Friday, 28 February 2014

GEO Cherry Holic Turquoise: Light Eyes

GEO Cherry Holic Turquoise colored contacts

GEO Cherry Holic Turquoise colored contacts

Choosing natural color circle lenses may some times be a bit tricky if you are unaware of how circle lenses tend to appear on different people with different skin tones and eye colors. Geo Cherry Holic turquoise circle lenses are one of the best natural looking circle lenses for people with light eyes. These circle lenses turned out surprisingly natural on guys too.

Circle lenses even from the same brand may look entirely different than how they look on your friends' eyes. This being said; we need to understand that circle lenses have different impact on people belonging from different races. Not only this;circle lenses also leave a unique impression on guys in comparison with gals. here are several Korean Male stars who have been successfully wearing circle lenses for quite a while now to alter the way they look. 

Boys should go for natural looking circle lenses with less enlargement and striking effect. They should also stay close to the natural color of eye. Geo Cherry Holic Turquoise circle lenses come in three tones where the orangish-yellow surrounds the pupil to naturally fade away with your eye color. This blending effect is marvelous which does not make you look bug-eyed or alien.

Geo Cherry Holic turquoise circle lenses are good for both the sexes. The outer ring is thick which despite of small diameter adds subtly to the enlargement. See how Geo Cherry Holic turquoise look on a guy!

Energetic Eyes with Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones Circle Lenses

Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones grey colored contacts

Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones grey colored contacts

Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones grey colored contacts

Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones grey colored contacts

Beuberry Lurve 3 tones Grey circle lenses help brightening up your eyes and so end up brightening your entire day. These grey circle lenses in 3 tone make your eyes shine and sparkle with golden fairy dust in yellow specially around the pupil. The yellow fairy-dust like pattern help these lenses to mesh with the original color of your eyes-dark or light; Beuberry Lurve 3 tone circle lenses will always be a treat to your eyes.

More information in Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones Grey Review.

Valentine's Day Special Look with Kimchi Bambi Pink Lenses

Kimchi Bambi Pink colored contacts

Kimchi Bambi Pink colored contacts

Love is in the air; so why not enjoy every bit of it? Being girl is one of the most loveliest feeling; and to feel even more special UNIQSO is giving away special discounts on Pink circle lenses. 

Peachymilktea has created a special valentines day look with Kimchi Bambi Pink Circle Lenses

Kimchi Bambi pink lenses are three tone circle lenses which have peachy orange shade around pupil to help these lenses blend more naturally with your dark colored eyes. The pink is expected to standout more vibrantly on dark eyes; whereas the thick and sharp black outer ring adds tremendously to the enlargement.

Kimchi Bambi pink circle lenses are comfortable; though unnatural; these pink circle lenses are trendy and add a feminine touch to your personality. Have a look at Valentine's Look with Kimchi Bambi Pink Circle Lenses.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Valentine Makeup Look with Beuberry B.B Violet Circle Lenses

Beuberry B.B Violet colored contacts

Being Kawaii is being sweet and cute. Valentine Day can be the best day for displaying your makeup skills and featuring your beautiful lovely eyes. We already know that guys feel attracted towards women with big eyes. Now with circle lenses you can have both the jobs done. Be a Kawaii with pink/ violet circle lenses and achieve the illusion of bigger eyes with big eye circle lenses. Beuberry BB Violet circle lenses tend to perform this job successfully as these cover your eyes practically and beautifully. The violet is neither too light nor very dark; therefore enhances your original eye color just in a very acceptable way.

Beuberry BB Violet circle lenses are enough if you are looking for circle lenses with enough enlargement. With 16mm diameter Beuberry BB Violet circle lenses make your eyes look dolly and beautiful. The vibrancy is subtle and soft that is enough to make an impression on Valentines. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Demon Eyes with Sabretooth Sclera Crazy Lenses

Sabretooth Sclera Crazy Lenses

Sabretooth Sclera Crazy Lenses

Get a groovy and mystified experience with Black Sabretooth full eye crazy sclera lenses. Crazy sclera sabretooth blackout lenses cover eyes fully to provide intensely horrified visual effects. 

The intimidating eyes you get with Crazy Sclera Sabretooth lenses make sure to win every success for you- be it a cosplay performance or occasions like Halloween and  theme parties. These black-out sclera lenses come with a base-curve of 11mm so having a prior experience of wearing big eye circle lenses matters. 

