Monday, 18 January 2016

Prevent Thigh-High Stockings' Malfunctions

Even though, malfunctions with top-quality thigh-high stockings are as rare as a blue moon, one must always stay prepared to combat the wardrobe malfunctions. Thigh-high or Knee-high stockings make use of a silicon band that support them to better adhere to your thighs without creating the un-flattering “muffin-top” effect. This very silicon band needs care and attention as when it goes wrong, the sexiness of your entire outfit is at stake.

Silicon Bands in Thigh High Stockings

Silicon bands keep your stockings in place. It lets your thigh-high stockings stay adorably hugged to your legs whilst giving them a flattering shape. Unlike low quality elastic-strap stockings; silicon band high socks stay firmly adhered to your thighs. They do not irritate or create “muffin top” effect. They do not leave welt marks since they do not pinch or squeeze. With silicon band thigh high socks you definitely do not require garter-belts.

Unfortunately, sometimes due to the weather being too sultry or humid, or the usage of too many emollients in winter; thigh-high stockings may drop down causing you embarrassment in public. To avoid such mishaps, follow the tips given below:

1. Avoid Slathering Body-Butter/Lotions or Emollients
Some people are just way too loyal with their body routine. If you are planning to wear thigh high stockings the following night; you must avoid slathering emollients generously. It is advised to switch to non-greasy/non-moisturizing shower gel when you plan to compliment your outfit using high socks. This will help knee-high socks to stay at place firmly

2. Dab Talcum Powder at Thighs
During summer, when it is sweltering outside; due to sweating & body oils; the silicon band may lose the effectiveness. To help your stockings stay adhered to your legs contour, it is suggested to pat dry your legs after shower and dust a bit of talcum powder to your thighs where the band is supposed to cling to. Talcum powder will create a texture, where silicon band will stay put for long.

3. Washing Thigh- High Stockings
Stockings are both hand-wash & machine-wash safe. Washing them in machine however calls for some precautions. To prevent your stockings from losing the stretch through getting tangled in the machine-cycle; put your hosiery in the washing bag. In case of non-availability of a washing bag, use a pillow case. Use a non-bleach mild detergent to wash your hosiery stockings.

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