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Casual Circle Lenses for Brown Eyes: I.Fairy Super Crystal Brown

To enhance your brown colored eyes, you might need a pair of casual brown circle lenses that enlarge your eyes with out making them look weird or hugely amplified. I.Fairy Super Crystal brown lenses beautifully add warm nutmeg color to your already brown eyes whilst providing natural enlargement.

These circle lenses are comfortable enough to wear all the day long. "I was looking for some daily use lenses, but something different from my traditional dark brown lenses (I wear circle lenses in the color of my eyes because of the enlargement - If you fancy natural looks, wear CL as per your skin tones :D). That's why I wanted to try these lenses, and I can tell the effect is pretty nice! If you don't like those black rings, you'll fall in love with them. "

Get Dramatic Eyes with Beuberry CH Blue Circle Lenses

Beuberry CH blue circle lenses have outstanding opaque effects. They turn eyes blue & make them alluring. The striking appearance of these CH blue circle lenses turn heads for you, no matter where you go.

Beuberry CH blue lenses are super comfortable due to high water content. They are so strongly pigmented that they look magical and dolly even on dark brown eyes."

With Beuberry CH Blue you got complete make over, your eyes will be different and nicer in less then a second! Color is beautiful, so if you want lots of compliments regard it - try them out. :) I have increased confidence wearing them, and I feel beautiful. Circle lens make your eyes appear larger, with amazing effects so for me these contacts are one must have fashion accessory."

Get Sizzling Party Eyes for Christmas with Geo Nudy Violet Circle Lenses

These violet circle lenses are classified by far the best type of violet circle lenses, as opined by one of our customer. Geo Violet Nudy blue blends beautifully with light colored eyes and even though the color is not natural; they strive to keep your eyes naturally dolly. 

Geo Nudy violet circle lenses are very translucent, they do enlarge your eyes but keep the over-all effect way too subtle. These violet lenses are perfect when you are partying out or are enjoying vacations at Christmas. 

"As I mention before  those are  my ultimate favorite lenses  series . Those violet lenses are so adorable , perfect for day time , night  time , any time , for events , party . Making you stand out in any photoshoot  you taking ,good for cosplay and holidays such as halloween and christmas ."

Go for Goth with Dolly Eye Blythye Violet Circle Lenses

These violet circle lenses are a famous model of the series. The entire Blytheye range is known for the vivid color and energetic vibes it sends. Dolly Eye Blytheye violet circle lenses are really comfortable and have great enlargement effect. They appear vivid on all eye colors and stay true violet in all types of lights. 

They are unnatural and unworldly color, so they would compliment themed parties etc.The design is simple and perfect to fit different uses, I think it's the perfect pair of lenses both for cosplay or j-fashions outfits (and also special themed makeup, for example Halloween ones). The color is a vibrant violet that covers really well my brown eyes, I saw some pics of people with light eyes and they look great on them too! 

Ellen from the Witch's House Cosplay Wig

To cosplay Ellen you need to have long silky sleek purple hair for which you can employ Sarutobi Ayame cosplay wig. The wig fulfills the character's needs to the utmost level and help you achieve Ellen looks. The wig's bangs can be trimmed as they are not pre-styled. 

This purple wig is 100cm long, smooth and dead-straight. The straight fibers keep it easier to maintain the wig as it does not tangle with mere movement. Since the wig is very long you need to be careful about it being tangled. "This wig did not tangle very easily while casually wearing it today. You would just have to be careful if you would be doing a lot while wearing it, like going to a convention. "

The wig does not shed fibers and is 100% heat-resistant. The color is really very striking that appears darker from pastel purple at indoors. Please read, Ellen cosplay wig review for more details on this wig

Pop your Brown Eyes up with I.Fairy Tofi Grey

Bring charisma to your personality with these I.Fairy Tofi grey circle lenses. They add a sweet pop to dark brown eyes and the special design strives to make your eyes look cool and ulzzang. I.Fairy Tofi grey circle lenses provides huge enlargement effect & ensure that you get dolly eyes.

