Thursday, 30 May 2013

Kpop Inspired Night Makeup by Sumibunny

Dolly Eye Lathae Violet : Color Contact Lenses

"I found the dolly eye lathae violet color contact lens to be very comfortable.  It didn't make me have that something is in your eye rub it type of feeling.  I loved that it wasn't too bright of a purple or too dark where you can't tell that you have purple circle lenses on."

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dolly eye lathae violet

dolly eye lathae violet

Monday, 27 May 2013

Color Contact Lenses: I Fairy Cherry Gold Review

"I purchased this I.Fairy Cherry Gold contact lens on Uniqso's website. I previously won on their Facebook contest, in which I won $80 which I can use to spend on their site.

This one caught my eye coz I've been wanting to get my hands on gold contact lenses. There are several gold contact lenses on their site to choose from, but this one is the most suited for my cosplay. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ"

On uneven lighting, the contact lens color still shows, which is a lovely gold. Yellow contact lenses tend to look greenish on some people, while light brown contact lenses only work for people with light colored eyes. ヽ(ー_ー )ノ"

Follow this review for Toto Sakigami cosplay makeup trial.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Big Eye Circle Lenses: Geo Angel Grey Circle Lenses

Geo Angel grey circle lenses look very natural and they do not make your eyes look weird and noticeable but i wish they were a bit more lighter and blendable. Says; a blogger in her review

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Natural Big Eye Lenses : Beuberry Grey Circle Lenses

Beuberry three tone grey circle lenses have a diameter of 16.00 mm but due to the natural and simple design these circle lenses look very natural and are suitable for those with small eyes. These big eye circle lenses will nicely enhance the small eyes by making them appear large and wide. 

Read a review here and see a stunning look; our customer has created in her review!

Natural Big Eye Lenses : Beuberry Grey Circle Lenses

Natural Big Eye Lenses : Beuberry Grey Circle Lenses

Be a Gyaru with Big Eye Circle Lenses

HimeGyarus - courtesy: Lolitta wigs

Gyaru style is getting quite famous these days; and internet is the major reason of boosting this term up. Even the western world seems to be under influence of Korean and Japanese fashion trends. Gyaru is a Japanese term meaning “Gal”. Not to mention; either its Japanese Gyaru or the South Korean’s Ulzzang- big eye circle lenses have played a major role in the global fame of both the fashion icons.

Gyaru eyes

There are many gyaru styles which you can pick up according to your facial cuts and body type. An easy way is to get in touch with gyarus and be a part of their community via blogosphere and magazines. Gyarus are sometimes wild and glam; and sometimes they are cute and classy. Does not matter which Gyaru you choose to be- big eye circle lenses will be the most noted element.
Typically Gyarus have large big deep eyes featuring beautiful long lashes. If you want to be a funky and wild Gyaru then you should go for those big eye circle lenses that tend to give your eyes a mature look such as grey big eye circle lenses. On the other hand; get yourself some brown and deep blue big eye circle lenses if you wish to be a cute and classy gyaru.

A mature Gyaru with Grey big eye circle lenses

A cute gyaru with blue big eye circle lenses

Courtesy: apricitydollshouse

A cute gyaru with brown eyes

Gyaru style is thriving most in the teenage girls and girls in their early twenties. Some Japanese singers also adopted the look especially Namie Amuro and Ayumi Hamasaki gave this trend a hit-fame. Choosing the right pair of big eye circle lenses along with the right kind of makeup featuring liquid and thin black eye liner, liquid light foundation and light bronzer will do the gyaru look for you.

Remember; without big eye circle lenses you will be unable to bring the change in your personality. Be a true gyaru; choose your style first and then your big eye circle lenses!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

How to Study the Character for Choosing Cosplay Lenses

If you are planning to participate in a cosplay convention then you should focus your attention on studying the character; you have chosen to cosplay. Without prior research about character’s life it is impossible to come up with a commendable cosplay. Following are some Cosplay Tips that help you study the “Eyes” of the chosen character. Even though Cosplay Lenses have made it easier for cosplayers to get perfect eyes; it is still recommended to have a deeper look and get the professional’s help if needed.

1. First of all meet your optometrist if you wear spectacles. Know your latest prescription and judge various alternatives for buying your cosplay lenses. Either get your lenses from your eye doctor or order them online. Buying online saves you money and often there is more variety of cosplay lenses available in online stores of color contact lenses in both Plano and prescription.

2. Observe your character’s eye color and pattern. Let’s take a case study of Sailor Moon. She has large blue eyes with highlighting patterns. A thin black rim is also present. Search online for Cosplay Lenses and Anime Lenses; as most probably Sailor Moon’s cosplay lenses are to be found in either of the categories on most sellers’ sites.

