Monday, 25 January 2016

Transform yourself with Wigs, Lenses & Eyeliner

Makeup plays a huge role in changing someone's look. However to complete a transformation, there is no denial to the importance of wigs & lenses. It is said to over fashion disaster, one must pick wigs that compliment your style & natural hair. Fortunately, it does not restrict you from playing around with eccentric styles. If you usually wear your hair in bangs, try wig with pigtails for an abrupt change. Batman/ Harley Quin & Kagerou Project wigs come with clip on tails that will drop down several jaws; but it is always exciting to surprise others whilst you enjoy the reactions. The wigs are incredibly thick, yet light weight to carry. They are soft and easy to maintain. The wigs boast lots of hair that give you the freedom of a thresh-cut. 

The wigs look great against Dream Color Nubluk green lenses. They are highly lucid that help them blend against light colored eyes. They definitely add a pop to your peepers without any noticeable enlargement effect. They are hence your everyday circle lenses. Compliment your eyes further creating a sexy outline hugging your natural lash-line using Euforia liquid eye liner. The smoldering black application against light colored Nubluk lenses make a shrill and unforgettable impact!

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