggests, the lenses are plum brown, but because my eyes are a combination of deep blue, green and hazel, the colour doesn't have the same effect on me as it would on someone with brown eyes. It gives me a more really dark brown/black effect in normal light"

Click here for more Geo Xtra Plum Brown pictures

Metallic Eye Shadow Kit in Earthy Shades: Solone Fantasy Wonderland Eye Shadow Kit

Solone Fantasy Wonder Land Eye Shadow kit is a beautiful collection of shimmery earthy shades. The kit contains 6 beautiful shimmers  and 2 highlighters. Solone Eye Shadow Kit comes with an applicator that ensures smooth swipes.

"There are 8 different texture to create a variety of more than 18 looks, easy to implement and the pigment is strong in all types of skin, you can use different colors to match your style and on several occasions beyond the cover is compact and super cute, can you take everywhere."

The shades are very pigmented and velvety. They do not chalk off and a little goes a long way. The colors are very bright & make the kit a must-have for casual, less-fancy make up looks. The natural earthy tones of bronze, copper, champagne etc provides natural makeup looks. The velvety feel of these bright eye shadows make it look like a treasured possession. 

Dip Dyed Blonde Wig with Strawberry Tips: Lolita Wig S

Dip Dyed hair has been the hottest hair trend of 2014. After Ombre hair trends; dip dyed hair really helped women making a statement. This Lolita Wig S is super luxurious as it is thick, flouncy, straight & super smooth with a length that every one would effortlessly handle. Lolita Wig S has a beautiful and striking contrast of blonde & strawberry dip. The roots are kept blonde to give you a natural look; whereas the tips are dyed strawberry red to add glamour & help you being conspicuous. 

Lolita Wig S is equipped with a wig cap sufficient to get hold all of your hair. It fits and sits perfectly over your head; ensuring that the wig does not fall off when you walk or when the weather turns unexpectedly rash. 

The following excerpt is from this review

"I love how natural the wig looks, you wouldn't say it's a wig! it's not shiny, and the colors are not intense.As you can see, it's a bit curly at the edges.This is one of my favorite wigs! I wore it plenty of times already, even outside!The warm red at the edges makes it look fancy, it's so pretty!Never though I'd love it so much, since I wasn't a fan of blonde wigs!"

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Suzuya Juuzou Cosplay with Suzuya Wig & Lenses

To cosplay Suzuya Juuzou you need to replicate his eyes & hair that are bright red & grey respectively. Suzuya's red incandescent bright eyes can be achieved through wearing Barbie Love red circle lenses; whereas Suzuya cosplay wig is the perfect imitation of the character's hair. 

Barbie Love red circle lenses have a unique yet perfect pattern that boast hearts arranged in a ring along the limbal ring. These circle lenses are darker in color that are expected to stand more vibrantly on dark eyes than on light colored ones. The hearts do stand out but they won't really call for attention from a far. 

Suzuya wig is a shoulder length 40 cm wig that is a grey-white wig. It has bottom outward curls with side swept bangs- just like the character. The wig is smooth & soft & does not require any special care or maintenance. 

"After styling the wig and cutting it to my liking, It looked a lot like the character’s hair, I was going for (Suzuya Juuzou), though it was a little grey-er than I was expecting. But nothing too big. The contacts were pretty and very effective on making the eyes bigger, though they were a bit darker than I was expecting! The lashes looked amazing though I forgot to take pics with them on >.<", says Ichigochi in her entry about Suzuya Juuzou cosplay transformation 

Some Facts about Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses are not one-size-fit-all. Yet, there are some simple rules about contact lens fitting, as the average size of a human iris is 14mm. Contact lenses with a base curve of 8.6 mm fits most of the people whilst the water content of 38% keep circle lenses moist & your eyes hydrated.

