Sunday, 3 January 2016

What do You Wear inside a Kigurumi?

Kigurmi onesies are Japanese fleece pajamas that are fun to wear. They hang loosely on the body as they are baggy and one-piece. Most of the people enjoy wearing these cute Japanese onesies as it is easy to get in. They are fastened by simple buttons thus wearing something under a kigurumi becomes a concern especially if you wish to wear it in public gatherings.

Dress to Wear under a Kigurumi 

If you love to snug into the warm kigurumi on a holiday, then you can wear anything under it. Contrary to casual lounging; if you want to join the trend and take your kigurumi costume to the street fashion, then be cautious enough to wear at least a tank top under it. Since Kigurumi costumes are fastened only by front- buttons that are placed at a distance; your skin may flash. The resultant embarrassment will kill the fun that your kigurumi is supposed to add.

Tips to Wear Kigurumi Safely Outside the Home

  1. Kigurumi’s cuffs and ankles are elasticized. Therefore, it will stay hugged to these body parts, facilitating the mobility. Kigurumi comes with a hood that is considered the soul of the entire costume. When covered; a hood may block your vision. This is why, always be very careful when wearing Kigurumi onesie outside the home.
  2. Kigurumi feet may get damaged outside. Always wear appropriate foot-wear.
  3. Kigurumi should be fire-retardant but being fire-retardant does not mean it is fire-proof. Kigurumi may catch fire; so stay away from flames & smoke.
  4. Keep your kigurumi away from your pets. Pets may want to scratch the Kigurumi outfit.

Kigurumi is available in various styles from character kigurumi to animal outfits. After Japan, in United States too wearing Kigurumi costumes has become a street-fashion. From children to adults, everyone loves wearing Kigurumi as they are simple, fun and easy to get in.

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