Sunday, 30 June 2013

Beuberry Velvet Grey Circle Lenses for a Velvety Comfortable Feel

Do you fancy for velvet puffy eyes? Get beuberry velvet grey circle lenses to add an extra touch of glamour in your eyes. The grey is very dark - may look closer to black on dark eyes. These grey circle lenses are super comfortable due to high water content that is 55%. 

Pandahime shows some clear picture of beuberry velvet grey circle lenses in her review.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Get Super Cute Big Eyes with Barbie Forest Brown Circle Lenses

Barbie forest brown circle lenses are a shade of warm honey. These big eye circle lenses make your eyes appear like candy. The 16.2 mm diameter is enough to cast seductive gazes and to bewitch the surroundings. 38% water content ensures utmost comfort however if you have sensitive eyes your discomfort may vanish by the use of eye drops

Barbie forest two tone brown circle lenses are one of the best selling brand and look quite natural on greenish brown eyes as shown by a customer in her review. 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Geo Luna Violet Color Contact Lenses : Perfect for Blue Eyes

Geo Luna Violet circle lenses are slightly bigger than natural human iris that is 14.2mm. Single tone and simple design keeps them natural. Since they are of a very light purple shade; your own eye color if dark may probably sneak out from beneath the lens in the center. 

Suitable for daily wear and a normal big eye effect; geo luna purple circle lenses may become your all time favorite. Clear and Zoom photos are made available by one of our customer in her review of geo luna purple circle lenses

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Kawayii Super Big Eye Circle Lenses in Brown

You might have heard that the bigger the lenses the more the discomfort; however to your surprise we just launched our new biggest eye circle lens series that is Kawayii super big eye circle lenses. So far we have received positive reviews from around the world. Kawaii super big eye circle lenses in brown are a perfect mocha color and design follow the pattern of humble flames. They are definitely enlarging; suitable for a bit bigger eyes. However if you have small eyes; no worries. Use a double eye lid tip as one of our customer suggested in her review. This will help you keep your eyes opened to show the full size of super big eye circle lenses.

Please read the review. This review contains awesome pictorial comparison of super big eye circle lenses with natural big eye circle lenses. Also she has done commendable efforts to let you know how big these circle lenses will make your eyes!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Natural Dolly Eye Circle Lenses: Circle Brown Color Contact Lenses

Dolly Eye circle brown circle lenses should be the most preferred pick of those who are looking for natural dolly eye circle lenses. The design and  enlargement really stands well up to the expectations you have. The pattern is simple featuring small feathering towards the center with no harsh lines or intricate designing details. 

Recommended for small eyes; these brown circle lenses are going to transform your eyes into a doll's eye.

How do these lenses look on small eyes? Follow more in a review of circle brown circle lenses by one of our customer.

Perfect Brown Circle Lenses : Geo Super Angel Series

Geo super angel  series have a perfect shade of brown which means pure brown and no yellowish shade. The black outer ring and the puffy floral petals like pattern make geo angel series the favored brand of natural beauties. The enlargement with 14.8mm is very noticeable but often natural on many eyes. 

For a more clear idea please follow the review of geo super angel brown circle lenses

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Dolly Eye Circle Black Color Contact Lenses for Supreme Natural Look

Dolly Eye Circle black color contact lenses comes with a diameter of 14.2 mm still they provide a cute and noticeable enlargement. The pure black makes them ulzaang favorite circle lenses and therefore do not require any heavy makeup to flaunt around. Simply use some eye liner like a pro ulzzang and boast around with your big bold black eyes! 