"They're big but really comfy, they started to dry a bit after many hours but nothing to worry about: just use simple eye drops to refresh your eyes! They come with prescription of course. They're available in different colors, now I'm really tempted to get them in brown/gold too 'cause they look totally amazing!" Read I.Fairy Tofi grey review

Sweet Lolita Split Colored Wig

This wig is unique and sumptuous. Carrying twin pig tails in split colors,this wig is a class that is exuberant. Lolita Wig AP is perfect for sweet Lolita, as the color combination of sweet pink and platinum blond is something uber cute and lovable. 

Lolita wig AP has blunt bangs and the wig is very bulky. The wig features loose waves that turn into ringlet curls at the bottom. The twin tails can be separated from the wig if you want to go for a lighter version. However; the twin tails allow you to style your hair in braids, buns etc. 

This wig is 100% heat-resistant and can endure heating from your straightening iron and curler. This wig also keeps memory of the bounce & style so you don't need to worry about styling it every time you take it out to compliment yourself. 


Please follow the tutorial for styling this Lolita wig AP   

Hair that Bounce: Rozen Maiden Rose Quartz Wig

Rozen Maiden Rose Quartz wig is a character specified wig that plays very well even in casual life. Wear this wig either for fancy purposes or simply go love yourself by carrying such lovely hair that bounce lavishly as you hop. Rozen Maiden Cosplay wig is cute purple toned wig in pastel shade that is subtle yet very adorable. 

The wig features tight ringlet curls with straight bangs that are available to be swept at side. The bangs can be trimmed to suit your facial structure. The wig is 90 cm long and carry low lights+ highlights of the same purple shade. The bangs can be tucked behind ear; but they can play an important role in accentuating the important features of your face. Keep the bangs touch your chin to create slightly oblong-ish illusion of jawline if you have square. 

Rozen Maiden Cosplay wig has beautiful layers that give your hair dimensions and bounce. This 100% heat resistant synthetic wig is sure to please you. Read review of Rozen Maiden Rose Quartz wig to have more insight.

Be a Babe with Pink Lolita Wig

This pink Lolita wig R is cute and charming. It has an alluring pastel color; featuring loose and wavy tresses. The focal element of this wig is "Blunt Bangs" that give you that most desired "BABE" look. Lolita wig R is also adorned with a hair bump at your crown that gives your hair a volume & scintillating oomph.

This wig is just 60cm long & needs no special handling. It is 100% heat-resistant & can be styled the way you would want to. The fancy curls grab attention, and are capable of turning you into a ramp model. Wear this dolly color in your hair & flaunt yourself.

Read more details about Lolita wig R in the review by Kawaii Planet

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Should I Continue Wearing Contact Lenses in Cold or Flu?

Certain medications such as anti-allergenic and birth-control pills lay adverse effect on contact lens tolerance. Although; influenza virus is nothing to panic about, continuing to wear your contact lenses whilst you cough, sniff or suffer from a runny nose brings discomfort & prolonged flu duration.

When you catch cold; it is time to give your eyes a break from contact lenses. It has often been observed that during cold you are prone to rub your eyes because of itchy sensation. Furthermore, wiping off runny nose and then inadvertently rubbing your eyes with same soiled hands facilitate bacteria accumulation over contact lenses which can be a source of bacteria transmission and deposition over your corneas.

Contact lenses should be avoided during influenza’s seasonal attacks for two reasons. Former reason deals with unhygienic practices where as the later one deals with “Poor-production” of tear-film. The tear film or tear-chemistry is disturbed when you are sick that therefore encourages the quick evaporation of tear-film. This turns eyes drier and induces stinging sensation along with corneal scratches or abrasions.