They are comfortable but may be drying for some people. Crazy sclera sabretooth black sclera lenses let you achieve a tremendous blood and gore look. These lenses are completely circular with a diameter of 22mm. Sclera sabretooth black sclera lenses are manufactured under highly protected environment under ISO certification which makes them safe for your eyes.

You can be a demon, monster, evil spirit or can even impersonate yourself into a vampire. Simply grab a pair of sclera black crazy lenses or get an inspiration of your cosplay in Fetsu's Sclera Sabretooth Black Sclera Review 

Cosplay Circle Lenses: Dolly Eye Bubble Blue

Dolly Eye Bubble Blue colored contacts

Dolly Eye Bubble Blue colored contacts

Dolly Eye Bubble Blue colored contacts

Dolly Eye Bubble Blue colored contacts

Dolly Eye Bubble Blue colored contacts

If your cosplay requires Neon Blue Eyes; you donot need to hunt long for a perfect pair of circle lenses. Simply grab Dolly eye bubble blue cosplay circle lenses from EOS. These circle lenses are mono tone and are very bright. The circle lenses get even brighter when exposed to bright sunlight. 

The pattern doesnot include any intricate designs; but looks like graphical. The dolly eye bubble blue lenses being monotone lacks an outer black ring; yet the enlargement with 14.8mm is quite noticeable. Dolly eye bubble blue circle lenses are bright and make your eyes very intriguing.

Get cosplay ideas in Dolly Eye Bubble Blue Review.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Geo Nudy Blue Circle Lenses-Mysterious & Stunning Eyes

GEO NUDY blue colored contacts

Geo Nudy blue circle lenses prepare your eyes for a heavenly stage set in this mighty world. These Geo Nudy blue circle lenses give you a tearful doe-eyed look which is neither very striking nor very dull. Geo Nudy blue circle lenses are suitable for both Asian and Western people.

Geo Nudy blue circle lenses are baby blue which gets darker when worn on dark eyes. They tend to reflect crystal-shine when worn upon light eyes. They are natural and stay bright under artificial lights. 

Can I Rub my Eyes when Wearing Contact Lenses?

When an external particle gets into your eyes; your brain directs your hands to rub your eyes immediately. However; the case is slightly complex when you are wearing contact lenses. Rubbing your eyes too hard with contact lenses may scratch your eyes and develop sore eyes.

Why not to rub eyes when wearing Contact Lenses?
The natural phenomenon of rubbing eyes begins when your eyes need an instant-cleanup. Rubbing your eyes is considered a stimulant to tear production. The flow of tears then lubricates dry eyes and helps flushing out dust-particles and other irritants. This is why medical experts warn wearers of contact lenses to observe caution whilst rubbing eyes. Due to the excessive tear production rubbing may flush out contact lenses with flushing the irritating particles.

Also; the surface of our hands also has innumerable bacteria. Whilst rubbing eyes; these bacteria can get into eyes making the condition even worse for contact lens wearers. Normal rubbing is fine and should not be worried about; says Professor Charles McMonnies, from the School of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of NSW. Serious rubbing on eyes cause pressure which may be harmful for the already weakened retina and the dome-shaped window on which we rely for clear vision.

What to do when something gets into Eyes Whilst Wearing Contact Lenses?
Courtesy: francesa 1987blog

If you feel a strong urge of rubbing your eyes when you are wearing contact lenses be warned. Instead of rubbing your eyes hard for a prolonged period of time with the heel of your hands; try fixing the situation just by using the third finger pad softly. Open your eyes wide and blink slowly. This will help flushing out the irritants from the eyes.

If upon blinking eyes do not get cleaned; then removing contact lenses is the best option. Always carry contact lens kit to tackle with such emergencies.


People with allergies should rather avoid wearing contact lenses. If you have eye allergies you might have special interest in rubbing the eyes. Sometimes the pollen from your lashes gets into your eyes upon rubbing. This may aggravate already red sore and itchy eyes making you rub your eyes even more; Says McMonnies. The pollen and the bacteria found in your hands will combine together to make the situation out of control.

Do not start rubbing your eyes soon after removing contact lenses. This is dangerous; because this put your eyes under strain that are already lacking oxygen due to contact lenses.