Read the review of dolly eye circle black color contact lenses and compare how do the eyes look with and without lenses. 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Super Big Eye Circle Lenses : Pink in 20 MM

The world is raving about the huge sized circle lenses. Gone are the days when the biggest available size in circle lenses was 17mm. Now the biggest diameter circle lenses are 20 mm that make your eyes look bigger, bolder and vibrant with the vivid and vibrant shades. Get your hands on kawayii EOS super big eye circle lenses for just $25 and be the first one among your friends to have such sparkling eyes! For review and pictures on extreme big eye circle lenses read the blog post on super kawayii big eye circle lenses

Employ Your Used Cases of Big Eye Contact Lenses like a Genius

Cases of Big Eye Contact Lenses are hotbeds of dangerous germs and if not replaced once in every three months; these cases may be the breeding place of harmful bacteria. According to Reuters; 70% cases of big eye contact lenses are contaminated with fungi due to overuse. It is estimated that 1 in 4 wearers of big eye contact lenses never replace their cases.

Source: WonderHowTo

People should understand that big eye contact lenses are not just a fashion accessory; they should instead deal them as a medical device and follow a complete care regimen. If all the 125millionpeople who wear big eye contact lenses globally develop a habit of regularly replacing their cases of big eye contact lenses then definitely there will be several useless cases lying in drawers and cupboards.

Instead of just throwing those cases away; why not employ your used cases of big eye contact lenses like a genius?

Did you know there and 9 ingenious ideas to use your cases of big eye contact lenses?
You can use those useless cases of big eye contact lenses and you will be surprised how handy they are especially when you are travelling around. Simply wash them with a detergent and start using!

These cases in which you used to store big eye contact lenses are now ready to store even the edibles like ketchup and sauces. Take them when you are out for lunch and enjoy this little condiment case. Contact lens cases are also an ideal way of storing tiny things such as pills, earrings and rings, mouth-wash, hand-lotions, shampoo+ conditioner and small portion of lip glosses.

Have got some other mind-blowing ideas to employ your used cases in your own unique way? Comment below and let’s be the part of inspiration.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Grey Color Contact Lenses : Dolly Eye Crystal Grey Circle Lenses

Dolly Eye crystal grey circle lenses are natural big eye circle lenses with 14.5 diameter. They are two tone circle lenses with a subtle black outer ring and a decent natural shade of grey. These grey circle lenses allow the natural eye shade of the eye to pop out from beneath the circle lenses at the center. Dolly eye crystal grey circle lenses are recommended for those with blue and grey eyes for a natural feel and comfort.

For close up pictures and review please read the review of dolly eye crystal grey circle lenses.

Eyes Makeup with Big Eye Lenses & Extensions

Eye lash extensions along with big eye circle lenses may enhance your eyes and add a touch of glamour and sexiness. In all the parties; young girls want to look best and standing out in the crowd is their only desire. Eyes being the central part of your face get all the attention. Makeup artists focus their energies on creating beautiful bold eyes and for this they take the support of big eye circle lenses and eye lash extensions.

There are several kinds of eye last extensions available in the market but the most commonly used are brown and black eye lashes. Some eye lashes are though available in other colors that you can match with your outfit or you can pick bling eye lash extensions for an evening party to get shining crystal eyes.

Similarly there are various types of big eye circle lenses available in the market with which you can get creative and impress others. From a personal party to catwalks at prom big eye circle lenses along with eye lash extensions and creative makeup application can make you look exotically beautiful.

We have collected some makeup looks in which makeup artists have used some best-sellers big eye lenses. 

See looks below to get some inspiration

Buy big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses at 50% discount in mid-year promotion or share your review at Soompi to win a free pair of big eye contact lenses!

Monday, 17 June 2013

DHC Eye lid and Eye Lash Glue

What is Eye Lid glue and how to use it? Please find the excerpt below and full review here

"Its easy to apply on your lashes because it comes with a little brush. It is a transparent glue so you won't see those white glue drops when you apply your eyelash on your eyelid ( that's so annoying ) You will have to wait 3-5 sec before you apply it otherwise your lashes will slip away from your eyelid so you gotta wait a few seconds and let it be sticky" . 

