Saturday, 31 January 2015

Stop Contaminating your Contact Lens Cases

All your efforts of keeping your circle lenses free from bacteria accumulation have been just a waste provided your contact lens cases are contaminated/ not replaced on timely basis. Cases of contact lenses need similar disinfection that your contact lenses go through. Ignorantly, most of the contact lens wearers are involved in bad hygienic practices that increase the risks of contamination in contact lens cases as revealed by a study published in February issue of Optometry and Vision Science, official journal of the American Academy of Optometry

3 Hygiene Practices Linked with Contact Lens Case Contamination

The study assessed habits of 119 contact lens wearers against their provided used cases of contact lenses. Three hygienic habits were claimed to have been closely knitted with contamination in contact lens cases.

1. Abstaining from washing hands with soap & water

Patients who avoid washing hands before handling contact lenses with soap & water were at higher risk of contaminating the cases of contact lenses. The best way to reduce the risk is to every time wash your hands properly with soap, as washing only with tap water do not make a difference.

2. Abstaining from air-drying contact lens cases

Chances of bacteria accumulation are higher when the contact lens cases are not allowed to air dry before storing contact lenses. Cases must always be put to air-drying with lids off and faces down. Water carries microorganisms that may attract the floating bacteria in air. Another study previously suggested that “Rub, Rinse, Tissue-wipe & Air dry” is the best pragmatic approach to keep cases free from harmful bacteria accumulation.

3. Using mismatched contact lens cases & disinfectants

Contamination was increased when patients used cases & disinfecting solutions from different manufacturers. Cases that come with your contact lenses are only to save you from agony. Therefore, get your FDA approved contact lens cases asap.

There are other risks factors involved such as continuing to use your contact lens cases for more than 3 months or failing to replace your contact lenses past the expiry.

"Lens cases play an essential role in disinfection of contact lenses," comments Anthony Adams, OD, PhD, Editor-in-Chief of Optometry and Vision Science. "However, without proper maintenance, the lens case itself may become contaminated with micro-organisms during handling".



Friday, 30 January 2015

Amnesia Heroine Cosplay Wig & Circle Lenses

The young amnesiac heroine is known for her shy, clumsy & modest nature. Her slender built with captivating charm, eyes that lure & innocence grabs attention at once. Amnesia heroine is playful yet very reserved. The anime protagonist has enticing dark-blonde tresses; fashioned by a braid at her left side. Her emerald green eyes with a hint of blue add to her sweetness. Amnesia cosplay circle lenses & cosplay wig help you transform yourself into the shy anime heroine.

Amnesia cosplay wig features short-cut straight bangs that strike flawlessly just above her eyes. Amnesia cosplay wig is shoulder-length that keeps it easily manageable. The wig is free from unnatural-shine that makes it look natural. Amnesia heroine wig is beautifully adorned by a rosy bun that can be removed when desired. Amnesia heroine cosplay wig is made up of straight 100% heat-resistant synthetic fibers except the tips where the curls add lavishness to the hairstyle.

Amnesia Cosplay wig
The anime protagonist has enticing big green eyes with a hint of blue. Her glossy eyes depict her tendency towards day dreaming whereas the purity of her soul keeps her vulnerable to environmental threats. Amnesia has special affiliation towards roses; this is why she flaunts a full bloom rose at her black barrette & her shirt. She even pins her hair up and style her locks as if tied in a form of rose bun.

Whilst Amnesia heroine struggles to get back her lost memories; we encourage you to show your affiliation towards her by wearing Amnesia cosplay circle lenses & Amnesia heroine cosplay wig

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Geolica Eyevelyn Circle Lenses with UV Protection

Did you know that long exposure to sun can be more damaging to your eyes than skin? We never forget to slather heavy layers of sunblock before going out but only few geniuses will actually pay attention towards eyes. If you are vigorously involved in outdoor activities; you must take eye care seriously. Wear protective eye wear such as UV Protection contact lenses to keep your vision sharp & eyes healthy round the year.

What Geolica Eyevelyn Contact Lenses can do for UV Protection?

UV Blocker Contact Lenses
Geolica Eyevelyn contact lenses offer higher oxygen permeability, moisture retention, advanced resistance of bacteria adhesion & interception of harmful UV rays. Since they are made from bio-compatible silicone hydrogel material; they keep eyes comfortable whilst ensuring maximum protection from harmful sun rays.

