Saturday, 3 November 2012

Barbie Diamond Three Tone Lenses for $9.90 only!

Eyes play an important role in all the looks you create. Thus, to keep giving you all, a new look every month, we keep launching different offers for our super cute customers. Now we offer Barbie Diamond Three Tones lenses just for $9.90 per pair.

Barbie circle lens has a wide range of lenses from three tone circle lenses to four tone circle lenses and some crazy and sharingan collection. Three tone Barbie Diamond Three Tones circle lenses are intricately designed in pretty diamond-cuts.

Three tones give magical and inspiring yet natural look to the wearer. They make your eyes brighten, sharp and createmesmerizing abilities.  Barbie Diamond Three Tone lenses are available in all your favorite colors such as blue, green, brown, grey and violet.

All Barbie Diamond Three Tones lenses are Korean origin Your eyes will feel as light as they feel when naked.  They all share a diameter of 16.00 mm, hence it must be a quick pick-up for all who appreciate big eye circle lenses. With a base curve of 8.60 and 38% water content they are considered to be the user friendly by providing the utmost comfort while wearing.

Processing time for Barbie Diamond Three Tones lenses is only 2-3 days. Get those sparkling crystals in your eyes today with our Diamond Three Tones lens collection at an amazing discount price of $ 9.90 only!