You do not need to avoid contact lenses throughout the flu period; you only need to observe caution. Wear your circle lenses only when it is too crucial to avoid them. If circle lenses are not functional in your life and just cater to serving your fashion needs; you should completely halt wearing these contacts. Do not help yourself spread the virus. Practice hygiene when handling contact lenses & observe a break for first 3 days!

3 Contact Lenses’ Mistakes you Don’t Know you are doing

Circle lenses need careful handling to stay prevented from eye sores & infections. One wrong move may lead to gross out comes. Even though we claim to be pro circle lens users; we often neglect minor things and commit unhygienic mistakes without even knowing and having any realization on this part. If you are also making following mistakes; improve your hygiene standards and stay cautions whilst handling circle lenses.

Failing to Disinfect Circle Lenses after Each Wear

Circle lenses are subjected to go through disinfection after each wear. Immersing them in the disinfecting solution does not do the job accurately. You have to rub your contact lenses at your cleaned & disinfected finger pads to effectively remove protein & lipid debris from over the surface of circle lenses.

Attempting “Topping Off” Contact Lens Solution

With every wear the contact lens solution should be wasted and the chambers should be filled with the new and fresh supply of disinfecting solution. Solution that has once been left open in the chambers of the contact lens case loses its efficacy as the disinfectant evaporates soon after it is left open in the environment.

Letting Circle Lenses Stay Soaked in a Week Old Solution

Yes there must be free pair of circle lenses in your drawer that you do not wear on regular basis. Keeping them soaked in the days old stagnant solution is never free from risks. Furthermore; contact lens solution sometimes evaporates over-night due to involvement of various climatic factors. Therefore; you should keep checking on your contact lens solution to keep them from drying.

Most of the time users of circle lenses inadvertently commit circle lens sins that should be avoided at all cost. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Frozen-Princess Anna Cosplay Circle Lenses & Wig

Princess Anna from Frozen Cosplay Contact Lenses & Wigs

Princess Anna is the Disney’s interpretation of courage, optimism, kindness & affection. Her deep blue gorgeous eyes equipped with animated brilliance & sparkle capture everyone’s heart. Princess Anna cosplay circlelenses allow you to wear her glamorous piercing gaze with a style.

Dolly Eye Blytheye blue circle lenses are the same vivid contact lenses that Anna’s eyes from Frozen are. They are brilliant blue, capable of adding mysterious yet very regal brightness in your own eyes. These blue circle lenses ensure a dramatic yet fanciful pop with a dazzling big eye effect. If you are looking for Anna’s cosplay circle lenses; look no further, and try Dolly Eye Blytheye blue circle lenses.

Princess Anna’s eyes create a whimsical effect against her rosy skin & strawberry blonde hair; that carries her signature white streaks. Twisted braid across her forehead accompanied by wispy bangs together complete the princess touch efficiently. Anna’s cosplay wig from Frozen boasts the same ‘neatly-done’ plait along with hair gracefully tied in a neat up do. The fabulous white streaks in the bangs ensure that the wig remains the exact replica of the character.

If you are impressed with this soft-heart yet sometimes hilariously awkward Disney character, worry no more. All you need to do is two things- Be a good person & get yourself Princess Anna’s cosplay circle lenses & wigs to follow her footsteps!

Queen Elsa from Frozen Cosplay Contacts & Wig

3 Chic Ways to Wear your Synthetic Bohemian Wigs

Bohemian tresses are one of the hottest 2014 hair trends. They are even popular for wedding events and festivals. Bohemian locks that swoops down your shoulders with complimenting bangs either blunt or angular-cut; take your hair style to a new level ahead. Incorporate new hair trends through “Bohemiansynthetic wigs” and look alluring at that night out for Yule.

Long & Tousled Bohemian Tresses

Bohemian tousles that fall past your shoulders make you look like a tempting mistress. Accentuate your gypsy-look by enhancing your textured waves with a shining or floral headband across your forehead. Tease wig layers a bit and stay flattering all the way.