DIY: Decorate your Big Eye Contact Lens Case

The baby child of late 80’s was fond of decorating mum’s refrigerator with clay-fruit magnets and vegetables. When the technology evolved; that very child saw the huge revolution. As a result; she is now fond of decorating everything from her I phone to laptop and even cheaper things like big eye contact lenses case.

Credit it to Japanese designer who are transforming everything into Kawaii cuteness; be it your blinged eyes and nails or even plastic utility products. Lens Cases are the one and only medium to keep your big eye contact lenses safe from external harmful agents; but you can bring diversity in the very same product. All it needs is just a bit of creativity, some baubles or deco-kit and a glue gun! Oh and yes; did I mention lens case is a must-have to kick-start with?

You can decorate the cases of your big eye contact lenses with cheap easily available charms; glittery objects anddiamontees. Above all; if you are a craft-lady; you will love to create delicious cases for big eye contact lenses by decorating it with your favorite food items.

Here are some fabulous ideas for decorating the case of big eye contact lenses for your quick inspiration.

Are you feeling inspired to decorate your own cases of big eye contact lenses that might be lying somewhere uselessly in your makeup stash? Be creative and share your fancy work with us to be an inspiration for others!

Get Dolly Super Angel Brown Circle Lenses

"Super Angel brown circle lenses have a nice enlargement and make my eyes look dolly like. They are pretty comfortable for 6-7 hours and then i need eye drops to protect them from being dry"; says a customer at her blog.

geo super angel brown

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Enlarge your Eyes with Geo Super Angel Grey Circle Lenses

Geo super angel grey circle lenses are awesome for daily routines. Make eyes bigger but in a natural way. They are not only very comfortable for 5-6 hours but the design is also very simple and pretty. For pictures on how they look on black eyes click here

GEO Super Angel Grey

What are Korean Circle Lenses?

Big eye circle lenses are often called as big eye circle contacts. They aim to make your eyes appear larger, bold and beautiful than they actually are. This is done by adding color to your eyes; and the big eye look is achieved by the bigger diameter of Korean lenses.

Actually big eye circle lenses were originally manufactured in Korea and then Taiwan and Japan also started manufacturing these lenses. Since then the trend become famous and now is identified as typical Korean Fashion. Ulzaangs, Gyarus and Korean top models gave the trend of wearing circle lenses a big fame; therefore now the big eye contact lenses are called “Korean Circle Lenses”.

In U.S; it is not legal to sell big eye circle lenses so there is only one way to get yourself Korean lenses and it is “online retailers”. Online retailers stock several kinds of Korean Lenses because Korean Lenses are considered quality lenses.

Korean people love to highlight their eyes either by lovely eye frames; spectacles or by Korean lenses. If you ever get to visit Korea; you will notice people with lovely pair of Korean circle Lenses in their eyes. It has become a fashion necessity just like dying your hair! Since Korea is the industry of Korean lenses/circle lenses it is rather a cheap option to buy Korean Lenses than going for lenses of some other origin.

Not only Korean Lenses are available in uncountable designs, colors and patterns but they also cost you less. It is always very easy to google online stores that specialize in selling Korean circle Lenses. Grey and brown are some most purchased Korean lenses online but green is also a valued color when it comes to Korean contact lenses.

Korean Lenses add a significant enhancement to your eyes and make them noticeable. Some trusted brands are Geo Medical, EOS, Dueba etc. Do you also love wearing Korean circle lenses? How many pairs of Korean lenses do you own?

Friday, 14 June 2013

Geo Berry Cessy Green Circle Lenses

Geo berry cessy green three tones are natural and lovely in design. The green is not too saturated therefore it blends well with its natural olive green color. Three tone circle lenses should be your pick if you are preferring a natural eye look. 

GEO Berry Cessy Green

Cosplay Lenses: Types of Cosplay Lenses

There are three main varieties in Cosplay Lenses.