3. GEO and EOS are famous for cosplay lenses. In this case the closest depiction of her eyes is Geo CPA-4 Cosplay Lenses/ Anime Lenses that are blue in color with the exact highlight patterns. If you are curious how these will look on real people eyes you can always take help from google images. GEO CPA 4 cosplay lenses available for $22.90 only.


4. After receiving your cosplay lenses; soak them overnight after taking them out from their vials. This way they will become comfortable and won’t be heavy in your eyes. You can also save your money by redeeming your order with points and win cosplay lenses for free by participating in monthly giveaways.

Cheers, Now Enjoy your Cosplay and new cosplay lenses!


Uniqso is an online home of all kind of big eye circle lenses and color contact lenses. Get cheap circle lenses, cosplay lenses and color contact lenses in monthly promotions, rewards, giveaways and rebate programs. These circle lenses and color contact lenses are otherwise available at their original prices.

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Loved Brands for Cosplays

Did you know that GEO and EOS Lenses are two top favored and loved brands for cosplays? If you are soon to attend a cosplay convention; you must not forget to give this guide a read!

GEO Big Brown Lenses - Big Grang Grang Choco

Benjamine did it in a very creative way, must see! {^_^}

Get this now - GEO Big Grang Grang Choco

Angel Brown Circle Lenses: Geo Super Big Eye Lenses

Brown circle lenses can always be trusted with blind eyes for the beauty they adorn your face with. Since brown big eye circle lenses may suit any of the eye shade; these circle lenses are preferred globally. Today we bring you a review of your favorite brand "Geo Super Angel Brown Circle Lenses". Doll like enlargement and comfort of 6-7 hours is guaranteed!

Wacky Cosplay Ideas with Cosplay Lenses

Cosplay Lenses are another fashion accessory after color contact lenses that penetrated into fashion industry like a wild fire. Infact; it won’t be wrong to claim that cosplay lenses observed a status change during last few years from a fashion accessory to a fashion NEED.

True; that eyes depict what you are thinking about. What you feel and what you choose to hide; your eyes reflect the entire story even when you are not uttering a word.Keeping the same concept in mindcosplay lenses were invented by a genius to reflect supernatural, crazy, wild and wacky looks when your real eyes are unable to perform the task.

Cosplay lenses are capable of making your eyes expression less and in some cases lifeless. They are the best part of every cosplay and every costume play gets a new life with proper usage of cosplay lenses. You can match your costume with your cosplay lenses and freak out others to spice up the costume party or your Halloween festivals.

Some of the most famous and hot selling cosplay circle lenses are dragon eyes, cat eyes, spider eyes, twilight lenses , sharingan lenses and some bright red circle lenses. Give a life to your most favorite fiction by appropriate cosplay contact lenses. Whether you need to cast fiery gazes or need to impersonate into cat women; everything has now come into crazy action with cosplay lenses.

Click here for help on fresh cosplay ideas and cosplay lenses. Or drop an email with your query at

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Circle Lenses & Color Contact Lenses
Uniqso is an online home of all kind of big eye circle lenses and color contact lenses. Get cheap circle lenses, cosplay lenses and color contact lenses in monthly promotions, rewards, giveaways and rebate programs. These circle lenses and color contact lenses are otherwise available at their original prices.

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Shiny Eyes with Gold Circle Lenses


Puffy Three Tone Grey Circle Lenses

Barbie puffy three tone grey circle lenses are one of the best seller; since they are super comfortable and natural regardless of the big sized diameter. Get a beautiful blended effect of grey and yellow tones with these three tone grey circle lenses. Also, read a review on the product here.

See here the other variety of three tone circle lenses and grey big eye circle lenses.

I Fairy Dolly Red Cosplay Circle Lenses

Do you think red lenses such as I.Fairy Dolly+ Red will make this character more lively? {^__^}

<courtesy ill-eat-your-heart-out>

Friday, 17 May 2013

Hot-Selling Color Contact Lenses

See what are some of the most purchased color contact lenses this season. We have picked some from natural big eye contact lenses for your ease. Stay connected to this place in order to see best-selling contact lenses from other categories ^_^

Let us know; which one will you buy for yourself today?

Ame Yume Rou cosplay with Big Blue Circle Lenses

Ame Yume Rou cosplay with Beuberry Poppy Blue

<courtesy farizasuka>

Follow Precautions: Avoid the Risks while Wearing Color Contact Lenses

If you love wearing circle lenses and color contact lenses in your daily routines; then keep reading below as this article has been written specially for you.

Circle Lenses and Color Contact Lenses are not always risk free. You might have heard that excess of everything is harmful; so be precautious as prevention is better than cure. Circle Lenses and Color Contact Lenses may immediately change your look entirely; that is why people are now depending upon circle lenses and color contact lenses in order to look beautiful and sexy.