Bohemian Braids

Let’s fancy braids. Slightly messy braids at forehead, at crown or those that gently swish at a side, look heavenly & breathtaking. Complement your bohemian-wig’s plait either by a floral accessory or by wearing a pompadour- Braids will never disappoint you especially if they have been knitted in your synthetic messy tousles. Braids look breezy when are done with a bun or half up-do. Braids in bohemian tresses always ensure a royal touch.

Bohemian Water Fall Hair Styles

It will be safe enough to assume that bohemian locks are promising to deliver the best water-fall hair styles. These textured cascading tresses have lovely wisps that are perfect enough to cast beach-dried blow-waves. Inspire others with the beauty of this seemingly beautiful & unique hobo wig as such curls can be effortlessly tied into a water-fall hair style.

Some HOT Recommended Bohemian Wigs:

  1. Lolita Wig M
  2. Lolita Wig AM
  3. Lolita Wig K

Which way do you like to tease your bohemian waves?


All about styling synthetic wigs- Tips, styles, DOs and DONTs of styling synthetic wigs

Do you Find Wearing Circle Lenses an Uncomfortable Experience? Lipid Degeneration might be a Reason: Treat it Using a Mere Spray

Wearing circle lenses should not be usually a problem, provided you have always been meticulous about the diligent care, handling & maintenance of circle lenses. As long as what you putting in your eyes are FDA approved eye drops and contact lenses, your eyes should remain safe. If still, along with all the precautionary measures you find circle lenses uncomfortable to carry along, then as per the Australian researchers it is biological reason- “Lipid degeneration”; involved in triggering discomfort associated with contact lenses.

Circle lenses induce changes in the natural tear-film that trigger ocular discomfort & stinging. According to Editor-in-Chief of the research journal “Optometry & Vision Science” eyes’ tear film is actually a three-layered sandwich film in the liquid form that features wax-like molecules known as lipids at the outer-most layer. This layer acts as a barrier between the foreign substances & eyes. Upon wearing circle lenses; there is a very faster and quicker degeneration of lipids in some people that triggers discomfort & burning. The outer most lipid layer is actually responsible for maintaining tear film and protects tear evaporation-when on the other hand this layer is broken down by wearing circle lenses; eyes turn dry & create discomfort with circle lenses.

Doctors also looked at various alternatives on how to reducing the ocular discomfort induced by circle lenses and suggested that using a liposomal eyelid spray, such symptoms of dry eyes can be diminished. The spray moistens the eyes and increases tolerance of circle lenses by 6 hours.

If you suffer from dry eyes syndrome, wearing circle lenses specially manufactured for dry eyes should help. Furthermore, improve your diet to keep your eyes moist and fix an appointment with your eye care professional for narrowly-focused medical advice. 

Friday, 21 November 2014

What Should You Eat as a Contact Lens Wearer? (First Contact Lens Week, 2014- Health Reminder 5)

You can wear circle lenses without any discomfort only, if you have healthy eyes. Though there are circle lenses for people with sensitive & dry eyes; it is advised that you improve the health of your eyes to observe better tolerance of contact lenses. In order to keep circle lenses comfortable in your eyes; you must have hydrated eyes with balanced tear- chemistry. Find out what food should you take in your diet if you wear circle lenses regularly.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Nutritional supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids help relieve the symptoms of dry eyes. Good sources are cold-water fish such as sardines, cod, herring & salmon.

Flax-seed & Fish Oil

Flaxseed oil and fish oil contains important dietary fatty acids that reduce dry eye symptoms including burning, itching, scratching sensation, stinging & intermittent visual disturbances when used with lubricating eye drops.

Liquid Intake

It is very crucial to increase the liquid intake-if you suffer from dry eye syndrome and circle lenses are something that you can’t go without.  Drinking at least 8 glasses of water is a good practice along with other fluids. Take juices, and drink plenty of milk to keep your eyes moist.

