Sunday, 31 March 2013

Geo Blue Circle Lenses

IF you want to have blue eyes but donot want others to notice that you are wearing blue circle lenses; you might want to go for natural big eye circle lenses; that would though change your color and enlarge your eyes with a natural pattern. Geo Xtra WTA52 is a pair of blue circle lenses; you sure will fancy to wear!

"The enlargement on these lenses is great! I wasn't sure going from 14.8mm to 15mm would make much difference but it really, really does. For me these have the near-perfect enlargement and they're great for a subtle difference but it always makes people look twice." The review continues here

Friday, 29 March 2013

A Deeper Insight to Uniqso & Services

"Uniqso’s website is more professional looking than many lens sites out there, and their business policy is immediately clear. This company is serious. The site is a little different than many out there. On Uniqso, lenses are often bought individually, rather than in pairs. This makes buying replacement lenses and cross-prescriptions easy and convenient.

When I buy from Uniqso, I feel like more than just a customer. I feel like they put effort into my package, which is rewarding and makes me want to go back for more. I had not even bought much- a pair of discounted lenses, earrings, false lashes, and an eyeliner. But they still even wrote my name inside the little Christmas card, making me feel valued, and yes, a little spoiled."

Thank you for this lovely Uniqso testimonial Chantelle

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Red Circle Lenses on Green Eyes

Ever wondered how would it look like to wear red circle lenses on green eyes? This is a question asked by many of our customers. It is believed that red circle lenses can be worn only during a screen-play or when you are acting as a fiction's character. We, here are turning down this myth with our brand new review of red circle lenses. Throw away your hesitations and have a look at barbie forest red circle lenses. The red on these is a true, deep crimson, with black streaks as dark as dried blood.

"They seemed more “natural”, as far as red lenses go, but the diameter was big enough to still have some impact.By the way, I 100% recommend Uniqso! The packaging was adorable, the shipping fast, and I received exactly what I ordered (which is surprisingly rare lately with some online circle lens companies). They even included a little Christmas card for me in my package, and a Q-tip to remove the lenses from the vials!"

Thank you Chantelle for creating this amazing review on red circle lenses

Monday, 25 March 2013

Big Eyes Makeup Accessories: Yanqina Eye Liner

Yanqina eye liner belongs to our big eyes makeup selection. This eyeliner is Japan made; that comes with a perfect felt tip.It is capable of creating thin line but you can also create a thick one as per your heart desires. Smudge free; mess-free;Yanqina eye liner is available for $5.90 only. Read a review here

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Bright Blue Circle Lenses

Barbie puffy three tones big eye contact lenses are very vibrant kind of blue circle lenses. These are recommended for super-attention seeking people. Big with a diameter of 16.55mm but still are comfortable to your eyes. 

"Uniqso is one of the best circle lenses shops in the internet! The customer service is EXCEPTIONAL! LeeLee, the shop owner is really nice and will answer your questions with emoticons lololol which is really cute~ In fact, our emails are full of them haha! Seriously, if you want the best customer service, affordable and want your orders securely packaged, go and purchase your lenses at UNIQSO"; opines a customer in his review of barbie puffy three tone blue circle lenses.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Get Cute Big Dolly Eyes with False Eyelashes & Lengthening Mascara

Hyatt Beauty Lash Queen Mascara adds a noticeable length to even asian lashes that are believed to be the most light kind of lashes. Whether you choose to go for false eyelashes or not; you simply donot need to panic as this mascara can help you achieve the big dolly eye look you want to have! 

However, if you really want to transform yourself into a hottie, then we do recommend you Nilina crystal line false eyelashes

Feeling like reading a review for both the products before you make a decision to purchase? Go here

Hyatt Beauty Lash Queen Mascara, Nilina False Eye Lashes

Hyatt Beauty Lash Queen Mascara, Nilina False Eye Lashes

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Huge Dolly Eyes with Blue Circle Lenses

Blue circle lenses are vibrant and joyful to wear. It creates sheer magic and let you look impressive. I Fairy Cara Blue Circle Lenses have a neat pattern which more falls to the darker side of blue.

." These are opaque hence; very noticeable  The light yellow tint makes your eyes look bright and shiny. With these big eye contact lenses you are able to get big dolly eyes without putting extra efforts in applying eye makeup. They are Super comfortable! I don't think I've owned an I.fairy lens that wasn't comfortable. A really reliable brand in general. The lenses fit comfortably and there wasn't any awkward "moving" feeling and my eyes never got dry. For long wear times (5-8 hours) I would still suggest using eyedrops anyways though"

These thoughts were shared by a customer in her review of I.Fairy cara blue circle lenses.