Photo courtesy: hysteric by nature

Unfortunately; using substandard color contact lenses and circle lenses; may pose you great health threats. Not only this; running after cheap circle lenses and color contact lenses though save you money once- you will end up spending a lot more heavier amount in your eye treatment. Therefore; only buy quality circle lenses and color contact lenses.

Color contact lenses

Wearing circle lenses and color contact lenses is always lovely as it fetches lots of appreciations and applauses along your way. Also, there is no risk at all if you follow a proper color contact lenses wear and care guide before adapting a routine of wearing circle lenses and color contact lenses.

Immediately Remove the Circle Lenses/ color contact lenses if you notice:

1. Any discomfort; itching, redness, stinging or blurred vision
2. Unusual eye secretions
3. Rainbow or hales around objects
4. Unstable lens (A lens that moves with your eye movement)
5. Dry eyes or heavy eyes

Always use quality circle lenses and color contact lenses multi-purpose solution to keep your lenses moist and avoid feeling of dryness. Do not ever share your circle lenses and color contact lenses with anyone; not even with your siblings. Follow, “Things to Avoid while wearing circle lenses and color contact lenses” in detail for beautiful and safe eyes!

OUR ADVERTISEMENT- Buy Cosplay Lenses and Sharingan Lenses

Uniqso is an online home of big eye circle lenses and color contact lenses. Get cheap circle lenses and color contact lenses in monthly promotions, rewards and rebate programs. These circle lenses and color contact lenses are otherwise available at their original prices.

How Should You Buy Color Contact Lenses?

Buying color contact lenses is not as easy as it may sound. Availability of several options if one way increases the understanding of customer; decreases the ability of decision making the other way. True; that color contact lenses have become the latest and most appreciated fashion trend that has forced and pushed several small business to step into the market. However; unfortunately, very few pay any attention towards the customer demands, needs and satisfaction.

Your eyes should be your first most preference. It is said that eyes are the window to your body. Therefore; taking care of your eyes and adoring them with all the possible means is your birth right. Along with the eye makeup; the use of color contact lenses is now being encouraged by fashion icons. Since the color contact lenses may bring out a new “You”; a hype of color contact lenses has been observed lately.

Factors you must consider while Buying Color Contact Lenses:

1. Most of the people find it necessary to wear color contact lenses in order to change their looks either partially or completely. However; due to high prices it may seem difficult if not impossible. We would not recommend you to run after substandard cheap lenses; however with us you can buy quality color contact lenses at cheap rates in monthly promotions, giveaways and rebate programs which otherwise are available at their original prices which you may somewhat find higher.

2. Always follow your eye care practitioner advice: If you have sensitive eyes, or you are an eye patient; do not forget to take the advice from your eye care practitioner before placing your order for color contact lenses. There are prescription color contact lenses available too at very low but flat prices.

3. Last but not the least; always evaluate all your options before making a final decision. Read product reviews, guidelines on how to choose color contact lenses, color contact lenses beginner guides, compare products and weigh your POCKET. Budget is your real BOSS- so follow what it says. Donot forget you can always purchase cheap lenses in promotions, rewards and rebate programs with us and also qualify for free shipping.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Dolly Look with Natural Brown Contact Lenses

Create Dolly Look with Dolly Eye Pop C Light Brown

Puffy Three Tone Grey Circle Lenses

Barbie puffy three tone grey circle lenses are one of the best seller; since they are super comfortable and natural regardless of the big sized diameter. Get a beautiful blended effect of grey and yellow tones with these three tone grey circle lenses. Also, read a review on the product here.

See here the other variety of three tone circle lenses and grey big eye circle lenses.

Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Grey

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Rainbow Eyeliner Make up

Try Rainbow Eyeliner Make up with Rainbow circle lenses

I. Fairy Pink Big Eye Circle Lenses

I fairy pink circle lenses are made with a unique starry pattern. The design is very intricate and pretty; specially the enlargement is very obvious with a diameter of 16.2 mm. Recommended for cosplayers and those who are thirsty for vibrant color big eye circle lenses. Perfectly adorn your face with dolly like gyaru style! Give it a try or have a look at our crazy/cosplay circle lenses or browse through our collection of pink big eye circle lenses

Review on I.Fairy here.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Super Angel Grey Big Eye Circle Lenses

"I am actually very happy with these super angel grey circle lenses, like a lot. Completely ecstatic even and I’m considering another pair of these in a different color, hehe. The best thing about these lenses is that they can give you a dolly look without looking too overwhelming or like a “plastic barbie.” Reads a review at "Sweet Harmony"

GEO Super Angel Grey

Lia de Beaumont Cosplay with I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue

Lia de Beaumont Cosplay with I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue

<courtesy jibril cosplay>

Colored Contact Lenses : I. Fairy Moe Moe Brown Circle Lenses

I. Fairy Moe Moe Brown circle lenses gives you a huge enlargement; and are recommended for those who are searching bright big eye circle lenses. Very comfortable with yellow undertones; these colored contact lenses are what make you look energitic and crazy on special occasions. Have a look on "Sayoko Ozaki" inspired makeup and read a review on I.Fairy Moe Moe Brown circle lenses.