To help relax your sore eyes after rubbing it is advised to prepare saline solution. Make a cup of your hand and fill it with saline solution. Put the brim of your palm’s cup at the bone of eye socket under the lower lash. Blink your eyes few times very very slowly. Doing this will relieve your eyes’ stress &strain they had just been through because of rubbing eyes with contact lenses.

Lubricate your eyes by squirting some drops of your regular eye drops. Placing cucumber slices on eyes also cool down the stressed eyes and relieves the pressure in nerves.

Wearing contact lenses is safe ; you just need to be diligent about the cleanliness of your contact lenses and hygiene of your eyes. 

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Kimchi Maki Yellow Circle Lenses, Stella Triple Flex & Solone Eye Liner Review

Kimchi Maki Yellow colored contacts

Stella Triple Flex 8990

Solone Role Switching Eyeliner

Kimchi Maki Yellow circle lenses guarantee ultimate vibrant eyes. The sparkling hues of yellow in contrast with thick outer ring create an illusion of amplified eyes. The starry pattern catches everyone's attention and make you stand out from the crowd.

Kimchi Maki yellow circle lenses possess a huge diameter of 16mm with 55% water content. 

Kimchi Maki yellow cosplay circle lenses look lavish when paired up with "Stella Triple Flex" False eyelashes. These triple flex lashes are made with brown and black fibers to enhance your dyed hairs or streaks.

These false eyelashes; Model No 8990 help you achieving a natural yet dramatic look as they blend perfectly with your own natural eye lashes.

Find out more that how you can get a pair of joyous and lively eyes with Kimchi Maki Yellow circle lenses Review  and other big eyes makeup accessories.

Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones Green Circle Lenses

Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones Green colored contacts

Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones Green colored contacts

Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones Green colored contacts

Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones green circle lenses has a pattern that is closer to the pattern of human eye. The design looks dolly as the three tones seem to be blending with each other. The limbal ring is neither too thick nor thin and the yellow tint around pupil let it easier for circle lenses to naturally fade with the color of your own eyes.

Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones green has a decent enlargement. These circle lenses make your eyes sparkle and bright. Beuberry lurve three tones green provide excellent results on light eyes. Follow the review of Beuberry Lurve 3 Tones tones circle lenses on real people.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Why Sclera Contact Lenses are so expensive?

Sclera Contact Lenses

Sclera Contact Lenses

Sclera Contact Lenses

If you dream achieving the magnificent & striking look which black Sclera contacts may provide you; you might have thought more than once that why sclera circle lenses are so ridiculously expensive.

Sclera contact lenses cover the whole eye and the effect is also known as “black-out” effect. Sclera contact lenses are 22mm whilst the normal/regular circle lenses are between 14 to 16mm. Some big eye circle lenses are also available in 20mm which may be available at a slightly higher price tag. Sclera circle lenses therefore being biggest in diameter tend to be expensive. Not only this; Sclera circle lenses have to be ISO certified because poor sclera contacts may lead your eyes to a permanent damage.

The Reason that makes Sclera Circle Lenses Expensive:

Sclera Contact Lenses

The only reason is the “Production Method”. Sclera circle lenses are made from a breakthrough technology which uses hydrogel material. The hydrogel material ensures greater comfort, allows soft blinking and longer wear.

When you wear circle lenses which cover more than your original iris; you block oxygen permeability to your eyes. This is why some people feel dry eyes and eye strain upon wearing big eye circle lenses. Since sclera circle lenses are the widest in dimensions they cover your entire eye both the colored and white portions. Unlike regular circle lenses; the hydrogel material used in sclera circle lenses takes care of oxygen permeability and ensures perfect breathing for your eyes. They are opaque hence they completely mask the original eye color- be it dark or light. Still the center or the pupil area has to be kept transparent to prevent vision hindrances. This adds further to the cost of sclera circle lenses.

At UNIQSO; you can find some of the best & wild but cheap sclera circle lenses. Buy it for less than $100 and enjoy a huge success at your spooks Ville!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

How to Spot on Fake Skin79 BB Cream?

Skin79 BB cream has several counterfeit products that are being widely spread in the mass markets. The fake Skin79 BB creams are manufactured in China. These pirated versions contain cheap low-graded harmful ingredients but the packaging has been so narrowly replicated that it becomes difficult to spot on the fake versions of Skin79 BB creams.

How to Spot on Fake Skin79 BB Cream?