Protection from sun rays is crucial more in winter than summer. Snow reflects 80% of the sun rays whilst beach reflects 15%. Staying at beach to tan your body or a visit to steeper slopes for skiing pose threats to eyes. Science says that unprotected exposure to sunlight for longer duration increases the risks of “photokeratitis” in later years of life. Constant exposure to sun may damage your vision, produce itching sensation/burning & redness.

Sportsmen more Prone to UV Radiation Damage

Sportsmen should concentrate more on prevention against UV rays. If you spend more than half of your day in skiing, hiking, riding, marathons etc then take strong preventive measures. Wearing contact lenses with UV blockers intercept great deal of harmful rays and block them before they reach your eyes to damage the retina.

If you can’t minimize your sun exposure, wearing UV protection contact lenses by Geo Medical is certainly a great favor to your eyes!


3 Things that help you Get Bigger Eyes the Korean Way

Since women are considered most narcissistic they are often found uselessly worrying about even the minor beauty concerns. They pay much attention in spot fixing the flaws they are born with, yet; if there is anything that keeps a woman “constantly” bothered is how her eyes look. Women in South Korea could go to any limits in order to beautify their eyes- even going under knife is welcomed by one in every 10 women. However, there are certainly safer & cheaper methods to transform your eyes the Korean way without having you to make a dent in your pocket.

Experts opine that in the next few decades cosmetic surgeries will evade one’s natural beauty by replacing it with a culture that would be too monotonous & boring. If you find yourself in the same boat, don’t go way too risky. Preserve your natural beauty & enhance them to attain your dream features. Getting bigger eyes is nothing tedious; all you require are big eye or dolly eye circle lenses/ double eye lid tapes & regular contouring/highlighting kit.

Journey to Achieving Dolly Big Eyes

Circle Lenses

Big eye circle lenses
The first thing that should come to your mind upon hearing big eyes is a pair of circle lenses. Circle lenses are capable of making your eyes look bigger. They sport limbal ring that add innocence to one’s personality whereas the bigger diameter strives to create an illusion of dolly eyes. Find out what kind of circle lenses should you wear.

Double Eye Lid Tapes/ Glue


The biggest obstacles in achieving dolly eyes are “Monolids”. Asian women are born without a natural eyelid crease thus they need to take the help of double eye lid tapes or double eyelid glue. Double eyelid glue is transparent and odorless. It comes with a “Y-Tool” that helps pushing your lid up to 4mm for a tight eye lid crease.


Aego-sal created with makeup
Aegyo-sal is a Korean term that represents purposefully created “under-eye fat”. Since it is most intact in infants, Koreans believe that presence of puffy eyes with saggy bags look youthful & fresh. To get puppy eyes you can use tapes or fake one using contouring & highlighting powders.

With these big eye accessories achieving big eyes is a breeze. With appropriate makeup & false eye lashes, you can add further drama to your eyes. Make your eyes look big & protruding to draw inspirations from our makeup & circle lens experts.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Theatrical Black Lenses: Phantasee Black Sabretooth Lenses

Go for professional gothic movie effect with Phantasee Sabretooth full eye black sclera lenses. Since these are sclera lenses, you don't need to give second thought to the enlargement. They are 22mm lenses that cover your eyes fully. The intense black color cover your eyes fully by making an strong impact. 

Phantasee Sabretooth black sclera lenses are dramatic and perfect for Cosplays and Halloween. They come in their special cases that might need special care. See what our bloggers have to recommend about Sabretooth sclera black lenses 

Crazy Pentagon Lenses

Dare to look different? Catch attention wearing Phantasee Crazy Pentagon lenses. These lenses sport a star-like crazy pattern, weird enough to send chills. These crazy lenses are perfect for cosplay and crazy anime conventions. They are deep black crazy lenses and are for you if sclera lenses frighten you.

Phantasee Crazy Pentagon lenses are opaque that help them cover your eye color completely. Go gothic wearing these lenses for creating a bewitching charm.

Dolly Eyes: GEO Xtra WTB67 Forest Pink Lenses

These alluring two tone pink circle lenses add warmth to your eyes. Unlike other vibrant pink circle lenses they are perfect for those who want dolly like pink eyes yet do not want to go of the track by looking way too unnatural. Geo Forest pink circle lenses have a soft speckly pattern that make your eyes look huge. 