Some other things to note when wearing circle lenses

  • Avoid smoking
  • Some medications lay adverse effect on circle lens tolerance
  • Keep your eyes protected from extreme weather changes. Wear shades and goggles when wearing circle lenses outdoors or at beach respectively.
  • Reduce sodium intake. It contributes to making your eyes dry
  • Whilst working at screens; follow a 20 by 20 rule of thumb. Reduce glare and after every 20 minutes shift your gazes from screen to open environment.
  • Keep your environs humid. Use a humidifier when wearing circle lenses to add moisture to indoor air during winter.

Though re-wetting your eyes through artificial tear-drops play a significant role in cutting down the discomfort induced by circle lenses; improving your diet will help you achieve permanent sparkling & brighter eyes that adapt to circle lenses sooner than expected. 


Thursday, 20 November 2014

3 Ways you are criminally contaminating your Circle Lenses ( First Contact Lens Week, Health Reminder 4)

We all know circle lenses with all the other variants are medical devices and enough has been said about how they should be handled. Long story short; even with all the directions about handling your circle lenses, consumers are directly involved in the spread out of contagious ocular infections. The reason behind is the lazy & clumsy attitude that allow contamination of circle lenses.

There are 3 ways that must be avoided to prevent your circle lenses from bacteria contamination.

  • Your Own Hands

Hands especially finger pads are full of bacteria. Before touching your circle lenses, do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly with an oil-free soap. Before putting in and taking off contact lenses, make sure your hands are perfectly cleaned and dry. Do not rub your eyes no matter how hard is the urge.

  • Cosmetics

The second most common way you contaminate your contact lenses are cosmetics. Therefore it is suggested to always insert circle lenses before beginning your routine makeup. Use hypo allergenic cosmetics and avoid chalky eye shadows.

  • Water

Water should never be brought into contact with circle lenses. It contains microorganisms that contaminate circle lenses and begin to grow on them. Such microorganisms can be very deadly; and may be responsible for devouring cornea. Do not store your lenses at places that are humid. Do not store them in saliva or lubricate them using water. Only use effective disinfectant to minimize the chances of ocular injuries.

Do not jeopardize your vision. Take care of your eyes; you have only one pair. Follow the wear & care guide of contact lenses & only wear FDA approved circle lenses.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Blind Fortune Teller Makeup Tutorial : Black Sclera Lenses & White Hag Wig

Being able to see, without eyes is eerie & frightful.Once in a blue moon it is thrilling; getting all dressed up as an intimidating character, making others tremble with fear as they stumble across. What it takes to be a "Blind-Seer"? Nothing much, just cosmetics, black sclera lenses along with a white hag wig & makeup skills. Follow the tutorial below: 

Planning your Makeup: Using Paper Face Chart

Blind Seer Face Chart

If you are not a professional makeup artist; you might have rarely heard about paper face charts. Paper face-charts are used by professionals that let them plan any specific makeup look before they could try it on a real-life model. Designing your ‘special effect makeup transformation’ at a face-chart saves time by making you less frequent at washing your face over & over again when going through trial & error phase.