Though it is difficult to differentiate between the real and pirated versions of Skin79 BB cream; we will learn some tricks below to spot the differences. We should not forget that the criminal faces behind manufacturing fake products are very clever and they stay much updated about any new changes in the packaging of genuine products. Their prices are slightly lower than the genuine product and this should ring your bell immediately.

  • Authenticity Label

Genuine Skin79 BB cream has got an authenticity label. You can scratch for the code and enter it at the website. This label is a relief and at the time of purchasing skin79 BB cream; you should look for the code on the bottle.

  • Instructions Language

Genuine Skin79 BB cream has instructions in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. The fake versions have only Chinese narratives or none.

  • Hologram Effect

Genuine Skin79 BB cream has a hologram like effect at the BB Label and where it says SKIN79 at the bottom. This reflects light and has a shiny glossy appearance. On the other hand the fake BB cream has no such shining labels.

  • Extra Information

Genuine Skin79 BB cream mentions the website both at the bottle and the box. Contrary to this; fake versions do not mention the website. Common sense; right?

These are some of the easiest to spot differences.  As long as your Skin79 BB cream code is working in the website; you are covered. On the other hand you should ask for the refund or buy from the authentic sellers of Skin79 BB Cream!

Barbie Angel Brown Similar to Geo Angel Circle Lenses

Barbie Angel Brown colored contacts

Barbie Angel Brown colored contacts

Barbie Angel Brown colored contacts

Barbie Angel Brown colored contacts

If you want a similar design of Geo angel series but have less budget you can try Barbie Angel brown. Not only these come with a cheap price tag but also enlarge your eyes to the huge extent. Geo Angel has a natural enlargement of 14.8 whereas by Barbie Angel brown circle lenses you get a dolly enlargement with 16.2 diameter.

The color pay off is very natural yet noticeable. The outer black rim is so strong that it makes your eyes look huge and bold but at the same time keep your eyes natural. Wear Barbie Angel brown circle lenses while going office, or wear them in a party; barbie angel brown circle lenses will never let you down.

Read Barbie Angel Brown Review for more details and pictures.


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Stella False Eyelashes Troubleshooting

Stella False Eyelashes Troubleshooting

Stella false eyelashes manufacture all kind of glamorous and natural false eyelashes. For dramatic looks and party wears Stella has to offer “Layered False eyelashes” whereas for daily wears you are free to choose from the huge collection of Prime Stella False eyelashes.

Usually false eyelashes are worn by celebrities and makeup gurus. False eyelashes are not only meant for TV stars though. People skip wearing false eyelashes because they fear to look fake. Stella false eyelashes however make the procedure short and easy for you. This is how you choose Natural Looking False eyelashes.

Stella false eyelashes help you get the finished artistic look. Unfortunately; if worn poorly these alone can spoil the whole look. Wearing false eyelashes is an art and difficult for beginners. Consider trying following tips when trouble shooting with Stella False eyelashes.

  • How can I make my Stella False Eyelashes look even more natural?

Measure the length of your Stella false eyelashes. Cut them with small scissors to fit your eyelids. You can instantly give your lashes a boost by applying the falsies at the outer corner of eyes.

  • The inner/outer corners of my Stella false eyelashes do not stay glued.

After applying glue on the strips; try bending them in a FULL U shape. This will bring a slight bend in your “straight” strips. When you notice a curve in your strips; you are ready to start application.

  • How to remove Stella false Eyelashes without Yanking on my eyelid?

Tugging your eyelids is an excruciating pain. It does not only damage your false eyelashes but also may be dangerous for your eyelids and natural lashes. Always use a gentle makeup remover. It is best to remove false eyelashes with olive oil.

  • Can I Reuse Stella False Eyelashes?

Yes; this is the specialty of Stella false eyelashes that you can reuse them several times. Wash and sanitize them after every use.

  • When I try curling my false eyelashes; they get pulled off

Do not start curling your Stellafalse eyelashes right after the application. Wait for the adhesive to get completely dried. Pull your lashes off slightly to check if they are strongly stuck. Now you can grab a curling tool!

False eyelashes frame your face and add a touch of elegance. The drape provided by false eyelashes is alluring which make your eyes look deep and flirty. Share your experiences of Stella false eyelashes and your feedback if these tips were helpful for you.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown- Tsubasa Circle Lenses

Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown colored contacts

Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown colored contacts

Geo Princess Mimi Almond Brown colored contacts

It has been heard that famous Gyaru Tsubasa wears circle lenses similar to Geo Princess Mimi Almond brown. Geo princess mimi almond brown are simple and natural. These circle lenses are recommended to only those who do not appreciate a striking look but want to look natural yet Gyaru.