Meeting your Eye Care Professional

  1. If you are wearing contact lenses for refractive index correction, you should meet your ophthalmologist for prescription needs such as astigmatism.
  2. People who wear contact lenses for personality enhancement should also meet eye care professional as there are several conditions that might affect contact lens tolerance such as the use of certain medication like birth control pills.  
  3. An eye care service provider will check your eyes to see if you are a successful candidate of contact lenses. Depending on your eye types; he will recommend you contact lenses that will fit your eyes whilst ensuring the maximum comfort.

Health of Cornea

  • One should take note of the corneal health. Tear film evaluation often describes how your corneas behave with contact lenses. Some people find it uncomfortable to wear contact lenses. This happens because of the quick degeneration of lipid that is actually the upper most layer of tear-film; serving as the barrier between foreign substances and your eyes.
  • In case of dry eyes syndrome; use FDA approved authentic eye drops. Not everyone needs eye drops. Circle lenses with water content 38% and above are comfortable to most of the eyes. However; people with sensitive eyes may opt for circle lenses above 50% water content or disposable circle lenses.
  • If you spend bigger portion of your day at working on computer then you are more likely to suffer from computer vision syndrome. Since working at computer alters the “blinking-rate” it indirectly affects the tear film production & aggravates the symptoms with contact lenses. This is how to manage contact lenses with computer vision syndrome.

Get Glossy Eye Look with Beuberry NV Green

Beuberry NV green circle lenses appear olive green against warm brown eyes. They are very natural looking, perfect for routine wears as they are less vivid and less striking. Beuberry NV green circle lenses ensure dolly enlargement & glossy tearful look with their 16mm diameter.

These green circle lenses have black outer ring famous to add innocence and softness to your eyes. They can be worn with and with out makeup and they tend to compliment every type of eye color whether light or dark. The 55% water content keep your eyes moist and hydrated. There is no need to use eye drops when wearing Beuberry NV green circle lenses.

Get Dolled up with I.Fairy Jewel Pink Circle Lenses

Wanting to get alluring dolly eyes? Wear I.Fairy Jewel pink circle lenses for a whimsical effect. They enlarge your eyes, make them shine as they are outstanding at reflecting light. They keep eyes moist & sparkling. I.Fairy Jewel pink has a fuzzy outer ring that grabs tons of attention. They are not vibrant but very warm pink that blend & mix subtly with your natural color of eyes. 

I.Fairy Jewel pink circle lenses make your eyes charming . "The design and size make you look cute. Your eyes get more charming and, despite these lenses' color, it doesn't really calls attention. You won't be disappointed to try them someday. *3*"

Continue to read this I.Fairy Jewel Pink review

Kohl Rimmed Brown Eyes: I.Fairy Hera Brown

Pop up your eyes with beautiful brown circle lenses. I.Fairy Hera brown circle lenses have dolly enlargement. They boast pretty intricate pattern with a unique cut-edge limbal ring. They are so natural looking that they blend nicely with your eyes and often go unnoticed except the huge enlargement they ensure. 

I.Fairy Hera brown circle lenses are true depiction of Ulzaang fashion & trends. They are very natural looking and are perfect for daily wear. They do look outstanding yet very naturally fabulous. 

I.Fairy Hera brown

"They are perfect for use in everyday life, in my opinion, because the color is amazing and natural at the same time. The details, if you have dark eyes like mine, will only appear in the light, so do not draw attention by color, but if we are considering the size ... then yes, maybe. :>" 

Interested in I.Fairy Hera brown circle lenses? Read full review here

Sparkling Blue Circle Lenses for Brown Eyes: Barbie Ash Blue Circle Lenses

Barbie Ash blue circle lenses have a velvety feel against dark brown eyes. The pattern is gorgeous with sparkling appearance. Barbie Ash blue circle lenses make your eyes shine. They look natural against dark eyes & produce a beautiful illusion of bigger irises. 

Barbie Ash blue circle lenses are dark royal blue lenses, some what opaque to stay true color as of the stock photo. The outer ring adds innocence to your eyes whilst striving to amplify your eyes for cute or Kawaii looks. They are super comfortable and you really don't need to put any eye drops for comfort. Beautiful Laly opined in her review of these stunning blue lenses