Geo Forest Pink circle lenses also add depth to your eyes and the new dimensions added by these pink lenses take your beauty a level ahead. The crystal like effect is worth going for. Do read Geo Xtra Forest pink circle lenses.

Fierce Red Eyes: Geo Sharingan Lens CPS-1

These unworldly anime circle lenses make your eyes huge and dolly. The fierce red create a stunning contrast. GEO Sharingan CPS1 circle lenses are opaque red circle lenses this is why no matter what your original eye color is, these lenses will not disappoint. Geo Sharingan Sasuke cosplay lenses have strong and bold limbal ring with a dotted pattern to replicate the character truly.

They are very vibrant, attention-grabbing & perfect for Naruto Cosplay. Be an anime character and bring the fiction into life with these Sasuke Geo CPS1 cosplay lenses. Don't forget to check out the review of Naruto lenses before you make up your mind.

Sparkling Grey Lenses: Lens Story Cara Grey

These dolly big eye circle lenses are famous for the sparkling effect that make your eyes cast shimmery gazes. The pattern is really neat and the speckles help make you look like out of this world. The super huge enlargement effect of 16.5mm diameter holds every one spell-bounded due to the alluring effect. Lens Story Cara grey add depth to your eyes and literally make them shine.

"I know I’m always nagging about the water content and how important it is, but it makes a huge difference since your eyes get dry from looking at screens and I work on my computer all day long ;A; the lenses feel a lot more soft and doesn’t make your eyes feel as dry or irritated that other lenses might do after a while. The best lenses are the once that feels like your not wearing any, and for me that’s the ones of really good quality ^_^ (another reason to pick uniqso as your lens shop!)"- Read more of Lens Story Cara grey review

Candy Luscious Eyes: EOS Fay Pink Circle Lenses

Pink circle lenses give you a dolly look. They make you the epitome of beauty. EOS Fay pink circle lenses are super pigmented circle lenses that are strong enough to stay bright pink even against the dark brown eyes. They turn your eyes candy whilst adding sweet enlarging effect to them. EOS Fay pink circle lenses have a bold limbal ring that help making you look innocent & fairy. 

The color is gorgeous! It’s a light and vivid pink with tiny specks of darker shades of pink scattered throughout. The lenses have a darker ring around which balances out the color . They are similar to the nudy series but I prefer these as the color is very pretty.

EOS FAY pink review

Enlarging Big Eye Circle Lenses : ICK Garnet Circle Lenses

ICK Contact Lenses

ICK brand of contact lenses and circle lenses is yet another Korean brand, been striving since 2008 to keep constructing circle lenses in compliance with quality assurance & health parameters. ICK contact lenses aim to make pupil more distinct by adding natural color pattern to your eyes.

ICK Garnet red, Elegant violet & Animate grey circle lenses add new dimensions to your eyes by making them look dolly & alluring. The enlarging effect is adorable since the pattern is natural yet these lenses help your eyes stand out. 

ICK Garnet Red

The color is lovely because, to me, it is not a too bright of a red that people will be afraid of. The thick dark rim on the outside of the circle really helps with the enlarging effect. Plus, the different shade of thin red lines that strikes into the middle makes it more natural. (If red is what you call natural. haha) What I mean is that the Garnet Red has a more pleasing look to it. 

The design of the circle lenses is a thin dark black rim that is not fully filled, thus giving it a smoother transition from the whites of your eyes. Even the inside of the purple has lines that meet up in to form a circle in the middle of the lenses.

It is really lovely. On my dark brown eyes the grey shows up nicely. I have received a lot of compliments on these.  For all ICK type of contacts I have, I just need a little bit of eyeliner to have my eyes appear natural with the circle lenses.

Review provided by: Wavelengthcosplay

Geo Xtra Grey with Light Gold Wig

Geo Xtra WTB95 grey circle lenses have a unique spider-web pattern. Since the color is very light they look natural against light colored eyes. GEO Xtra grey circle lenses have  a bigger pupil hole and often such lenses look enticing against light colored eyes as they have tendency to fade with your natural eye color beautifully with out looking fake. The 15mm diameter creates illusion of bigger eyes. 

These circle lenses help drawing attention towards eyes when paired up with light gold Kotobuki cosplay wig. This wig is 80 cm long & features teased wavy tresses. The bangs come with out styling; hence you will need to style them as per your own taste. 