1. Cosplay Lenses that make your eyes look super natural either by adding strange colors such as red, white, yellow eyes or by adding scary patterns like slits for a depiction of cat eye, spider web or flames for making your eyes appear like dragon eyes etc.

2. Cosplay Lenses that make your eyes all black, all white or all red etc. Sometimes such cosplay lenses also create an instant bright glow to your eyes. These lenses are often called “Sclera Cosplay Lenses

3. Cosplay Lenses that are specific to character styles; such as Sharingan Lenses, Twilight Lenses or Anime Lenses.

Cosplay Lenses are always an investment since the price may be sometimes up to $100. This does not therefore, come as any surprise if you want to check how these cosplay circle lenses would look on you. 
Simply upload a photo of you and check the effects of cosplay circle lenses.

Cosplay lenses give you maximum chance and freedom to be creative and Uniqso makes it affordable for you. Now you can get cheap cosplay circle lenses if you submit a review at Soompi forum. Here are some crazy circle lenses and wacky cosplay ideas; you may find interesting.

For an unmatchable cosplay theme; it is important to study the character of your cosplay before you place an order for crazy circle lenses/ cosplay/ Halloween circle lenses.

Safety Precautions for Cosplay Lenses
1. Never share your cosplay lenses. Similarly never borrow lenses.
2. Do not try to hand-paint your lenses for a so-called pair of customized cosplay lens
3. DO not sleep in your lenses
4. Always check for the comfort of lenses before you begin your performance.
5. Do not wear UV absorbing lenses as a substitute of UV absorbing eyewear such as your sun glasses and UV absorbing goggles. Longer exposure to UV radiation may cause Cataracts.

We hope that this brief guide has helped you making a decision about choosing your crazy circle lenses. Please submit a tutorial if you are interested to win free cosplay circle lenses or share your pictures with us to win store credit.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Emma Watson Makeup Tutorial Using I Fairy Moe Moe Brown Circle Lenses

As Promised we are here with our " First Look of the Month". Since we received highest requests for "Emma Watson Makeup Tutorial"; our official makeup artist "Cherry bomb" has created an amazing look to share with our customers.

She has used outstanding and vibrant I Fairy Moe Moe Brown Circle Lenses in the makeup tutorial this is inspired by Emma Watson. Please have a look and give us your feedback. 

Also; now place the final look at your site with link to the product used.

Cosplay Lenses: Butterfly Makeup Tutorial using Cosplay Lenses

Cosplay Lenses are responsible for a “Nay” or “Yay” to your entire cosplay theme. Therefore choosing lenses need great research, time and energy to bring the best of your cosplay circle lenses in the conventions. 

Sara Gulzaib one of our customers created an excellent butterfly makeup tutorial using grey cosplay lenses

Click here for more cosplay ideas and read a guide about “How to choose Cosplay Lenses?”.The look has been created with Dolly Eye Crystal I Grey Circle Lenses. For the Tutorial click here

Cosplay circle lenses are available in different brands and patterns. They may sometime be slightly expensive; so you should always take a good care of your circle lenses and use them wisely. Cosplay is the game of “creativity and concept”. Same is therefore the case with cosplay lenses. The innovation, vibrancy, and unique designs and patterns of cosplay lenses have made this industry a separate outgrowth of circle lenses and color contact lenses now.

With cosplay lenses you enjoy freedom of creating soft and subtle cosplay looks and at the same time you may transform yourself into a devil as per the requirement of your cosplay. Get a monster look with new super big eye cosplay crazy lenses and appall everyone!

