Friday, 8 January 2016

Smart Contact lenses to Treat Myopia among Children Overnight

Smart contact lenses change the curve of the cornea overnight. These type of contact lenses treat shortsightedness among adults and improve the vision the following morning. This breakthrough technology is called Orthokeratology or Ortho-K lenses. Smart contact lenses work like braces and now they will be available shortly to treat low-level of myopia among young children.

A research study conducted for over 3 years across United States on more than 282 children aged 8-14 has shown proven effective results. Since myopia is developed at a very young age; these smart contact lenses will help improving the eye sight. The immediate results make it welcoming to be used commercially for treating acute myopia among children.

Since it is cost-effective and needs no surgical process, it is expected to greatly help young children. This advancement in ophthalmology helps slow down the development of shortsightedness in children. These are custom made contact lenses and are manufactured to meet the individual concerns of every patient. Though it is still inconclusive if the results will last when the contact lenses are removed, we do hope that children struggling from shortsightedness will see improvement in vision with new smart contact lenses. 

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