Monday, 18 March 2013

False Eyelashes for Naturally Big Dolly Eyes

Nilina crystal line fake eyelashes are light weight, natural and blends away flawlessly. These false eyelashes are capable of creating an impact of big dolly eyes. Available for $3.90 only. 

"Cheap quality lashes. Plain and simple. ONLY $3.90! The criss cross patten makes the lashes look very natural when you're wearing them and blend flawlessly into your own lashes after apply mascara. They're light and flexible for easy application also~

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Romantic Makeup Tutorial Using Three Tones Grey Contact Lenses

There come several events in life hen you feel like dressing yourself up in a cute soft romantic makeover. Soft romantic hairdos, with a peachy pink makeup can express your feelings before you even utter a word! Along with everything subtle and romantic; you should have perfect confident eyes to impress your better half. Grey contact lenses when in your eyes are capable of fetching someone's heart for you! Even more, if they have got diamond cuts to reflect light and create shiny eyes. Barbie diamond three tone grey contact lenses also contain a hint of red; which is really unique and adorable. 

For a romantic makeup tutorial using barbie diamond three tones grey contact lenses; make your way to itsmedeann!

Barbie Diamond 3 Tones Grey

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Fabulous Promotion & Gift Awaits You!

Win Green Circle Lenses

Do you want to win green circle lenses? We have a simple way by which you can get green circle lenses for free. Want to know; how you can win? Click here

Free Gift Vouchers

A gift voucher can  be the BEST gift ever. Let your friend enjoy the freedom of whatever she wants to have from you as a birthday gift. Read here to find out how you can gift vouchers to your friends!

Cheap Grey Circle Lenses : Barbie Kira Kira

Barbie Kira Kira is up for sale in monthly promotions at a huge discount. You can avail these grey circle lenses at discount rates till the march lasts. Hurry up, before it gets too late to  place your order.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Big Eyes Grey Contact Lenses

Geo Xtra Forest grey contact lenses belong to the natural big eye lenses. They possess a diameter of 15.00 mm therefore the enlargement is just very natural. The design is pretty with the diamond cuts that makes your eyes look so adorable specially when you step out in sunlight. Comfortable enough to wear whole day long. This is available in a relatively darker shade of grey; so if you are looking for dark grey contact lenses; you would probably want to have a look on a review from one of our previous customer. 

Also donot forget to check out our other grey contact lenses. You will definitely want to get few pairs booked for yourself!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Big Eye Circle Lenses : Green Lenses for Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes ,and you wonder how would you look if you had green eyes, then make your way to this review. Barbie puffy three tones green circle lenses blend so dramatically with brown eyes and look natural. It has a hint of yellow, with turquoise and emerald green. For more pictures click here or check our collection of green circle lenses.

Monday, 11 March 2013

GEO Lace Grey Contact Lenses (W4U245)

Do not you agree that grey is such a mystic color? It is sometimes romantic and soft and sometimes piercing and steely. With lace grey contact lenses from geo you will have adorable eyes with a delicate lace pattern around the outer ring. With a diameter of 15mm, you get a natural enlargement to your eyes-yet will make you look pretty. Read the review on geo lace grey or move on to uniqso for more grey contact lenses

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Big Circle Contacts: Geo Nudy Blue

Get big blue eyes with blue circle lenses. It is believed that people with blue eyes are most potential mates as it is easy to judge the level of interest of the people bearing blue eyes. Will you want to have a pair of big eye blue circle lenses?. Read a review on Geo Nudy Golden Blue

Friday, 8 March 2013

Get Big Dolly Eyes with Grey Contact Lenses

Three tones Barbie Diamond grey contact lenses give you an imapct of big dolly eyes. This circle lens with hint of red and cuts of diamond enlarge your eyes effectively. It has a diameter of 16.55 mm but will not cause discomfort to your eyes. If you wish to read more about this lens; you can move to the review. Otherwise, see our collection of grey contact lenses here.

Barbie Diamond 3 Tones Grey

Get Cheap Circle Lenses at Uniqso

This article sheds some information with beautiful pictures of real life circle lens users that how you can earn benefits while purchasing and getting your order of circle lenses booked at uniqso.

You can get loads of discount vouchers, surprise gifts, cheap circle lenses in monthly promotions, free- lens kits and much more. 

Intrigued to know How? Read More.

