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Does Medication Affect Colored Contact Lens Wear?

Certain types of medications lay adverse effects on colored contact lens tolerance. It has been observed that people on birth control pills may notice an inability of wearing them or blurred/ hazy vision. The birth control pills do pose risk of side-effects including decreasing the colored contact lens tolerance.

Does Medication Affect Colored Contact Lens Wear?

It is an understood fact that before beginning with any type of eye medication you must remove colored contact lenses from eyes. You should even be very careful whilst instilling eye drops when you are wearing colored contact lenses because eye drops that are not meant to be used in relation with colored contact lenses promote protein build-up on the surface of contact lenses.

Birth Control Pills, Anti-Allergenic& Colored Contact Lenses

Before introducing any type of medicine in your diet it is recommended to give a thorough read to the pamphlet that comes with the medicine. The precautions on the leaflet mention in clear words if the ingredients have any side-effects in correlation to wearing colored contact lenses.

Does Medication Affect Colored Contact Lens Wear?

Oral contraceptive pills boost up estrogen production which reduces the tear production thus making women’s eyes more sensitive to colored contact lenses and prone to drying. Anti-allergic pills may also turn eyes drier in some cases. Acne medications can sometime also produce itchy sensation, dryness and tingling in eyes which makes it difficult to wear colored contact lenses.

If you are frequent user of colored contact lenses and are on certain type of medications for a small duration; keep your ophthalmologist informed about the vision changes and any type of increased sensitivity to eyes. Medicines do affect contact lens wear negatively and if you are irritant to any of the ingredients you must give a pause to wearing colored contact lenses until the medication is over.

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