" It is gorgeous and really thick. It's not shiny at all and it looks really natural. This is my only natural looking wig and I'm super happy with it ! *^* (The only thing I'm not sure If I like yet is actually the curls. They're just inbetween no curls and alot of curls. But that's my personal taste in wigs that makes me kind of doubt it sometimes, haha."

Read complete review 

Short Bob Cosplay Wig: Yoh Tomoe Wig

The wig comes in rich red color. The wine red Yoh Tomoe cosplay wig is a lovely short bob wig that touches just the chin and frames face nicely. The wig would need slight styling at bangs to adjust your face, otherwise it is ready to wear right out of the box. 

The wig is shiny and straight. It is a name of quality & needs minor maintenance. It does not shed much hair fibers therefore it remains the hot favorite of all having an interest for bob wigs. 

"I think this is a really nice wig. Soft, not too shiney, no loose hairs. It does have a little bit of the pointy top thing that a lot of short wigs have, but I think you’d get that with most wigs (at least I have). You could fix it with styling."- an excerpt from Spencer's review

Sweet Lolita: Beuberry Chariot Green Circle Lenses & Chelina Cosplay

These lime green circle lenses add a zesty touch to your eyes. They are incredibly vivid &  take beauty a level ahead. Beuberry Chariot green circle lenses bear a natural looking pattern with a moderately noticeable limbal ring. These green lenses have a bigger hole for pupil this is why they create stunning contrast against dark eyes. Contrary to this they blend and fuse naturally with light colored eyes. 

Beuberry Chariot green
Beuberry Chariot green circle lenses look dolly when paired up with Chelina cosplay wig. The wig boasts a beautiful orangish-peach color. It is 100 cm long and has two pig tails that can be separated if you just want to wear a short bob. Since the wig is free from cheap shine; the wig looks very alluring. 

"Overall, this is a good-quality wig! The hair doesn't fall off and it has a lot of hair, so your wig cap won't be visible in any way. The hair fibers are not shiny, so it doesn't give the impression of a cheap cosplay wig. I'm very happy with this wig~!"; says anzujaamu in her review

Compliment Light Eyes with Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Circle Lenses

Grey circle lenses look captivating whether you are born with dark colored eyes or light. Princess Mimi Sesame grey circle lenses beautifully compliment your own eyes and enhance them for a dolly-eye look. Princess Mimi Sesame grey circle lenses have an alluring pattern with beautiful three tones. They look soft & subtle against light colored eyes whilst fusing with the natural shade elegantly. The outer bold ring helps making your eyes look bigger, bolder & charismatic. 

Princess Mimi Sesame grey
Princess Mimi Sesame grey circle lenses are one of the most popular circle lenses and the credit goes to the intricate pattern. They look glossy as they reflect light beautifully. These circle lenses are also known to stay comfortable in your eyes throughout the prescribed wearing duration. 

See what our Brand Ambassador has to say about "Princess Mimi Sesame grey circle lenses"

J Pop Fashion: EOS Fay Pink Circle Lenses


Since the color is really pigmented EOS Fay pink look absolutely stunning against both and light colored eyes. They stay true pink against dark brown eyes and cover the pupil dramatically. EOS Fay pink circle lenses feature an outstanding outer rim that creates fabulous contrast with the pink hue. 

These lenses are perfect for cosplays and fit Jfashion. With EOS Fay pink you can create dolly eyes or gyaru eyes. They have a very soft & lively rose pink color that look alluring against every skin tone. 

"Pink circle lenses usually look reddish or purple. These look like a very very soft pink but it was still vibrant in such natural way! I haven't liked pink lenses since EOS Candy Pink. EOS brand does not disappoint! "; says momochime in her EOS Fay pink review

Bewitching Beauty: ICK Elegant Violet & Long Ash Purple Wig

Violet lenses along with ash purple wig create a wonderful charm against pale skin tones. The enticing combination of ICK Elegant violet lenses & Shirakiin violet wig transform you into a Queen. These violet lenses are strongly pigmented and vivid. They blend in beautifully and make your eyes look super alluring. On the other hand, the long ash purple wig is super luxurious. The lenses & wig both strive to leave stunning impact. 

"The black rim doesn't look very sharp and that makes it look natural, even if it has an unusual color. 
Also, the ICK brand turned out to be really comfortable for me, so I'm very satisfied with these lenses! I haven't had any dry-ness problems with the ICK brand so far."