Grey Contact Lenses : Diva Grey

Bueberry Diva Grey despite being huge in diameter, they do not give your eyes an alien look. They are shiny- the colour really shows up well and make your eyes look adorable. Have a look at other grey contact lenses

"I absolutely love the design! It reminds me a bit of flower pedals and I like the dark ring around the lens that makes them look really dolly." Read a review

Beuberry Diva Grey

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Brown Big Eye Lenses

Geo Xtra Brown big eye lenses are a golden orange shade, soft and comfortable. Enlargement satisfies the needs of a person who want enough big eyes.With big eye lenses; you will get a look that every body will envy of.

"1st I was thinking these might goo better with dark eyes and my natural eye color is green with some yellow twist, and these changed my eyes into something like hazel, but it doesn't look bad at all. Actually it blends nicely with my eyecolor. The dark edges are awesome, they give a really intense look. I wish this was my real color, altho 1st I was hoping for darker eyes. Anyway this is nearly perfect for me!"

Read More here


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Barbie Puffy Three Tones: Violet Big Eyes

Violet is one of the most loved color in big eye lenses. They really shine like sparkle in your eyes. Barbie puffy three tones in violet is a super exciting color and we have lots of pictures for you to share. Please click on Barbie puffy three tones Violet for more pictures and here for a review.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sunday, 3 March 2013

AQmore Nail Polishes

AQmore nail polishes and top coats are unique of its kind and provide exemplary application. AQmore is a Taiwan brand, established in 2002 by More Ltd

More labs put forward the health friendly product in the form of water based AQmore nail polishes. They soon become their unique identity. AQmore nail polishes and top coats went viral because of their special formulation that keeps your nails hydrated and protects from being yellow or rough.

Now AQmore has a huge range of nail polishes from light to dark shades and even the funky nail glitters. AQmore nail polishes are water based and peel able; hence removing nail polish is no more a headache. Simply soak your fingers in warm water for 20 seconds and peel it off.

You can try as many shades on your nails in a day as you want! These nail polishes; being water based are free from harmful chemicals such as tourmaline, acetone or formaldehyde. These chemicals are used even by famous brands to increase the wear. However, one must not forget that these chemicals turn your nails dry, brittle and yellow.

If you are a regular user of nail polishes, you should get AQmore nail polishes that are available here for $9.90. 

"Picture credit:"

Grey Contact Lenses: Barbie Puffy Three Tones

Get huge cute eyes with barbie puffy three tones. These are natural big eye lenses; though create a medium enlargement. 

"I think these may just be one of my new favorite lenses. If only I didn't look so crazy in pictures when the lenses are looking different directions. All lens do that though."

Grey contact lenses are famous and give you a subtle look. See how it looks on eyes by clicking here

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Big Eye Lenses I Big Bold Eyes

There are occasional wearers of big eye lenses, but we became lucky enough to get a customer who has been wearing big eye lenses for some 15 years. We do believe that her experience might have trained her in making a super good selection of big eye circle lenses. She chose I.Fairy Moe Moe Grey

She says, "Comfort: 5 stars (I wore them for 6.5 hours the first day, with no issues, barely even felt them. Wore them for almost 8 today with no issues. Thought they might get super dry due to the bigger size, but nope. I didn't even feel the need to apply drops! So comfy!)"

Get Anime Eyes with Big Eye Circle Lenses

These dolly eye - Twilight Grey are Twilight inspired big eye circle lenses. If you are into animes, you should have a look at these grey contact lenses. The outer black ring makes your eye ball appear big and bold. The design is simple but a perfect one for anime fans. See this lens in pictures here

Dolly Eye - Twilight Grey

Friday, 1 March 2013

Big Dolly Eyes: Barbie Puffy Three Tones

Barbie puffy three tones is one of the most-selling brand of Uniqso. It enlarges your eyes naturally plus the three shades blend in so well to prevent the creepy look. See how this cute customer has paired up these lenses with her matching dress :)

Magnificent Blue Eyes: Barbie Sasha Three Tones Big Eye Lenses

Sometimes huge circle lenses can make you feel a bit irritated and annoyed, but thats very natural. However, if you want a pair of big eye lens that should not itch you or cause discomfort to your eyes, you should get Barbie Sasha Three Tones. This beautiful lens has a sweet delicate pattern, and can cover your natural eye color effectively. Moreover, this blends in beautifully with three soft tones of blue. 

Want to see more pictures? We hear you, before you speak :) Click here for a review 

Barbie - Sasha 3 Tones Blue