Step By Step Makeup Tutorial: Blind-Fortune Teller

Courtesy: Makeup Artist Sumibunny
  • Design a face chart or copy the one I made.
  • Tear to shreds a tissue.
  • You will also need some cotton.
  • Twist some of the shreds.
  • With a cotton swab, apply baby oil where you are going to apply the latex, this will help when removing the  makeup.
  • Take another cotton swab and apply carefully around the eyes .
  •  Paste the paper we twisted applying pressure with your fingers and more latex on top.
  • Once you got the base shape, start sticking cotton the same way you did with the paper. Remember being  very careful, I insist, latex contains ammonia and it's dangerous.
  • Wait until it's dry, check with your fingers.
  • Cover your eyelids with black pencil.
  • Now apply makeup to the latex, use a cream makeup with high coverage darker than your skin tone, latex  tends to make the colors lighter over time.
  • Play with different tones until it matches your skin.
  • With a brown pencil draw a fake eyelid and play with the volumes a little bit. Blend the pencil and also contour your nose a little bit with it.
  • Apply red to the outer side of the fake eyes, you can use a lipstick or red cream makeup.
  • Fix with loose powders and take off the excess.
  • Apply black eye shadow and black eyeliner to the black of the eyes, we nee them as dark as possible.
  • Shape your eyebrows with brown eye shadow and highlighter.
  • Paint a few veins around the eyes.
  • To paint the forehead's eye, first draw the shape with a brown pencil and use a small bevelled brush to blend.
  • Fix everything and paint the eye using water makeup. It's very important to be patient because it might take a while, it's similar to painting a small illustration in your forehad with acrylics.
  • Outline the lips with a brown pencil, use a red lipstick and then blend the brown to create a volume effect on the lips.
  • Draw a small mole with eyeliner.
  • Add some fake blood.
  • Contour the face with darker powder and apply some pink-ish blush.
  • Get your costume ready and...that's it! 
Wearing black sclera lenses with this look is highly recommended, so you can open your eyes and still look terrifying.

Blind Seer

Can I Swim or Shower Wearing My Synthetic Wig?

Synthetic wigs are preferred worldwide because they are inexpensive, easier to maintain & style and are light weight. Synthetic wigs offer several benefits over human hair wigs but they do have limitations. Synthetic wigs can be taken under water for photo-shoots but swimming &shower with synthetic wigs should be avoided.

Swimming with Synthetic Wigs

If your cosplay requires you to go under water with your synthetic wig on; make sure that it does not budge or slip. Synthetic wigs do feel lighter than natural hair wigs, but they may behave totally opposite under water so be ready for a slightly heavier experience when under water with your synthetic wig on head. For photo-sessions it is better you choose a natural water resource than a pool. Pool water contains chlorine, chemicals and salts that can harm the fibers. The damage by pool water is often irrevocable for instance it can affect the color, or may make it dull by turning it fizzy or dry. Swimming exerts pressure & also develops impudent tangles that are often too stubborn to get rid of.

Taking a shower with Synthetic Wigs

Taking a shower with synthetic wig on is the worst you will ever do to harm your wig. Synthetic wigs need gentle handling. They are to be washed with specially formulated synthetic hair wig shampoos with soft, swishing & twirling hand motions. Aggressive rubbing that is expected in an ordinary shower may ruin the fibers of your synthetic wigs and thus should be 100% avoided. Furthermore, the soapy deposits can destroy the real feel of a wig therefore putting your synthetic hair wig off should always be ensured before taking bath.

Synthetic wigs can be worn right out of the box yet need little maintenance, this however does not mean that they need ‘no’ care at all. They should be handled gently & kept away from unnecessary exposure of water as washing your wigs uselessly reduces the age of your synthetic wigs.


Make Eye Health a Priority (First Contact Lens Week: Health Reminder 3)

People who wear contact lenses should be very cautious about the health of their eyes. Eye health needs to take the status of “priority” in your life than being an “option”. Elderly & children both, alike need a comprehensive check-up once a year. Contact lens wearers should keep a track on how their eyes are performing against contact lenses, through regular follow-up sessions.

FDA approved contact lenses and circle lenses that have acquired CE certifications & other medical approvals pose no threats usually. However, negligence, ignorance & improper use of contact lenses may lead to serious eye infections and even corneal abrasions. This is why; ophthalmologists and contact lens experts emphasize on the importance of “Contact Lens Follow-ups”.

Human being makes mistakes inadvertently; and with contact lenses there are increased chances of developing the habit of indulging oneself into “shortcuts”. Falling asleep with contact lenses with an intention of taking just a 20 minutes nap, not disinfecting them on daily basis, topping off solution in the lens chambers & not replacing them past their expiry are common pitfalls for every one wearing contact lenses in a routine. These ignorant attitudes of consumers may trigger serious health hazards about which the patient often stays oblivious of. Contrary to this, regular follow-ups of contact lenses let you detect an infection at the early stages; ensuring the most competitive treatment.

