Monday, 18 January 2016

How to Care for Thigh-High Socks: Handling, Wearing & Washing Thigh High Socks

Thigh-High socks are the latest vogue. Stockings are delicate and need diligent care & handling. All thigh high socks from sheer stockings that deliver “Barely there” ‘look & feel’ to warmer & more comfortable cotton stockings; need to be properly stored, washed & handled. This prevent fall-offs, development of fuzz-balls, & holes.

Handling Thigh High Socks

  • Thigh high socks are available in numerous varieties. The care instructions may vary from fabric to fabric. There are grand ma’s panty-hose stockings and or lace-y/ ruffled thigh high socks. All thigh high stockings have one thing in common – that they stay held-up at the thighs firmly. Since thigh high socks make use of silicon bands as an adhesive; improper care and mishandling with your knee-high socks can cost you a lot. If the silicon band loses the effectiveness, the socks will fall off causing you embarrassment in public.
  • Avoid using body lotion when wearing thigh high socks. This reduces the friction which disturbs the chemistry of silicon band. Some cheap socks instead use elastic bands that stay put longer but turns everyone off because of the muffin-top effect they create.
  • Thigh high socks especially sheer socks should be handled with great care. Keep your nails properly trimmed and be very careful about the jewelry and accessories. They get snagged easily which may lead to tears & ripping.

Wearing High Stockings

  • Don’t pull your hosiery way too up. You will cause holes in your socks’ toes doing so. Once again; toe nails should be neatly foiled to avoid holes. In case socks leave an unflattering cupcake effect; swap your stockings with a size or two bigger. Sometimes it happens when you pull your thigh high stockings unnecessarily high. Lowering them a bit down should help.
  • Hosiery socks are not one size fit all. Depending on the girth & height of your thighs, you can select from different size ranges i.e. 155cm to 170 cm. Know your size before messing with your stockings.

Washing High Socks
Lay your Thigh high socks flat to dry. Do not wring or hang
  • Depending on the denier of your hosiery thigh high socks you can machine-wash them by securing them in a garment bag. In absence of a garment bag, a pillow case will do fine. However, ideally thigh high socks should be hand-washed. Don’t put them in a dryer. Don’t hang them to dry. Lay them flat so that they retain their shape.

Thigh high socks are though an inexpensive clothing item; proper care & handling will help them last you 4-5 months. With thigh high stockings you have infinite options to customize your outfit. Wear these socks with mini-skirts to look a sassy chic or pick a conservative style to wear them under your pants. Thigh high socks do not flatten your silhouette like grandma’s pantyhose & they are good to keep your significant other hooked to you!

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