If you are also a frequent cosplayer and love to create makeup tutorials then share your tutorials with us to win free pair of circle lenses.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Kimchi Viva Grey Circle Lenses : Dolly Big Eyes

The enlarging effect of kimchi grey circle lenses is huge but without the weird alien effect. It suits pretty well on blue-grey eyes, and you do not need to worry about the blending effect. As other than brown circle lenses kimchi grey circle lenses blend perfectly well with bluish grey eyes. The design is pretty natural and blends with eyes nicely. Have a look how beautiful they look on real life people.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Gyaru Makeup Tutorial Using Big Eye Circle Lenses

Gyaru makeup is a new hot trend; famous among teenagers. Gyaru simply means a girl with accentuated big & deep eyes; beautifully adorned by thick drape of false eyelashes & big eye circle lenses with enlargement effect of 16mm diameter and up.  This guide shows how you can transform yourself into a cute gyaru

Today; we are sharing with you some quick Gyaru makeup tutorials. In Gyaru fashion, these are eyes that receive most attention.

Gyaru Eye Makeup Tutorial:

Cute Gyarus favor deep big blue eyes so; before you create your own gyaru look have some gyaru’s favorite blue big eye circle lenses at your hand or get a soft natural look with brown big eye circle lenses.

Picture Tutorial Source :

Gyaru Lips:
Gyaru makeup focuses not only on big eye circle lenses; but natural looking gradient lips also play an important part in the overall look. Here is a picture tutorial for creating Gyaru Lips.

Many thanks to Rinnie Riot for creating this look. Do not forget to check her facebook fan page for more gyaru looks.

This is how you become a Gyaru with big eye circle lenses, simple lip tint and a clear lip gloss. Do not forget to share your Gyaru look/ tutorial with us to win free big eye circle lenses!

Pinkie Dollie Makeup with Big Eyes Violet Contact Lenses

See Nika Littledaisy pinkie dollie makeup with Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Violet

Sunday, 9 June 2013

EOS Dolly Eye Three Tones Big Eye Contact Lenses

"I bought these from UNIQSO when they were having a sale.  The sale was so good I didn't want to pass it up.  It was free shipping with a specific lens style, plus free pair of lenses for every 30$ spent.  I paid 60$ total, for free shipping and five pair of lenses.  Good deal :)"

COLOUR & DESIGN: ★★1/2/5
Very opaque lens that turns out more orangey than brown (on me). It kind of reminds me of 'Twilight' lenses, but more subdued.  From certain angles, it can give a sticker like effect.  The design is nothing crazy, but because of the colour and opacity, these lenses have a tendency to stand out.  I prefer it in flash photos as it tends to look nicer.

Noticeable amount of enlargement.  Not alien like.

COMFORT:  ★★★★/5
Very comfortable.  No complaints! 

The lens design off the eyes gives an idea a lens that is to be more natural.  However, when worn it isn't really the case.  Maybe on someone with a lighter toned brown it would blend better (I honestly don't know / just a guess), but on my dark brown eyes it's quite prominent.  Also has a blunt pupil hole, which adds to a less natural look.

For more pictures click here.

Dolly Eye Dreamy Eye Color Contact Lenses in Grey

Dolly Eye Dreamy  are natural big eye circle lenses with a diameter of 14.2 mm. They are vibrant grey but in bright light they look like bluish-grey. The design is really cute and dolly like with black limbal ring. For real life photos of dolly eye dreamy circle lenses click here

Dolly Eye Dreamy Eye Grey

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Why to Wear Color Contact Lenses?

Geo Luna Violet Color Contact Lenses

Color Contact Lenses have been favored around the world due to many factors. The first and foremost is the vision correction which let you get freedom from spectacles.  Other than this; due to tremendous development in the material of color contact lenses; they now even bring greater benefit to the wearers.

The latest technology has also made color contact lenses affordable for an average buyer; making this technology penetrate more into the main stream market. Besides vision correction; color contact lenses are also an appreciated and accepted mode of changing your eye color in a pocket friendly way. This may be the reason that why 3.7million in UK now wear color contact lenses and the number is increasing even more.