It has been observed that it is the improper usage of contact lenses that contribute to the 1 million eye infections alone in the US every year. To be on a safer side preventive & routine eye care should be your top priority than resorting to your eye care professional only when something goes wrong. From a medical stand point, eye checkups do more than just correcting vision problems. Contact lenses are classified as medicaldevices and should be dealt accordingly for safer eyes. 

Everyday Kpop Eye Makeup: Stella False Eye Lashes & Solone Fantasy Eyeshadow Kit

Everyday Kpop Eye Makeup: Stella False Eye Lashes & Solone Fantasy Eyeshadow Kit

Everyday Kpop Eye Makeup: Stella False Eye Lashes & Solone Fantasy Eyeshadow Kit

Everyday Kpop Eye Makeup: Stella False Eye Lashes & Solone Fantasy Eyeshadow Kit

Everyday Kpop Eye Makeup: Stella False Eye Lashes & Solone Fantasy Eyeshadow Kit

Kpop celebrities make use of pigmented eye shadows yet they stay very careful to stick to earthy beige shades. To add a subtle pop to their eyes they use shimmery eye shadows for a glistening impact. Taking the similar thoughts in mind, one of our blogger has created a very soft KPOP makeup look using Solone Wonderland Eyeshadow Kit and Stella Natural Prime Lashes

Stella Natural Prime false eyelashes are 100%handmade with each strand carefully knotted in the form of clusters to give you a naturally voluminous look at your lashes. Being Korean is all about being natural, therefore sticking to everything that do not over-power your natural looks is the key for creating Korean inspired makeup looks successfully.

Solone Fantasy Wonderland eye shadow kit has 6 eye shadows and 2 highlighter colors. All are in shimmer. They certainly are very pigmented and are best for adding a POP at your inner corner of eyes. They are super soft, easy to blend and are build able.  See the swatches and the complete review of both the products here.

Transform your Blue Eyes to Brown: Barbie Romana Brown Circle Lenses

Transform your Blue Eyes to Brown: Barbie Romana Brown Circle Lenses

Transform your Blue Eyes to Brown: Barbie Romana Brown Circle Lenses

Transform your Blue Eyes to Brown: Barbie Romana Brown Circle Lenses

Transform your Blue Eyes to Brown: Barbie Romana Brown Circle Lenses

These circle lenses display a cute floral pattern. These circle lenses stay true brown even against light colored eyes. They don't happen to get into a different tone when worn against blue eyes. Thus, Barbie Romana brown circle lenses are perfect for those blue eye beauties who want to change their color to brown. These circle lenses look natural from a far.

Barbie Romana brown are dolly & are famous for providing huge enlargement. They are neither over-powering, nor astoundingly dull. They are just moderate tone of brown that gives life to your eyes by adding a charming factor of warmth to your cold colored eyes.   

Click here for Barbie Romana brown review.

Soft & Sensual Angelic Eyes: EOS Fay Pink Contact Lenses

Soft & Sensual Angelic Eyes: EOS Fay Pink Contact Lenses

Soft & Sensual Angelic Eyes: EOS Fay Pink Contact Lenses

Soft & Sensual Angelic Eyes: EOS Fay Pink Contact Lenses

These are true baby pink circle lenses; very soft, very light yet very angelic. EOS Fay pink circle lenses are good for casting cheery-baby looks. The pattern is fairly simple, but because the color is unnatural these lenses make the best pair for the approaching Halloween.

EOS Fay pink lenses can also be used in anime conventions. They are very comfortable and are only 14.5 mm in diameter. Might not be perfect if you are looking for huge dolly eyes, but if you want to look like a soft and sensual angel or fairy, these lenses will be the perfect choice!