The wig is flouncy and thick. The straight hair strands that are 100% heat resistant add an enticing touch to this wig. The blunt bangs are the real beauty whereas the rich purple color makes this wig look so heavenly.

"Thanks to Uniqso, this item was really well packed and it had no damage at all. It arrived in a plastic bag and had a thin hair net around it so that it wouldn't get tangled on it's way. It also came styled as in the photo, so I didn't need to cut it. It was really well styled too! I can't always cut straight bangs perfectly."

Review provided by Anzujaamu for ICK Elegant Violet & Boku Secret Service wig

Monday, 26 January 2015

Elegant Sun-Kissed Look: Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream & GEO Cessy Berry Brown

Skin79 Oriental Gold BB cream enjoys a significant position among the other variants due to its high-end packaging. This BB cream along with GEO Berry Cessy Brown circle lenses leave unforgettable impact.

Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream Lip Tint Swatch
Skin79 Oriental Gold Lip Tint- Swatch
The Gold BB cream is a unique super pigmented BB cream especially catering to people with light skin tone. It comes with a kawaii lip-tint that is also strongly pigmented. The lip tint turns into a lighter rosy pink and adapts the tone of your natural lip color as it blends in. The lip tint leaves your lips rosy, moisturized with a silky finish. 

" It gives a bit of a dewy finish.  It's creamy and blends very well.  The coverage is medium to full.  It does a good job covering my redness on the sides of my face.  I'll say the longevity is about 5-7 hours, I have combination skin by the way. "

Geo Berry Cessy Brown
On the other hand; Geo Berry Cessy brown circle lenses add warmth to your eyes. They are beautiful light brown 3 tones circle lenses that prep your face for captivating dolly eyes. They cover the dark brown eyes perfectly & help transforming your eyes into several shades lighter. They blend beautifully to create a lovely fusion.   

"3.5/5  My natural eye color is a deep brown and these lenses covers them up REALLY well!  I've always wanted a light brown eye color!  These are seriously the perfect light brown lens.  I also love the green version of this series!"

Read what our customers are saying about Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream & Geo Berry Cessy Brown Lenses

Contact Lenses with Proper Compliance are proved to be a Safer Option for Vision Correction- Consensus in Singapore Reveals

Contact lenses- A safer mode of vision correction 

Singapore Contact Lens Society; comprised of professional ophthalmologists, is cognizant of the importance of constant monitoring in contact lens wearers. The society lays great emphasis on the regular contact lens follow-up for people using contact lenses for vision correction.

Ophthalmologists opine that contact lenses when followed by proper care regimen minimize the risk of infections. The society quoted a U.S study that reveals that the rate of infection induced by contact lenses is 13.9 in every 10,000 children whereas in adults it has astonishingly been reduced to zero percent. The study also reveals that there has not even been a single registered case of "contact lens related infection"; leading to permanent damage or vision loss.

The consensus further elaborates that contact lenses are safe mode of vision correction when followed by proper compliance. A clean, sterilized and FDA approved contact lens that is properly fitted ensures minimum to no risks. With proper hygiene, infections’ risk can be greatly reduced. Additionally, the follow-up sessions keep a sharp track on rising ocular abnormalities if any.

The society summarized the safe contact lens wear as follows:
  1. Eyes should look good- free from redness
  2. Eyes should feel good- free from itching
  3. Eyes should see good- free from blurred or hazy vision

If you are an active wearer of contact lenses, keep monitoring how your eyes perform with and without them. In case, you notice an unusual secretion, itching or painful sensation; rush to your eye care professional. Follow contact lens care regimen religiously & prevent your eyes from seasonal or occasional infections that are more likely to hit people wearing contact lenses.


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Pop your Eyes Out with I.Fairy Dolly+ Brown Circle Lenses

If you are looking to add a subtle drama to your eyes by giving them a "pop out" effect then I.Fairy Dolly+ brown are the perfect choice. These honey gold caramel brown circle lenses are strikingly vibrant. They add a vivid contrast & make your eyes look charming. 

I.Fairy Dolly+ Brown

I.Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses have a thick limbal ring. These lenses add a shine to your eyes and they are good to add a dimension to your eyes. The color is warm enough to magnetically grab the attention. The bright brown circle lenses are definitely perfect if you want to have natural looking gorgeous brown eyes.

Find out product rating in I.Fairy Dolly+ brown review