Let’s have a look on the benefits of color contact lenses:

1. Color contact lenses ensure vision correction in a very natural way; promising wearer’s comfort at the same time.
2. Contact lenses address vision problems better than traditionally manufactured spectacles.
3. Contact lenses can be worn according to your choices. Either wear them full day; in a party for few hours or part-time.
4. Contact lenses come in variety of patterns and designs; colors and sizes that you may choose according to your own taste and style.
5. The latest technology in contact lenses provides excellent comfort and guarantees eye health with the availability of eye-solutions and eye drops.
6. Some eye conditions can only be corrected with contact lenses.

There are various color contact lens brands available at Uniqso; which you can buy from at very reasonable prices. Let us know why do wear color contact lenses and which one is your favorite ^_^?

Friday, 7 June 2013

Geo Xtra Green Color Contact Lenses

"Okay, to be honest I was really nervous about getting bright colors so I tried looking for something not as noticeable? These were perfect. They have more of a glint rather than an intimidating design that makes people stare at you. The color is perfect and I think it looks pretty nice with my skin as well"; says a customer here

geo xtra wbs203

I fairy Vassen Ash Blue Color Contact Lenses

Get the vibrant blue in your eyes with I fairy ash blue color contact lenses. They work pretty well on dark brown eyes as you can see in this review. I Fairy Vassen blue color contact lenses are very much opaque and pigmented; therefore cover your original eye color brilliantly. Make your eyes pop with these wonderfully vivid big eye circle lenses.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Barbie Bella & Diamond 3 Tones Color Contact Lenses Review

This post includes review of barbie diamond three tones blue circle lenses and barbie bella four tones brown circle lenses.

Barbie Bella Four Tones Brown circle lenses are very natural and add a popping effect to the eyes. The pattern is sort of graphic with green and brown combination. Very comfortable and soft; easy to wear without irritation even for straight 10 hours!

Whereas Barbie Diamond Three Tones Blue circle lenses are really very sparky and can be noticed from far. These color contact lenses are very attention grabbing. Enlargement is big and dolly; but I had to use eye drops to wear them for 8 hours!

For pictures in different lightening conditions; click here & here for other variety in color contact lenses and three tones circle lenses.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Barbie Kira Kira Color Contact Lenses in Brown

"Ordering from Uniqso, I had excellent customer service! Ordering my lenses was fast and easy. By regular shipping, the lenses came to me in about two weeks, and they were packed very safely as to avoid any damage to the lenses and cases. 

Barbie Kira Kira brown circle lenses are SO comfortable! Sometimes I'm weary of lenses with only 38% water content because I'm afraid that they'll become dry on my eyes within a few hours. However, these lenses stayed moist and comfortable on my eyes throughout eight hours of wear, without having to use eye drops. I was afraid that their large size would also be uncomfortable (sometimes larger lenses "tickle" my eyelid/lower eyelid) but I didn't feel these at all! They are also amazingly easy to take out and handle."

Read More here & find more color contact lenses here

Color Contact Lenses: Dolly Eye Puffy Three Tones Brown

" Dolly Eye Puffy Three Tones Brown have a wonderfully natural iris-graphic design with a 3-gradient tone of dark brown to hazel to a nice subtle pink near the pupil! Like I said earlier, I'm absolutely in love with how natural these lenses look on my eyes. My eyes are naturally dark brown, and these lenses complement their shade perfectly so that the 3-toned-gradient blends perfectly with my natural eye color. The color also manages to complement my natural skin tone quite well!  I immediately look more awake and alert after wearing these. In a more poetic way of saying things, these lenses give me that pefectly natural doe-eyed-dolly look." Read More here

See here more variety in Puffy cheap circle lenses 

Monday, 3 June 2013

Cheap Lenses: I Fairy Hanabi Pink Color Contact Lenses

Get anime eyes with vibrant I Fairy Hanabi Pink circle lenses. The pink is though very vibrant; it blends exceptionally well with brown eyes. The fine black twisted lines add a real pop out effect to the eyes that you will absolutely love. The lenses are soft and moist and donot require any kind of eye drops. 

Read more here. Click here for more Pink circle lenses

I Fairy Hanabi Pink