I. Fairy Moe Moe Brown

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Big Eye Circle Lenses: Puffy Three Tone Blue Circle Lenses

Puffy three tone blue circle lenses are already marked as Ulzzangs favorite. The whole barbie puffy three tone circle lenses are the best sellers; and are loved for the sweet and lovely three tones. Please have a look at our website to see puffy three tone blue circle lenses on real life customers.

Review here. Have a look at blue circle lenses and whole range of three tone circle lenses.

barbie puffy three tones blue

Friday, 10 May 2013

Big Green Circle Lenses review - Barbie Forest Green

Big Green Circle Lenses review - Barbie Forest Green

Chinese Coser Cosplay with Dolly Eye Blytheye Grey

Chinese coser cosplay with Dolly Eye Blytheye Grey

<courtesy Xiao Xiao Bai>

Mami Tomoe cosplay using Big Eyes Brown Circle Lenses

Mami Tomoe cosplay using I.Fairy Dolly+ Brown

<Courtesy Thabata Cardoso>

Violet Big Eye Circle Lenses: Barbie Luna Violet Circle Lenses

Barbie Luna violet circle lenses are very noticeable and stunning. Recommended for light to medium colored eyes; these color contact lenses are attention grabbers. Simple pattern with subtle transition; these violet circle lenses can be worn even on brown eyes that is considered moderately dark shade of eyes among all eye colors. Possess a diameter of 16.2; read in the review about the comfort and enlargement.

More violet circle lenses and whole range of big eye circle lenses can be viewed here

Barbie Luna Violet

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Three Tone Violet Circle Lenses: Diamond color contact lenses

Barbie diamond big eye circle lenses are famous for their intricate diamond cuts pattern. Light seems to reflect from the cuts as from the real diamond. This creates  bejeweled big eyes that attract everyone. The amalgamation of red hint with violet is though not visible in the bare lens; it will create mystic big eye look as soon as you put them in your eyes. Have a look at some beautifully captured pictures in the review of diamond violet circle lens and let us know about your feedback. 

Barbie Diamond 3 Tones Violet

Amazing eye makeup

Amazing eye makeup - Get this eye color with GEO Berry Cessy Green

Mikuru Asahina cosplay

Mikuru Asahina cosplay using I.Fairy Super Crystal Brown & Blue.

<Courtesy Juliana Souza>

Brown+Violet : I.Fairy Casper Brown Color Contact Lenses

I.Fairy Casper Brown color contact lenses are amazing and gorgeous brown circle lenses; that make them slightly different than other circle lenses. They have superb color combination; yes combination! With brown and violet color as the main component and yellow around iris with dark black outer ring; they fall into the category of four tone circle lenses. 

Super comfortable with no complains yet recorded; we recommend these brown color contact lenses to every one! Don't forget to catch this review on I Fairy Casper Brown circle lenses first.

Have a look at Three Tone Circle Lenses or just check the other variety available in color contact lenses.

I Fairy Casper Brown

Three Tone Big Eye Circle Lenses: Beuberry Lurve Brown Circle Lenses

Three tone circle lenses are always sought for their incredible transition qualities that make your eyes look very natural yet sparkle and shine like a crystal. Brown circle lenses; famous in Asian world is now becoming the choice of Holly Wood celebrities as well. Beuberry Lurve three tone brown circle lenses are very natural despite of the huge diameter of 16mm. They lack the darker limbal ring that blends it in a subtle way to your natural eye ball. Simple pattern; and natural color gradation of hazel, green and brown make these three tone brown circle lenses our personal favorite.

Make your way to this review on three tone circle lenses beuberry lurve brown. Alternatively; you can visit the entire collection of brown circle lenses and other big eye circle lenses.

Beuberry Lurve Brown

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Cosplay Pinki Pie with GEO Angel Blue

Cosplay Pinki Pie with GEO Angel Blue

<Courtesy Tiny Rage>

Natural Big Eye Circle Lenses: Dolly Eye Ice Melon Grey

Dolly Eye Ice Melon Grey Circle Lenses have a diameter of 14.5mm; hence are sure to serve the craves of people seeking for natural big eye circle lenses. They are not only natural in diameter; but the pattern and the color is quite natural that blends in quite well with light colored eyes. See how beautiful these natural big eye circle lenses look on Spanish Eyes

Dolly Ice Melon Grey