Geo Princess Mimi Almond brown circle lenses have a subtle enlargement with a color enhancement tint. These circle lenses are for you if you are already dark brown eyes and want a dolly enlargement. Geo Princess Mimi Almond brown circle lenses may look slightly greyish brown on very dark brown eyes. 


Cheap Geo Circle Lenses- Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Monday, 17 February 2014

Get Whimsical Eyes with Beuberry Kitten Eyes Green Lenses

Beuberry Kitten Eyes Green colored contacts

Beuberry Kitten Eyes Green colored contacts

Beuberry Kitten Eyes Green colored contacts

If you fancy natural eyes with a subtle change; you cant wish for anything else than Beuberry Kitten Eyes green. These circle lenses have a whimsical design which blends exceptionally naturally on light eyes. Beuberry Kitten Eyes green give your eyes a natural halo effect which makes you look flirty.

Beuberry Kitten Eyes green boast 55% of water content. This being said; you will find these circle lenses very comfortable and gorgeous. However; due to high water content they may get dry faster than other circle lenses; especially in rough climatic conditions. 

Whether Beuberry circle lenses stand up to the expectations or not; find this out in the review by Mariya!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Dolly Eye Starry Eye Green for Natural Look

Dolly Eye Starry Eye Green colored contacts

Dolly Eye Starry Eye green circle lenses have a sheer green color; very light indeed and can be taken as "enhancement tint" circle lenses. If you only want to enhance the natural green shade of your eye; you should give Dolly Eye Starry Eye green circle lenses a try. 

They do lack a limbal ring and the diameter is also just 14.8 mm- too natural; eh? Dolly Eye Starry Eye green circle lenses add a subtle effect to your eyes which is neither very striking nor too dull. The pattern is simple enough to be worn casually.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Smart Contact Lenses to Help Diabetics Fight against the Disease

Smart Contact Lenses to Help Diabetics Fight against the Disease

Have you ever heard of contact lenses that are neither for color transformation nor for correcting the errors in refractive index? In coming years; with Google smart contact lenses; people with diabetes can fight against the disease.

Google smart contact lenses are currently in the development state. Google the ever-expanding empire has yet another miracle to put forward. Google proposes its smart contact lenses as an alternate to the painful and conventional finger-pricking method of checking the glucose levels in blood. With these smart contact lenses patient will be able to measure sugar level in their body. Google smart contact lenses are wearable gadgets that help you finding out the glucose through your tears.

Smart Contact Lenses to Help Diabetics Fight against the Disease

Since it is necessary to maintain round-the-clock monitoring of blood sugar levels in some cases, Google advised an alternate way of checking sugar level other than the finger-pricking method. The prototype however will not be available for the consumers to test and try in next five years.

According to Google; “We’re now testing a smart contact lens that’s built to measure glucose levels in tears using a tiny wireless chip and miniaturized glucose sensor that are embedded between two layers of soft contact lens material. We’re testing prototypes that can generate a reading once per second. We’re also investigating the potential for this to serve as an early warning for the wearer, so we’re exploring integrating tiny LED lights that could light up to indicate that glucose levels have crossed above or below certain thresholds. It’s still early days for this technology, but we’ve completed multiple clinical research studies which are helping to refine our prototype. We hope this could someday lead to a new way for people with diabetes to manage their disease.”

Google smart contact lenses are definitely an early technology and lot more has to be done before it becomes acceptable and get approved by FDA.

Do you think Google smart contact lenses will be a huge milestone for the future generations?

Friday, 14 February 2014

How to convince your Parents to let you Buy Circle Lenses?

Wearing Circle Lenses is safe & easy; provided you take complete care of them. Before convincing your parents to allow you wearing circle lenses or colored contact lenses you should make all efforts to acquire as much knowledge about circle lenses as possible.   

Appropriate Age to Introduce Child to Soft Contact Lenses

More than half (51%) of optometrists feel it is appropriate to introduce children to soft contact lenses between the ages of 10 and 12 years old, while nearly one in four (23%) feel 13-14 years old is a suitable age for a child to begin wearing contact lenses. One in ten doctors surveyed think it is proper to introduce 8-9 year olds (12%) or children younger than 8 (11%) to soft contact lenses. Figure 1 below visually displays the age which optometrists say is the appropriate age to introduce a child to soft contact lenses.


