Friday, 15 January 2016

How to Use Contact Lens Eye Drops the Right Way

People who wear contact lenses either for color change or for prescription may feel dryness to relieve which, they require contact lens eye drops. These eye drops rewet your eyes, moisten your contact lenses and reduce irritation or inflammation caused by dryness. Eye drops contain preservatives that help combat fighting against bacteria and prevent infection. However, awareness is yet to be created among users that using them the wrong way will do more bad than good. Like contact lens multi-purpose disinfecting solution, your eye drops of all types are bound to lose the efficacy if used improperly. To help contact lens eye drops last you the longest, read the facts below

1. Don’t Keep the Cap Off
Leaving the cap off will evaporate the preservative that your eye drops contain. This way it will no longer be effective for preventing infection. Eye drops provide relief when a foreign body sensation is felt or when you develop an eye sore. Contact lens eye drops don’t only help fighting against the foreign agent but also provide relief from discomfort by breaking down the protein & lipids that might have accumulated on the surface of contact lenses.

2. Don’t Touch the Tip
The dropper tip must not touch your eye lashes. Often people whilst instilling eye drops don’t take proper care and bring the dropper tip too close to the lashes. The bacteria from on to your lashes this way are transferred to the eye drops. Though the preservative will still prevent infection; it will lose its efficacy sooner than expected.

3. Keep an Eye on Expiration Date
Last but not the least, never ignore the expiration date. It holds the most value among all pharmaceutical products. After a product expires, it cannot warrant you to keep functioning properly. It may have already lost the preservative by losing which a medicine no more remains a medicine but just a solution of harmful & expired chemicals.

Eye drops provide instant relief from the discomfort caused by contact lenses. There are several over the counter eye drops available but it is better to invest in a quality product. Complete Blink N Clean eye drops by Abbott Pharma with its unique two-in-one formula rewet your eyes whilst cleaning them and that too within a blink. With 90 days of expiry product; these eye drops ensure maximum prevention from dryness & infection.

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