Sunday, 31 January 2016

How to Store/Organize Thigh High Socks: Prevent your Socks from Losing the Stretch

Thigh high socks are women’s prized possessions. They are an essential need of every winter outfit and are luxurious to compliment your summer/spring ensemble. Thigh high socks that bunch up or fall down reflect a disastrous wardrobe malfunction that should be addressed right away. You can put the responsibility of this unflattering sight partially on the low quality thigh high socks and partially on your storage habits. If your socks keep falling down, here are the two steps you should immediately take.

A) Buy Top Quality Cotton Thigh High Socks

Thigh high socks are available in variety. Some thigh high socks are equipped with a silicone band whereas others are elastic. This does not necessarily indicate that silicone is better than elastic or vice versa. There are various qualities depending on the denier of thigh high socks that matter. Invest in high quality over-the-knee socks than wasting money on cheap-ers.

B) Organize Thigh High Socks like a Pro
Organizing thigh high socks appropriately is essential to keep your socks in nice shape. Throwing them poorly, rolling them like a ball or tossing them off in your washer can make your socks lose their elasticity. Organize your thigh high socks in a neat way, so that your best pair is at hand even when you are running short of time. Storing thigh high socks the way they demand keep them in mint condition.

1. Store them in Draw Organizers

These draw organizers are easily available. They are partitioned spaciously. Draw organizers keep delicate clothing accessories and lingerie in safe condition. Roll, fold or stack up your luxurious thigh highs in specific compartments until you need them again.

2. Hanging Closet Pockets

There are various pockets closets available online and in your local market. When choosing hanging pockets for keeping thigh highs, it is important that your hanging closet pockets are large enough to contain your long socks. They save space in your closet and prevent tangling of socks with other clothing accessories. Hanging closet pockets make your socks readily approachable and prevent your socks going orphan.

3. Draw String Bags

This option is for women with a high sense of luxury and beauty. Draw string bags may be simple or embroidered- you may choose as per your own liking. From delicate sequin embellishment to simple hand-work; drawstring bags are available to serve both customers with low budget and heavy. Draw string bags keep thigh high socks perfectly stored and keep them new forever.

Thigh high socks need care and attention at every stage. Even when they are soiled and you cue them up for a session of laundry, it is wise to keep them in a mesh bag than just tossing them carelessly in the basket. 

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