  • Make a thorough research as to why circle lenses are better than glasses. If you need circle contact lenses or vision correction; you need to be more concerned about health & safety. People who wear contact lenses as a mode of vision correction need to wear them longer than people who wear to enrich their fashion style.
  • Learn properly how to look after circle lenses, circle lens cases & when to replace your contact lens pairs. Do not wear circle lenses past their expiry. Similarly do not use expired disinfectants. Do not use rewetting drops as disinfectant and vise-versa
  • After acquiring all the necessary information; you can prepare yourself to talk to your parents regarding permitting you for circle contacts. Talk to them confidently that you are mature enough to take care of your eyes and circle lens hygiene. You can offer them your savings that will help them buying you circle contact lenses
  • Discuss benefits of wearing circle lenses with your parents. Talk to them how glasses are a hindrance in your sport activities and how circle lenses may boost up your confidence by adding a whole new look to your personality
  • You can convince them by stating that contact lenses are convenient than glasses in severe weather conditions such as rain, fog and snow. You don’t need to worry about blurred vision due to foggy glasses.
  • As a final step; beat their fears by putting forward some myths & facts about circle lenses. Most probably your parents will agree upon hearing logical and strong valid arguments.
  • Meet your eye care professional and let him convince your parents. In certain cases; parents do not listen as carefully to their child as they pay attention to what the eye care professional has to say. Moreover if you are under 18; you do not need to worry much as a/c to a survey nearly 97% of optometrists fit circle lenses to less than 18 years of age. Children up to the age of 17 account for about 41% of respondents’ total contact lens patient population. On average, optometrists say that about 59% of their contact lens patients are 18 years of age and older and report less than 1% of their contact lens patients are younger than eight-years-old, less than 2% are 8-9 years old, 7% are between 10-12, 13% are 13-14 year olds, and 19% of contact lens patients are between 15 and 17 years old.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Do Big Eye Lenses Look Good on Non-Asians?

Do Big Eye Lenses Look Good on Non-Asians?
Brittney Spears

Do Big Eye Lenses Look Good on Non-Asians?
Park Bom

The only purpose of big lenses is to change the color of your eyes. Big eye lenses that come with power can also be worn to correct the refractive index error. Therefore; it is not any debate whether or not circle lenses look good on non-Asians.

Circle lenses were not exclusively manufactured for Asians. True; that big eye lenses are being worn by most of the Asians around the world. The trend of wearing big circle lenses was given fame by Asian Ulzaangs, Gyarus and other fashion icons- these fashion icons are actually the internet gurus this is why big eye lenses became famous around Asia more quickly than the western region of the world.

This should not come as a surprise that big eye lenses do not restrict any one wearing them. Anyone who wants a subtle change in his/her personality can wear big contact lenses. They add dolly like enlargement to your eyes.
 It is an established fact that people belonging from all races are now wearing big eye lenses to pull them off beautifully. The only thing you need to consider is the color of your hair and eyes before buying big eye lenses. There are many celebrities from west who love wearing circle lenses and look no less than Asian celebrities who wear lenses.

Big eye lenses are acceptable for all. The strict legislations in west though make it hard for big circle lenses to penetrate as deep into the fashion industry of west as it is in the Asian cosmetology. However; as a good side note GEO Medical big eye lenses are FDA approved making it legal for people from west to purchase, sell and wear big eye contacts for a beautiful transformation!

Beuberry Charm 4 Tones Grey Circle Lenses for an Exotic Look

Beuberry Charm 4 Tones Grey colored contacts

Beuberry Charm 4 Tones Grey colored contacts

Beuberry Charm 4 Tones grey circle lenses are very natural and lovely. The four tones look like the rainbow shades with no exemplary pattern though. As soon as you insert Beuberry Charm Four Tones grey in your eyes they will blend with your natural eye color giving it a simple but sparkling effect. 

The color is not very noticeable on light eyes; therefore you can wear Beuberry Charm 4 tones grey to enhance the color of your eyes. If you want a drama; go for other big eye circle lenses.

Beuberry Charm Four Tones grey is most appropriate for a casual or every day look. For more insight; read Beuberry Charm Four Tones grey review.